The Creation of Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Rolls-Royce Coachbuild offers new realms of design opportunity.

The first Boat Tail, unveiled today, is a curation of exceptional thoughts, concepts and items, which culminate to form the client’s perfect experience.

It is the result of a four-year long collaborative exploration of , and between the marque and the commissioning client.


  • jauhr ali
    jauhr ali8 minuter sedan

    That logo 😍🔥

  • E . TWINZ
    E . TWINZDag sedan

    They always say "it's luxury at it's purest form" for all their cars😂

  • B D.
    B D.2 dagar sedan

    When will he say : "my name is Giovanni Giorgio..."

  • Craig Minns
    Craig Minns2 dagar sedan

    It may not be a matter of money, but it is a matter of taste...

    PRAKESH9 dagar sedan

    When they said clay model I expected some oddly painted thing with chipped bits but they went ahead and created something that looks like it’s from an art gallery god damn

  • BLACK b g m
    BLACK b g m12 dagar sedan

    why they use clay to make a car?

  • Jaguar Law Gaming➊
    Jaguar Law Gaming➊13 dagar sedan

    I think they should fit diamonds 💎 all side, with no gold. Full diamond

  • patman0250
    patman025015 dagar sedan

    Yeah when you say not a matter of money who exactly are you talking about. The multi-billionaires of the world?

  • Ninja Shoyo
    Ninja Shoyo18 dagar sedan

    When you realise that they could have given this money to the poor 28 million dollars is disgusting for a car 😒

  • Ninja Shoyo
    Ninja Shoyo18 dagar sedan

    10 years later We have been working on this car for the past 10 years and we have made it with our hands We will charge you $100 million

  • Ninja Shoyo
    Ninja Shoyo18 dagar sedan

    Their pencils are probably worth $10000

  • Ninja Shoyo
    Ninja Shoyo18 dagar sedan

    When you realise that rolls royce could sell you a Nokia 3310 for $10,000 by stamping their logo on it and saying it's hand crafted with carbon Fibre and gold

  • K B
    K B21 dag sedan

    This car is confirming the Beauty Ugly of some UK cars, Like their Football team. Mester LOOSER ... LOOSER. Disclaimer: I'm not talking about Bentley.

  • kuschilop
    kuschilop25 dagar sedan

    If it's the work of art, where are the names of artists and craftsmen? Instead we're hearing constant self-humiliating praise of the clients, who were generous enough to provide their wishes.

  • Hots 2
    Hots 225 dagar sedan

    Their car design is like for 40 years ago and the prices are not fare for the job they done

  • Tasvir Meshram
    Tasvir Meshram26 dagar sedan

    🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆It's just about a perfection 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

  • brent wells
    brent wells27 dagar sedan

    What a beautiful car

    LADAM BANGSAWAN28 dagar sedan

    The man who is not speak and just make the perfect creature is successful not the speak man who a just speak but didn’t do it work by they hand.

  • JiWiK
    JiWiK28 dagar sedan

    RR is my favorite kind of BMW :D

  • Lime
    Lime29 dagar sedan

    5:25, $28 million car and they couldn't spend more than a few cents on their sketch artist's pen.

  • boijorzee
    boijorzeeMånad sedan

    Douchemobile 3000.

  • Shri Takras
    Shri TakrasMånad sedan

    Nope Highly overrated

  • 김철호
    김철호Månad sedan

    I want to see various cars in Rolls Royce. I want to see the best design of the sedan in several models. Too few. Ghost, Wraith, and Phantom are the best. It would be nice if a hardtop convertible came out.

  • Oryn Guice
    Oryn GuiceMånad sedan

    Ngl their spokesman is really good at what he's doing.i would probably buy anything from him if i had the money😂

  • Vipul Alwe
    Vipul AlweMånad sedan

    It looks ugly

  • Máirtín Ó Leannáin
    Máirtín Ó LeannáinMånad sedan

    The only thing I noticed was the fact that the two dining containers in the boot didn’t elevate in exact sync !

  • Star Man
    Star ManMånad sedan

    I wonder if Rowan Atkinson has an order?

  • 201hours
    201hoursMånad sedan

    "i died in my sleep, Iam still big pimpin" HOV

  • Yeah,
    Yeah,Månad sedan

    ok but can it swim

  • Jackson Greenhorn
    Jackson GreenhornMånad sedan

    To hell...with Millionaires and Billionaires and other greedy bastards!

  • CoffeeBean
    CoffeeBeanMånad sedan

    Why does Torsten Müller Ötvös give so much Arnold Schwarzenegger vibe ? Or is it just me 💀

  • Robin
    RobinMånad sedan

    cool story bro

  • Ironicist
    IronicistMånad sedan

    Dude: Yo my kitchen counter's worth $1,000,000 with wine storage Client: Mine's got wheels bruh.

  • Евгений Слизевич
    Евгений СлизевичMånad sedan

    Its looks ugly! Shame on it. 0 functionality.

    SENNE MLGMånad sedan

    Its actualy sad to see how much time they put into it and most buyers dont even know that.

  • Sanahas Kuranage
    Sanahas KuranageMånad sedan

    If I buy this car and see something imperfect I’d file the complaint of my life!

  • HollywoodF1
    HollywoodF1Månad sedan

    Let’s see… one car, or a free house for 50 of the employees who made them rich to begin with. Hmmm. What’s the right thing….

  • Sparq
    SparqMånad sedan

    thank you for the tutorial, imma go make my own one of those

  • J C
    J CMånad sedan

    this was the coolest vid

  • Iggy Cygnus
    Iggy CygnusMånad sedan

    Me: How much? Rolls Royce: Yes.

  • Bob Saget
    Bob SagetMånad sedan

    All that work for some ugly reliable hunk of metal 😬

  • MrSnowman
    MrSnowmanMånad sedan

    How many tons can it pull? I've got a horsetrailer. :D Jokes aside, such a beautifull and elegant design. Outstanding presentation as well. Greetings from germany.

  • Kev4ik
    Kev4ikMånad sedan

    "It's just about perfection" This is a beautiful symphony of a car, but the right wing compartment opening slightly with a delay at 14:38 drives me nuts :s You should fix that Rolls-Royce (I can fix that for you if you need a Automotive Informatics guy)

  • KerioFive
    KerioFiveMånad sedan

    Now make a boat that looks like a car!

  • KerioFive
    KerioFiveMånad sedan

    "A four-year journey with our highest-paying clients"

  • A you know
    A you knowMånad sedan

  • Theophilus
    TheophilusMånad sedan

    "THHHHHHHHHHIS. . . ."

  • Aedotox
    AedotoxMånad sedan

    The craftsmanship is amazing, but $28,000,000? A 1000x more than a normal car for $28,000. I don't believe it would be 1000x the experience of a normal car.

  • Was9no55
    Was9no55Månad sedan

    still cant make a good looking car

  • T S
    T SMånad sedan

    What a waste of money lmfao. You could buy a Koeinsegg, a few R34 LM Nismos, some nice Ferraris, a Bugatti, a legit few other 50 or less production run cars and still have money left over for a mansion, staff, and savings to maintain it all. This car is just going to tank in value and only give you value in the circle jerk you and your millionaire friends have.

  • Lemon
    LemonMånad sedan

    isnt this minecraft music? The intro

  • Jack Wilkes
    Jack WilkesMånad sedan

    Im sure that yatch was gonna fall over

  • Timothy
    TimothyMånad sedan

    For all the hype, the tail just looks like to boot of a 1966 MKX Jaguar.

  • Timothy
    TimothyMånad sedan

    Blessed are the poor.

  • KingAle
    KingAleMånad sedan

    All i think about while watching this video is the people who die because they dont have food and water and there are people that buy this car with armand de brignac bottles in the trunk worth 1000$. Sorry for my bad english.

  • Stephen Dangelo
    Stephen DangeloMånad sedan

    First Arnie backed Hummer, now Rolls Royce, very cool.

  • Tim Powell
    Tim PowellMånad sedan

    "J-Class yachts" - picture of a schooner. C'mon Rolls ;)

  • No
    NoMånad sedan

    "its not a matter of money..." -Rolls-Royce Chief Executive wearing a $40,000 AP Royal Oak.

  • stara Basista
    stara BasistaMånad sedan

    and this is craftsmanship, less and less of it in the automotive industry

  • Welike Toplay
    Welike ToplayMånad sedan

    I Need More alcohol

  • Ezio Grezzo
    Ezio GrezzoMånad sedan


  • Nock
    NockMånad sedan

    do they not know 3d design programs exist, it's not going to be hugely different, might even drive the cost down a little

  • Meme King

    Meme King

    Månad sedan

    That defeats the purpose. The entire video they address the fact that the RR is to be art. It's hand craft and design, and it's transition from a thought, a human vision - cast by human hand to become a beautiful luxury vehicle - is the point. Computer assistance is kept minimal so that the car has real true spirit in it's entirety.

  • Ca3 5aR
    Ca3 5aRMånad sedan

    imagine wrapping that thing around a tree

  • João Pedro Cipriani
    João Pedro CiprianiMånad sedan

    Can't you hire an entire team of engineers, premium parts and setup a brand new custom car mounting workshop for the value of this car?

  • Matt Sitas
    Matt SitasMånad sedan

    nice one RR just solved industrialisation

  • Nirupam Roy
    Nirupam RoyMånad sedan

    Money doesn't matter. A lot of money matters.

  • Street Cat
    Street CatMånad sedan

    Ugly looking boxes.

  • Rejoy TM
    Rejoy TMMånad sedan

    - Says it's all about *perfection* - Does not invest on _cutting edge technology_ and relies on humans instead \_(•~•)_/

  • sekou waylee
    sekou wayleeMånad sedan

    I would say if you have a billion dollar Why not spent as much as you can But it still don’t justify 28 mill On a single car

  • Joseph Campbell
    Joseph CampbellMånad sedan

    But Is the perfection “boat tail” a boat ? I don’t think so 🤔mm not so perfect when you coulda hit a home run.

  • pantera27
    pantera27Månad sedan

    Manny Khoshbin has entered the chat.

  • ReclusingRecluse
    ReclusingRecluseMånad sedan

    Rolls Royce is the embodiment of "why the hell not?" but in a very posh way

  • Vikrant Kumar
    Vikrant KumarMånad sedan


  • Hayden Reynolds
    Hayden ReynoldsMånad sedan

    Who would pay that much for an “Aluminium” body..

  • Hayden Reynolds
    Hayden ReynoldsMånad sedan

    Rolls looked at McLaren’s Speed Tail l and was just like: 🤔😮💡😏🤫

  • aetherseraph
    aetherseraphMånad sedan

    The fact that human hands are literally bringing it into reality is the great worth of this work.

  • Don Reyes
    Don ReyesMånad sedan

    bespoke like my vision. we will cross paths, boat tail.

  • Danny
    DannyMånad sedan

    "... these remarkable woman and man" you mentioned woman first almost like 99% of your audience isn't men. and like the your cars aren't designed for pretty much only men.

  • AlonicLP
    AlonicLPMånad sedan

    I see a bit of the Maybach Vision 6 in this car. I’m really hoping Maybach sees these cars as a challenge and responds with something similarly stunning. These yacht-like proportions and lines need to be incorporated into more vehicles. They have such an elegant, effortless quality to them that is incredibly attractive to me.

  • PJ D
    PJ DMånad sedan

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, some kids have nothing to eat and no roof over their heads.

  • Palkups Kah

    Palkups Kah

    Månad sedan

    go there and feed them

  • Marco Couto
    Marco CoutoMånad sedan

    The old one kicks the ass of this one.

  • My Perspective
    My PerspectiveMånad sedan

    Definitely skip ahead about five minutes in this video. This guy rambles on too much in the beginning. The car does look good. 👍🏆👍

  • AwesomeByDefault
    AwesomeByDefaultMånad sedan

    14:32, the fact that it doesnt finish opening at the same time triggers me so much....

  • TheDeadmanwalking83
    TheDeadmanwalking83Månad sedan

    Driving is suppose to be for the sake of Driving of Fun and Pleasure, Feel the Accelerator, the Clutch, The Shift Lever. Not to show off like, "Hey Look at my New Boat Tail".

  • Aniekeme Umoh
    Aniekeme UmohMånad sedan

    The way this guy talks, it feels like he was a student of Adolf Hitler

  • Efe Talat Baydar
    Efe Talat BaydarMånad sedan

    Anyone got $27 999 953 to spare?

  • jason ross
    jason rossMånad sedan

    Truly beautiful.

  • M de Cuijper
    M de CuijperMånad sedan

    Talking about perfection whilst your accent makes it sound you're munching a handful of cheese. Something's off!

  • Lance
    LanceMånad sedan

    Just say one of the clients was Jay Z

  • Aman Singh
    Aman SinghMånad sedan

    Well the good thing is Rolls-Royce is an example that if you are perfect in your niche no Matter whatever it is.... You can charge hell alot of money from Clients (Do big do slow) but whatever you do , do with perfection remember this word perfection my friend 🍷 Kudoos to Rolls-Royce ❤️❤️

  • waqas khan
    waqas khanMånad sedan

    I just wished if before this video I saw and ad of snack video

  • waqas khan
    waqas khanMånad sedan

    I feel cheap even commenting here. I think I cant afford it.

  • Ryan Gabriel
    Ryan GabrielMånad sedan

    Anyone else thinks it kinda looks like the regalia from final fantasy xv

  • ashaank
    ashaankMånad sedan

    Pretentious crap. The clients simply have no taste and are buying this to standing out. It's that simple

  • Diego Piedmont
    Diego PiedmontMånad sedan

    Rolls Royce guys getting roasted for absolutely no reason lmfaooo

  • Ken Tan
    Ken TanMånad sedan

    20 Million and you cant get the back compartment (left and right) to open at the same time lol.

  • Ian Board
    Ian BoardMånad sedan

    You can do anything you want if cost is no object and it's a one-off. Now if this were a production model ....

  • PizzaKing25
    PizzaKing25Månad sedan

    James May’s clay car looks a lot better than I remember

  • Henry Phillips
    Henry PhillipsMånad sedan

    Richard Mille watches are way overpriced!

  • Faris
    FarisMånad sedan

    I can't even afford to say some of the words used in the video