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  • onlyjayus
    onlyjayusMånad sedan

    Hey go check out my most recent vlog :)

  • Saain Solih

    Saain Solih

    2 dagar sedan

    Pls make a vid on how u do do Ur hair and why is it looking soo smooth

  • Vronz


    8 dagar sedan

    @uzarname name shes a normal wamen

  • Donranoc14


    9 dagar sedan

    Are you a girl or boy or tomboy

  • Deion jr. Mcqueen

    Deion jr. Mcqueen

    11 dagar sedan

    Are you a boy or girl

  • akira manuel perez

    akira manuel perez

    18 dagar sedan


  • Kase The Rat
    Kase The Rat12 minuter sedan

    FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN *aggressively sprays furniture scenting frebreez*

  • Long Distance
    Long Distance3 timmar sedan

    I've been doing the Fe breeze thing for years I learned if by myself

  • SpartanIsland99
    SpartanIsland994 timmar sedan

    I think I’ll take my chances with itching

  • ciaran bromhead
    ciaran bromhead5 timmar sedan

    Nah I just spray them mf with lynx or some other deodorant

  • Gwen bowker
    Gwen bowker5 timmar sedan

    Me: watching jayus vid Jayus:'PULLS DOWN PANTS' Me'ok so this is how comfortable she is with her viewers No hate to her she has put so much trust into this app

  • Tyler Cottrell
    Tyler Cottrell6 timmar sedan

    Jayus drops pants: Me: oh dam ok ok Still in shock: Also me: dam that confidence to do that sheesh

  • Funtime Freddy
    Funtime Freddy6 timmar sedan


  • Cracker Jack
    Cracker Jack6 timmar sedan

    Shes mad pretty

  • 8 ball Gaming
    8 ball Gaming7 timmar sedan

    “but it doesn’t itch anymore”- you wouldn’t feel anything after burning off your nerves

  • •ShadowViølet•
    •ShadowViølet•7 timmar sedan

    Y'all it's supposed to be a warm spoon not hot they said this on her TikTok 😭

  • Ismael Velasco
    Ismael Velasco8 timmar sedan

    The End Though

  • Jenmari Scheepers
    Jenmari Scheepers10 timmar sedan


  • T h o t .・✫・゜・。.
    T h o t .・✫・゜・。.12 timmar sedan

    My grandmother is the God of killing flies with Windex.

  • Hockey 5
    Hockey 514 timmar sedan

    Her: well now it doesn’t itch anymore. Me: yeah cause you fucking burned it

  • SummerWaves
    SummerWaves16 timmar sedan

    “Fight me like a man” I wanna punch whoever came up with that phrase

  • DepressedTato UwU
    DepressedTato UwU17 timmar sedan

    This scalated from 0 to 100 pretty quickly

  • Niks J
    Niks J18 timmar sedan

    You can heat up the spoon by putting it in the microwave

  • Arianna Kostopoulos
    Arianna Kostopoulos19 timmar sedan

    I used hair spray to kill an ant I used it to stop it from moving then I squished it with toilet paper

  • Ghostgirl
    Ghostgirl22 timmar sedan

    Come right me like a woman

  • Holly & San
    Holly & San23 timmar sedan


  • that purple rock
    that purple rockDag sedan

    Yes but did anyone notice how she had a knife taped to her leg in the first one?

  • Katelyn Greer
    Katelyn GreerDag sedan

    Actually you can use a hot spoon to make it go away for a little bit or you can just slap it a few times and you should be good for a little bit

  • Jade Fales
    Jade FalesDag sedan

    Oh god my gay panic 😳

  • _Chillix
    _ChillixDag sedan

    Jayus- “Do you have a bugbite” Also Jayus- *pulls pants down* Me- I’m gonna see what people are saying in the comments so I know I’m not the only one that was questioning why their here

  • Gaxoius
    GaxoiusDag sedan

    I just now realized she had tattoos

    ALICE the GAME LANDDag sedan

    They can't fight like a man. They are flies. Lol

  • •I am a Malfoy•
    •I am a Malfoy•Dag sedan

    👁👄👁 Time to try some new hacks😌

  • Casual Carlist
    Casual CarlistDag sedan

    I’m gonna save this for research purposes…

  • Jackson Truax
    Jackson TruaxDag sedan

    She should take it all off

  • mr sadistic
    mr sadisticDag sedan

    Are you a guy or chick ?

  • The Veltro Gaming
    The Veltro GamingDag sedan

    Fight me like a mam

  • Marlene Valencia
    Marlene ValenciaDag sedan

    Subtle thirst traps I see

  • yasfy412 games
    yasfy412 gamesDag sedan

    It won't itch anymore it will just hurt.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel SmithDag sedan

    Honestly I'm not sure what's weirder that fact they pull down their trousers/pants or the comments arguing about pronouns.

  • snufkin just sitting here
    snufkin just sitting hereDag sedan

    Hxbskdoy nekoduhwmlw gay

  • HDTomo
    HDTomoDag sedan

    Jayus trusts her viewers. She recorded a video full blitz in her bed sheets once

  • GomosBoo
    GomosBooDag sedan

    Try tea tree oil works wonders at least on fire ants im more allergic to ants than normal and a big bite of 2 centimeters in diameter go's away in 10-15 minutes

  • GomosBoo


    Dag sedan

    Also doesn't hurt and the Itch goes away first within 3-9 minutes 5 minutes being the most common time for me

  • Lucy Watts
    Lucy WattsDag sedan

    Her: have a big bite?… Me:yes…? Her:strips… Me:keeps watching to see what happens Her:smiles while still striping SEblack:.this is perfectly fine Her: why the- Me:scrolls

  • Kat
    KatDag sedan

    Why didn’t she just wear shorts instead of having to pull down her pants 🤦🏼‍♀️? It’s common sense

  • Purring catzz
    Purring catzzDag sedan

    Sheeesh thanks I have flea bites all over me

  • little demon
    little demonDag sedan

    "If you're like me and you forget to take the clothes out of the dryer in time" Well my step-bro reminds me everytime

  • Memes and Idiots!!!!!
    Memes and Idiots!!!!!Dag sedan

    The first 2 seconds made me think I was on the wrong website 😂

  • Dat Boi
    Dat BoiDag sedan

    I think she getting a little to comfortable

  • Joseph Carter
    Joseph CarterDag sedan

    Bug vs 6'2" girl

  • Sheldon Lee Cooper
    Sheldon Lee CooperDag sedan

    Forget the bite, I enjoyed this video

  • Pants
    Pants2 dagar sedan

    The first one was actually corrected in another video. That was not what you were supposed to do

  • Peyton Judy
    Peyton Judy2 dagar sedan

    No buy a flame thrower and BURN THE FLY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒

  • Bryan Vallejo
    Bryan Vallejo2 dagar sedan

    Well jay its time for an onlyfans 🙂

  • Conner Miller
    Conner Miller2 dagar sedan


  • Tea time with me
    Tea time with me2 dagar sedan

    What are your pronouns jayus?

  • or3opdog
    or3opdog2 dagar sedan

    Oh cool ah huh awesome

  • Serfer:)
    Serfer:)2 dagar sedan

    Not me thinking about shoving my nan in the washing machine to get her wrinkles out

  • Isaiah Aguilar
    Isaiah Aguilar2 dagar sedan

    How am I almost exactly like you? Also I think I’ll just let it itch

  • foxy_kitten :3
    foxy_kitten :32 dagar sedan

    Like ur leg tattoo formed like a knife

  • Mohammad Yaqoob
    Mohammad Yaqoob2 dagar sedan

    This one is the best 😂

  • Aaditya Bisht
    Aaditya Bisht2 dagar sedan

    That's a lot of tattoos.

  • BassRemedy
    BassRemedy2 dagar sedan

    alternatively for the fly you can quickly swipe your hand in a path that intercepts where they will go and grab them, then either let them go outside or crush them

  • SuperAwesomeGaming Industry
    SuperAwesomeGaming Industry3 dagar sedan


  • Darman Wiz
    Darman Wiz3 dagar sedan

    Me with earphone Jayus : *Mom walks in "You are grounded!"

  • Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith

    Dag sedan

    For looking at a leg?

  • BigKitKat
    BigKitKat3 dagar sedan

    Lays all appreciation that she literally hurts herself sometimes making us these and sometimes does some stuff we would consider embarrassing keep up the great work 😁👍🏻

  • RyzuNerd
    RyzuNerd3 dagar sedan

    i didnt read the caption and didnt have audio so this scared me

  • Sherman Peaslee
    Sherman Peaslee3 dagar sedan

    So you cauterized the bug bite?

  • radical games
    radical games3 dagar sedan

    There nothings to see so its ez to show

  • lil reaper
    lil reaper3 dagar sedan

    Is this a guy or a girl?

  • seema panke

    seema panke

    2 dagar sedan

    @lil reaper I know 😩✋

  • lil reaper

    lil reaper

    2 dagar sedan

    @Weirdo With glasses hes joking

  • seema panke

    seema panke

    2 dagar sedan

    @Weirdo With glasses bruh?!?!

  • Weirdo With glasses

    Weirdo With glasses

    2 dagar sedan

    @seema panke no their not

  • seema panke

    seema panke

    2 dagar sedan

    She is a girl ofc

  • Smiley
    Smiley3 dagar sedan

    Jayus: *pulls down pants* Me: *uncomfortably shocked* My sister: *wtf are you watching*

  • Sizzly
    Sizzly3 dagar sedan

    Simp nation is eating good tonight

  • nuclearhuman 1324
    nuclearhuman 13243 dagar sedan

    *pulls pants down* Ok well she has to be part guy

  • Mood
    Mood3 dagar sedan

    Why she giving man vibes

  • Adrian Diaz Rivera
    Adrian Diaz Rivera3 dagar sedan

    Bro she packing no cap

  • Gina the Cookie
    Gina the Cookie3 dagar sedan

    "COME HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN," Can we appreciate that she said this to a fly, best sentence to say to an annoying bug.

  • JonPod Vandam
    JonPod Vandam3 dagar sedan

    Puddle of mud singer has gone down hill

  • Syvalian
    Syvalian3 dagar sedan

    Burn bug bite off of skin

  • Jeff Clinton
    Jeff Clinton4 dagar sedan

    Not hot

  • Jeff Clinton
    Jeff Clinton4 dagar sedan

    It's a warm spoon

  • Anny Sun
    Anny Sun4 dagar sedan

    Oh a bugbite where is it- 👁👄👁

    ALANA REED4 dagar sedan


  • Josie Hurt
    Josie Hurt4 dagar sedan

    JAYUS:COME DOWN HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN Flys:or come up here and fight me like a fly

  • Kayla Duncan
    Kayla Duncan4 dagar sedan

    😂 tbh i learn so much but also laugh so much lmao

  • 𝗥𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘆 𝗗𝗮𝘆𝘀.
    𝗥𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘆 𝗗𝗮𝘆𝘀.4 dagar sedan

    Jayus: hecking strips Me: ok ok rewind what happened

  • pijof
    pijof4 dagar sedan


  • Janine Pantonial
    Janine Pantonial4 dagar sedan

    I thought u had a bionicle leg

  • Ismael Rodriguez
    Ismael Rodriguez4 dagar sedan

    Or use dish soap for bug bites actually works

  • reddinsane21_
    reddinsane21_4 dagar sedan

    do yall not know how to like be chill like bro its not that serious she just pulled down her pants to show how to get rid of the itch lol chill out

  • Solid Gold
    Solid Gold4 dagar sedan


  • Gamo Chan
    Gamo Chan4 dagar sedan

    Jayus only fans when?

  • Lianulf
    Lianulf4 dagar sedan


  • Gunslinger Productions
    Gunslinger Productions4 dagar sedan

    But isn't febreeze or Windex harmful?

  • JOLT
    JOLT4 dagar sedan

    Woaaaah buckaroo, you'll have the simps frothing at the mouth.

  • Kaoru Hitachiin
    Kaoru Hitachiin4 dagar sedan

    *strips* Me: is that a knife?

  • Kuaid Bagley
    Kuaid Bagley4 dagar sedan

    Or instead of burning yourself with a spoon you can slap a bug bite because if you scratch it, it exasterbates it making it feel more itchy (not sure if this only works for mosquito bites)

  • Sweet Cassidy
    Sweet Cassidy4 dagar sedan

    -rips pants off- Me: Cant you just ROLL up your pants 😂 I luv her videos though!!

  • KH
    KH4 dagar sedan

    I feel more itchy now

  • Daniel Beifong
    Daniel Beifong4 dagar sedan

    Oh come on ya blank and blank come out and fight me like a man

  • Beri
    Beri4 dagar sedan

    Are you boy or girl?

    GG_ MYDOG4 dagar sedan

    I want to commit unbirth

  • Brandy Goings
    Brandy Goings4 dagar sedan

    Dose that work with Moscato bites bc i have like 20-34 of them

  • Steven Szn
    Steven Szn4 dagar sedan

    It diddnt itch xause now its a 3rd degree burn and hurts more then itches

  • E.
    E.4 dagar sedan

    There are little heat pens that you can buy for that. The advantage of them is that they don't get too hot, so you won't accidantly burn yourself.