Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)

listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.


  • Susanne Finnis
    Susanne Finnis6 minuter sedan

    this is kind of a personal question but how did ou get the scar on your face ther ight side you dont need to answer I was just wondering

  • Nincompoodle
    Nincompoodle17 minuter sedan

    I have this tendency to imagine songs being performed on the got talent stage and I feel like if Bo wasn't well known and performed this for them there they would freak out.

  • Unfor2nateboi
    Unfor2nateboi20 minuter sedan

    The fucking stock sound effects kill me every time

  • WelcomeToTwinklePark
    WelcomeToTwinklePark24 minuter sedan

    I've been working on staying off my phone longer and longer because of this song

  • Shroomy SPPD
    Shroomy SPPD46 minuter sedan

    The fact that 3:50 is a tik tok & reel trend highlights the ironic madness of the internet. Keep scrolling fellas

  • Hello there :D
    Hello there :D48 minuter sedan

    Obama did wot

  • Galehunter
    Galehunter48 minuter sedan

    Someone should look up everything said in this song, and show images for a video. From the tip for straining pasta, to the nine year old who died.

  • Gatarrrrk
    GatarrrrkTimme sedan

    The last time I saw him was when he released 'what.', he looks so different wtf

  • First name middle name Last name • 69 years ago
    First name middle name Last name • 69 years agoTimme sedan


  • I’m a soft boy
    I’m a soft boyTimme sedan

    damn heisenberg got groove

  • Bharath Nambiar
    Bharath NambiarTimme sedan

    3:51 the laugh..don't expect the glitch😂

  • George S
    George STimme sedan

    Bo motherlovin Burnham. Does this man ever miss?

  • Dead The Corpse And CoolDude981
    Dead The Corpse And CoolDude981Timme sedan

    I can’t believe it’s already been a month.

  • WhiteGlove
    WhiteGloveTimme sedan


  • Ltz_QuanX
    Ltz_QuanXTimme sedan

    anyone else here from TTD3 😂

  • Geno Green
    Geno Green2 timmar sedan

    anyone else just stop at 2:04?

  • Sal Dreamer
    Sal Dreamer2 timmar sedan

    "It was always the plan, to put the world in your hand." Once I saw the light disappear I knew shit was gonna go down 😬

  • King Cactile'
    King Cactile'2 timmar sedan


  • PWH
    PWH2 timmar sedan

    If google was an evil willy wonka is this song in a nutshell

  • ZAPT0ID75
    ZAPT0ID752 timmar sedan

    lets be honest, we all keep coming back here over and over

  • Wendy Butt
    Wendy Butt2 timmar sedan

    Creepy, cos it's true...

  • Iron Pedagogue
    Iron Pedagogue2 timmar sedan

    Whoa, this guy's good!

  • XavierBetoN
    XavierBetoN2 timmar sedan

    I can't comment on Bezos so I'm here, Awesome song Robert, Robert Pickering

  • Dragnyx
    Dragnyx2 timmar sedan

    I cant look at him without seeing Karl Heisenberg- Im so sorry.

  • HamsterNationRules !
    HamsterNationRules !2 timmar sedan

    Inside has been the soundtrack to my 2021

  • Jack Dewey
    Jack Dewey2 timmar sedan

    This is the song that the vaguely off-putting traveling merchant from D&D that would sell you random magical objects… Then you mistakingly sell your soul to a greater demon.

  • A Guy Called Charlie
    A Guy Called Charlie3 timmar sedan

    I like how the topics start off fairly harmless, but then worse stuff slowly gets mixed in until a power ranger quiz is sitting next to a conspiracy theory and instructions on how to make a bomb.

  • Dehydrated Potato
    Dehydrated Potato3 timmar sedan

    Here before this is nostalgic

  • TheLoneWolf
    TheLoneWolf3 timmar sedan

    Did anyone notice that one of his songs called ironic said that he couldn’t grow a beard and yet he managed

  • ye old duck
    ye old duck3 timmar sedan

    this is like the internet tutorial

  • Free man
    Free man3 timmar sedan

    hELp i HavE beEn listenIng For 4 HoUrs help

  • SirJules
    SirJules3 timmar sedan

    This song gives off a Disney villain vibe

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M3 timmar sedan


  • Shiven Loshi
    Shiven Loshi3 timmar sedan

    Its crazy to see how bo has grown up since he was 18 like he looks so different

  • Tam_The_Fox
    Tam_The_Fox4 timmar sedan


  • Mr Suter
    Mr Suter4 timmar sedan

    This is a banger but the thing I like the most is your smile at the end.

  • _mocha_
    _mocha_4 timmar sedan

    Bo should honestly be Riddler for the Batman movies

  • LightningMcQueenGaming
    LightningMcQueenGaming4 timmar sedan


    YOUR BOIO4 timmar sedan

    Truly reminds me of the bohemian rhapsody of memes

    YOUR BOIO4 timmar sedan

    I love this song more than any song I’ve ever heard this is like my 7th time listening to this😀

  • Toxicated
    Toxicated4 timmar sedan

    i love you bo, your music help me more than you will ever truly know

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson4 timmar sedan


  • CryBabyTheroy
    CryBabyTheroy4 timmar sedan

    POV: you came from TTD3

  • Rory Dann
    Rory Dann4 timmar sedan

    I feel his voice boring into me in the “You, _YOU_ , insatiable _you_ ,” part. Idk how to describe it but his voice on the second you triggers my fight or flight and makes my stomach churn to the point where if it was anybody but bo I’d be sure they were trying to kill me.

  • Magicalawnmower
    Magicalawnmower4 timmar sedan

    what kinda genre is just with all the weird little instruments and sound effects but still sounds good like it is here?

  • Tessa Maritha
    Tessa Maritha4 timmar sedan

    That perfectly pitched maniacal laugh though

  • katt cofer
    katt cofer4 timmar sedan

    Jesus Bo... You okay man?

  • TJ Barke
    TJ Barke4 timmar sedan

    Congrats, Bo. You've truly captured the Millennial zeitgeist.

  • Arcadiy Ivanov

    Arcadiy Ivanov

    4 timmar sedan

    Mils are 40 now :)

  • Raff
    Raff4 timmar sedan


  • Dillon Prescott
    Dillon Prescott4 timmar sedan

    Watch in 2x speed

  • Duck
    Duck5 timmar sedan

    never knew xQc could sing so good

  • Boozy Beauty
    Boozy Beauty5 timmar sedan

    we need sexting, please I love that song lol

  • AnoAssassin
    AnoAssassin5 timmar sedan

    1:14 Love how he gets visibly and audibly giddy when it starts to devolve

  • Cafézin
    Cafézin5 timmar sedan

    Why the JazzGhost is singing here LOL

  • Cameron Truxal
    Cameron Truxal5 timmar sedan

    Sometimes im extremely grateful for the internet, because it shows me things like this. But i also laugh hysterically @3:52 ALL of the time, for reasons few will understand

  • canucksfan94
    canucksfan945 timmar sedan

    This needs to be a ride at Disneyland

  • Noob
    Noob5 timmar sedan

    First I hear this in Roblox TTD3 and then I found The original

  • Amashi Zaino
    Amashi Zaino5 timmar sedan

    Why the hell does he look like a really young Karl Heisenberg?? This is so...I'm so confused. omg *facepalm*

  • adrian /octavia

    adrian /octavia

    Timme sedan

    he does omg

  • cat
    cat5 timmar sedan


  • Kynku
    Kynku6 timmar sedan

    All i can say is *Perfect*

  • HedgehogTimes
    HedgehogTimes6 timmar sedan

    This guys sounds gay

  • Sandwich Rtist

    Sandwich Rtist

    3 timmar sedan

    And you would know, right bud?

  • Cribby Boi
    Cribby Boi6 timmar sedan

    Remember when he said he couldn't grow a beard in the song "Ironic"

  • Arlene Distel

    Arlene Distel

    5 timmar sedan


  • Fr0g Zeppeli ✔️
    Fr0g Zeppeli ✔️6 timmar sedan

    Some better: *points to SEblack* Some worse: *points to TikTok and Twitter*

  • Bruno
    Bruno6 timmar sedan

    i imagine aliens looking at this in the future thinking " WHAT THE F-"

  • DeadclawTV
    DeadclawTV6 timmar sedan

    first time watching Bo Burnham tonight on netflix

  • Spottsswood
    Spottsswood6 timmar sedan

    For me it's a toss up between this and a White Woman's Instagram, followed by Comedy.

  • Waluigi Number One
    Waluigi Number One6 timmar sedan

    its honestly fucking strange that the internet just blew up only in the 2000s

  • chubbothetubb
    chubbothetubb6 timmar sedan

    my favorite song, i guess.

  • Harley Quinns hyena
    Harley Quinns hyena6 timmar sedan

    This gives me re8 Heisenberg vibes

  • Eugoija
    Eugoija6 timmar sedan

    He literally did a Marc Rebillet

  • Marsie Sherzer
    Marsie Sherzer6 timmar sedan

    its amazing bc he knows that its a meme 😂

  • FennicusFoxicus
    FennicusFoxicus6 timmar sedan


  • Owen H
    Owen H7 timmar sedan

    loved the movie btw

  • brenthom912
    brenthom9127 timmar sedan

    this song is great and true half this song is rule34

  • Alex Wall
    Alex Wall7 timmar sedan

    Welcome to SEblack, the sequel.

  • Mark Stolin
    Mark Stolin7 timmar sedan

    The way this song is all over the place shows how the internet works

  • wyzeguy6
    wyzeguy67 timmar sedan

    This was my favourite song on what was an absolute masterpiece of a special. It was absolutely amazing!

  • M H
    M H7 timmar sedan

    If the internet is the carnival, are we the carnies or the visitors?..

  • midnight..edxits
    midnight..edxits7 timmar sedan

    this is my favorite song

  • Flat Surfaces
    Flat Surfaces7 timmar sedan

    “Obama↪️sent↩️the↪️immigrants↩️ to↪️vaccinate↪️your↩️kids” -Bo Burnham

  • ActuallyAshley9
    ActuallyAshley97 timmar sedan

    Kinda reminds me of psychonauts

  • Jose Vargas
    Jose Vargas7 timmar sedan

    paula dile por favor que si a amado por favor te lo ruego

  • NickNack
    NickNack7 timmar sedan

    POV: Karl Heisenberg tells you about his first experience on the internet

  • 🔥EDDY_RO🔥
    🔥EDDY_RO🔥8 timmar sedan

    3:53 best moment

  • Strix
    Strix8 timmar sedan

    Best song of the special, hands down.

  • Cristian yt
    Cristian yt8 timmar sedan

    3:52 Wow ya buena

  • Sunny_taco
    Sunny_taco8 timmar sedan

    this was a little to captivating

  • GameRush
    GameRush8 timmar sedan

    We’re literally watching a video rn 😳

  • The lizard bros
    The lizard bros8 timmar sedan

    This song is good

  • SkeletonBee
    SkeletonBee8 timmar sedan

    Snuffy brought me here

  • Docter1313
    Docter13138 timmar sedan


  • °Ice_cube°
    °Ice_cube°8 timmar sedan


  • Exo
    Exo8 timmar sedan

    i watched this drunk and my head hurts even more send help

  • ❤️Bear Luv❤️
    ❤️Bear Luv❤️8 timmar sedan

    I sent this to my friend who was fake ns blocked her I got expelled for sharing this on schools hall tv >:]

  • crrruz
    crrruz8 timmar sedan

    The new Carlin.

  • Phantom Nightmare The Femboy
    Phantom Nightmare The Femboy8 timmar sedan

    Very accurate

  • Jordan Shanahan
    Jordan Shanahan9 timmar sedan

    Why do I see Heisenberg from RE7? 😂