Testing Oddly Satisfying Builds In Minecraft!


Today we're building the MOST SATISFYING minecraft builds we could find, and our goal is make you walk away FEELING GREAT! IF you enjoyed this, check out my second channel which also posted a satisfying reaction today :)
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    If you felt satisfied, check out this video on my 2nd channel :D seblack.info/world/knu8eW2bw6KXZp0/video.html

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    Men of Scoobis: The Republic

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    No, I didn't feel satisfied. Your channel is full of 8 year olds and you aren't genuine anymore.

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    Peaceful Noob

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    Which version do you play on ???

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    Hey lover in the uk we saw the queens husband died so pls dont make jokes about uk thx

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    Me at 9:01 it won't work... Me at 9:03 NO WAY

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    Machine gun 1:40

  • glitchy oof
    glitchy oof2 dagar sedan

    3:17 what normal people see: powder concrete falling down what i see: friday night funking downscroll

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    Woa tottaly satisfying

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    I need ark vids 🙃

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    Bethany Donaldson3 dagar sedan

    The most satisfying part of this video was one that person cut the honey

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    Didrik Gunnarsson4 dagar sedan

    How did you do the end crystal

  • kagee kao
    kagee kao4 dagar sedan

    The sound?

  • Debora Gega
    Debora Gega6 dagar sedan

    7:55 i get it

  • Debora Gega
    Debora Gega6 dagar sedan

    7:16 why did you put random blocks in that build

    MICHAEL HO GAWING Moe6 dagar sedan

    just look at the door

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    Josh Dellana7 dagar sedan

    It started marvel sound 1:48

  • Themistoklis Gjika
    Themistoklis Gjika8 dagar sedan

    13:08 Piston push limit and slime blocks connect to each other

  • Happy Hooligan
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    9:03 it’s seizure time

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    I love when everytime he's talking hes just staring in ur soul lmao

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    I'll tell you what you buy me a computer that can sustain Minecraft I'll subscribe to you and give you a $2,000 donation

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    I need more of these videos

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    no reason :D

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    Nice 😊

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    Hello are you satisfied?

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    2:43 cool karl jacobs flag

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    10:37 favourite part

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    Lol you hha

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    Lol Aases

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    Lover fella plz make me a secret bace in an strawberry home and make it in a magical cave oh and in the game beecraft please

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    anderson lee18 dagar sedan

    the bamboo sounded like a machine gun

  • イェpデフィにtlyじゃぱねせ
    イェpデフィにtlyじゃぱねせ18 dagar sedan

    I built one of these and it was way easier also it's the block swapper

  • Ami P.
    Ami P.19 dagar sedan

    water can only flow 7 blocks!

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    Congrats to everyone who found this comment

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    You lover feler lokus like me dad

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    hey what shaders are you useing

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    Is seus shader i think

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    More like 888k views

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    This video's thumbnail: **exists** PETA:

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    What is a peta?, If you mean its like MAP: your probably an indonesia people like i am

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    The thumbnail: Mass slaughtering chickens LoverFella: hmmmm s a t i s f y i n g

  • Lowkey_ Oliveeyes
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    The blocks that he chose is the blocks to create a giant lover fella logo in Minecraft?

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    On the first one it didn’t work because the piston push limit

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    Zach: That means I'm gonna get 12 Million views. Me: You didn't even get 1 million views. 0_0

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    Not yst

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    Zach: "hehe" *._.* "hehe"

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    His commentary and edits make it 1000% funnier👍😂

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    nether blocks

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    2:34 eey carl where you at?

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    2:42 amogus

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    3:08 your view is like a thousand not million

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    It looked like someone scribbled over the screen

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    This wasn't satisfying. You just show us your builds

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    Zach: How'd he get 6 million views? Me: He's Dream

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    9:32 Me: :0 FLOWER

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    13:06 didnt work because there sime boxcks so they stuck together

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    3:19 Fnf Whitty mod be like:

  • Jerimee Bisnar
    Jerimee Bisnar21 dag sedan

    i love your vades

  • Kelvin Playz
    Kelvin Playz21 dag sedan

    for the item stairs is zppzrently the item nneded to throw at the PERFECT angle

  • A Rock
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    The infinite end crystals look like the things from a car wash lol



  • Conner Raymond
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    /game mode spectators mod

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    I literly did not feel any satesfaction

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    Mr. Fella, I love your videos! Sadly I'm so sick but I love watching your videos stay your yourself!

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    I was lookin in my recommended found this clicked and didn't even know this was loverfellas video until he spoke ;-;

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