This Sidemen Sunday Got LEAKED!

I can't believe they leaked this Sidemen Sunday!
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Song Name: Fire
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Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
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  • James Official
    James OfficialDag sedan

    Omg i love you josh just for mentioning the film the warriors! I loved u anyways haha but I legit thought the same thing to when I saw that pic was a bit weird when it was in my head then u said it. Edit: Love the outro 😂

  • Megan Lynn
    Megan Lynn11 dagar sedan

    just subscribed using my second account- my school account!

  • Jason Adonnis
    Jason Adonnis19 dagar sedan

    I like the ad that sidemen has right now the glow is sick in the dark

    DESOVATER21 dag sedan

    The irony was that when that cringe old ad was playing, I noticed the childish printed on big josher's shirt!!!

  • Scrambled Games
    Scrambled Games21 dag sedan

    I think the ones where you’re messing about are better than the animation

  • Charlie Kelso
    Charlie Kelso22 dagar sedan

    Funny ads are better

  • Ojgames626
    Ojgames62622 dagar sedan

    For the sidemen clothing ads I think they should put them half way through because I feel not a lot of people stay to the very end

  • UN!V3RSE
    UN!V3RSE22 dagar sedan


  • Aby
    Aby22 dagar sedan


  • Connor
    Connor22 dagar sedan


  • CoryJT
    CoryJT22 dagar sedan


  • Jack Nelson
    Jack Nelson22 dagar sedan

    Petition for josh to get the guys to react rogue speedgods latest new sidemen among us animation please

  • Krazykev
    Krazykev23 dagar sedan

    Warriors. Such a sick game as well

  • Hilal Hajjo
    Hilal Hajjo23 dagar sedan

    I want to give props for the thumbnail guy

  • Ebbe Wedstedt
    Ebbe Wedstedt23 dagar sedan

    JJ is playing the alphorn

  • Faheem Khalid
    Faheem Khalid23 dagar sedan

    i think i was the only one searching for a timestamp.

  • Arian A
    Arian A23 dagar sedan

    This videos are something else

  • Isaac Thornton
    Isaac Thornton23 dagar sedan

    Big josher is so underrated

  • carton of ribena
    carton of ribena23 dagar sedan

    both types of ad! milk it!!

  • Simeondagreat
    Simeondagreat23 dagar sedan

    add a gem flair for the good ones with low up votes

  • Keiland Vasvery
    Keiland Vasvery23 dagar sedan

    Omg 11:10

  • Pikachu Zekrom
    Pikachu Zekrom23 dagar sedan


  • ACE
    ACE23 dagar sedan

    ...gordon ramsey cooking vid?

  • Sqooky
    Sqooky23 dagar sedan

    the sax man is playing alphorn how could u not realise

    LINGARDINHO23 dagar sedan

    Yet again Ethan is on the bad team in the thumbnail

  • Adam Holloway
    Adam Holloway23 dagar sedan

    A different funny ad at the end of the video would encourage people to stay to the end. Funnier, increase watch time and for the memes

  • Jayden Games
    Jayden Games23 dagar sedan

    Imagine if the gta6 characters was the sidemen

  • Eluned-may Lambert
    Eluned-may Lambert24 dagar sedan

    Mkay but the ads you used to do was most entertaining, but most effective is the one now I think lmao

  • DaveLad
    DaveLad24 dagar sedan

    Danny Duncan has full on skits for his clothing adverts in his videos that are really funny and cool

  • Strobe Nation
    Strobe Nation24 dagar sedan

    Great video idea day in the life of managing a sidemen shoot/ behind the scenes of sidemen business be sick

  • Matty Mart
    Matty Mart24 dagar sedan

    Not like anybody cares, but the guitar in the first Reddit is a dean Razorback, made by the recent legend dimebag darrell

  • Victor Candelaria
    Victor Candelaria24 dagar sedan


  • mc
    mc24 dagar sedan

    use both of the ads

  • NotWispy
    NotWispy24 dagar sedan

    Simon rocking the Afro?

  • Flynn Cameron
    Flynn Cameron24 dagar sedan

    35 secs in harry is ozzy osbourne

  • Aus Oscar
    Aus Oscar24 dagar sedan

    each reddit video josh should add something to the baby doll

  • Axilleas gaming
    Axilleas gaming24 dagar sedan

    I personally prefer the television type add

  • strawzfn
    strawzfn24 dagar sedan

    Josh's clickbaits just keep getting better

  • DaNxFaM
    DaNxFaM24 dagar sedan

    JJ has the alphorn LOL

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla24 dagar sedan

    That remix going number 1 in Russia

  • Peter Rasmussen
    Peter Rasmussen24 dagar sedan

    Imagine the pressure on Jayden to deliver every week. 😅

  • KA3PER 29
    KA3PER 2924 dagar sedan

    When corona is over do a sidemen Sunday 100£ Vs 10000£ in a different continent.

  • Brug the Brag
    Brug the Brag24 dagar sedan

    I feel like the 3d is useless cuz it too long so people might skip it so ye

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams24 dagar sedan

    Surely that 🥦 growing out the grOOOUnd is bound to be a Sidemen Shorts 💯

  • TheLoneWolf
    TheLoneWolf24 dagar sedan

    I say you should add the adverts in between the video even though they seem cringy. People might find it funny and like it. And I don't think majority of people watch the trailer at the end.

  • Tanzeem Salim
    Tanzeem Salim24 dagar sedan

    Where did Josh get the hoodie from?

  • Macy
    Macy24 dagar sedan

    5:48 it took me too long to realise what Josh was on about and now I feel so stupid for not realising the colour change sooner and I don’t mean in general I mean in this video, I had to pause if and stare for wayyy to long 😭

  • X Lumbø
    X Lumbø24 dagar sedan

    More funny ads plz

  • TheRedCourage
    TheRedCourage24 dagar sedan

    Jj needs some skill. Not everything reacts to caveman smashing with rock

  • Migoy Diaz
    Migoy Diaz24 dagar sedan

    Someone put 10:30 on jj's reddit😂😂😂

  • Archie Woodhall
    Archie Woodhall24 dagar sedan

    Why don’t you make a rocket league vid

  • John J
    John J24 dagar sedan

    Gotta keep a little mixture of both the cringe and the fire ads

  • Grayson Hinkle
    Grayson Hinkle24 dagar sedan

    Warriors is a great movie that everyone needs to watch!!

  • Lennon Carty
    Lennon Carty24 dagar sedan

    New flair : good idea but no

  • TheAmazingJJ1 1
    TheAmazingJJ1 124 dagar sedan

    I have a dog called freya

  • M. H
    M. H24 dagar sedan

    Anyone else notice the black eye?

  • Can i get 1 Sub
    Can i get 1 Sub24 dagar sedan

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*

    MRREKLESS24 dagar sedan

    Jayden Brown is doing bits on on the Reddit. Get in lads to the reddit plz And sub RN "Certified On Your Headtop"

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
    Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode24 dagar sedan

    Baby Ethan was really out there saying Areola like it's a completely foreign word to him...

  • Nath Ross
    Nath Ross24 dagar sedan

    The OG Sidemen March ads will never be topped

  • Arcadian Fox
    Arcadian Fox24 dagar sedan

    Yo why you having my man fly a drone in VR while standing. You're millionaires, give the legend a chair.

    WAVEZZ24 dagar sedan

    Rockstar actually made the game warriors would be a sick remaster

  • Robertas Baltuska
    Robertas Baltuska24 dagar sedan

    if anyone plays forza it looks like fortune island 8:49

  • TypicalS2
    TypicalS224 dagar sedan

    10:32 tell me this is on Harry and Jj's reddit cause they need to see this 🤣💀🤣

  • Thewgo
    Thewgo24 dagar sedan

    I feel like they should use the cool one with effects at the end of the video and the old skit advertisement during the videos for comedy

  • Minimish 28.
    Minimish 28.25 dagar sedan

    JJ sure loves his alphorn

  • Shiloh Blake
    Shiloh Blake25 dagar sedan

    my guy

  • Bubblez
    Bubblez25 dagar sedan

    Guys just sub its not that hard!

  • Aaron Gordon-Lawlor
    Aaron Gordon-Lawlor25 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait for a sideman Sunday

  • Josh Tomlinson
    Josh Tomlinson25 dagar sedan

    The meme ads are definitely better than the serious ads XD

  • Elliot Parker
    Elliot Parker25 dagar sedan

    Vid Idea : Sidemen prank, basically all of you but one pranks that one other member throughout the day and they get more crazy as the day goes on. I think it would be very funny but maybe could just be for more sidemen

  • HSingh21
    HSingh2125 dagar sedan

    that My Band reference

  • SC Breezy
    SC Breezy25 dagar sedan

    Ramadan Mubarak

  • Jim
    Jim25 dagar sedan

    Jeeez man wants 5 billion subs

  • Khaylan Lalla
    Khaylan Lalla25 dagar sedan

    The outro music now bangs 🙆‍♂️🔥🔥 SABAKA 👌

  • Frederic Contreras
    Frederic Contreras25 dagar sedan


  • Sanitplanet
    Sanitplanet25 dagar sedan

    Chat help me get recognised by Zerkaa Today at 3:30 pm (london time) i swear I was in your lobby for warzone. I am called Z_aramon and I had to quit the match because I as to do something. We were doing a mini royale. .

  • MystiqueDev
    MystiqueDev25 dagar sedan

    jj is playing a alfhorn

  • Lemon H
    Lemon H25 dagar sedan

    Sidemen drone racing

  • Ellie Yorke
    Ellie Yorke25 dagar sedan

    Just think 7 million people that are subbed to the sidemen aren’t subbed to Josh😕

    IRFAN ALI25 dagar sedan

    4.3M subscribers

  • Sean Bhatti
    Sean Bhatti25 dagar sedan

    Trailer ads sell me better.

  • Jack Jeffrey
    Jack Jeffrey25 dagar sedan

    I prefer the original ad!!!

  • Daniel Ogunleye
    Daniel Ogunleye25 dagar sedan

    13:13 I know about "The warriors" because the first thing I ever played for the PSP was the game about that film and I spent hours beating people and doing graffiti

  • Daniel Ogunleye
    Daniel Ogunleye25 dagar sedan

    6:51 Josh has the same outfit, he reacted to it right after they flmed it, it's all a simulation

  • MintGB
    MintGB25 dagar sedan

    Title: Sidemen Sunday Got LEAKED! Josh: Welcome back to another reddit monday Me: I just got clickbaited

  • AndersTC
    AndersTC25 dagar sedan

    Me tired because of school Josh calling me og because i remember Adder vs Zentorno But when is SILVER SURFER COMING BACK

  • Williamg209
    Williamg20925 dagar sedan

    i like a few funny ads every so often, both work

  • Jesse Burns
    Jesse Burns25 dagar sedan

    The edit with Harry's mum being hit by everything is hilarious. Sorry Harry's mum, you're a sick lad.

  • Suhail Ahmed Cassiem
    Suhail Ahmed Cassiem25 dagar sedan

    Josh you are wearing he same hoodie that you had on in the Sidemen reacts

  • Branpk
    Branpk25 dagar sedan

    A comedic vibe advertisement would be sick. Filmed with comedic timing but at the same time as keeping that funny cringe element.

  • Tamjid
    Tamjid25 dagar sedan

    they need to do some Ramadan sidemen Sunday

  • Dyanimo Doe
    Dyanimo Doe25 dagar sedan

    Josh, you should say to JJ that he is

  • Ash
    Ash25 dagar sedan

    i think the stupider/funnier adverts are better in the sidemen sunday vids coz with the trailer ones, most people just skip/ignore them, whereas they would be more likely to watch the ads when it’s a stupider one if ygm

  • Boss Boss
    Boss Boss25 dagar sedan

    I think jj was playing a alporn not a sax lol.

  • Jose Jalapeno
    Jose Jalapeno25 dagar sedan

    Theres a warriors game you should play

  • Nebular
    Nebular25 dagar sedan

    Spongebobs doodlebop is the original drawer of the Josh sketch

  • Arafa Fadhila
    Arafa Fadhila25 dagar sedan

    This type of ads

  • James Rodger
    James Rodger25 dagar sedan

    The Warriors is such a great movie tho

  • Jfam
    Jfam25 dagar sedan

    Whoever made that drawing of Josh is goated, I die laughing evrytime I see it