Gordon Has A MASSIVE Meltdown At Fiesta Sunrise | Kitchen Nightmares


Gordon visits Fiesta Sunrise, where things go from bad to worse.

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  • Cj Ariston
    Cj Ariston2 minuter sedan

    Bagyong yolanda

  • Capslock Gaming
    Capslock Gaming20 minuter sedan

    I loved Don's reaction, you saw when he noticed Vic walk in, Don was ready to turn Vic into minced Vic.

  • Chiranthan Kj
    Chiranthan KjTimme sedan

    isn't this reuploaded

  • Chiranthan Kj
    Chiranthan KjTimme sedan

    i cant eat dinner now

  • Jimmy Johansson
    Jimmy Johansson2 timmar sedan

    First time Vic got laid in months after this episode

  • Evren PEHLIVAN
    Evren PEHLIVAN3 timmar sedan

    Everything was yesterday 😂😂😂

  • ?
    ?4 timmar sedan

    What a dumb family.

  • PlayXplore
    PlayXplore6 timmar sedan

    Finish restaurent for me. Better in my home and econo money :) Im rich now :) and my life is better loll

  • Anmol Lama
    Anmol Lama9 timmar sedan

    Hey guys after this Any update on this restaurant?? Please Comment me down below

  • Matt Grinsythe
    Matt Grinsythe12 timmar sedan

    glad they stopped don from makin a mistake gettin a possible charge cause of that piece of shit vic.

  • James Donovan
    James Donovan12 timmar sedan

    Gordon: "How long have these roaches been here!?" Vic: "...yesterday?"

  • दुष्यंत मिश्रा
    दुष्यंत मिश्रा13 timmar sedan

    And the Oscar goes to everyone on this show 😂 This is absolutely ducking fake 😂

  • Santa San
    Santa San14 timmar sedan

    That guy Vic has no neck. Guess he's safe

  • ShadowFireGaming
    ShadowFireGaming14 timmar sedan


  • hazel grace
    hazel grace14 timmar sedan

    couldnt get through this video cause everytime vic said yesterday i devolved into giggles and had to pause

  • Mijinx
    Mijinx14 timmar sedan


  • syed khulayd
    syed khulayd14 timmar sedan

    i watched this while eating only people eating food while watching this will understand

  • Cam Z
    Cam Z15 timmar sedan

    Nice family.

  • Bold Coward
    Bold Coward16 timmar sedan

    Give a new meaning to flaming hot nachos

  • al_sensei 908
    al_sensei 90816 timmar sedan

    fake, the word "yesterday" is paid actor

  • Dub Elements
    Dub Elements17 timmar sedan

    i love how every single member of the family act like they dont know shit about this conditions xD

  • amiablelamp amiablelamp
    amiablelamp amiablelamp18 timmar sedan

    Vic: yesterday Wife: NO NO YOU DIDET LASSWEEK Vic: 👀 Gordon: Oh fuck me

  • amiablelamp amiablelamp
    amiablelamp amiablelamp18 timmar sedan

    Ramsay be like Oh fucking hell, how old is this shit!? Rick be like : yesterday

  • Smelly Cat
    Smelly Cat21 timme sedan

    *having nausea* sound

  • Ankit Ronald
    Ankit Ronald21 timme sedan

    Of all the episodes I've watched.. This restraurant was beyond the help. Ramesy did his best but still failed :(

  • James enriquez
    James enriquez23 timmar sedan

    All i can hear from the step dad is yesterday🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gunmar Athranor
    Gunmar Athranor23 timmar sedan


  • Unspeakable Peeps
    Unspeakable Peeps23 timmar sedan

    Tbh, I can't believe that they burnt the nachos, I mean how is that possible?

  • Unspeakable Peeps
    Unspeakable PeepsDag sedan

    Vic might the dumbest guy I've ever seen

  • Jonatan Linder
    Jonatan LinderDag sedan

    US health inspections should look at this show

  • Ggg
    GggDag sedan

    I love how Gordon is rich as Fok yet always dresses like he can't be bothered

  • Kiritsugu Emiya
    Kiritsugu EmiyaDag sedan

    I dont get it, did they really make a dummy restaurant just for each episode?

  • Bobby Matienzo
    Bobby MatienzoDag sedan

    He is the very first manager I've seen respect Ramsey with utmost care

  • Jah Foolay
    Jah FoolayDag sedan

    Vic really puts the "yes" in yesterday.

  • Drunken Gaming
    Drunken GamingDag sedan

    According to the website realiytvupdates, this place got shut down before the episode even aired! It was seized due to back taxes. Patti and her husband are divorced, Vic passed away and there hasn't been an update since.

  • Shinoda2qx
    Shinoda2qxDag sedan

    Adverts every 3 minutes, youtube, GTF, garbage service.

  • Matthew
    MatthewDag sedan

    this place closed down before this episode even aired lmao

  • Andreea Manolache
    Andreea ManolacheDag sedan

    He said non-stop "my chairs", "my restaurant", even at the very end he says "my american dream". I think he still did not get it that they are a team. He only thinks at himself...

  • not verified
    not verifiedDag sedan

    Bro i honestly feel so bad for vic 😭 When he said that everyone is blaming him. That probably hurt him and the part when he said he feels stupid now,that hit me.

  • Dancing Derwish
    Dancing DerwishDag sedan

    well if I were close to that "cook" I´d probably get very abusive 21:46 now it´s getting authentic 😂

  • Nuclear Wargamer
    Nuclear WargamerDag sedan

    Grill 303 fiesta that’s not confusing at all

  • Fantomen
    FantomenDag sedan

    How is this guy even allowed to run a restaurant??? No matter what Gordon does, it will definitely go back to shit when he’s gone. Yikes

  • Buddy Rocky
    Buddy RockyDag sedan

    God bless you and keep you safe☆☆☆

  • Buddy Rocky
    Buddy RockyDag sedan

    There need allovthem to jump, to the sea????????

  • Emmie Rowan
    Emmie RowanDag sedan

    Ah that's one of the nicest families I've seen on here so far, even Vic if he kept up the good work they're winning.

  • Y/N
    Y/NDag sedan

    no matter what, american shows looks like its made in 2009

  • Y/N


    9 timmar sedan

    @Jamie Mackay oh I didn't knew thanks fir informing:)

  • Jamie Mackay

    Jamie Mackay

    10 timmar sedan

    Fairly accurate assessment. This was filmed in 2008. The restaurant closed down in September 2008, 2 months before the episode even aired for the first time.

  • Green Godfreyf
    Green GodfreyfDag sedan

    The cute sycamore jekely describe because maid microbiologically stare plus a like badge. null, infamous theater

  • Samwise Didier

    Samwise Didier

    19 timmar sedan


  • Tentin Quarantino
    Tentin QuarantinoDag sedan

    15:55 tbf refried beans aren’t exactly known for their visual appeal..

  • Arnab Das
    Arnab DasDag sedan

    They are just cheap people, I have seen a lot of them in my life. It can happen if they aren't disciplined properly from childhood and grow to be such horrible people. But most people are like this and also why food at most places taste really bad.

  • Gary Lee
    Gary LeeDag sedan

    We should call his restaurant Yesterday Sunrise lol

  • Iman Munir
    Iman MunirDag sedan

    Vic permanently looks like he's trying not to 💩 himself and it kills me

  • Pepper F.
    Pepper F.Dag sedan

    Imagine being called by GORDON RAMSAY to help a restaurant in need

  • Akuaku Eddy
    Akuaku Eddy2 dagar sedan

    "Well, that put some warmth on my balls" hahahaha

  • Harada Ch.
    Harada Ch.2 dagar sedan

    Don : I don't have a job? I've paid my bills and in fact I've paid your bills too Oh shit that roast

  • Anthony Lowney
    Anthony Lowney2 dagar sedan

    didn't know about the cockroaches ? lol bullshit

  • Baylabridgawq Hartmanngf
    Baylabridgawq Hartmanngf2 dagar sedan

    The highfalutin sword inferiorly encourage because measure impressively refuse upon a six tailor. elegant, adjoining addition

  • Jim Mears
    Jim Mears2 dagar sedan

    Vic must go now. PERIOD! GET RID OF HIM NOW!

  • Rebeka_Jerala 16
    Rebeka_Jerala 162 dagar sedan

    I refuse to believe this is real. People could get good poisoning and sue the place for good. I mean he had those buckets there like he's feeding fucking pigs not humans. Shit even pigs don't deserve that and let's not talk about the cocroaches... Shame on him

  • AstraVex
    AstraVex2 dagar sedan

    - *(Family is $850,000 in debt)* - Dad "...Oh, now I'm the bad guy here..."

  • Sourav Mishra
    Sourav Mishra2 dagar sedan

    Vic has achieved the impossible by making the actor/cook sebastian appear reasonable and smart.

  • Tia Falkner
    Tia Falkner2 dagar sedan

    i watch these just to see gordon shouting XD

  • Siska Dyason
    Siska Dyason2 dagar sedan

    I almost shitted in my pants when I saw the bugs.

  • The Gengar
    The Gengar2 dagar sedan

    don would be cute if he was less aggressiv

  • Angela Faith Cayari
    Angela Faith Cayari2 dagar sedan

    Out of curiosity, is this restaurant still open??

  • Levi's knee
    Levi's knee2 dagar sedan

    20:29 yesterday

  • M&P
    M&P2 dagar sedan

    When he discovered the stuff one after another and people were being shot while eating it that was fucking intense

  • joe done
    joe done3 dagar sedan

    20:00 the best part

  • H MacPherson
    H MacPherson3 dagar sedan

    This restaurant is a front for money laundering or something.

  • Kiyiya Howling Wolf
    Kiyiya Howling Wolf3 dagar sedan

    Update: Fiesta Sunrise closed in September 2008. The restaurant was seized due to failure to pay taxes that were owed.

  • KK
    KK3 dagar sedan

    ,, YESTERDAY " 😂😂😂

  • The ELITE Gunner
    The ELITE Gunner3 dagar sedan


  • sevencolours
    sevencolours3 dagar sedan

    USA needs immigrants, to run restaurants... like this.

  • xxx yyy
    xxx yyy3 dagar sedan

    VIC has no clue how to run a restaurant...he is a WANNEBE ... BUT I can't understand the stupid mother too. She knew he had no clue but pushed her daughter in destroying her credit for nothing, AND she NEVER went into the restaurant and watched what is happening there. BTW: Are there any regular food safety controls in the USA? This restaurant would be shut down in Switzerland immediatly because of the old food and the dirty kitchen. QUESTION: Are these ILLEGAL workers in the restaurant?

  • sevencolours
    sevencolours3 dagar sedan

    This is why I avoid restaurants altogether.

  • Pepper F.

    Pepper F.

    Dag sedan

    Never the smaller ones like this

  • Three Lankan
    Three Lankan3 dagar sedan

    Yesterday 😂

  • Bilel Mouhli
    Bilel Mouhli3 dagar sedan

    Gorden: When did the dinosaurs go extinct? Vic: Yesterday.

  • fatima shahid
    fatima shahid3 dagar sedan

    Vic: now I I feel like a a stupid *offended*

  • Chao
    Chao3 dagar sedan

    Nah but Dawn was in the right, if I was him I woulda flipped the table too

  • Monstache
    Monstache3 dagar sedan

    @14:25 "Now I feel like stupid" Yeah, you fucking ran a restaurant into the ground and then got your step daughter to cover a new restaurant... and you didn't do shit to change from the last disaster. You don't just feel stupid, you're the embodiment of stupid.

  • as Big as the Planet
    as Big as the Planet3 dagar sedan

    When did the Tyrannosaurus Rex gone extinct? Vic: *Yesterday*

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama3 dagar sedan

    25:50 lmfaooooooo

  • White Mint
    White Mint3 dagar sedan

    The mom and step-father fucking up is pretty obvious, but I seriously don't get the daughter. She put all hers AND BORROWED money into a FAILED business, didn't enforce any change and even after ALMOST A MILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT she didn't fire nor chefs, nor her step-father who was actively dragging her into debt for more than a year. She fully understood the problem, but didn't try to fix it at all - basically Gordon didn't say anything new for her, she just needed someone with balls to actually say it. What the actual fuck

  • Ezra Sapphire
    Ezra Sapphire3 dagar sedan

    *"I Love my New Place"* As if You own Any of it

  • KKPz Playz
    KKPz Playz3 dagar sedan

    Ramsay smashes the bucket of beans on the table so hard it broke

  • richard vanderstelt
    richard vanderstelt3 dagar sedan

    Barry the builder hubby will sort shit out..no worries

  • TheSecretWindowSpot
    TheSecretWindowSpot3 dagar sedan

    Just getting more and more pissed every minute...theyre all to blame..the daugther is too affraid to say that her mom and stepdad is filled with shit. Weakness! Seeing all those people eat that bad food...id run to the restaurant and say STOP eating the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • richard vanderstelt
    richard vanderstelt3 dagar sedan

    alriiiight..I was hooked after 30 seconds..

  • Ooi Huiqi
    Ooi Huiqi3 dagar sedan

    Get a man who defends your honour as well as Don

  • OddStudios
    OddStudios3 dagar sedan

    Gordon: when did you get this restuarant??? Vic: yesterday...

  • Althea Rivas
    Althea Rivas3 dagar sedan

    "Yesterday" is the new friday

    LONDONBOY19803 dagar sedan

    everything is from yesterday is your wife from yesterday is well

  • Dan D
    Dan D4 dagar sedan

    I can NOT believe Vic walked around saying "I love my ____" this or that. ITS NOT YOURS YOU DOUGHNUT!

  • coconutNGHTMR
    coconutNGHTMR4 dagar sedan

    Tbh Vic is like Pepe the Frog in human form.

    NOT LAY JENO4 dagar sedan

    vic is dining cancer... i would never eat anywhere near that man

    NOT LAY JENO4 dagar sedan

    i hate vic... vic needs a swift kick in the nards

  • Lubov Putinа
    Lubov Putinа4 dagar sedan

    i never eating out of my flat((

  • Fifie Mocwane
    Fifie Mocwane4 dagar sedan

    How old are you? Vic: “yesterday”

  • David Raven
    David Raven4 dagar sedan

    It closed eventually. In fact 22 Kitchen Nightmares restaurants still open and 83 Kitchen Nightmares restaurants that have closed. It is Gordon's curse LOL.

  • Tubetube Commentor

    Tubetube Commentor

    3 dagar sedan

    most of these places were already beyond saving. Gordon managed to save 22 of them is amazing enough. Look at this episode. The place was 850k in debt with operating cost of 90k a month. (and those debts have interests attached to them) Unless it got a large amount of fresh funding we can see that the cashflow alone will choke the place to death.

  • Frederik Skovhus Galland
    Frederik Skovhus Galland4 dagar sedan

    I like Don, really stands up for his wife, quite litterally.

  • Mario Zarka
    Mario Zarka4 dagar sedan

    I like that when Gordon was talking about the bad food in the fridge then they show people eating it