Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • Cassandra Watson
    Cassandra Watson8 minuter sedan


  • Hoa Le
    Hoa Le8 minuter sedan

    Độc daonhungnguyhiem

  • Cassandra Watson
    Cassandra Watson9 minuter sedan

    Excuse me… Is there an indoor toilet?… Or is it off in the woods in a hole somewhere? Just 🧐.

  • Deejay Wavez
    Deejay Wavez11 minuter sedan

    Danach kamen seine bros und haben vor der Höhle noch einen Pool unter der Erde gebaut. Das Wasser wurde mit Bambus Eimern in den Pool gebracht.

  • 최보경
    최보경12 minuter sedan

    we bare bears

  • Raj Gopal
    Raj Gopal15 minuter sedan


  • Raj Gopal
    Raj Gopal18 minuter sedan


  • sara
    sara20 minuter sedan

  • Painter
    Painter23 minuter sedan


  • Nosaj 002
    Nosaj 00229 minuter sedan

    Well done sir . I live in Saskatchewan Canada fkatlander we are called but I'm from the north tho lots of bush an lakes ur work here is beautiful

  • Григорий Орлов
    Григорий Орлов43 minuter sedan


  • handymex
    handymex44 minuter sedan


  • Heinrich der Bauer
    Heinrich der Bauer50 minuter sedan

    And everything without hearing protection. 😬

  • Mark Ibay
    Mark Ibay51 minut sedan

    Gudluck when earthquake comes!!!!

  • Lostar SM
    Lostar SM59 minuter sedan

    Those times he wasn't wearing a hardhat though...I'm glad he was successful but damn; that's gambling with your life. Never gamble with your life.

  • Raimundo Abdon
    Raimundo AbdonTimme sedan

    Como um canal que só respostou o vídeo tem mais visualizações que o vídeo no canal do cara, isso e sacanagem.

  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian AngelTimme sedan

    How TALENTED and RESOURCEFUL! I LOVE when people think outside the box (or in this case, inside the mountain!) Great job 👍🏻

    AFK_BINTimme sedan

    *Minecraft irl*

  • David Chai
    David ChaiTimme sedan

    Amazing! I wonder how he managed ?

  • Jay G
    Jay GTimme sedan

    This would be a lot cooler too. No AC needed.

  • One Wheel Appeal
    One Wheel AppealTimme sedan

    Put the steel door on it and camouflage it so you can't tell when the world goes freaking crazy you'll be safe

  • Raj
    RajTimme sedan

    Surely he shits in the forest then, catch a bat or two and spread covid part 2 soon

  • CaT fish
    CaT fishTimme sedan

    It doable butit isl risky to live in there

  • Sir Soulo
    Sir SouloTimme sedan

    The Hobbit Holer!!

    MYSELF ISHANTimme sedan

    Bob, the builder.

  • Suraj Kumar
    Suraj KumarTimme sedan

    This man just destroying nature for views 😔

  • Kikuyu Yisrael
    Kikuyu Yisrael2 timmar sedan

    Geico: do u live under a rock ? Chinese guy: actually...

  • Anvi D
    Anvi D2 timmar sedan

    Destroying nature 🌿🍃... Not good. A lot of similar videos are coming up.

  • JaBurd Mclovin
    JaBurd Mclovin2 timmar sedan


  • Createur2
    Createur22 timmar sedan

    This dude just thought he was in Minecraft

  • KASAMAGO network
    KASAMAGO network2 timmar sedan

    Gila.. antara extrim, radikal dan imajinatif.. Salute and hat off for him..

  • Aman Kothari,80
    Aman Kothari,802 timmar sedan

    Minecraft in Real Life

  • Александр Кох
    Александр Кох2 timmar sedan

    Работа грязная, а 80% видео чувак в чистой одежде... Ещё и так тепло одет, когда так пашешь, обычно обливаешься потом, хотя в пещере должно быть прохладно

  • Devin Ott
    Devin Ott2 timmar sedan

    Mans gonna be deaf by the time he is done

  • 정jjian
    정jjian2 timmar sedan


  • Ackeejag l
    Ackeejag l2 timmar sedan

    All fun and games until the cave collapses on you.


    Minecraft in real life belike:

  • Diksha patel
    Diksha patel2 timmar sedan

    Dasrath manjhi ban jao 😂😂😂

  • lord pickle
    lord pickle2 timmar sedan

    Goddamn FUCK trump!

  • uNo U
    uNo U2 timmar sedan

    I would have been much more concerned with supporting the structure as it got dug out. Even if it is rocks, from a safety point of view, this set up is SEVERELY lacking.

  • youyouTube
    youyouTube3 timmar sedan


  • Ben Elliott
    Ben Elliott3 timmar sedan

    "Mr Tiger rang a construction company" Not with those safety sandals he didn't

  • THE FREAk!!!
    THE FREAk!!!3 timmar sedan

    I am hoping landslide

    CHIVO . JPG3 timmar sedan

    El gobierno: me veo en la obligación de cobrarte impuestos 👍🏻😎

  • Youtube Sucks Donkey D
    Youtube Sucks Donkey D3 timmar sedan

    Couldn't do that here, our soil is so different

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen4 timmar sedan

    Good man working

  • Георгий Сергеевич
    Георгий Сергеевич4 timmar sedan

    Its a trash. Maybe donate him for normal house?

  • Somchit Leang
    Somchit Leang4 timmar sedan

    I don't know anything about structures and digging. But I was scared the rocks might come down. Beautiful work, man has skills and dedication. I would of gave up and went back home. 😆

  • jsaleen17
    jsaleen174 timmar sedan

    I didn't see one pair of safety glasses.

  • dieguoto
    dieguoto4 timmar sedan

    El hombre de las cavernas... REMASTERED !!! 😮😮😮

  • 雅子のボーイフレンド선택
    雅子のボーイフレンド선택4 timmar sedan

    Dogs house?,,, www

  • Elliott Alderssohn
    Elliott Alderssohn4 timmar sedan

    Most folks save their whole lives and place a down payment.... 15-30 years of monthly payments and its all yours.

  • MR V
    MR V5 timmar sedan

    The Chinese communist party must be licking their lips over having this guy work for their world domination plan.

  • Patrick Anderson
    Patrick Anderson5 timmar sedan

    Dude working in the flops, he’s on a different type of time

  • Fans Bulan Sutena
    Fans Bulan Sutena5 timmar sedan

    Ko ga trending

  • Joe Rigby
    Joe Rigby5 timmar sedan

    Those Taiwanese guys do great work. Number one.

  • Adam Turnbull
    Adam Turnbull5 timmar sedan

    carving into rock means unsupported weight above you....miners use lots of steel/wood. As beautiful as this is to see on SEblack. Id never let my family sleep in it.

  • dhanes wari
    dhanes wari5 timmar sedan

    It's amazing 👍

  • Andrea Schmall
    Andrea Schmall5 timmar sedan

    And he did it all in just over 15 minutes.

  • Leon Welch
    Leon Welch6 timmar sedan

    Amazing what people are able to think up to do and especially in the HOME DEPARTMENT! THEY 👌STACKED UP SHIPPING CARGO CONTAINERS which fit on frames securely so it comes off a ship and straight on a trailer frame to be taken to the designated destination without any unloading and loading unnecessarily! 5 story living space and built on a little bitty strip of land where the road was cut in around mountains. Extremely CHEAP land on otherwise unusable landscaping! Keep more content coming out so I can have more contents to my vast experience with building! Never can learn too much and never ever will learn it all!

  • seanxlive
    seanxlive6 timmar sedan

    Holy shit true commitment and badassery. And here I am watching on my iphone and lying on my bed not doing that :3 I wonder how remote that place is and if it's safe.

  • BLaCkKsHeEp
    BLaCkKsHeEp6 timmar sedan

    How I survive my first night in Minecraft

  • Dark Meta
    Dark Meta6 timmar sedan

    I hope this man brought an Iron Pickaxe in case he finds some diamond ore blocks

  • Ed Mark
    Ed Mark6 timmar sedan

    Real life minecraft

  • DirtyDan DinoMan
    DirtyDan DinoMan7 timmar sedan

    He made it a cluttered mess tho. Shouldve made another room for more storage

  • patrick b.
    patrick b.7 timmar sedan

    this guy is my hero no joke if i could do that i would

  • mustangfuego
    mustangfuego7 timmar sedan

    He can carve a home for sure but the guy sucks at decorating lol

  • 니엘강다 Kang Daniel
    니엘강다 Kang Daniel7 timmar sedan

    Creativity? oh i'am just sad about the mountain:(

  • Hillside Hermit
    Hillside Hermit7 timmar sedan

    It's beautiful 😀👍 well done.!

  • GGTH
    GGTH7 timmar sedan

    I wonder what he did on the bed after doing this.

    UNHEXED 27 timmar sedan

    I wonder if this affects his joints and cartilage?

  • Hillside Hermit
    Hillside Hermit7 timmar sedan

    i was a builder and landscape gardener before i got ill, very interesting what's being used as lintles ,joists etc

  • Cecilia Navia
    Cecilia Navia7 timmar sedan


  • Ladi Jae1
    Ladi Jae17 timmar sedan


  • Solas Wolfer
    Solas Wolfer7 timmar sedan

    when he split the central pillar ... such a confidence ^^"

  • Melissa Velazquez
    Melissa Velazquez7 timmar sedan

    I think I saw this on Airbnb

    МИТЯDRIVE8 timmar sedan

    ну а чего, мало места? выпилил себе еще

  • Delta November
    Delta November8 timmar sedan

    Next week: Mr Lyon builds an airport in a tree.

  • Delta November
    Delta November8 timmar sedan

    He’s such a troglodyte.

  • Advanced Subliminal Potions
    Advanced Subliminal Potions8 timmar sedan

    wow that is awesome

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star8 timmar sedan

    He took the term "man cave" very seriously.

  • Kamen Petrov
    Kamen Petrov8 timmar sedan

    AKA Minecraft day 1

  • Pretty K. Kusasira
    Pretty K. Kusasira8 timmar sedan

    Wow just wow

  • Puma Productions
    Puma Productions8 timmar sedan

    he should be wearing hearing protection in that tight of a space with all of those power tools

  • Yusvas
    Yusvas8 timmar sedan

    Щось подібне я бачив в Нормандії.

  • Dave Man
    Dave Man9 timmar sedan

    I wonder what the risk of collapse is?

  • DevL1n
    DevL1n9 timmar sedan

    Индусы с палками: ты быканул или нам показалось?

  • Projekt 9
    Projekt 99 timmar sedan

    All that just so he could play World of Warcraft in solitude.

  • Jordan Pag
    Jordan Pag9 timmar sedan

    Master piece

  • Özkan Nalbant
    Özkan Nalbant9 timmar sedan

    how did you have the electric energy?

  • Darling Brank
    Darling Brank9 timmar sedan

    Que berraquera!!! Un genio digno de admirar!!!👍

  • Jelen Vega B
    Jelen Vega B9 timmar sedan

    Al final no pude ver la gran roca🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe9 timmar sedan

    This man as to be deaf..

  • Carolynn Rose Cochran
    Carolynn Rose Cochran9 timmar sedan

    My dude over here wearing sandals like it’s nothing

  • Wesley P
    Wesley P9 timmar sedan

    Dudes got a shitton of baijiu next to his bed lol

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia9 timmar sedan


  • Akabanew
    Akabanew9 timmar sedan

    a la semana le tiran un recibo de impuestos por debajo de la puerta

  • pleaseyourselfsir
    pleaseyourselfsir10 timmar sedan

    Any woman married to this man , must accept she is extremely blessed and be grateful for his intellectual and physical capabilities . 🧐🇬🇧🤔💪🤝👍❤️

  • the xdream
    the xdream10 timmar sedan

    Turkiyede kacak yapi diye belediye yikardi mk

  • Skeletal Remains
    Skeletal Remains10 timmar sedan

    Amazing vision and follow through!