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  • Aldi Y
    Aldi Y14 minuter sedan

    America really need to be introduced to bidet

  • Charles Gabriel Cabahug
    Charles Gabriel Cabahug27 minuter sedan

    2:15 it looks like they chopped R2D2's head off and put it on display.

  • Irene I. Estrela
    Irene I. Estrela45 minuter sedan

    I needed this video xD long time I didn’t laugh like this

  • notyours
    notyours55 minuter sedan

    It makes me so sad that one day he will stop uploading, and he wont come back :(

  • Mantas K
    Mantas KTimme sedan

    My god this is so ridiculous butfunny only becouse of Jon Tron! LøL

  • yumske08
    yumske08Timme sedan

    12:59 The eyes look like they were put on using a sharpie marker

  • Criptin
    CriptinTimme sedan

    Sometimes the best inventions have already been invented, rofl.

  • Kyle Dare
    Kyle DareTimme sedan

    Oh my god. That Skyrim joke was priceless 😂

  • Fert blu's Benis
    Fert blu's Benis2 timmar sedan


  • Seth Green
    Seth Green2 timmar sedan

    I almost cried laughing from this vid, love to see a good jtron post

  • idk
    idk2 timmar sedan

    And there he left again, see you in the next 10000000 centuries

  • Nathaniel Malcolm
    Nathaniel Malcolm2 timmar sedan

    I'm gonna keep this video in my favourites playlist for as long as I can so that when I hit 70, I can look back at Jon's *vicious* ripping-into of old-people products and thus nor get scammed by sum fools.

  • Nintendo Memes
    Nintendo Memes2 timmar sedan

    Hi jontron!!! The greatest youtuber ever!

  • Avishkar Naik
    Avishkar Naik2 timmar sedan

    What kinda explanation was that???? huh girl???? Says "it's solenoid in there"........ and then states that "there is no copper wires inside of it"...... what kinda self-contradictory statement was that??? Wooww/..........Solenoid is basically.... a coil of multiple turns of copper wire

  • xp
    xp3 timmar sedan

    Hey John, please keep posting and don't go on another hiatus.

  • goodie mc scramble
    goodie mc scramble3 timmar sedan


  • goodie mc scramble

    goodie mc scramble

    3 timmar sedan


  • goodie mc scramble

    goodie mc scramble

    3 timmar sedan

    6:46 oKaY nOw yOu hAvE mY aTtEnTiOn.

  • NasikaSakura
    NasikaSakura3 timmar sedan

    I help take care of my elderly disabled father, was employed as an elderly aid, and for the past 5 years have had to struggle on and off with a cane after a car accident. These products, as awful as they may be, attempt to address very real issues that elderly and differently-abled people struggle with, often in silence because the market devalues those struggles. Very few companies focus their products on the elderly or disabled communities, so you end up with a lot of low-quality crap to sift through with often not a proper solution at the end of it. Making fun of the products themselves and acting in infomercials is fine and funny, but making fun of the need for the products is just very ageist and ableist, and in the case of the heavy man, fat-shaming. 8:20 was particularly mean-spirited because elderly people do tend to struggle to be able to wipe themselves because they no longer have the flexibility to do so and/or have muscle weakness, and without a product to help meet this daily human need, the elderly suffer in shameful silence or must sacrifice their privacy to have someone else wipe them, whom may not always be available. It just made this sit through very depressing for me because I see the real needs that still aren't getting properly addressed, and making fun of the need is just very callous. It is possible to be funny without belittling the needs and struggles of others. (I'm saying this now as I'm sure I'll get the "butt hurt" comments. I'm not going to fight with people in the comments who lack the compassion to see the point. It's a waste of time to bicker about it.)

  • 86Smally
    86Smally3 timmar sedan

    You can tell all he wants from life Is be able to grow a proper beard instead of that dead rat he’s got now.

  • kosk Chris
    kosk Chris4 timmar sedan

    angel just discovgered tv controls, snipers rifles and kidproof vests

  • Harmony Quinn
    Harmony Quinn4 timmar sedan

    This was a masterpiece. Thank you.

  • Vikki07
    Vikki074 timmar sedan

    Return of the king

  • jim bob
    jim bob4 timmar sedan

    JonTron dude PLEASE upload more often your funny bro god knows we need more laughter these days

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia4 timmar sedan

    If this raises no red flags.....you deserve what's coming

  • Luke Berry
    Luke Berry4 timmar sedan

    I thought after 11 months there was gonna be FLEX TAPE 3!!

  • SayfRG2874
    SayfRG28745 timmar sedan

    The king is back, Hail to the king.

  • Taylon Rosas
    Taylon Rosas6 timmar sedan

    JonTron will forever be the funniest dude in existence 😭

  • Hungryghost01
    Hungryghost016 timmar sedan

    0:13 lipstick

  • BethDWriter
    BethDWriter6 timmar sedan

    All I can think is my grandmother shouting "call my son" to a robot and it calls my uncle in Arizona rather than my dad who lives down the road from her. Like you can see one porch from the other.

  • TheDemoniusX
    TheDemoniusX7 timmar sedan

    4.3 million are chodes.

  • We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
    We are going to go see you soon I don’t know7 timmar sedan

    Ima shit in your old holiest socks Jon.

  • DOAM1234
    DOAM12347 timmar sedan

    loving this fresh wave of new youtubers. this tron dude has some great production values...

  • BigBootieBobby
    BigBootieBobby8 timmar sedan

    I'm so glad Owen Wilson's dad can finally teach my grandma Cane-Foo

  • Putu Topan
    Putu Topan8 timmar sedan

    9:13 I don't know if this is disturbing or comfortable

  • Rebel Riot
    Rebel Riot9 timmar sedan

    That ending lmfao

  • Issac Orr
    Issac Orr9 timmar sedan

    6:46 ..wow. jesus jon.

  • Icameforthememes
    Icameforthememes9 timmar sedan

    It's so sad how far Jon has fallen

  • Adrián
    Adrián9 timmar sedan

    People having difficulties wiping their asses can overcome it by getting infected by covid.

  • LiLlian Brink
    LiLlian Brink10 timmar sedan

    What ever happened to grimbo?

  • Rain Männimets
    Rain Männimets10 timmar sedan

    Jontron, has the bird died? I know i suspected this when he stopped appearing in videos years ago and you revealed he was fine, so hes fine after all these years too, right?

  • GetBentQTシ
    GetBentQTシ10 timmar sedan

    Whoever dislikes doesn’t understand your big brain humor and doesn’t appreciate the time, effort and editing that comes with your content. Keep it up Jonny boy

  • MacroRoni
    MacroRoni10 timmar sedan

    What crimes must I commit in your name today, master. That line kills me

  • Areeba Habib
    Areeba Habib10 timmar sedan

    When the world need him most he returned...albeit a little late but that’s his fashion 😌

  • dogchaser520
    dogchaser52011 timmar sedan

    "At that point the UN regulations become just ... a suggestion" FANTASTIC

  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
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  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif11 timmar sedan


    ÒwÓ-CERBERUS11 timmar sedan

    9 months... damn jon. really rocked the block with this one. hope we see something else next year.

  • tridd676
    tridd67612 timmar sedan

    Whatever happened to that new intro

  • Paul Lyell
    Paul Lyell12 timmar sedan

    Thank you for coming back love your videos.

  • Oliver Prince
    Oliver Prince12 timmar sedan

    So the first one is a ✨MICROPHONE ✨

  • Zaid Hernandez
    Zaid Hernandez12 timmar sedan

    10:34 13:21 best parts also 14:07

  • Querpp
    Querpp12 timmar sedan

    havent laughed this hard in weeks. thanks jon!

  • Gustian Aji Pratama
    Gustian Aji Pratama12 timmar sedan


  • Yuuto Kasane
    Yuuto Kasane12 timmar sedan

    2:11 When your mom is asking you what degree you graduated in so she could brag about it to her friends.

  • just_a_guy
    just_a_guy12 timmar sedan

    love the video see you in a few months

  • IDontWantAnyDubiggers InTheRestaurant
    IDontWantAnyDubiggers InTheRestaurant13 timmar sedan

    Howard from The Big Bang Theory really let himself go

  • Boultar
    Boultar13 timmar sedan

    6:45 quotable moment

  • Yuuto Kasane
    Yuuto Kasane13 timmar sedan

    When the world needed him most, he vanished. And then he came back, what a miracle.

  • Sheldon Hiebert
    Sheldon Hiebert13 timmar sedan

    Where does JonTron always run off to? How does he maintain his followers and stuff. I LOVE his content I just wish there was more :(

  • Alex Buono
    Alex Buono13 timmar sedan

    It’s gonna be a great year folks we got new Jontron content. See ya in 12 months. Srsly tho great work on this one!

  • Jackson Eddings
    Jackson Eddings14 timmar sedan

    Linda evens: make sure to put the contact points in the right place specifically out of cursed gold so the jaundice of Tron we will be sucked of his youth The caldurn: every moment of John Tron meme Linda Evans : yes yES YES Dies

  • Bri Arcanum
    Bri Arcanum14 timmar sedan

    The 'Comfort Wipe' thing was literally a thing in Ancient Rome. Uh...without the toilet paper at the end. Basically, it was a stick that you used to wipe yourself. Gross.

  • Christian Colgan
    Christian Colgan14 timmar sedan

    Alright real talk my mind had one of those electric makes when I was a kid and she was using it in her room I walked in when she was using it when I was 5 scared me so bad I was screaming and crying because I thought it was hurting her and and was an alien terrified me as a kid she got rid of it there are as creepy as they look

  • Jessika Murphy
    Jessika Murphy14 timmar sedan

    hey Mr JonTron, you'll probably never see this, but in the off chance you do, I want you to know that there are people out there that recognize the value in the thought you've put into the execution of your videos. I relish every video you've put out, and the trend that sets you apart from the others is the amount of planning that would have to go into these videos, the set pieces, costumes, props, .etc. I wasn't even watching this video when i thought to make this comment, keep on doing your thing.

  • The Handsome Saiyan
    The Handsome Saiyan14 timmar sedan

    6:46 When a new dlc character is announced for Smash.

  • red_shamus
    red_shamus15 timmar sedan

    "Korea is the *fastest* aging society"

  • Hey U
    Hey U15 timmar sedan

    11:20 R.I.P. JonTron

  • christine ingram
    christine ingram15 timmar sedan

    Where is your bird at man

  • Not a Druglord
    Not a Druglord15 timmar sedan

    Had a different tab open during the intro and I thought I was watching Ron Pratt

  • Dain O'Connor
    Dain O'Connor16 timmar sedan

    Why are they doing the show in english?

  • Darnedkev 2507
    Darnedkev 250716 timmar sedan

    9:31 Sorry just marking a time

  • Okeoi
    Okeoi16 timmar sedan

    The toilet paper arm just really drives home the idea that America is terrified of bidets.

  • batman
    batman16 timmar sedan

    The meme himself is back

  • Jackson Jackson
    Jackson Jackson16 timmar sedan

    5:45 10 weapons too brutal for war: #10 Tactical Nail clippers

  • Evan Rasmussen
    Evan Rasmussen16 timmar sedan

    Hey, I have idea for the next thing you need to see. Rhapsody street kids: Believe in Santa.

  • Upguy5180
    Upguy518016 timmar sedan

    Today during my PE class I think in tore or strained a muscle in my chest of pooped a bone, I stayed at school and got home after school, I was in paint the whole day, couldn’t even play capture the flag with the others, but thankfully my medication is here, Jontron, talking about old informercials about the elderly and medications.... I love it...

  • Ashtray Holder
    Ashtray Holder16 timmar sedan

    when is next time?

  • Guillermo El Nino
    Guillermo El Nino16 timmar sedan

    holly shit he uploaded!

  • The Madman
    The Madman16 timmar sedan

    Yes, this is my third time watching it, it's not *my* fault SEblack keeps recommending it

  • brian gray
    brian gray16 timmar sedan

    Oh JonTron how I've missed you ! Glad your good dude!!!

  • Ravelord Nito
    Ravelord Nito16 timmar sedan

    Jon: *harasses dying plant* Me: ah yes, comedy

  • Msolis
    Msolis17 timmar sedan

    Instead of using copper wires that heat up, It uses copper in the solenoid, that heat up 100% more advanced technology

  • J4hk2
    J4hk217 timmar sedan

    While him reacting with fright from just opening the box was perfect I can't help but feel Jon otherwise undersold just how much that fucking mask along with its marketing looks like something straight out of a surreal sci-fi horror film. Seriously what the fuck.

  • leon
    leon17 timmar sedan

    of she needs a bluetooth audio amplifier its too late D:

  • Heather Martin
    Heather Martin17 timmar sedan

    The wipe item could be good. In a rehab setting they did this with tongs but wrapped

  • David
    David17 timmar sedan

    That girl in yellow is beautiful

  • Connor Holecek
    Connor Holecek18 timmar sedan

    Get ready boys we are waiting another year

  • Cherti Kinamoto
    Cherti Kinamoto18 timmar sedan

    My bet on the meme is 6:46