While out in Dallas, we ran 1on1's against d1 and NFL players! One of the players was so fast, he might be faster than Tyreek hill!

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I bought a football team and hosted 1on1's to see who would make the team!


  • DrippJustCant
    DrippJustCant4 dagar sedan

    So what is the second song played

  • Fisher Steven
    Fisher Steven5 dagar sedan

    Lot of these guys mite be fast but they can't catch. 🍿

  • Da Cowboys72
    Da Cowboys726 dagar sedan

    Why aren’t you in the NFL?

  • Boogiε The Rεάl Wolf
    Boogiε The Rεάl Wolf6 dagar sedan

    What’s that first song ? That shxt was bangin

  • luis rodriguez
    luis rodriguez8 dagar sedan

    Who sings the song that comes on at 6:20?

  • Paulo Vargas
    Paulo Vargas8 dagar sedan


  • FBM_HennyOnICE
    FBM_HennyOnICE9 dagar sedan

    Bruh honestly u look faster than that one boy

  • Garrett Hawley
    Garrett Hawley9 dagar sedan

    It is a catch but if a ref said no catch then I’m not mad

  • Skyp
    Skyp10 dagar sedan

    Ain’t you a kicker you should be kicking 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shawn Hardin
    Shawn Hardin10 dagar sedan

    No bobble so no catch

    GAME2KILLER33411 dagar sedan

    It's a cactch.

  • Miss independent 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚✰
    Miss independent 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚✰12 dagar sedan

    14:42 14:45

  • K L
    K L12 dagar sedan

    im a big fan bro you inspire me man for real . motivation hard work !!! keep it up bro

  • Sounds From YYBY
    Sounds From YYBY14 dagar sedan

    take them damn earrings out your ear you a man..yea i said it because its right thing to do

  • Oscar Galindo
    Oscar Galindo15 dagar sedan


  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen16 dagar sedan

    Where is the Player faster then tyreek hill?

  • Nolan Smith
    Nolan Smith16 dagar sedan

    Dez Bryant rule 🥶so no catch

  • james evans
    james evans16 dagar sedan

    Damn i see why Dez not signed

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones16 dagar sedan

    I believe when you go out to catch the ball and make a video it would be best to catch the ball. Just try a track team.

  • ZaPheonix
    ZaPheonix17 dagar sedan

    “ I pulled up on her in a tesla she gone suck me up inside” 🔥

  • Tavion Jones
    Tavion Jones17 dagar sedan


  • Ivin is Valid
    Ivin is Valid17 dagar sedan

    I think it is 127.07 cents 😂

  • Fuel1
    Fuel118 dagar sedan

    am a rugby player.. this is good stuff

  • Jason Pittmon
    Jason Pittmon18 dagar sedan

    Old red hat is consistently nice

  • Jason Pittmon
    Jason Pittmon18 dagar sedan


    WaRREN DAVId18 dagar sedan


    WaRREN DAVId18 dagar sedan


  • NightCo
    NightCo19 dagar sedan

    The free cellar rarely intend because avenue provisionally vanish versus a amused paperback. long, same move

  • Glock’d Up
    Glock’d Up20 dagar sedan

    @2:20 what song is that?

  • Jeroma Atkins
    Jeroma Atkins21 dag sedan

    The learned name evidently wrestle because jogging admittedly receive aboard a afraid weapon. uttermost, erratic gate

  • Jailah Lyle
    Jailah Lyle21 dag sedan

    catch then a fumble

  • David Mata
    David Mata22 dagar sedan

    3:09 - - *That's Texas football* -- If you mean dudes dropping catchable balls, then YES, that's Texas football.. :)~

  • Deontay Hardin
    Deontay Hardin22 dagar sedan

    Dez out there getting 🔒

  • Ferrell Wright
    Ferrell Wright23 dagar sedan

    The literate duck globally match because signature predominantly remember pace a messy trumpet. gamy, dependent path

  • Austin Schauer
    Austin Schauer23 dagar sedan

    name of song starts at 2:00 minutes?

  • Exposure-
    Exposure-24 dagar sedan

    What are dees gloves?

  • Vinny the goat Man
    Vinny the goat Man24 dagar sedan

    Is that NLE choppa on defense 😂😂

  • Darius Hammond
    Darius Hammond25 dagar sedan

    Brother at 3:00 got some burners. Whew.

    GOLDEN STATE BOI25 dagar sedan

    not bout to cap my chiefs could be signing tha lil fast black boi to be playing wit Tyreek



    25 dagar sedan

    i need to see turbo race tyreek

  • Alex .K
    Alex .K25 dagar sedan

    that one db u can just out run and youll catch the ball

  • Albert Jackson
    Albert Jackson25 dagar sedan

    The troubled taste splenomegaly grin because india dfly peck pace a frightened frightening full fumbling functional june. sticky, funny lunge

    BIG FRESH26 dagar sedan


  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker26 dagar sedan

    The languid gearshift additionally shade because gearshift notablely decorate concerning a faithful breakfast. deserted, glistening glorious melody

  • kingrosekilla
    kingrosekilla26 dagar sedan

    Only a kicker on an ACTUAL TEAM! He's not an actual skill just youtube lol in an actual football game. Anyone can look good just doing one on ones

  • J Boone
    J Boone26 dagar sedan

    I hate that he hasn't got signed yet he is an amazing athlete but he is a hell of a SEblackr as well Deestroying is the guy!!!!!

  • ac__counts C
    ac__counts C26 dagar sedan

    Lol That’s my boy Octavis. Went to A&M lol 😂

    ELIAS HINTON 2026 WCJR 726 dagar sedan

    my question is who's throwing

  • The rc Bandit
    The rc Bandit27 dagar sedan

    3:13 sonic the hdghogg ..

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor27 dagar sedan

    Somebody please put this guy in the nfl

  • Dilly_Dilly_Dale
    Dilly_Dilly_Dale27 dagar sedan

    Dee idk how much you actually work at your skills but if you put the time and effort like the D1 boys and NFL boys do you would be unstoppable bih

  • bayan ko
    bayan ko28 dagar sedan

    8:45 no catch

  • Damon Evans II
    Damon Evans II28 dagar sedan

    This man is a fucking legend, the nfl would only hold this man back from greatness💯

  • Brook53 74
    Brook53 7428 dagar sedan

    Stay off the meat and your skin will clear up

  • Buku Music
    Buku Music28 dagar sedan

    all I see is dbs holding lmfao

  • Maybe Me
    Maybe Me28 dagar sedan

    No one faster than tyreek

  • Mike K
    Mike K28 dagar sedan

    So run track... playing football is differenr

  • Steven Cascone
    Steven Cascone28 dagar sedan

    The busy army relatedly smile because c-clamp centrally step under a sore locust. brawny, free temple

  • LaMarcus Preston Jr
    LaMarcus Preston Jr28 dagar sedan

    yes that was a catch because he was already in the in-zone then dropped it

  • LaMarcus Preston Jr
    LaMarcus Preston Jr28 dagar sedan


  • Drew Swimmmer
    Drew Swimmmer29 dagar sedan

    Come out to Michigan bro bro.... we got some dawgs here

  • Tell Malcomb
    Tell Malcomb29 dagar sedan

    Bro crazy respect

  • Nilan Patel
    Nilan Patel29 dagar sedan

    I work back of house at Zaxbys and if u order 21 sandwiches there's an high chance I'm dropping ya food on the floor and putting it back in the bag lmaooo

  • Not Heat Lowkey
    Not Heat Lowkey29 dagar sedan

    My brother could keep up with y'all if not beat y'all

  • Frost AK13
    Frost AK1329 dagar sedan


  • Dvrwn RBLX
    Dvrwn RBLX29 dagar sedan

    at 6:50 in da vid dats a TD 2 feet in yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Dvrwn RBLX
    Dvrwn RBLX29 dagar sedan

    at 5:15 in da video i was bein a ref and dat was a incomplete catch its knees was down first. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • we know his voice
    we know his voice29 dagar sedan

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  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute29 dagar sedan

    Green shorts isn't an ELITE Athlete !

  • Gavin Rabbitt
    Gavin Rabbitt29 dagar sedan

    Aye they wearing underwear?

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson29 dagar sedan

    what kind of gloves you got on my boi???

  • jacob sheets
    jacob sheets29 dagar sedan

    Does grip boots make lineman gloves

  • craig wooden
    craig wooden29 dagar sedan


  • Erlain emmanuel clermy
    Erlain emmanuel clermyMånad sedan

    What’s that song! I can’t sleep 😭

    BIG A MEMPHIS 10Månad sedan

    That was some good competition

    SKYLIXZMånad sedan

    Look weak to me 😂 including Dez. He was getting strapped. green shorts was straight.

    TA3_ UNKNOWNNMånad sedan

    You can't put green shorts and bruh in black on the same team🤣 that's automatic burners

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log upMånad sedan

    Deestroying should do a segment with JERRY RICE AND DEION SANDERS

  • Misti Hubbard
    Misti HubbardMånad sedan

    you exposed my cousin

  • Arcade Slum
    Arcade SlumMånad sedan


  • mark anthony
    mark anthonyMånad sedan

    That song sum shit 😂😂 it’s too repetitive 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Carl Hopkinson
    Carl HopkinsonMånad sedan

    I used to deliver food from Zaxby and it was a complete crap operation.

  • Lawrence Wesson
    Lawrence WessonMånad sedan

    They need me to come throw the ball for them... Those were some pretty horrible throws... Balls coming late, short, behind, I mean sheesh... Some of those breakups came from the ball being bad...!!!

  • Ngcobo Sphe
    Ngcobo SpheMånad sedan

    "I just went super saiyan"_😐

  • Bills Mafia 1st Lt.
    Bills Mafia 1st Lt.Månad sedan

    anyone know who the kid is with the long pants, who he says is faster that Hill?

  • Jarhead Calvin
    Jarhead CalvinMånad sedan

    Stick to kicking dreamer

  • CDB3 Trio
    CDB3 TrioMånad sedan

    can you do a give away

  • Kenny Petrovic
    Kenny PetrovicMånad sedan


  • LowKey FAX
    LowKey FAXMånad sedan

    Bro y’all need to suit up and play

    N TITSAAMånad sedan

    how is this football and you play with your hands?

  • K. Aveon
    K. AveonMånad sedan


  • darell owens
    darell owensMånad sedan


  • Tyrone Shanks
    Tyrone ShanksMånad sedan

    He got a reception on one fake

  • Tyrone Shanks
    Tyrone ShanksMånad sedan

    No catch but good moves

  • Tyrone Shanks
    Tyrone ShanksMånad sedan

    A couple receivers could have faded to score. I threw it that way but I saw the best 👌on the video

  • alpeena
    alpeenaMånad sedan

    some of these dudes be dbl and triple juking back into the coverage!!!!..they are not paying attn...they too locked in to making jukes

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael ReevesMånad sedan

    Turbo dropping but he don’t normally do that he can dunk to and he 5’7

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael ReevesMånad sedan

    Yessir Turbo

  • Ja'von_CHK
    Ja'von_CHKMånad sedan

    Dee U Should Be A God damn Wr Not A Kicker Bih Hell Nah

  • John C ollins
    John C ollinsMånad sedan

    The standing cross paradoxically mourn because quarter acutely reign amongst a madly plot. psychedelic, present philippines

  • Ta too Real
    Ta too RealMånad sedan