Gordon Ramsay Served Pizza With Ranch Dressing | Kitchen Nightmares

Happy Friday! Here's a full episode of the iconic moment Gordon gets priests to bless his food.

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  • Siri Komarla
    Siri Komarla55 minuter sedan

    Is it just me or does Tricia sound just like Anu in Big Bang theory

  • AstraVex
    AstraVexTimme sedan

    0:16 You wanna do a another take of that unbelievably fake phonecall? 🤣

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin9 timmar sedan

    bruh my favorite pizza is Domino's Chicken Legend Ranch & Jalapenos Pizza

  • tama irtasa
    tama irtasa9 timmar sedan

    Damn, gordon invite chef Scott to the house!

  • sejdaren Ilmarinen
    sejdaren Ilmarinen12 timmar sedan

    Gordon saves the childmolesters. I realy find peoples respect for priests sick.

  • Janu Anant
    Janu Anant20 timmar sedan

    Owner: without Gordon we will be nothing. Yes Owner without him you closed pretty soon. 😂

  • soumyajyoti seth
    soumyajyoti sethDag sedan

    update- it is closed now!

  • Naoko V
    Naoko VDag sedan

    Mr Gordon Ramsay is a life saver !!!! 🥰🥰🥰 He never looses his patience....

  • Jajajaja Laclaclac
    Jajajaja LaclaclacDag sedan

    Oh thank god some owners who just dont know what their doing and none of the unecessary inflated ego.

  • Cpt Teacosy
    Cpt TeacosyDag sedan

    This dude looks like the ex construction dude from another episode The "i wouldnt speak to my dog the way he spoke to me" guy 😂

  • Reece Gaming
    Reece GamingDag sedan

    The owners just blamed the friend that their in debt Like if u agree

  • Francesco Pretto
    Francesco PrettoDag sedan

    4:55 Carlo Cracco: "The pizza with patate? Sono two amidi, it makes cagare"

  • Jon Lester Diaz
    Jon Lester DiazDag sedan

    37:34 Why is there a coke above that thing? LMAO

  • Fey Blue
    Fey BlueDag sedan

    good on those waitresses for calling rick out

  • Jmags
    Jmags2 dagar sedan

    This has never been done before.Brought 4 chefs.few moments later food are 2 hrs behind lol

  • Half Red
    Half Red2 dagar sedan

    Lol the crying woman is so funny

  • jasmine55183
    jasmine551832 dagar sedan

    I would eat everything 😂

  • Fathan Adha
    Fathan Adha2 dagar sedan

    why im always in love with all servers name “Ashley” 🤣

  • Moltas Hansson
    Moltas Hansson2 dagar sedan

    How dare he criticise the holy pizza?!

  • Brooke Anderson
    Brooke Anderson3 dagar sedan

    Noter daime? Notre dame?

  • Auriorium
    Auriorium3 dagar sedan

    I am an atheist and even I would ask a priest to bless the food.

  • Joey Freitas
    Joey Freitas3 dagar sedan

    How do you cry over dinner lmao. Jesus get a hold of yourself.

  • Steve E
    Steve E3 dagar sedan

    *gasp* ranch dressing on pizza?? i guess he's never been to a dominos?

  • Annet Nedelec
    Annet Nedelec3 dagar sedan

    I just HATE how people chuck food in the bin. Just put uneaten food aside and give them to stray dogs or other animals

  • MajorMaxus
    MajorMaxus3 dagar sedan

    33:32 Hell's Kitchen in a nutshell

  • Gucci girl
    Gucci girl4 dagar sedan

    ranch with pizza doesn't sound bad

  • Dindu Nugfin
    Dindu Nugfin4 dagar sedan

    Steve the kind of food was not my idea.....But your haircut WAS

  • Dindu Nugfin
    Dindu Nugfin4 dagar sedan

    The outside of the restaurant is looking like a Resident Evil abandoned one you'll never know if you'll step outside live or dead after you enter

  • MartinTheElf
    MartinTheElf4 dagar sedan

    idk man, I'm not a fan of J

  • Oliver Hawksworth
    Oliver Hawksworth4 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: the restaurant serves Gordon ranch dressing instead of himself serving it to customers Would be nice to see some correct grammar from a big channel like this

  • Antonio F.

    Antonio F.

    3 dagar sedan

    I get the impression the title uses the style of in newspaper headlines in which the "is" or "was" is removed from the passive form

  • Firepointboy
    Firepointboy4 dagar sedan

    That burger looks AMAZING

  • Wasilur
    Wasilur4 dagar sedan

    If you move the 's to after J 😮

  • Nikhil B Mohan
    Nikhil B Mohan4 dagar sedan

    Wait why didn't they fire him if they knew he was the problem

  • Vigyey Dixit
    Vigyey Dixit4 dagar sedan

    Fun Fact: this restaurant is still open and have also opened a new branch too

  • Giovanni Zanoni
    Giovanni Zanoni5 dagar sedan

    did the lady really cry for a bun?

  • Kiu 606
    Kiu 6065 dagar sedan

    The owner blaming the staff while they’re not doing anything is h hilarious

  • Yasir Khan
    Yasir Khan5 dagar sedan

    While is love Kitchen Nightmares and how Gordon turns around the business. What I don't understand is the need to throw away each and every bit of existing food items. I mean, yes, we should trow the bad/rotten food but whats the need to throw fresh food, probably purchased toady !!

  • Infamous
    Infamous5 dagar sedan

    Women: “I wouldn't serve that to my dog” Continues to serve to her customers 😂

  • Kai Geddes
    Kai Geddes5 dagar sedan

    The university is frustratingly mis-pronounced. It is No-trey Daam ("Our Lady" en francais).

  • Oskar M.G
    Oskar M.G5 dagar sedan

    Sad they had to close the place down a couple of weeks after

  • Rossco Galloway
    Rossco Galloway5 dagar sedan

    phantom chef waddling round with a mask on years before the 'rona...

  • Blayas Blay
    Blayas Blay5 dagar sedan

    The owners: "Hope he likes it." Gordon: "Ghastly."

  • Mayar samy
    Mayar samy5 dagar sedan

    Yo man this is so easy just cook a fresh food everyday with attention to the quality also get your restaurant clean and spotless ana it’s gonna be better

  • Aiden Pellerine
    Aiden Pellerine5 dagar sedan

    “She deserves kids” I almost cried.....

  • Emily Anderson

    Emily Anderson

    17 timmar sedan

    As a pregnant hormonal person, I did cry.

  • idit greenberg
    idit greenberg5 dagar sedan

    Why do all these people get to the verge of bankruptcy and homelessness, but keep beating their dead horse of a restaurant? Once a restaurant stops making profit- it’s done.

  • Sean Homar
    Sean Homar5 dagar sedan

    pulled pork sandwich looked fine to me, but my standards are super low so i enjoy more foods lol.

  • google mail
    google mail5 dagar sedan

    "noter dame" get your pronounciation correct you dim wit

  • ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice
    ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice6 dagar sedan

    Geez they’re so picky with how their meat is cooked. Unless it’s raw, just eat it

  • Davie Jay

    Davie Jay

    3 dagar sedan

    If you're eating out n paying a premium for it...it's not too much to ask that your meat be cooked as requested

  • Akash Balki
    Akash Balki6 dagar sedan

    Entire thing looks scripted af😂

  • Justin Truax
    Justin Truax6 dagar sedan

    35:42 the resident Karen on the loose

  • Hmoov
    Hmoov6 dagar sedan


  • bianca
    bianca6 dagar sedan

    I laugh at the lady crying but one time I cried because I got home and the employee forgot to put in my chicken nuggets

  • nbbim2012
    nbbim20126 dagar sedan

    Rick & Tricia need to own their part in this mess. John needed help & they shouldn't have bought a restaurant 3 hours away from their home!!!

  • Cinemonkeys Pictures
    Cinemonkeys Pictures6 dagar sedan

    when people cry cause of a bun. tell people in afrika.

  • Lucius Rockwell
    Lucius Rockwell6 dagar sedan

    favorite part was when gordon snatched that food from the priest, like he saying "fck your god, you're in my church now bitch!"

  • FireeyeTobey_2
    FireeyeTobey_26 dagar sedan

    Ahhaahah he pray to not die to a food poisoning

  • Akash Rai
    Akash Rai7 dagar sedan

    The only episode where Gordon doesn't scare any cooks and owners

  • Nurul Suhaidah
    Nurul Suhaidah7 dagar sedan

    I don't get it, the owner see the his restaurant is failing, then why not take over again and change everything that is wrong. Why trusting other people over your responsibility? Damn the owner is so soft and gave up easily.

  • Nurul Suhaidah

    Nurul Suhaidah

    5 dagar sedan

    @Dave Stryder TRUE

  • Dave Stryder

    Dave Stryder

    6 dagar sedan

    Why buy a business 3.5hrs away and use that as an excuse when it begins to fail too? Im so confused by it

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange7 dagar sedan

    Gordon couldn't swear because there are priests at the other table. Hahah..

  • DoJo
    DoJo7 dagar sedan

    12:53 - soo....what´s the problem?

  • Ravi Negi
    Ravi Negi7 dagar sedan

    24:20 that thing is moving

  • La Cai
    La Cai8 dagar sedan

    3:36 when the dude trying to melt in walls!

  • teka loves you
    teka loves you8 dagar sedan

    lmao what?? 16:43

  • A. Gill
    A. Gill8 dagar sedan

    HOLY the owners are complainers. Stop blaming the other guy and take some responsibility for YOUR restaurant.

  • Kashvi Bhardwaj
    Kashvi Bhardwaj9 dagar sedan

    Why do all these videos seem like they were made years and years ago

  • Zuber Khan
    Zuber Khan9 dagar sedan

    Love how the staff gets so excited about the changes. You can see they see it as more than just a job

  • Aoi Shiro
    Aoi Shiro9 dagar sedan

    It's kinda unfortunate that its called "J Willy's sauce"... Maybe im just dirty minded.

  • Ildikó Ridley

    Ildikó Ridley

    7 dagar sedan

    Good thing his first name isn't Hugh. 🙈

  • SoulSeller
    SoulSeller9 dagar sedan

    'Don't give up on us chef' had me fucking creased ove laughing, and what was that church scene all about? In the words of Gordon Ramsay.....Fuck me!!

  • Birinder Warraich
    Birinder Warraich9 dagar sedan

    Imagine The kitchens That are shown Here are in America Filled with Sh☆t. Imagine India

  • Lord Zuko
    Lord Zuko9 dagar sedan

    Anyone else watching this while eating?

  • PUMA
    PUMA10 dagar sedan

    Ive litaeraly never seen or heard a TEEN say "Its overcooked"

  • E


    4 dagar sedan

    I went into a state of shock when I saw that. I was like whaaa?

  • Saint Clair

    Saint Clair

    8 dagar sedan

    HAHAHAH ikr i laughed crazy at that scene xD

  • Dina Adel

    Dina Adel

    9 dagar sedan


  • PUMA
    PUMA10 dagar sedan

    Gordon : So, what seems to be the prob- Tricia : JOHN

  • T3manator 99
    T3manator 9910 dagar sedan

    I love ranch on a pizza. Especially like a chicken BBQ pizza

  • Midnightmeta the president of nr.69
    Midnightmeta the president of nr.6910 dagar sedan

    the part when he ''cleans their consciousness'' is wholesome

  • KrasnayaZvezda
    KrasnayaZvezda10 dagar sedan

    Well it closed a year after, that new spirit didn't do much.

  • EC
    EC10 dagar sedan

    1:39 when you’re seeing this in the first 2 minutes, you know it’s gonna be a good one

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee11 dagar sedan

    The crying women 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Binary Adventures
    Binary Adventures11 dagar sedan

    Server "Im not sticking to the floor" XD

  • Сергей Меньшиков
    Сергей Меньшиков12 dagar sedan

    Blood 🩸 gates is open😂😂😂 10:30

  • Turbofrog22
    Turbofrog2212 dagar sedan

    Hey Gordon, what's your favorite critique website? 16:19

  • AxelTheGamer2
    AxelTheGamer212 dagar sedan

    Ranch dressing on pizza is really not that bad if its made properly. Just a plain cheese pizza with dressing is really good food for a hangover. Just like peperoni pizza with garlic is also good. Extremely greasy but very good.

  • robin dewling
    robin dewling12 dagar sedan

    Holy crap crybaby much wow and the guy shooten his face off Just close the doors

  • karim lavji
    karim lavji12 dagar sedan

    They know whats wrong, they knows it's food and standards, than wtf are you doing?

  • Andriy Troyan
    Andriy Troyan13 dagar sedan

    John run us to the ground. Well here is the problem

  • Petal NomNom
    Petal NomNom13 dagar sedan

    aw Rick is such a sweetheart pushover.. he deserves success

  • Asma Haque
    Asma Haque13 dagar sedan

    Title: gordon was served pizza with ranch Me who always have pizza with ranch *slowly backs away to the corner*

  • mr.bas1c tv
    mr.bas1c tv13 dagar sedan

    I know the food is bad sometimes, but to cry for a bun of a burger? LOL, thats hilarious.

  • rolf johansen
    rolf johansen14 dagar sedan

    Norway here... every food serving place is obliged to have a smiley face outside the door if the place is clean and sad face if not....

  • Totally YEETED
    Totally YEETED14 dagar sedan

    When you play your tickets right Clean plates.... Remember that 🎟️🍛

  • Fera Blue
    Fera Blue14 dagar sedan

    Why do the Americans say notre dame like that??? Is there something I’m missing, was it actually not named after the french cathedral?

  • Rain Strife
    Rain Strife15 dagar sedan

    Why purchase a restaurant three hours away from where you live? Don’t you need to be around to make sure the standards are being upheld.

  • HappySwedishPancake
    HappySwedishPancake15 dagar sedan

    If you need somone to point out the rotten food in your fridge you don't deserve to run a restaurant.

  • Vigilant Cosplay
    Vigilant Cosplay15 dagar sedan

    Local McDonald's burns down. "John let this happen"

  • James Parr
    James Parr15 dagar sedan

    "Carpet that looks like it's had a thousand buffalo's walk all over it" 😂😂😂😂

    RODLIGHT15 dagar sedan


  • Michael Diekmann
    Michael Diekmann16 dagar sedan

    "She is such a beautiful Woman." She looks like Mastiff.

  • CaptainCanoe
    CaptainCanoe16 dagar sedan

    *Gordon orders a specific specialized pizza* *Has ranch on it because it is a specific specialized pizza* * shocked pikachu face* Ranch is a normal topping or dip for pizza. Hell at Domino's you can have ranch as an alternative to pizza sauce. Not sure why Gordon is shocked his pizza has ranch when he ordered a specific specialized pizza that has ranch

  • Clot-in-Eye Joe
    Clot-in-Eye Joe16 dagar sedan

    all pizzas now provide the option of ranch dipping sauce

  • Mike
    Mike16 dagar sedan

    33:30 Gordon experiences Hell's Kitchen flashbacks

  • EvanSswag 21
    EvanSswag 2116 dagar sedan