Untangling God Of War


Written, produced, edited & animated by Javed Sterritt
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Soundtrack here: spoti.fi/38qxku4
The Poetic Edda - Jackson Crawford
The Prose Edda - Snorri Sturleson
Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman
The Viking Spirit - Daniel McCoy
Norse Myths - Kevin Crossley-Holland
Norse Mythology - John Lindow
Norse Myths - Jake Jackson
Reinventing God Of War:
Jackson Crawford's Norse SEblack channel:
Jotnar Shrine Translation by Waystar:
Brilliant GOW rune translation also by Waystar:


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    A beautiful acknowledgment from Mr. Barlog: bit.ly/38Q5KGP Three quick amendments: 1. While indeed Snorri spent time as a leader in Norway, he was Icelandic by birth. 2. The longer the stories were being told throughout the generations, the 2 fertility gods, Frigg and Freya, began to bleed into the one goddess. In the Edda's, Baldur's mother is Frigg, but I've purposefully kept it as Freya in this video for ease of understanding. 3. I've made a typing error and wrote Alistair Sung as Alistair 'Yung' in the credits. Getting someone's name wrong is for me, the greatest crime so I am so sorry for this.

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    One additional clarification. You're confusing Freyja's boar Hildisvín with Frey's (her brother) boar Gullinbursti. Hildisvín was Óttar in disguise while Gullinbursti was created by the dwarves. Great video nevertheless!

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    Also also also Baldur thinks that Kratos is a Giant. "Thought you'd be bigger. But you're definitely the one" "Hahaha. And here I thought your kind was supposed to be so enlightened." "So much better than us. So much smarter." The the greek are a mere mention in old stories not known by a lot given than Kratos was only shown on one pot once with the chaos blades in hand and mimir knew something but then mimir knows more then odin about that matter. So there would be no reason for Baldur to think he would be bigger and downright hate them. Unless he thought that he, as the husband of a (maybe) known frost giant is thought to be one too. This is never explicitly explained but heavily hinted at imo. I've seen a video mentioning this also but I think most people haven't got this.

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