History of The Witcher (1986 - 2021) | Documentary


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A full history of "The Witcher" franchise. From the original short stories released in 1986, up to the most recent rumors regarding a future entry to the video game saga.
Discover how the story took Polish society by storm and eventually transformed into being a worldwide phenomenon, forever changing the action RPG space.
Join me as I detail each and every game, breaking down their development history, storyline, gameplay features, visuals, and their critical reception, all backed with each game's original soundtrack.
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Now sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the ENTIRE History of the Witcher!
Special Thanks to arhn.eu for allowing me to use some of the footage from their documentary back in 2017. You can check out their video on the making of the original Witcher here. (It's in Polish but it has English subtitles!)
Also big thank you to Dan Vasc for allowing me to feature his amazing metal cover of "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher." You can check how his full cover here:
00:00 Intro
01:50 The Witcher Books
04:13 Origins of CDProjekt
06:41 Development of the Witcher
13:37 The Witcher (2007)
25:55 Creation of Good Old Games
26:55 Development of The Witcher Console Port
28:13 Development The Witcher 2
30:32 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2010)
38:01 Development of The Witcher 3
42:00 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)
52:36 The Witcher 3 Expansions
55:12 CDProjekt Post-Witcher
57:00 Conclusion
58:30 Free Witcher Download Promotion
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  • Nick930
    Nick9303 månader sedan

    Correction: Witcher 3 cost roughly 80 million*** Can you imagine if the game was built with 80 billion?! That would be incredible... and impossible! Also, remember: the witcher 1 is free right now! Grab it while you can :) you must use the link in the description above! Please support this channel on Patreon: www.patreon.com/Nick930 You'll get early access to next months documentary, along with personalized shout-outs, behind the scenes videos and images, and with enough support - I can scale back those ads so you guys can tune in and enjoy an uninterrupted experience. Thank you all for tuning in. This video took more time than I anticipated - simply because there's so much great information about this franchise and how it relates to the expansion of the Polish video game industry. It was especially fun getting to experience the original game for the first time, as it was surprisingly good. It's definitely dated - but give it a try and see for yourself! I hope you enjoy this in-depth look at the Witcher, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more comparison videos - along with another documentary coming soon in February! :)

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    @zylio ́s west indian fusion AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! JOKE OF THE CENTURY!

  • Ian Visser

    Ian Visser

    27 dagar sedan

    You say that now, but LoTR series has a budget of 1 bil for 1 season, so it wouldnt surprise me if we're looking at 2 bil game budgets in a few years, especially with TenCent (nearly 1 trillion dollar worth).

  • Brian Slender

    Brian Slender

    29 dagar sedan

    next year he will be like " story of the witcher - (1986- 2022 ) lmao

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    Jaxson Bridger

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    @John Nash I will try it out now. Looks to be working :)

  • Mod Zilla

    Mod Zilla

    2 månader sedan

    Have a bunch of rich developers and a Season of COD

  • A B
    A BDag sedan

    Great documentary! I'm not a heavy gamer but fell in love with Wild Hunt during the pandemic. I pre-ordered CB 2077 and promptly returned it. Not really because of the tech issues. It was the story. Witcher games had soul, history and intrigue. CB doesn't. I know stories progress from beginning to end and and end is important. Wild Hunt doesn't give a fan a real end. There's an entire world to explore pre and post Wild Hunt. Expansions could breathe new life. As much as I'd like to see more of Ciris' story, Geralt and Vesimere intrigue me more. Idk. CDPR struck gold with the Witcher series and I think they need it now more than they ever have. So do their fans.

  • I Cunt Spell
    I Cunt Spell2 dagar sedan

    The most overrated game of all time - glitcher 3

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    Jordan Kitan6 dagar sedan

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    DOGHEIST11 dagar sedan

    I honestly didn’t expect to watch all of it but it’s so well done and I feel like I know everything about the Witcher now thank you !

  • Travel Food Technology
    Travel Food Technology13 dagar sedan

    need a remake 1 and 2

  • Yan Hutajulu
    Yan Hutajulu13 dagar sedan

    It's sad to see how cyberpunk turns out. I watched a review the other day about cyberpunk quest, storyline, and characters getting scrapped before launch. Is it true? Haven't play the game yet tho.. (thankfully)

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe15 dagar sedan

    I want to thank GOG for bringing back so many of my favorite childhood game titles you are awesome guys !!

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    Eimantas Fedosovas16 dagar sedan

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    Mats Swaneleaf18 dagar sedan

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    9hamos821 dag sedan

    Nice work. Though it is apparent that you do not know what socialism is, what exactly was going on in Poland and the terrible pain of capitalism.

  • Tomáš Radnic
    Tomáš Radnic23 dagar sedan

    i loved the Witcher 1 RPG system. The absence of scaling made id so much more believeble. In withcer 3, a lvl 40 geralt with lvl 1 sword will have a long time killing a lvl 20 wolf. Also wolves being more powerful then Leshys or such. The game sorta forces you to go along the story if you want to have relevant combats.

  • Kambole Mwamba
    Kambole Mwamba25 dagar sedan

    Honestly just for the love of the game I watched the informative docu am still playing the game today when ever am free but man the visuals is what does it for me hands down they should just make a follow up with a new story line it would still sale. The mechanics for me is still great if you ask me.

  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller25 dagar sedan

    If there's another witcher game, id like to see it focused on veseimer when hes a younger witcher and the witcher world is more savage and uncivilized. Also a manticore would be nice to see finally

  • Han H
    Han H26 dagar sedan

    If they were to released Witcher 3 in 2013 instead of 2015, they would've faced the same fate as they did for Cyberpunk 2077. They needed at least 2 more years to really refine the game.

  • Irrelevant Ideas
    Irrelevant Ideas27 dagar sedan

    Most trusted game studio became the most hated real quick. Ooo how trust can change😞😔😩

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    absolutely great your video just came up on play next only was goin to watch it for 2 min ended up watching full thing

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    What I appreciate most of CDPR, is after their games age a year or 2, they drop their prices to dirt cheap (I mean 3usd for Witcher 1 & 2 both), to make it more accessible to those who cant afford it and to give the low end of hardware to catch up to where someone on a budget has a PC that can run it, aswell as afford the game legally, it encourages people who pirate the game to go back and buy it afterwards to support them anyway, as not everyone can afford 60 bucks on a game they arent even sure will run on their PC (Thanks BF4... 3 years of wait before I could play it, after buying it at launch...)

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    niche is pronounced 'neesh' btw...

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    Apparently a new Witcher game is in development too...

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    I enjoyed the original W3 inventory more than the updated one, it was intuitive and easily accessible, vs new one just made it cluttered

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    Gwent was great, but they screwed up with the mobile game. I mean it's a bigger game than Genshin Impact... For a card game... They should have straight up ported the standard Gwent game from W3, no additions, other than extra cards.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    41:52 Proof that CP2077 wasnt CDPR's idea to release it incomplete

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    Love Witcher 2, only game where you can choose to skip the final boss

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    Honestly CDPR did a better job at Witcher character design than Netflix did.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser27 dagar sedan

    10:13 lol good old fraps... Just dont expect triple digit nr's in Witcher...

  • Sevo
    Sevo27 dagar sedan

    Man the legend cyberpunk could have become had they had the same mindset as they did with the witcher 3

  • Endrju Komon
    Endrju Komon28 dagar sedan

    best documentary about witcher on the planet. i am pleased

  • Anoop Hundal
    Anoop Hundal28 dagar sedan

    'Gamers don't care about buggy games shipped on time' That didn't age well

  • Fiction Second
    Fiction Second28 dagar sedan

    Seeing what people are saying about CP2077, Pretty sure people being so pushy about "just release it already" is what messed it all up. Im sure if we all left CD alone they wouldve released CP2077 within time sooner or later, with much less bugs and issues.

  • arjun220
    arjun22028 dagar sedan

    it would be great if the next witcher game is set during the golden age of the witchers and you create your own witcher.

  • arjun220
    arjun22028 dagar sedan

    cyberpunk is the total opposite of the witcher 3

  • Ifeanyi Ulasika
    Ifeanyi Ulasika29 dagar sedan

    Tears in my eyes as I watched this. I started playing the Witcher 3 in December and I’ve been playing games for over a decade and it’s easily in my top 3 best games.

  • Brian Slender
    Brian Slender29 dagar sedan

    it boggles my mind, how could a company that made something as good as Wticher 3 could pull off something as bad as cyberpunk.

  • ixyzyxi
    ixyzyxi29 dagar sedan

    Haven’t even used any potions or w/e on my first playthrough of part 3... on deathmarch lol Still overrated

  • Tanha Gamer
    Tanha Gamer29 dagar sedan

    Great video! I wish that CD project red worked on another Witcher rather than cyberpunk. The Witcher 3 was the best game I ever played.

  • F G2000
    F G2000Månad sedan

    The Witcher 3 is my favorite game of all time. It got me into reading the books by Sapkowski lol. Since then, i'm a big reader in gerenal. Especially fantasy. All thanks to this game i guess😅

  • John W
    John WMånad sedan

    Maybe they can release a remastered witcher 1

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  • Felix Grubshtain
    Felix GrubshtainMånad sedan

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    Gabriel LucaMånad sedan

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  • CriticFella Review
    CriticFella ReviewMånad sedan

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    could you explain to me what Western is couse i thought Poland is western since like 1000 years

  • Dr. El Klinker
    Dr. El KlinkerMånad sedan

    Very good video. Really enjoyable and real nice facts I didn't know yet. Truly one of the few documentations of this kind in which I don't mind the vocal documentation. Most of the times I find it so hard to listen to the person talking. It's just straight irritating. Real good content!

  • Evgeni Kavrakov
    Evgeni KavrakovMånad sedan

    It is obvious why the games are so great - the script is amazing and keeps you interested. Killing monsters just for the sake of killing is sometimes boring. BUT the story of Geralt and those around him is the reason why it is the best single player RPG

  • Solaire
    SolaireMånad sedan

    Not enough views… Such an amazing documentary you have put together my friend, this was the second time I’ve watched it

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    Gwent is not a card game it's a way of life

  • Moyeen M.Bhuiyan
    Moyeen M.BhuiyanMånad sedan

    I have been playing video games since I was 7 years old and now I'm 20, and the Witcher franchise is by far the greatest video game franchise I've ever played. Thank you so much for making such a great documentary. You just nailed it!

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    damn 1980s? Poland was still communist at the time.

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    Great documentary. It is well done. I am a huge fan of the Witcher books and games

  • JonJonBoi
    JonJonBoiMånad sedan

    38:21 I think you meant at that time there was a huge spike or interest towards high-fantasy instead of low fantasy

  • JonJonBoi


    Månad sedan

    @Nick930 Isn’t high fantasy suppose to mean the setting takes place in a fictional universe or world? The Witcher, game of thrones, lord of the rings and elder scrolls for example are considered high fantasy. Low fantasy would be like chronicles of narnia and Harry Potter.

  • Nick930


    Månad sedan

    No. I meant low fantasy. Game of thrones is low fantasy just like the witcher

  • JonJonBoi
    JonJonBoiMånad sedan

    I am glad CDPR bought the Witcher series

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    Gregory MifsudMånad sedan

    Amazing work Nick :)

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    patrick starMånad sedan

    I have to say after finishing a game i read into all the articles into how the game was made. And having completed Witcher 3 twice i was always shocked how nobody has put together a well made documentary on SEblack on W3(Noclip doesn't go into detail to the history of it). And now i'm seeing a whole documentary on Witcher franchise?! Thank you!

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    Alec nickols

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  • Roland Clarke
    Roland ClarkeMånad sedan

    Great documentary. I discovered the Witcher world playing Witcher 3, although my gaming stepson had recommended the previous games. It's become my favourite open world game and the benchmark to measure others - unbeaten so far. Having also read all the Sapkowski books - and a Gwent addict - I'm hoping for a Ciri game or even one with a player created Witcher pre-W3.

  • procc
    proccMånad sedan

    And then Cyberpunk destroyed CDproject reputation :|

  • RBATOR1986
    RBATOR1986Månad sedan

    I absolutely loved the first Witcher game. Played it till my fingers bled, it was janky af I agree with everyone there but it was way ahead of it's time in my opinion. Such a fantastic game

  • Dobrx
    DobrxMånad sedan

    This video inspired me to buy the Witcher 3 and now its one of my favorite games ever. Thank you for this video!

  • Marcin Gluszek
    Marcin GluszekMånad sedan

    40:53 $81 milion, not bilion. If it was 81 bilion it would be a yearly budget of whole country of Poland. 😂

  • Marcin Gluszek
    Marcin GluszekMånad sedan

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    Holly FalkMånad sedan

    I've been playing this for about three weeks. It was recommended by a lady at our local game stop when I mentioned I've been playing skyrim. Ok my son piped up I had skyrim for xbox switch and computer. The game is relatively good but I wasn't expecting the nudity. The first scene was done relatively tastefully and not obscene but the next was a bit embarrassing for a fairly conservative and modest gamer mom. It be nice if you could turn off such encounters.

  • T Greaux
    T GreauxMånad sedan

    I look at this and then I play Cyberpunk 2077 and it makes me wonder what the hell is happening over at that studio and how they lost their way so badly. I have over 1,000 hours in the Witcher 3 alone and own all the books, all the 18' tall figurines in my gaming studio and just am an enormous Witcher fan. Im trying really hard to forgive them for CP2077 but I just can't. It truly pains me that I now look at CDPR no differently than I look at EA or Ubisoft. F-ing heartbreaking honestly. Its like when you screw up and do something so terrible that your parents aren't even angry with you and just look at you and say "Im not even mad, Im just disappointed in you", and you want to die lol.

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    Ahmed KhalilMånad sedan

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  • Tygrys Syberyjski
    Tygrys SyberyjskiMånad sedan

    Drogi Przyjacielu. Wkraczasz do strefy ciemności, kultury śmierci i zatracenia, w czystej formie. Miej świadomość, że trwa tu wojna jedynie zła ze złem. To co tu znajdziesz jest totalnie zwyrodniałe, wyuzdane, obrazoburcze, beznadziejne i demoniczne. Jeśli jednak szukasz jeszcze Prawdy, po męsku wykonaj w tył zwrot, być może jeszcze po omacku i potykając się, ale maszeruj i biegnij jednak ku Światłu do Czystego Źródła J 3.14.21 J 14.6-9 Wybierz mądrze, z pożytkiem dla siebie i twoich bliskich. Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  • bier00t
    bier00tMånad sedan

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  • Michalis Mat
    Michalis MatMånad sedan

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  • Craig Woodhouse
    Craig WoodhouseMånad sedan

    I really want them to do a new witcher trilogy centered around a young vesimer in the time before the witchers downfall. He is such a good character and think it would be fun but doubt it will happen

  • Minkles13
    Minkles13Månad sedan

    I'm like 280 hours into The Witcher 3 and I still haven't finished Blood and wine or come even close to collecting all the question marks around the map. I think we're all wanting The Witcher 4 with Ciri as the lead haha.

  • Elite7555
    Elite7555Månad sedan

    The Witcher 1 might have got an awkward fighting system, but it also got the deepest character development, and choosing between different fighting styles was something I missed in the later games. In that regard, it is very much like Mass Effect; in both they mainstreamed combat, but they got also rid of the features that made the entrance to the franchise great.

  • DarkSide3211
    DarkSide3211Månad sedan

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    Curtis HMånad sedan

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  • Philip Knutsson
    Philip KnutssonMånad sedan

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  • StefanosVlas
    StefanosVlas2 månader sedan

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  • Viewtiful Jay
    Viewtiful Jay2 månader sedan

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  • Robert Janko
    Robert Janko2 månader sedan

    The first part of the witcher was really bad to play in the beginning, because of the poor fighting engine. After some years I reinstalled it and since then I am a fan. But as a german -owski ,o) I was deeply impressed by Sapkowskis other trilogy, ending with lux perpetua. The mix of fantasy, background of czech, polish and german history is one of the best stories I have ever read.

  • Ben Murko
    Ben Murko2 månader sedan

    If CDPR wants to regain some good will they need to do a few things IMO. 1.) Obviously fix the bugs and issues with Cyberpunk 2077. Optimization of the Next Gen versions when they are released. 2.) A definitive Witcher Edition. Remastered Witcher 1 & 2 in 4K. Basically use the character animation, ability trees and crafting system from the Witcher 3 to build continuity between the games. I think this edition would sell tens of millions of copies.

  • Jean André Flugheim
    Jean André Flugheim2 månader sedan

    As you point out, that Witcher 3 - The wild hunt is the refined result from the two first games and the Blood and wine DLC, is a superb experience in its own right.

  • Stuck in Paradise
    Stuck in Paradise2 månader sedan

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    typhoeus7772 månader sedan

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    W T2 månader sedan

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