Outriders - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players


Just starting out in Outriders? Well never fear, your friends at Legacy Gaming have tons of tricks to help you survive the perils of Enoch. Codiak shares his favorite tips and tricks that will help you understand the game and set you on the right path to surviving in Outriders.
0:00 - Intro
0:27 - Swapping Shoulders
1:00 - Zooming In
1:24 - Melee Matters
2:09 - Body Blocking
2:54 - Status Effects
4:01 - Mod Collectors
4:25 - Overlapping Mods
5:06 - Buy, Sell, Scrap
7:05 - Stash & Share
8:12 - Loot Smart
8:43 - Aggro & Threat
9:18 - End Game Quick
10:36 - Join The Community
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  • Legacy Gaming
    Legacy GamingMånad sedan

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  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    27 dagar sedan

    @Bill Ketchersid With Cooldown reduction on gear, you can mitigate a sizeable portion of that.

  • Bill Ketchersid

    Bill Ketchersid

    27 dagar sedan

    it is the 26 sec CD which i'm annoyed with from the 16 sec CD, due to that 10 sec increase on the CD to Twisted bullets, I think people will be using that trickster skill less, than they're w the current/16 sec skill cd.

  • Nehemiah Memphis

    Nehemiah Memphis

    Månad sedan

    @Eric Reginald whoa! Took roughly 15 mins but it reallyworked!!

  • Eric Reginald

    Eric Reginald

    Månad sedan

    Dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hack if you care

  • Erik White

    Erik White

    Månad sedan

    Ahhhhhh gotcha, Guess I hadn't really thought about that. I'm not far enough in to realize that... I'm only at about level 18 world tier 8, have been tinkering around with crafting quite a bit and that farm is super early on, the loot Gods haven't smiled on me much so the tinkering with gear rarity has come in handy. I totally understand now that isn't as viable as I initially thought. Thanks for the info, and keep up the great content.

  • Bobby Obarr
    Bobby ObarrDag sedan

    Do you play games? Most this stuff is universal shooter game features.

  • Bigg Tastyyy
    Bigg Tastyyy3 dagar sedan

    Shotguns are my best friend as a trickster I’m level 30 1-2 shorting bosses

  • Shawn Sadler
    Shawn Sadler3 dagar sedan

    I wish I knew how garbage this game was gonna be so I could've saved myself 90$

  • bean gamer
    bean gamer4 dagar sedan

    Wish I knew not to buy this game

  • Klaus InBerlin
    Klaus InBerlin4 dagar sedan

    Wish I Knew Sooner: There are cracks working online for this game.

  • Callum Waterston
    Callum Waterston8 dagar sedan

    hey i found another one! i am also a right handed left eye dominant weirdo haha

  • TheJandrews456
    TheJandrews4569 dagar sedan

    I might be dumb or something but I am noticing that a lot of players who are at endgame content have like their anomaly, health and armor up to like 20,000 or less and I'm still in the campaign and the higest stat I have is my armor is over 6000. Am I doing something wrong? I haven't really spent resources into upgrading or leveling up gear because I thought it was pointless till endgame since you get better gear that's higher than what you have in nearly half the missions. Can someone give me some help with this, here?

  • Kefty
    Kefty9 dagar sedan

    i saw the auto loot option in the settings but i thought it was just a walk over the loot kind of thing not an actual button, thanks man

  • Potato Masher
    Potato Masher10 dagar sedan

    Death Chains :D

  • kevin dotson99
    kevin dotson9910 dagar sedan

    Can't you go back and do the side quests? I mean what the hell do you do in the end game if you can't go back and do side quests I feel like this game is awesome but after I reach the end and I've done all the side quests I'll be done with it I hope they come out with the DLC soon I'm not really the type that plays Non-Stop it will take me a couple weeks to beat this game honestly I hate beating games like this because after I do I lose interest and they're fun tell you reach the end

  • kevin dotson99
    kevin dotson9910 dagar sedan

    I wish they would make a dismantle all button instead of having to click every single item when you have a lot of stuff it's frustrating, it's the little things that count lol

  • sammmy128


    9 dagar sedan

    You can select all green/blue etc items with one click( richt bottom corner) and dismantle them

  • studivan
    studivan11 dagar sedan

    Who’s I knew the game would be worthless after CT 11, can’t upgrade weapons or armor because of drop pods, can’t earn them because you get too little for what you have to go through to get them, armor and weapons too weak to get them, Character gets one shotted with level 46 gear on PC user with trainers please don’t respond..

  • ItsAlexZA1
    ItsAlexZA113 dagar sedan

    Love how you use body blocking as a tip when its clearly just GARBAGE game design like a vast majority of this game

  • Adrian Codreanu
    Adrian Codreanu13 dagar sedan

    Looks like Borderlands game better graphics

  • Andrew Gould
    Andrew Gould13 dagar sedan

    Awesome content. Gained a subscriber. 👍🏻

  • Dabanana4lyfe
    Dabanana4lyfe15 dagar sedan

    Clarity is all I needed. You get a big fat like from me! Shards mainly when selling and dismantling.

  • Suho Tatuski
    Suho Tatuski15 dagar sedan

    Good guide thanks for the tips :)

    IRVINE OVERBURY16 dagar sedan

    Great vid!

  • Joe Classified
    Joe Classified17 dagar sedan

    Mod indicator auto loot and main quest only. Thanks for the video I got more out of it than I expected

  • Darnell
    Darnell17 dagar sedan

    I forgot this game was coming out and now jumping in. Dismantle was a bih to learn and that first boss made me pull at hair! Thanks for the tips

  • Kad mech
    Kad mech19 dagar sedan

    Omg thanks for the tip.

  • LBierman89
    LBierman8920 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the great video again!!! Awesome info

  • pablo nevarez
    pablo nevarez20 dagar sedan


  • Casey Mohawkman
    Casey Mohawkman20 dagar sedan

    Thus was very helpful. Thank you.

  • D Money
    D Money20 dagar sedan

    Had to stop playing this game could not find anything I liked about you can't even jump lol

  • Asiri
    Asiri21 dag sedan

    Wish I didn’t buy it

  • Kent Reed
    Kent Reed21 dag sedan

    I always auto looted by dying. So I can do it while still alive? That changes everything

  • NYs9thwonder
    NYs9thwonder22 dagar sedan

    Solo’d most of the story content at Max world tier and it was unforgiving. However it was a great teacher at how to manage cool downs, deal with bullet sponges, ability resists/interrupts, positioning and awareness separately of builds.

  • XelNigma
    XelNigma22 dagar sedan

    Hey! I too am a Right handed, left eye dominate weirdo. Go team weirdo!

  • jnuttsdotcom
    jnuttsdotcom22 dagar sedan

    For all that didn't know go to the options and change the auto pickup when leaving area to common (it is auto set to EPIC). That way if you forget to hit down on the d-pad it will still auto pickup for you.

  • Mason
    Mason23 dagar sedan

    Why is my world tier so high (11) when I’m only level 20?

  • P-Dog47 BEatz
    P-Dog47 BEatz23 dagar sedan

    I.wish i knew bout the item wipe bug before playing this shit ....biggest joke ever bad game

  • Destiny Lore Videos
    Destiny Lore Videos23 dagar sedan

    The games focus isnt mods lol its the story they have said that multiple times

  • Zach Konshak

    Zach Konshak

    20 dagar sedan

    hahaha. Skip cinematic button go *brrrr*

  • Thomas Rushin
    Thomas Rushin23 dagar sedan

    This game is an enormous piece of shit that constantly crashes, has inventory wipes, and wasn't released in a state that can described as anything other than criminal.

  • Marco Avruscio
    Marco Avruscio23 dagar sedan

    Perfect information for someone starting like me

  • Mxrshy
    Mxrshy24 dagar sedan

    I've literally done all side quests before finishing on my Main ffs 😑

  • dylan smith
    dylan smith24 dagar sedan

    I wish I knew 40hrs of inventory would be wiped before I bought it entirely lol

  • Chris Giles
    Chris Giles25 dagar sedan

    I wish I knew I was gonna loose on my gear with no fix 😂😂

  • Evie Cobalt
    Evie Cobalt25 dagar sedan

    this was the exact same as another video released on the exact same day.... how

  • Big Righteous
    Big Righteous25 dagar sedan

    AUTO LOOT just got you a SUB my man!

  • noob45
    noob4525 dagar sedan

    Really basic tip that will probably be relevant for the next year or 2 for Playstation players: Fully shutdown and unplug your playstation when you finish playing. This game taught us how to clear our cache, because it doesn't launch if you don't. Doing this allows you to log in with 1-3 tries, as opposed to spending 30 minutes to 2 hours trying to log back in.

  • Obey Flaker
    Obey Flaker25 dagar sedan

    I use frost Everything, mostly because im a solo player, so being able to freeze ally enemy's with my turrets is very helpful so i dont get swarmed

    POSSESSED MAURADER25 dagar sedan

    Oh yay another trickster main Chads main pyro and devistator

  • lmFlash Gaming
    lmFlash Gaming26 dagar sedan

    looting trick very helpful

  • Sye :
    Sye :26 dagar sedan

    The bugs are a nuisance, I run Tank (Devastator) as my main and the bullet deflection skill doesn’t work sometimes. Apart from that, and all the other little bugs, I love the game, and I love the direction it’s heading.

  • Ëxø XÜR
    Ëxø XÜR26 dagar sedan

    I'm going to be honest here I never bought anything from venders, just sold items to get titanium.🤣

  • Jason PypsAeris
    Jason PypsAeris26 dagar sedan

    Thanks for having to make us go in the menu to swap shoulders. You couldn’t have just said console players press left analog to swap shoulders.

  • Brandon
    Brandon26 dagar sedan

    Also a right handed, left eye dominant weirdo :)

  • MadMike772
    MadMike77226 dagar sedan

    For controller, this is pointless to watch.. Auto-loot is the best one = Down on D-pad

  • Mega Killertron
    Mega Killertron27 dagar sedan

    Wish i knew sooner: how dogshit this game is.

  • Mr. Owl
    Mr. Owl27 dagar sedan

    All these mods and effects remind me of this mobile game I play. Which is star wars galaxy of heroes, so reading status effects and mods are fun to me.

  • This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-
    This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-27 dagar sedan

    The game already tells you and shows you much of this.. You need to start respecting the viewers time.. You can avoid the filler BS that's obviously to waste our time and draw out the video.

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    27 dagar sedan

    Sorry you feel that the video wasn’t a good use of your time. The thousands of people that liked the video disagree. We’ve always been a channel that packs our videos with info and I guarantee you won’t find another channel covering Outriders that values the viewers time more than us

  • Pablo Bastos
    Pablo Bastos27 dagar sedan

    Tips: Dont play this trash.

  • Fabiano
    Fabiano27 dagar sedan

    I am only WT 5 and allready get stuck with a Boss called Captain Serrano...how could i improve my power? Should i go back and loot some other less difficult boss?

  • Fabiano


    27 dagar sedan

    @Samrony Fauzi thank you.

  • Samrony Fauzi

    Samrony Fauzi

    27 dagar sedan

    Lower WT or grind WT to get bettee gear and try to synergise your build

  • Ray Capetillo
    Ray Capetillo27 dagar sedan

    Just started playing yesterday and I am liking the game. Thanks for the tips!

  • VIVD-Raven15
    VIVD-Raven1527 dagar sedan

    So should I do the story at the highest world tier for me or a lower one

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    27 dagar sedan

    Really depends. If it’s your first time playing the game, enjoy the dynamic word tier system. If this isn’t the first time and you’re just looking to level some alts go full throttle and consider dropping it down for speed

  • dougbrown04
    dougbrown0428 dagar sedan

    If you are stuck at a certain boss or encounter, drop your world tier. Dying repeatedly removes xp progress on your current world tier you are trying to get through.

  • E-Rock


    27 dagar sedan

    Dang. I didn't know that. I always kept the highest tier up as a challenge and would die to bosses over and over until I beat it.

  • Greg Kaufmann
    Greg Kaufmann28 dagar sedan

    Cant wait to Play on my ps5

  • Sir Hamsterlot
    Sir Hamsterlot28 dagar sedan

    Always dismantle no matter what. You can sell the raw materials you get from an item for more than the item is worth and then use that to buy Titanium. It ain't hard. The rest in this video is so much common sense and logic that I really do not understand why you guys felt a video had to be made on the most core basics of gaming. Everyone already knows these things.

  • Techy Turner
    Techy Turner28 dagar sedan

    Thank u so much for this video I love this game but get confused on mods and that

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    28 dagar sedan

    Glad we could help!

  • The Alfather
    The Alfather28 dagar sedan

    wish I would’ve known this before I did all the side missions

  • The Alfather

    The Alfather

    27 dagar sedan

    @URSoDead2Me thanks bud I appreciate it

  • URSoDead2Me


    27 dagar sedan

    That sucks to hear but look at the bright side...you've been thru the game so far so you know what to expect. Level another character, complete the game, then do the side missions with the experience you've gained so far. You just might get some good stuff the 2nd time around. Seems to always be that way for me. Best of luck!

  • Jacob Love
    Jacob Love28 dagar sedan

    kinda disagree with the "sell > dismantle" ideology, but otherwise a helpful vid!

  • Levi Lowe
    Levi Lowe28 dagar sedan

    Subscribed, good sir.

  • Kelvin DeSilva
    Kelvin DeSilva28 dagar sedan

    This game can be pretty challenging as a solo player but I encourage you to not change the world tier. Embrace the challenge and take as much out of the game as possible. Maybe on your second character you can speed through it.

  • Giyū Tomioka
    Giyū Tomioka28 dagar sedan

    Spoilers @ 3:33

  • Woodacus87
    Woodacus8729 dagar sedan

    How do you know how many shards you have? It shows an icon that says shards beside it, and items show shard cost, but I can't find how many shards I have in my inventory.

  • Brian Urban
    Brian Urban29 dagar sedan

    I like the game, hate the console controls. Aim assist is impossible to use, the accelerations are garbage. I found manageable settings at low sensitivity but it's really hampering my abilities

    YAHIKØ29 dagar sedan

    am i the only one who is joining a party and they are all afk?? i joined like 6 partys and all afk man wtf

  • Justin Urena
    Justin Urena29 dagar sedan

    great video! The Aggro system is confusing as hell, sometimes it seems to be damage based, sometimes distance. It also appears to be absolute distance and not pathing distance, which can help kiting mobs during multiplayer (assuming you can get it to work)

  • Iñaki Díez Saucedo
    Iñaki Díez Saucedo29 dagar sedan

    Is this game any good? Or it will be "anthemed" in a couple months?

  • Lord Adrammlech

    Lord Adrammlech

    29 dagar sedan

    Played Anthem for 100hrs. Outriders is nothing like that game. Feels more like Diablo 3 (loot/spec/abilities mods), but shooter in space. Sole thing is that the servers are a lil, unpredictable, connectivity speaking.

    PR3D4TOR EL1TE29 dagar sedan

    Btw you can just reply side missions at a higher world and get better loot

  • Giovanni Dykes
    Giovanni DykesMånad sedan

    Unless you find out how to jump! This game suxc

  • Jim
    JimMånad sedan

    We need a ping function

  • goodgodpluckme1
    goodgodpluckme1Månad sedan

    I would like a tip or trick to getting on a GOD D@MMED SERVER...ANY TIPS??

  • Steve D
    Steve DMånad sedan

    The mod thing was really useful

  • Nolan Cunningham
    Nolan CunninghamMånad sedan

    Bruh this game is literally a third person version of destiny 💀

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Shares a genre. That's about where the core similarities stop lol.

    NASTY NEMESISMånad sedan

    Gr8 video some fantastic tips

  • The Commune
    The CommuneMånad sedan

    New channel starting out! Throw some feedback my way if you get a chance! Not a bot just a friendly wookie hippie

  • DatSky
    DatSkyMånad sedan

    How does a lvl 38 weapon deal no damage to lvl 34 in expedition?

  • Zack Hodge
    Zack HodgeMånad sedan

    im world tier 13 level 30 and still havent finished the campaign

  • LtHead
    LtHeadMånad sedan

    I wish I knew sooner the game sucks and servers go down all the time

  • TheOtherWes Moore
    TheOtherWes MooreMånad sedan

    these missions you talk about "saving" for later are all repeatable though? i understand straight lining the main quest, but its not like you cant replay those missions for better rewards once you reach endgame.

  • TheOtherWes Moore

    TheOtherWes Moore

    29 dagar sedan

    @Legacy Gaming ah ok, makes sense. thanks!

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Yes they're repeatable, but for specific quests you get a guaranteed legendary. The higher your WT, the better that reward which will just save you titanium in the long run. It's not essential though.

  • Graeme Gardner
    Graeme GardnerMånad sedan

    Is the servers that bad ? I honestly haven't experienced any issues ??

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Depends on who you ask and what platform they're on. My PC experience has been alright, with a few hitches here and there.

  • Ashe Odinson
    Ashe OdinsonMånad sedan

    I'd realized most of this, but that last one? Damn, I truly wish I'd known that sooner. I'm a 'completionist' when it comes to story, so I've hit every side quest in every zone so far. Glad they're replayable, but now I wonder how diminished those rewards are going to be the second time around.

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    You're not going to outright dog yourself, you'll still be fine! We just suggest waiting so you get better rewards at higher world tiers and so that you can save your titanium for expedition level content.

  • Bravo Fox2
    Bravo Fox2Månad sedan

    I remember having to go to the store and buy a "Guide" this is so much better 😷👍

  • Kevin Keith

    Kevin Keith

    16 dagar sedan

    I remember getting the monthly magazine and being beyond ecstatic when there was an article dedicated to a game i actually owned.

  • dougbrown04


    28 dagar sedan

    Old school nintendo power magazines!

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Those were the days. Would be nice to see a resurgence of them in some way, but sadly I think those days are past!

  • Tormenta de fuego americana
    Tormenta de fuego americanaMånad sedan

    This plays like Gears of War, and I can't stand that type of play style

  • Rezzi
    RezziMånad sedan

    Auto-loot will be your best friend, you can also switch what it picks up in your game menu

  • AnDNeWNoTYoU
    AnDNeWNoTYoUMånad sedan

    Donno why he's talking about saving the side quest when u could always repeat them when u want.

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    @AnDNeWNoTYoU you can repeat the quest, but the legendary rewards will only drop the very first time you actually complete the quest.

  • AnDNeWNoTYoU


    Månad sedan

    @Legacy Gaming so the ones with legendary rewards we can't repeat?

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Because some of the rewards are first time only, specifically the legendary quests. You want to wait to complete those until you’ve pushed your world tier so you get the best possible reward

  • Heimark Turcios
    Heimark TurciosMånad sedan

    Something I’ve done is that I take out the Wanted/Hunt targets but I don’t turn in the quest to Ujio. I’m waiting until I finish the campaign and hit max level to collect all of those rewards (pretty sure they are all purple/epic tier). However, if your gear is bad, it doesn’t hurt to turn in one or two of the targets every now and then to get better weapons or armor.

  • Will Dean

    Will Dean

    Månad sedan

    You can do them multiple times! More loot!

  • Steve Phillips
    Steve PhillipsMånad sedan

    great tips thanks ! :)

  • Dan S
    Dan SMånad sedan

    Thank you for another great video. Much appreciate the timestamps so I can go back.

  • Jochem
    JochemMånad sedan

    Thanks for the vid. Subbed!

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister NobodyMånad sedan

    I see you demonstrated a trickster, you are man of high risk, high reward. Don’t sleep on automatic shotguns!

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister NobodyMånad sedan

    For those who don’t know, this game is on Xbox Game Pass!

  • Mister Nobody

    Mister Nobody

    26 dagar sedan

    @noob45 yeah it’s not on the pc just Xbox console

  • noob45


    26 dagar sedan

    Must not be PC Xbox gamepass because I still can't find the game in their store to this day. Bought it on PS4 as a result, and now rather pissed off that I wasted money after I lost all my progress to the item wipe/connection issue bug. Took 2 hours to find this out because server authentication literally allowed 4 log-ins in a 2 hour period. The irony is PCF released a tweet 10 minutes before my initial crash that wiped my account, claiming they just put in a patch to 'reduce the occurrences' only to break it even more. As of April 11, 2021 game is hella broken right now. Do not play or you risk losing everything.

  • daisx beohfox

    daisx beohfox

    27 dagar sedan


  • shawn bunker

    shawn bunker

    28 dagar sedan

    @Allen's Upcycle not once

  • Alex Jesus

    Alex Jesus

    28 dagar sedan

    @Allen's Upcycle havnt had one issue with it.

  • RubberStig
    RubberStigMånad sedan

    I did not know that the middle mouse button would allow me to change shoulders, however, when in cover, simply changing direction (left and right) will change shoulder too.

  • Luke Zade
    Luke ZadeMånad sedan

    Some GEMS I never knew about in here nice one 😎👍🏽🤜🏽

  • footvantage06
    footvantage06Månad sedan

    Thanks, I would not have guessed that characters dont share mods. As an Altoholic in these games it will save a lot of pain.

  • Corazair
    CorazairMånad sedan

    Pro tip without a longass video. Look at your controls.

  • Maximilian 2092000
    Maximilian 2092000Månad sedan

    How do you level so fast ??? I am world tier 12 with level 23. How can you only be worldtier 10 and level 28 ??

  • Legacy Gaming

    Legacy Gaming

    Månad sedan

    All we did was the main campaign. That brings you to level 26/27. We didn’t do any side quests while leveling up