Was The Game Ever Real ? - 8 Million Dollars Missing - The Chronicles of Elyria


This is the story about Chronicles of Elyria, from beginning of the project until today. There is still no resolution or end in sight but the story is an interesting one. I tried my best to present only the facts here and inserted no opinion of my own. Let me know if this is something you enjoyed since it took a seriously long time to make and research.
Chronicles of Elyria is a planned massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is in development by Soulbound Studios for Microsoft Windows. Claiming to be "the next generation of MMORPG's", the MMO features a dynamic quest system, a closed economy, finite resource management, need-based NPC's and player-run diplomacy.
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  • zysis
    zysis39 minuter sedan

    It's weird to me that suckers (consumers) will actually believe the promises. If such things were possible, wouldn't you think the big boys would do it? I mean, come on... it's a billion dollar industry the MMO game and many more have fallen than flown, but honestly, if the big kids aren't doing something in a game, it's probably not possible. *cough* Star Citizen. SC can't be made, it just can't. Hardware can't handle what they promise, the consumer end is at least 20 years from such a game. There's so many factors- main one being internet speed but also the ability of the consumer to draw the millions of overly bloated voxels floating on the screen at a decent pace just isn't possible. It's like promising gamers Metal Gear Solid while they are playing Pacman.

  • Alexandru Costache
    Alexandru Costache3 timmar sedan

    Just another scam, exactly like Scam Citizen

  • chakko007
    chakko0074 timmar sedan

    Never understood why people so easily part with their money.

  • Stalefish
    Stalefish4 timmar sedan

    I thought the title said star citizen

  • Ozan Irmak
    Ozan Irmak4 timmar sedan

    what is the music please.. at the beginning of the video??

  • Andreas Österberg
    Andreas Österberg7 timmar sedan

    Is no one gonna talk about how much money the 29 backers in average paid at 1:35 ?

  • Amorphous7
    Amorphous77 timmar sedan

    oh my God, I never knew about this game but this is infuriating xD

  • Misha Yang
    Misha Yang8 timmar sedan

    So you payed and bought a dream. Why are you so surprised that you woke up with just faded memories to show for it?

  • KiraTV


    4 timmar sedan

    I didnt pay anything

  • Niddy
    Niddy10 timmar sedan

    bellevue ISNT top dollor, its a socialist eviornment. so while you were wrong, you were still technically right, because if you arnt from seattles enviornment you will hafto pay more, for most things. its like a chinatown effect for white people.

  • Nineball69
    Nineball6911 timmar sedan

    "Freedom to die" Too good to be true. Saw right through that.

  • EZ !llAZ
    EZ !llAZ15 timmar sedan

    When you create a P2W game without the game

  • ghost Render
    ghost Render16 timmar sedan

    Would you pay for a jacket that you haven't seen, worn, felt or smelled, NO you wouldn't. Come on guys, get real. Sad news for the so called kings of a kingdom. Great video.

  • Victor Mattos
    Victor Mattos18 timmar sedan

    Good video but hey add some pauses between topics, it all seemed a big chunk of info at the same time

  • Praxics
    Praxics18 timmar sedan

    Simple lesson: Do not ever crowdfund video games. People think they want to enable the developers to realize their true vision of their video game. A noble goal. But the reality is that the baker takes on the financial risk of the project while getting excluded from true progress and financial data. This means no baker can ever correctly judge the actual status of the project they funded. It is a bad deal nobody should take. But just like the completely sound advice of "Do not ever pre-order a video game" this lesson will fall on deaf ears and people will continue to get scammed out of their money.

  • MackrelPill
    MackrelPill22 timmar sedan

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me thrice,....hahaha you got troll. *takes your $$ and run*. Really people never learned and i know as a gamer myself we all dreamed of that perfect mmorpg that we can get to play someday. However, it will NEVER exist so STOP supporting these kickstarter campaigns. It happened so many times in the past already.

  • PS4sos21
    PS4sos2122 timmar sedan

    And this is the reason why I will never crowdfund anything online. Why too risky. You've an 80% or so chance of getting ripped off.

  • smaller cathedrals
    smaller cathedrals23 timmar sedan

    So, how long will it take for a similar video on Star Citizen? I mean, seriously, THAT is the biggest scam in video game history. And the fact that people STILL are defending and even supporting it! Baffling.

  • Eleanor Greywolfe
    Eleanor GreywolfeDag sedan

    I don't think this game existed, what they were promising with no prior history of releasing other products of similar magnitude is big alarm bells. The sad thing is there are people on the subreddit still defending it.

  • Patrick Thomas
    Patrick ThomasDag sedan

    its a shame the concept of this game is great and the graphics seem pretty good. i mean look at that sunset and landscape 7:05

  • Jam
    JamDag sedan

    So this is basically Medieval Dynasty currently on steam but first person?

  • Jake West
    Jake WestDag sedan

    I'd never even heard of this game before the video. Only part I'm confused about is the Star Citizen reference. Sure, both companies utilized crowdfunding, but the public has been able to play portions of Star Citizen for years and is regularly updated. What was the point of the comparison?

  • Ultima Alora
    Ultima AloraDag sedan

    What's the problem? If a game is unplayable that I've invested my hard earned money into I'll be charging back that chunk of change through my bank. - If everyone had this same mindset rather than letting the company keep your money. You'd find things on the developers end will change real quick lmao. Never had a problem in my life charging back for shit when I feel I'm not the one at fault. Even if it were Steam who banned me for charging back a game that was unplayable, unlucky Steam, I'll be charging back every single game now and you'll have to deal with every singular fee for each game. What are the scamming cunts going to do in the end? Spend more money to chase me? Wow I'm shitting my panties. Tldr - Just because a company says something isn't refundable doesn't mean it isn't refundable., it'll just become a game of you and the developers pointing fingers at each other under the watchful eye of PayPal/your bank.

  • Dot 2375
    Dot 2375Dag sedan

    6M gone.. rip backers

  • Caf3in3
    Caf3in3Dag sedan

    it just works

  • Greenish Piss
    Greenish PissDag sedan

    They are still making videos! seblack.info/world/e2LKqa2imJ12m74/video.html

  • Greenish Piss
    Greenish PissDag sedan

    I feel like if this was real there would be a massive dictatorship started, most likely a Nazi Kingdom

  • Doughy
    DoughyDag sedan

    You can't use star citizen as an example of a bad kick starter IMO

  • JFOV
    JFOVDag sedan

    the nigerian prince of pc gamers

  • kimaboe
    kimaboeDag sedan

    This dude literally LARPed as a game studio for six years, writing production logs like he was Peter Jackson posting updates about the Hobbit, whilst in reality, he had a handful of rookie programmers in a room somewhere trying to figure out how to texture a model without it looking like it was made in 2002.

  • Juli Chio
    Juli ChioDag sedan

    People have to wake the fk up.

  • The Games Guild
    The Games GuildDag sedan

    just subbed, this is good, clean, informative content, hope you keep with this style

  • KiraTV


    Dag sedan


  • Mark Farnsworth
    Mark FarnsworthDag sedan

    I may be naive but I was under the impression that Kickstarter doesn’t actually charge your card until the project is “fully funded”? Was their goal 10$ and everyone threw 8million their way?

  • Alex
    AlexDag sedan

    I remember this game! Years back, a buddy of mine pulled me aside and told me to check it out. He was really excited for it, but as soon as I saw all of the "pre-alpha" labels slapped on "gameplay" footage, and the laundry list of unrealistic promises they laid out on their website, I had a feeling it was hardly going to get off the ground. At worst, I expected it would end up releasing to lukewarm responses and a fraction of the features promised. Little did I know how bad it would really get.

  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lenceDag sedan

    All your characters died before release...

  • Steel
    SteelDag sedan

    Too bad Star Citizen will never happen. The longer it takes the more money they get from Sunk-Cost Fallacy sufferer's desperate to not be proven morons.

  • Ghetto Grower
    Ghetto GrowerDag sedan

    Did no one learn nothing from the years of fable games? If it sounds to good to be true then it's probably not true.

  • Straightcherry D.
    Straightcherry D.Dag sedan

    Very good summary with the right amount of detail. Thank you for bothering to make this.

  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren2 dagar sedan

    Shitbag lives in Bellview WA, one of the most expensive places to live in the nation, poses last stand, selling outrageous real-estate in a virtual world knowing full well it was never going to release... Richkids need something to justify their existence and pad out their resumes... Jail time isn not enough, but the rich get richer. Our CEO worshiping corporate limited liability system is broken AF.

  • Kitana Klein
    Kitana Klein2 dagar sedan

    Thats the reason you never "kickstart" a game anymore. Most of them are either fake, pseud-devs who overestimate themself or just scam/moneygrab. Same goes with early access ... do yourself a favor and don't fall in those traps.

  • Woodsy Dayz
    Woodsy Dayz2 dagar sedan

    It saddens me the game did not go the way it was going but I am happy i didnt dish out 400$ to play the alpha

  • Big Bobba Charcoal
    Big Bobba Charcoal2 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of that game created by a little known game studio hello games and there scam No man sky. Which they have turned it around but it's still a scam

  • MicrowaveFork
    MicrowaveFork2 dagar sedan

    some big studio should steal this idea and do it right

  • Piffi
    Piffi2 dagar sedan

    Allso the 8 million dollars aren't missing, they've been spent lmao

  • Piffi
    Piffi2 dagar sedan

    this is a really good anime!

  • gothgirlxx96
    gothgirlxx962 dagar sedan

    Such soothing cinematic background music for such a disastrous mega failure of crushed dreams....bizarre juxtaposition, almost like playing lotr ost while dollar collapses on wAllstreet

  • Fugp Basis
    Fugp Basis2 dagar sedan

    Anyone who gives to a kickstarter deserves to lose their money. It is literally corporate begging. "We don't want to take any financial risk, so please give us money for literally nothing in return" If businesses knew they had a good product, they would put up their own money, or be able to entice REAL investors to give them enough money in exchange for a percentage of the business.

  • You Bad
    You Bad2 dagar sedan

    Imagine paying for something that doesn't exist.

  • GoliathZ9L
    GoliathZ9L3 dagar sedan

    I wonder where this is going.

  • Freerange Avo
    Freerange Avo3 dagar sedan

    You must never trust a man with a patch on his chin, it is the sign of Asmodeus.

  • Tronic Paul - Thema
    Tronic Paul - Thema3 dagar sedan


  • GPM26
    GPM263 dagar sedan

    Name one good 8/10 game that has released fully from kicktstarter....

  • KiraTV


    3 dagar sedan

    Divinity original sin

  • Dit P
    Dit P3 dagar sedan

    I KNEW this game would be screwed up. I know people that dropped £1000 to £3000 in this. Hahahaha EDIT - 8:47 LMAO 😂 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mr420QuIcKsCoPs
    Mr420QuIcKsCoPs3 dagar sedan

    Seeing that mans travesty of a chin shit should have instantly alerted people

  • Vladimir Rodionov
    Vladimir Rodionov3 dagar sedan

    That first real gameplay footage nearly gave me a hear attack!

  • Just Some Mustache Without a Guy
    Just Some Mustache Without a Guy3 dagar sedan

    This makes me appreciate games like Shovel Knight and Bloodstained so much more because they're crowd funded games that delivered in spades.

  • Jan Kubíček
    Jan Kubíček3 dagar sedan

    oh now I see...xsolla...Still remember Life is Feudal disaster.

  • DestherCZE
    DestherCZE3 dagar sedan

    Isn't Star Citizen already playable? Sure it is not finished i maybe never will, but they are developing it and you can play unfinished version if you want.

  • KiraTV


    3 dagar sedan

    Correct, alpha is playable

  • Dar_440YT
    Dar_440YT4 dagar sedan

    did they know that elyria is an actual city lmaooooo im weak asf

  • Stefanos Tsangarakis
    Stefanos Tsangarakis4 dagar sedan

    When it comes to Star Citizen, you forgot to mention that while a full release is not yet near, backers have access to the current playable alpha version of the game. Which is also available to everyone during the week-long free-fly events throughout the year. Unlike anything else you mentioned in this video, Star Citizen IS actually happening.

  • Eric Vintage
    Eric Vintage4 dagar sedan

    As a game dev who you idiot gamers didn't support this makes me disgustingly sick to my stomach fuck all of you

  • skilz8098
    skilz80984 dagar sedan

    Anyone who tries to hand me an NDA to sign is the person or persons that I hand them a George Carlin Stand-Up Video: "You can go ____ ________!"

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C4 dagar sedan

    I will never support any Kickstarter product regardless of how good it seems! Too many just run with the cash!!

  • karremania
    karremania4 dagar sedan

    Well i know one CEO who had a nice life living off money from kickstarter and funding :D

  • Kuribo Kutsu
    Kuribo Kutsu4 dagar sedan

    12:38 Funny enough, they speak like "oh, look at those poor artists, they now out of job! Lets help them quick!", like those artists is one who most hurt here. What about backers, peoples who purchased game? Oh, screw them, they mean no more once money was spent.

  • Kuribo Kutsu
    Kuribo Kutsu4 dagar sedan

    So, with that Settlers crap they tried final squeeze of cash from peoples dumb enough to pay for virtual land? Or they wasnt able to do even this?Another fun fact - Xsolla is actually came from Russia. They bake some scammy in-app sucking games most of time and also process internet payments for some services.

  • Aubzillla
    Aubzillla4 dagar sedan

    Is this just reskinned cyberpunk 2077?

  • KraggleWulf
    KraggleWulf4 dagar sedan

    Simple, masses go find him and beat the ever living shit outa of him, tar and feather. Send a message.

  • J. J.
    J. J.5 dagar sedan

    After losing a hundred bucks on this game I forever gave up on mmos and Kickstarters. A little disillusioned with video games altogether.

  • Cantgumbo2
    Cantgumbo25 dagar sedan

    Thanks god I'm smart enough not to pay a single dollar for a game that doesn't even exist, and unfortunately I don't feel sorry for the financial loss of people who pay for such games.

  • KiraTV


    5 dagar sedan

    You don't have to. That's the mechanics at play. If there was no audience for them, theu wouldn't get funded. If you were correct, they wouldn't exist or get funded, it's pretty simple.

  • Cantgumbo2


    5 dagar sedan

    @KiraTV I'm sorry but I don't agree with you. First, what I understand from the video is that the game was just an idea for a long time,didn't even exist.If so, I have right to come with a bunch of great ideas to collect money from people(I do not guarantee that the game can ever exist). If the developer wanted support for an existing game, good or bad, you're right, no one has right to say anything about supporters, because I supported Subnautica very long time before it releases, but there is nothing to play here. Second, As you said, sometimes the game cannot be done / be very good, or maybe supporters can get bored quickly with finished game. Believe me I dont have lack of empathy but for these reasons,I probably wont understand (until the end of my life) to pay $10.000 for a nonexistent game just become a king in it. I mean, WHY? Some says stupidity, others says not knowing the value of money they have

  • KiraTV


    5 dagar sedan

    This is a real common comment people leave and they never seem to understand that this isn't really about being smart. People knew it was a risk. The mechanics at play are pretty simple for kickstarting or crowdfunding a project from scratch. They like the idea of the game and they want to see it get made. They know it would not get made if they didn't fund it. Sometimes this backfires and it never gets made , sometimes it gets made and its not very good. Sometimes it gets made and its great. But if they didn't fund it , it never would have had the chance to exist and people want games that perhaps aren't something that could receive traditional funding which typically goes to more casual , mainstream focused games. It isn't about being smart , it's about taking a risk on something you want to see exist which otherwise may not. I dont understand the concept of a lack of empathy for people that are just simply trying to see games they want made and losing their money. It kind of says more about you than them to me.

  • 0.0 MYSTIC 0.0
    0.0 MYSTIC 0.05 dagar sedan

    damn and i thought star citizen was bad enough KEKW

  • Lucus Mousteen
    Lucus Mousteen5 dagar sedan

    This is what i reckon Little devil inside is!

  • cockeroach
    cockeroach5 dagar sedan

    freedom to get scammed as well

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore5 dagar sedan

    That snipet of the duel gameplay, is just a computer rendering of the duel in The princess bride.

  • zysis


    43 minuter sedan

    I knew it was! I was wondering why I'd seen it before...

  • Bj Spencer
    Bj Spencer5 dagar sedan

    Bad thing is alot of indie developers can make a epic on a shoestring budget..and you got alot of people out there that studied game development as a hobby with alot of skill who just want their foot in the door and some willing to work for pennies and some recognition..

  • Xenomorphisis Dilage
    Xenomorphisis Dilage5 dagar sedan

    Why did you try to compare Star Citizen to this crap in the first place? Star Citizen can be played to a great extent and there are constant updates.

  • KiraTV


    5 dagar sedan

    I didn't.

  • Biggest Iron
    Biggest Iron5 dagar sedan

    what i wanna know what kinda idiot funded this originally from the first footage this looked like shit, literally a unity assetflip i dont get how is that alluring even back in 2015

  • Dilantin Brown
    Dilantin Brown5 dagar sedan

    People that pay for kickstarters are fucking idiots. Play the games that are currently out. Why pay for shit like shit! I swear people are so brain dead or there just old farts

  • The Wampire!
    The Wampire!5 dagar sedan

    If you have $10,000 to blow on a video game, you really didnt need to have that money

  • Meilk27
    Meilk275 dagar sedan

    I like your video. Gave it a thumbs up. But I almost didn't because of your reply to one of the commenters. You're going to get idiots when you create content constantly. In my opinion you should learn to deal with them in stride and with Grace, less contempt. Everyone reading what they comment knows that they are stupid. But what people take away from it is how you've replied and in the instance where I read your reply and made you seem like an angry or negative person. This was after watching a 20 minute video of yours and enjoying all of it. This is just a bit of insight if you're hoping to grow your channel do with it what you will. Thanks for the video

  • KiraTV


    5 dagar sedan

    Thats entirely your perogative as it is mine to have some fun with stupid comments.

  • Meilk27


    5 dagar sedan

    I would cry laughing if he responded "fuck you" to my comment. That's something I might do.

  • Tosh Haws
    Tosh Haws6 dagar sedan

    Star Citizen may not be done, but it is playable and still get updates frequently and I would know, I'm a supporter of this game.

  • KiraTV


    6 dagar sedan


  • Jacob Ingram
    Jacob Ingram6 dagar sedan

    They have no money left to refund.....they will just claim bankruptcy if they are required to refund by the law. As many have said a game like this would cost multiple times what Skyrim costed (80-90 million dollars).

  • Binaural Ambience
    Binaural Ambience6 dagar sedan

    They have released a new video seblack.info/world/e2LKqa2imJ12m74/video.html

  • Ed
    Ed6 dagar sedan

    OOF to the people who pledged 10k for this xD

  • FoBy PaWz
    FoBy PaWz6 dagar sedan

    This proves the point that the key to creating wealth in this world is to understand human psychology. Walsh rode on the momentun wave of success of Star Citizen appearing to be a bit more transparent so as to draw in the backers to make them think he’s more genuine than Chris Roberts of Star Citizen.

  • User User
    User User6 dagar sedan

    how come these crowd funding ripoffs arent allowed to be trsated like Bernie Madoff for straight up using all those funds as their own bank account?

  • User User
    User User6 dagar sedan

    sounds very molyneuxesque

  • Sebasstian
    Sebasstian6 dagar sedan

    probably sounds stupid but what is the game playing the majority of the time? with the jousting and stuff? was that fake gameplay or?

  • KiraTV


    6 dagar sedan

    That was this games gameplay

  • Easyflux
    Easyflux6 dagar sedan

    Surely, it can't be worth swindling this many people for a "nice" living for a few years, only to end up in court and losing? This guy must not give a damn about what comes for him, a lifetime of debt and community service/jailtime?

  • Batman
    Batman6 dagar sedan

    I would urge anybody and everybody who put a penny into this game to go on their website and....donate more. Give them everything in your wallet. You are why these gaming studios rip gamers off with early access, unfinished games, season passes, DLCs, etc.

  • Flow Ryan
    Flow Ryan6 dagar sedan

    Wasn't this the game made in the blender game engine?

  • Cynical Miscreant
    Cynical Miscreant6 dagar sedan

    to be fair if i had millions of dollars to blow i would have drop 10k on this game or more and requirement weekly updates

  • Rizzit
    Rizzit6 dagar sedan

    Jeremy needs to go to jail and dont forget his pawns like Serpentius who apparantly got 130k+ per year as a community moderator

  • Andrew
    Andrew6 dagar sedan

    ooh i rememer this game. the clips looked good indeed. But im glad I didnt join in. I already made that mistake with Star citizen

  • xWatanukix
    xWatanukix6 dagar sedan

    It's hard to believe that the developers didn't realize from the beginning that the promised game couldn't possibly be realized with this budget and in this time. After all, that's even something you can blame the backers for. They, too, should have known that it was impossible.

  • Bubba Wright
    Bubba Wright6 dagar sedan

    If the first ever gameplay was reviled on April 1st. That doesn't seem good

  • MadGunner00123 O_o
    MadGunner00123 O_o6 dagar sedan

    i think they have another game named kingdoms you can find many similarities in character skin and model and even animations EDITTTTT::::: OMG THE HOUSE MODELS 2:32 AND TEXTURE ARE THE SAME AS KINGDOMS I THINK KINGDOMS WERE THERE FIRST SCAM!!!

  • Jacob Rendall
    Jacob Rendall7 dagar sedan

    I'm glad I didn't invest in this game and instead invested in that other great game which was released, Yogventures.

  • Jacob Rendall
    Jacob Rendall7 dagar sedan

    You know how dwarf Fortress let's you do 'anything'? Because it's ascii characters on a grid. There's no way you could possibly make a game of that same scope if you're going for realism.

  • The Pay It Forward Channel
    The Pay It Forward Channel7 dagar sedan

    Skull and cross bones comes to mind when hearing this - back in the day we use to go to a store by a CD knowing the game was finished ready to go - put in and play - now a majority of games all have that " its not finish - game play will change over time " let us know not if but when you find a bug in the game-- giving us a couple of months to fix it if at all " thanks for your money sucker..

  • Crunchi Coin
    Crunchi Coin7 dagar sedan

    Dude this video was epic

  • KiraTV


    7 dagar sedan

    Thanks man