I Paid a Stranger $25 to edit my Pizza Commercial

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  • WWE x Figures
    WWE x Figures4 timmar sedan


  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson8 timmar sedan

    That second voice over definitely fit that pizza commerial.His voice over price is reasonable.

  • Pranav bps
    Pranav bps20 timmar sedan

    Now you made me hungry

  • Rishabh kukreja
    Rishabh kukrejaDag sedan

    Man, talk about the marketing of these lancers. Phew

    JCKOIBRADag sedan

    um was i the only one who thought the 25 was better then 100?

  • ADCArtAttack
    ADCArtAttackDag sedan

    Does $160 voice guy wanna do my videos haha

  • David Brackett
    David Brackett2 dagar sedan

    I have zero editing experience but the 500 dollar one made me feel like I was watching a cheaper one but on a boat in 20 ft seas….on a defective VCR that keeps rewinding

  • Colin Charles
    Colin Charles2 dagar sedan

    They are all good. There's no money in video editing.

  • Italomiks
    Italomiks3 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised no one did something with the logo pizza-slice-wise!

  • Juliet
    Juliet3 dagar sedan

    I'm Italian, I live in Florence, this pizza is absolutely awesome, like Italian pizza I swear!

  • ezyreap
    ezyreap4 dagar sedan

    1) $500 dollar man 2) $35 dollar man liamdickson 3) $75.00 dollar man riotafoya

  • anirudh vasisht
    anirudh vasisht5 dagar sedan

    Too many transitions makes it booring

  • WezTa Studio
    WezTa Studio5 dagar sedan

    500 guy was Christoffer Nolan =)

  • EditPro Media
    EditPro Media5 dagar sedan

    The $25 easily beats the $500 one. They even added sound effects! The only thing I didn't like is that the transitions were sometimes too fast and it makes the viewer dizzy.

  • Szorty
    Szorty6 dagar sedan

    Czarekpiast to chyba Polak. Pozdro

  • xCYBER✓
    xCYBER✓6 dagar sedan

    POV:your getting recommend by yt video 1 years ago

  • Ashirwad Shukla
    Ashirwad Shukla7 dagar sedan

    I was watching the pizza commercial edit, he said let's see the next, at that very moment youtube shows me Domino's Pizza commercial. Whoa SEblack you scare me sometimes

  • MR.A
    MR.A7 dagar sedan

    I am looking for a collaborator. It won't sell me. He will start a business with me. (Note: I'm 14 years old (but I have mature thoughts for my age) I don't know English very well, I'm at the learning stage, talk to me, I'll learn faster, I want to earn money before school starts)

  • SupItsKhaos
    SupItsKhaos8 dagar sedan

    the 25 one is better than the 500 wow

  • myNameIsDom
    myNameIsDom8 dagar sedan

    Nobody: $500 guy: ahhhhaha it rewind time

  • C4Booom
    C4Booom8 dagar sedan

    I dont like the 500$ dollar edit because it went in reverse to much

  • Linas Jusys
    Linas Jusys8 dagar sedan

    The expensive ones were more display of features you can do with video editing and the footage, while the cheap ones provided actually good content that really suites pica commercial and make it look tasty. Well, the exclusion for 100 guys, who rocked it. Probably the 100 USD guy is the most accurate one. The 25 and 35 are too underpriced anyway all of them seem too generic. Something is missing for use in television or video ads. The voice-over fixes that. :-) So basically you can make the good ad with 25 USD + 160 USD for voiceover.

    GAMER RAHEE8 dagar sedan

    569k likes nice

  • Nameless Man
    Nameless Man8 dagar sedan

    Voice Over #2 + 500$ Ad = Absolute Masterpiece

  • sofía
    sofía9 dagar sedan

    The 35$ had smooth transitions, I love that dude

  • Eshan Playz
    Eshan Playz9 dagar sedan

    We got tricked into watching an ad for fivver and PI CO

  • lol king
    lol king9 dagar sedan

    Love your Videos 🤙🏻

  • Tobillo Dev
    Tobillo Dev10 dagar sedan

    A combination of $25 and $275 will be great

  • MiKroNeQ
    MiKroNeQ10 dagar sedan

    6:15 POLISH GUY!

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson11 dagar sedan

    ur edit with Greg = elite

  • sparanormaali •
    sparanormaali •11 dagar sedan

    Oh no I'm so hungry now

  • need 10 Million views
    need 10 Million views11 dagar sedan

    need 10 Million views

  • Deathstaalker_JR
    Deathstaalker_JR11 dagar sedan

    Is no one gonna talk about how much money he spent? xd

  • Adam Poulter
    Adam Poulter11 dagar sedan

    that add was fucken sensational

  • Not_Eileen
    Not_Eileen12 dagar sedan

    I liked a lot the first one for the price 😯

  • Janindu Kaveesh
    Janindu Kaveesh12 dagar sedan

    Lol promotion VIDEO 😂✋

  • Nahom Beyero
    Nahom Beyero12 dagar sedan

    "You get what you pay for" Sheppardmedia: Hold my fiverr!

  • nguyentuantha phanwuangnyan
    nguyentuantha phanwuangnyan12 dagar sedan


  • Bob3D2000
    Bob3D200012 dagar sedan

    I know it's only ten data points so not a very robust statistical analysis but there's a rather poor correlation between price and rank. This may support the views in the comments that some editors have undervalued themselves.

  • Gamer 9
    Gamer 913 dagar sedan

    The views on this video are very ironic form the beginning of the vid

  • Елена Шевченко
    Елена Шевченко13 dagar sedan

    Not me going to have a pizza

  • Mine
    Mine13 dagar sedan

    Ur reviews are really bad

  • Chef Pyro
    Chef Pyro13 dagar sedan

    I honestly did not like the 500 hundred dollar one.

  • Chef Pyro
    Chef Pyro13 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does he look like Deacon from Days Gone?

  • TypeAlpha55
    TypeAlpha5513 dagar sedan

    You want to like give me that pizza

  • Faizz Francis
    Faizz Francis13 dagar sedan

    Over reacting .

  • DJ Wuulvs
    DJ Wuulvs14 dagar sedan

    At 9:58 Greg Johnson’s voiceover was so legendary it sounded like he rapped that part.

  • TroX
    TroX14 dagar sedan

    Vamos a comer pico?😍

  • Caleb Zhang
    Caleb Zhang14 dagar sedan

    Why are they almost the same songs

  • Chonky Boi
    Chonky Boi14 dagar sedan

    Making $160 for speaking, he doobie livin

  • clean
    clean14 dagar sedan

    Very good video but please I'm italien don't put the cheddar on the pizza

  • Soy K.T.M.14
    Soy K.T.M.1414 dagar sedan

    Dan at 2:00 vs at 3:30.. What a steal..

  • Dominik Ciszek
    Dominik Ciszek14 dagar sedan

    Polska gurom W sensie druga

  • Bruce Jenner
    Bruce Jenner14 dagar sedan

    At least this isn’t injected with poison vacks or leftist anti Normalcy, deviant propaganda…..(like most Pushed on tube tube..)

  • Ghost Glory
    Ghost Glory14 dagar sedan

    10:34 11:36

    MATTEO15 dagar sedan

    What is the name of the website we’re he found this guys

  • Peng Ai
    Peng Ai15 dagar sedan

    Not much difference tbh.

  • Mrtrickytrickster
    Mrtrickytrickster15 dagar sedan

    500, 35 , 100

    VATSAL PANDYA15 dagar sedan

    $500 guy was one point but pizza going right to left is perfect not left to right i think

  • Megan Morey
    Megan Morey15 dagar sedan

    I am not sure why you came up on my feed but I am glad, I found this super entertaining! Thanks for an awesome video!

  • maja
    maja15 dagar sedan

    you should do these with instagram editors, not professionals but just teens who do it as a hobby. like watch maze.xo on instagram their mcdonalds commercial

  • Da9er
    Da9er15 dagar sedan

    He paid $500 to have some dude reverse his video which too be honest might have been good if the transitions weren't so fast. I think hands down Czarekpiast and Lucassachs had the best videos. He isnt basing these videos on quality...he is judging them based on price. Im sure if he didn't know how much each of them cost his opinion would be vastly different. Make a video where someone else picks the price for your edits and see which one you like best. I bet its not the most expensive one.

  • 16 dagar sedan

    9:47 could've slowed down a tiny amount

  • Faith Adegboye
    Faith Adegboye16 dagar sedan

    not them giving me a pizza express advert in the middle of me watching a video someone rating pizza shop adverts😭😭

  • EmilEmilchen
    EmilEmilchen16 dagar sedan

    Omg getting hungry

  • Hot Dogg
    Hot Dogg16 dagar sedan

    personally i think the 35 dollar and 25 dollar were the best. theirs were incredibly snappy, pretty creative and fit the theme of a pizza service.

    ALI JAZIB TV16 dagar sedan

    I think 25 and 500 dollars animator is the best.

  • TreeLink
    TreeLink16 dagar sedan

    11:36 500$ video

  • A. Quintero
    A. Quintero17 dagar sedan

    The man for $25.. is unbeatable.

  • A
    A17 dagar sedan

    i liked the $100 dollar one best, idk why it just flowed the best

  • Drew Willson
    Drew Willson17 dagar sedan

    Who can stay in business with prices so low on Fivrr

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson17 dagar sedan

    Great video

  • Audrey C.
    Audrey C.17 dagar sedan

    I love the 25$ one! 😭💕

  • Prejith
    Prejith17 dagar sedan

    Voice over one was the best ❌

  • Wayne T
    Wayne T17 dagar sedan

    The 25$ guy was still this best I wanted to eat that pizza more then the others.

  • Teqno-Kid
    Teqno-Kid17 dagar sedan

    Yeah Pizza 🍕🍕🍕 Yummm 😋😋

  • rockett productions
    rockett productions17 dagar sedan

    IMO 35$ was the best !

  • Mar
    Mar18 dagar sedan

    Wismichu pizzero? 👅

  • Mar


    13 dagar sedan

    @TroX aclarando🤑

  • TroX


    13 dagar sedan

    @Mar y quien dijo lo contrario x d

  • Mar


    13 dagar sedan

    @TroX no me gusta Wismichu.

  • TroX


    14 dagar sedan

    si B)

  • Laura Te Aho-White
    Laura Te Aho-White18 dagar sedan

    The $25 guy really should be charging $100+ for his work. He is underselling his skill set.

  • DreamyDimple
    DreamyDimple18 dagar sedan

    I think $25 is worth paying for such a gret edit! The bgm, sound effect, transition were all on point!

  • Cosimo Colao
    Cosimo Colao18 dagar sedan

    If someone makes pizza like this, Not even the best commercial would make me buy it

  • Stag
    Stag18 dagar sedan

    I can do that in $5

  • Monster1234Funny
    Monster1234Funny19 dagar sedan

    Now I want this pizza lol.

  • Terra Trepe
    Terra Trepe19 dagar sedan

    My favorite would be Czarekpiast ($100).

  • Bsbs Bsnsn
    Bsbs Bsnsn19 dagar sedan

    How much did u spend

  • Scrap!
    Scrap!19 dagar sedan

    The 25$ and 500$ were the absolute best the 25$ gotta up his rates

  • aru isra
    aru isra19 dagar sedan


  • Frickes
    Frickes19 dagar sedan

    I actually remember the $25 video the longest because of the logo scene at the end it was so cool!

  • Vicky Micky
    Vicky Micky20 dagar sedan

    My top three are: Gregjohnsonvoic (165) Liamdixon (35) Czarekpiast (100)

  • Jeric Nabor
    Jeric Nabor20 dagar sedan

    i hope the guy who made the 25 dollar video gets a big shot. The group who made the 500 dollar video should hire him.

  • Tasbe Hasan Jauwad
    Tasbe Hasan Jauwad20 dagar sedan

    Hi boss.. I'm Tasbe Hasan jauwad i wont to make wedding cinematography.. i wont to Buy a camera and lens. My budget is under 1300$ dollar.which camera and lens you will preferred for me. Brand will be sony..

  • Praveen.S _12B_45
    Praveen.S _12B_4520 dagar sedan


  • Daniel M Connolly
    Daniel M Connolly21 dag sedan

    I would have done it better for $10 bucks and a free pie... 😒🍕

  • InstantAwesome
    InstantAwesome21 dag sedan

    He just made us watch the commercial more than 10 times lol

  • AshiapoGG
    AshiapoGG21 dag sedan


    BHANI21 dag sedan


  • Beata Witt
    Beata Witt22 dagar sedan

    6:13 Czarekpiast is Polish

  • alex gonzalez
    alex gonzalez23 dagar sedan

    The $275 was the only one i liked, the $500 is such a... it only has rhythm, if you'd advice the other guys to do that you wouldn't have to pay way more for that extra easy edition

  • JoJo Turambar
    JoJo Turambar23 dagar sedan

    1. $500 2. $25

  • Lee Voluntad
    Lee Voluntad23 dagar sedan

    This was an amazing idea! Nice work and congrats on all of your future success. You got a subscriber and learner, for sure👌