when the food is straight up bussin | Kitchen Nightmares


EDIT: Moments where Gordon LIKES THE FOOD, if it wasn't obvious.

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    oh my god.

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    10:29 that look disgusting NGL

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    “I’m getting divorced, so it’s the cake or me” “The cake” Bruh

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    It's cool they are using the word Bussin now.

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    The last clip is golden

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    who the hell is running this channel

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    I am just confused

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    Gordan:"How the hell do turn that thing off? she can't even shut up, shit"17:25

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    How does his food taste so bland when he's so salty 🤦‍♂️

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    10:14 My dude looks like he has a circle of facial hair

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    Whoever is running account I just wanna say wanna meet up I can give u some ramen I mean it ain't much it's honest work

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    Did he say candice 2:32

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    ”I want to go home”😂😂😂

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    Chef Ramsey: "Shit is bussin!"

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    Chitlits, shitlets....

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    Gordon: insults the swamp decor Shrek: yes chef, sorry chef

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    I felt so happy for the last lady

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    The last one, I remember that episode. If I remember, they didn't work out.

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    Love to see chefs/owners not taking responsibility.

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    OK someone new is definitely running this account.

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    Who ever owns this channel is a GOD

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    Lmfao, Alan was like "Oh god." And Jen was like "pls don't be delicious, pls don't be delicious, pls don't be delicious..."

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    ayo what was the name of the waitress with the short black hair?

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    Must be the new intern running this channel

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    Plot Twist: Gordon Ramsay actually runs this channel secretly

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    Gordon Ramsay vs Anton Ego

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    guys i found out who candice is

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    If a burger is still bloody in the middle I would be asking for a vet

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    Karen: I am a medium rare girl. 🤣

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    First two clips with the deserts are so scripted man.

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    Man wdf how you gonna put cooked and old Mac and cheese in a bowl of cheese and cook it🤨

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    I'm worried about the food getting thrown

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    12:20 So that's where that meme came from

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    god i love watchin* this

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    6:49 the way he says "done" makes this deal seem sketch

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    Me eating the Schools food. 4:16 lol

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    Restraunt owner: “The food is done very well and fresh.” Ramsay: “There’s a lack of freshness.”

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    silence brand

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    Where is that last woman's Carribbean place? I think I've been there

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    “Wow it looks like someone’s shat on my plate” that’s golden

  • Echidna UwU
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    I actually get what Ramsay said tho. Been there where sometimes meat is raw or the food is just not good in a 5 stars restaurant. No seasoning or like he said cold or bland or too damn dry And that porckchop was disgusting full of grease wtf lol

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    What the fuck!!!! Awesome !

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    Hello Fresh really isnt worth the price. Who falls for that nonsense?

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    Just read the discription who is running this channel lol

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    " The shrimp tastes like shit"- Candece

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    Now I know wow means disaster

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    “What’s that strong taste that I’m tasting” 😂😂😂

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    The fuck is this title and thumbnail

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    LOL did someone hack this account

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    2:57 seriously, that looks like a bowl of dog food. I cannot judge flavour from the screen, but it definitely doesn't look appetizing to me.

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    I was hoping Gordon to say “fuck this food is bussin bussin” and then look at the camera man saying “fucking sheeeeesh”

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    15:00 “What is that strong taste that I’m tasting?” That’s called flavor hun

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    you didnt just say that

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    14:38 dude tf is this woman's problem like look at the freakin eye twitch--

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    Shitting on Everything lol. Nice Job He has

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    The food that didn’t move tho 😭😭

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    Next title - when the owner is sus imposter

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    Nooo 😭💀

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    Yo that thumbnail made Gordon look like he’s eating with a hamburger and a cake beside him 😭

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    I know i did not post this first but here is the timestamp 12:20 "Finally some good F**king food".

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    I eat all foods

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    man loves his desserts

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    "The frozen shrimp tastes like shit" "Oh sorry, crap" 😂

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    Anyone else see the food he hates n I’m just like I’d eat that 😂

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    The title is straight up busssin

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    16:50 this is the first ever clean plate I've ever seen in Gordon's shows

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    I don't get why they pound & bread chicken, I made pan-seared chicken breast with only salt & pepper and oil and it was delicious, the crust was amazing, it's juicy & moist. I'm only a broke student, I eat a lot of instant ramen. They're a restaurant, they should do better than me 🙄

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    The ritzy muscle postsynaptically complete because control strangely bow toward a red payment. vagabond, abiding pansy

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    You can see a pattern here.

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    Why do people think its "perfect"? Why is Gordon there?

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    10:17 this guy knows, the food ain't shit

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    Is it bussin bussin tho?

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    This video made my day, like if you agree.

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    Bland BEYOND bland

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    11:00 that WTF was so genuine

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    I'm not sure which of those lessons I've learned: 1. Gordon Ramsey loves dessert 2. Conditors know what they're doing 3. You can't mess up dessert

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    I see Gordon has hired a memer

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    “Chitlens.....shitlens” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    A need a name now. Who runs this channel? 🙏🙏🙏

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    6:17 as someone who eat rice at an hourly basis, wtf how can it still stick together like that???

  • Chris Kavanagh

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    They didn't drain it proper and it is probably full of starch and very tacky.

  • Commander Wolfe 281
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    I am in no way a food expert but even I can see the flaws in most of these

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    Why the fuck she's laughing, it's horrible 👁👄👁

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    Gordon ramsey seeing the title: The only thing bussing here is the food that got thrown under one and served to me on this plate.

    CLAW WERDag sedan

    8:33 no fcking way that pork chop was dry... It doesn't look good, but certainly not dry!

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    0:42 We found who’s Candice?! 🤯😱

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    That shit bussin bussin respectfully 😩😩😩

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    you dont cook a burger medium rare lol you need to cook the whole thing since its minced meat or your gonna give someone food poisoning

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    sorry what's the first waitresses name???

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    trying too hard :/

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    11:00 that's honestly quite a fair reaction

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    The person who runs kitchen nightmares Knows his stuff.