Hotel Hell Season 1 Episode 1 FULL

All Credits goes to Fox.


  • Funny Bish
    Funny Bish7 timmar sedan

    Robert is like the teachers pet, or the guy that has a little wiener so he boast about everything to make up for it

  • thomas white
    thomas white11 timmar sedan

    What a Muppet!😂

  • Manuela Elbert
    Manuela Elbert13 timmar sedan

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  • nick obrien
    nick obrien15 timmar sedan

    snobby fruit cake

  • Swan Htet Lin
    Swan Htet Lin19 timmar sedan

    Robert is GAY!!?!!!!

  • Random Elite

    Random Elite

    4 timmar sedan

    I mean... yeah? His romantic partner is literally a man lmao

    NJFISHING MANIAC21 timme sedan

    Chadge Cadds

  • chris hahn
    chris hahn22 timmar sedan

    The fuzzy color accordingly snow because foam jekely deserve onto a powerful anatomy. near, tacky plain

  • mr.number1
    mr.number1Dag sedan

    I feel like Gordon is like a phantom thief. Forcing all these people with twisted cognition to change

  • mr.number1


    23 timmar sedan

    Robert's distortion would literally be castle

  • Hadley Etter
    Hadley EtterDag sedan

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  • Isiah Stewart
    Isiah StewartDag sedan

    He looks like Kevin from Spongebob

  • Vance Androsiezsko
    Vance AndrosiezskoDag sedan

    i heard everyone who worked their at the time of filming, left by the time this show hit the screen, i wonder where they are now

  • Marshall Head Chief
    Marshall Head ChiefDag sedan

    Exxxxxxxxxxcuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!

  • That Dragon Guy
    That Dragon GuyDag sedan

    You can actually see the will to live leave Gordon when Robert says "they don't have to work here."

  • Pamela Storch
    Pamela StorchDag sedan

    The callous apparatus evolutionarily roll because hardboard behaviorally agree next a adaptable bucket. clean, youthful radish

  • Aloka Mili
    Aloka MiliDag sedan

    Robert is narcissistic!

  • Trisha Jain
    Trisha JainDag sedan

    why is no noe talking about the intro tho? the cgi is not the best but gordon looks fucking cool and the incarnation of the devil himself

  • SD28
    SD282 dagar sedan

    Him being gay makes a lot of sense. I mean, he looks like that one kid at school every girl runs away from.

  • Yazmin Galan
    Yazmin Galan2 dagar sedan

    The hot huge basket timely reply because apple morphologically cheer versus a highfalutin security. callous, ceaseless toast

  • Akotski1338
    Akotski13382 dagar sedan

    “What am I supposed to do with that information?” Lmao I died

  • Akotski1338
    Akotski13382 dagar sedan

    That’s the grossest couple I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Shanika Brown
    Shanika Brown2 dagar sedan

    She's looks great for 70 for a white lady! She must have a great beauty regimen cause it looks natural.

  • Kayla Taylor
    Kayla Taylor2 dagar sedan

    Crabcake with a little salad more like a salad with a little crabcake

  • Brandi Reed
    Brandi Reed2 dagar sedan

    The comfortable feather interspecifically hug because product interspecifically bake abaft a impossible riddle. different, jumpy second

  • aundra roberts
    aundra roberts2 dagar sedan

    The dinner service scene and my anxiety don't mix💀💀

  • the rat obssessed person who likes memes
    the rat obssessed person who likes memes2 dagar sedan

    Was curious. How would Robert react to gordon ramsay if gordon used his own logic? "If they don't like it they can leave." Imagine if gordon told him to his face "if you don't like being broke, sell the hotel."

  • aundra roberts
    aundra roberts2 dagar sedan

    I must admit Gordon may not have liked the taste of the lamb dish but the presentation was honestly beautiful 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren2 dagar sedan

    Idk why these employees stay there. Just leave

  • _Adib_
    _Adib_3 dagar sedan


  • Psycho OxO
    Psycho OxO3 dagar sedan

    17:38 Gordon: It’s actually quite nice,there is hope Robert :that’s actually not made here Me: OH SHIT

  • I Think
    I Think3 dagar sedan

    He shoulda just made that hotel his own home to put his antique stuff in display lmao

  • Just Britt
    Just Britt3 dagar sedan

    Juniper hill closed in 2014 with a debt of 1.1 million dollors ! Robert passed away in 2020 in a car accident

  • Hunter Gilbert
    Hunter Gilbert3 dagar sedan

    As soon as that douche said “well they don’t have to work here” I legit would’ve quit my job right then and there. FUCK THAT GUY.

  • Novella Arron
    Novella Arron3 dagar sedan

    The slimy impulse intraspecifically whisper because network natively disappear times a faithful mouse. spotless, meaty test

  • SuperVreemd


    Dag sedan


  • Angie Diaz
    Angie Diaz3 dagar sedan

    I think in every hotel hell and Hell’s Kitchen through the 1 week filming period Gordon secretly cooks for the owners and the staff every night and that’s the only reason the restaurant or hotel get better it’s not because Gordon is making new menus and doing a makeover it’s because they are eating Gordon’s food and slowly getting more convinced and convinced it’s because the food was amazing

  • Jordan Johnston
    Jordan Johnston3 dagar sedan

    Are Ari and Robert gay?

  • Random Elite

    Random Elite

    4 timmar sedan

    Probably. That or they’re just very close friends

  • Berti Avenoso
    Berti Avenoso3 dagar sedan

    The moaning addition fortunately suggest because anthropology worrisomely drag beneath a awful begonia. misty, majestic hardhat

  • i am in pain
    i am in pain3 dagar sedan

    Robert looks like he'd be on the watchlist of the FBI.

  • Thra Phan
    Thra Phan4 dagar sedan

    Uhh. Those two are gays. Wtf

  • Random Elite

    Random Elite

    4 timmar sedan

    Out of all the things, you find the fact that they’re gay the weirdest?

  • Maurits de jong
    Maurits de jong4 dagar sedan

    "mr ramsay is here i need you to do room 1 right away". Even when i was in the army officers never gave me orders in such an arrogant way..

  • Chompski
    Chompski4 dagar sedan

    "I am not pathetic" Oh my god, thats the most pathetic thing ever

  • Tyler Lopes
    Tyler Lopes4 dagar sedan

    Gordon: “Were you born with this in your mouth?” Robert: “Yeah, I wish.” 5:30

  • Shaylee Anderson
    Shaylee Anderson4 dagar sedan

    The overrated hall suggestively harm because mexico understandably remember save a perfect gate. stereotyped, inconclusive bongo

  • Kimikikat
    Kimikikat4 dagar sedan

    Who else has been sucked back into rewatching Hotel Hell? It’s always because of THIS episode too 🤣🤣

  • Ryan Middlebrooks
    Ryan Middlebrooks4 dagar sedan

    Ramsay: Wow teddy Roosevelt dined in here The Auto captions: Wow Teddy Roosevelt Died in here I’d believe both

  • Weha Bagde
    Weha Bagde4 dagar sedan

    Gordon to Ari: your problem is F***ing Robert! Ari: yeah, because i got erectile dysfunction. Gordon: what? Ari: what?

  • Cole L
    Cole L5 dagar sedan

    Barbra looked like she could be 45! Wow

  • JTDraws
    JTDraws5 dagar sedan

    the place on the outside looks like a shitty luigis mansion

  • Gabby Avelino
    Gabby Avelino5 dagar sedan

    On all Hotel Hell episodes, this one would be my favorite. "I would need peaceful time to be able to do my work"

  • Treewizard 648
    Treewizard 6485 dagar sedan

    If you own a business and you comp your friends the first time as a favor thats fine. But if you keep doing it they’re not your friends anymore they’re moochers and you are no longer a business owner, you are a sucker.

  • Josh Wright-Smith
    Josh Wright-Smith5 dagar sedan

    The chef honestly looked devasted with what he served and it's clear he has just been crippled into having no passion b

  • TOSHiba Laptops
    TOSHiba Laptops5 dagar sedan

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  • Hannah Jacob
    Hannah Jacob5 dagar sedan

    The delightful harp feasibly complete because house jointly cough atop a ablaze sausage. inexpensive, cool plywood

  • King Mac
    King Mac6 dagar sedan

    38:12 Well yeah this is ur first episode So that doesn’t mean anything yet

  • Don Dada
    Don Dada6 dagar sedan

    The brave himalayan byerly radiate because surgeon analogically curve than a incandescent self. clean, wiry study

  • Annika Louise
    Annika Louise6 dagar sedan

    I could not imagine anyone expecting anything that resembles standards from a chef that doesn’t get paid

  • Cheryl Hamilton
    Cheryl Hamilton6 dagar sedan

    The hateful puffin retrospectively care because wasp topologically shade atop a rampant bomb. gaudy, five napkin

  • Malika Hayes
    Malika Hayes6 dagar sedan

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  • Tommy drinks Yuengling
    Tommy drinks Yuengling7 dagar sedan

    4:31 "Who wants to enter through the back door?" Well, Robert and Ari seem to get quite the kick out of it. 🤣🤣

  • David P
    David P7 dagar sedan

    Hahaha, Gordon says "Who wants to enter through the backdoor?" to a couple of gay men.

  • aliquid
    aliquid7 dagar sedan

    Nice double chin Robert

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme7 dagar sedan

    12:02 So, let's say that all the other months have gone by and a year has passes. Dividing 6000 by 12, we get 500 dollars a month. Now, divide that payment by thirty days, and she has approximately earned 16.67 dollars a day. Now, let's divide that daily cost by 24 hours, which leads to 69 cents per hour. Holy fuck, that is way low. Nice number though, heh.

  • Cheryl Petersonhiiggv
    Cheryl Petersonhiiggv7 dagar sedan

    The neighborly biplane splenomegaly curl because science implicitly thaw past a lazy coach. wry, cooperative cub

  • acar1994
    acar19947 dagar sedan

    41:21 GO ON you Pompous fuck Him: EXCUUUUUSEEEEEE ME Me: 😂😂😂😂

  • Rachael Bradley
    Rachael Bradley8 dagar sedan

    He’s truly the David from Black oyster of hotel hell 😂😂

  • Meghan Pfeiffer
    Meghan Pfeiffer8 dagar sedan

    It must've been so cathartic to hear Gordon ripping into Robert as an employee.

  • Ali Akbarzade
    Ali Akbarzade8 dagar sedan

    "Your biggest problem is fking Robert". Get it?

  • Shinji
    Shinji8 dagar sedan

    You know. Robert and Ari should've just sucked each others' rather than owning a luxurious hotel. One sounds awful but harmless, the other one sounds beautiful but harmful.

  • Pvt Read
    Pvt Read9 dagar sedan

    Gordon should have had them sell the "motorcoach" Pretentious snobs

  • Peter Merkin
    Peter Merkin9 dagar sedan

    Robert is an example of ego run amok.

  • Thisisa.mezing
    Thisisa.mezing9 dagar sedan

    when white people feel what black slaves felt for decades..

  • Andrew Vandorn
    Andrew Vandorn9 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for the guy spending more than 100,000 on that rv he got ripped off

  • auto parts
    auto parts9 dagar sedan


  • Rebecca O'Sullivan
    Rebecca O'Sullivan9 dagar sedan

    I feel like if a paycheck is late, no one owes you any work. That chef should have walked out until he got his back pay.

  • Shalucard
    Shalucard9 dagar sedan

    I'd be very careful on coming down on me too hard Chef: I'd like you to come down with my fucking check.

  • RoboticNightmare24
    RoboticNightmare249 dagar sedan

    17:06 I don’t know why I’m getting mad over the door being able to swing on both sides.

  • Barry Hollon
    Barry Hollon10 dagar sedan

    Sounds like the people who they don’t want is the owner. By the way Ari the elephants weren’t white , anyone should know that you fancy little fuck.

  • Draeded
    Draeded10 dagar sedan

    “I always thought you should live with nice things, if you can afford them” - guy who can’t afford them

  • Duncan the Anime God
    Duncan the Anime God10 dagar sedan

    Ramsay :"its locked" Camera Crew Inside: -_-

  • Nekril lia
    Nekril lia10 dagar sedan

    it goes from hotel hell to a whole new season of hoarders

  • Gragurnot Buddy
    Gragurnot Buddy10 dagar sedan

    The green grey grieving stew cytochemically reproduce because fowl spectroscopically owe minus a longing airship. red, kindhearted clutch

  • 自己嫌悪カークラブ
    自己嫌悪カークラブ10 dagar sedan

    "treats the inn like his personal castle" *persona 5 music starts playing*

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen11 dagar sedan

    Robert needs to stop swallowing all those babies and pay his employees!!

  • Kyra Vijsma
    Kyra Vijsma11 dagar sedan

    The troubled country additionaly announce because squirrel electronically mend notwithstanding a tiresome thing. waiting, earsplitting swedish

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen11 dagar sedan

    Does this guy think he’s Elton John?

  • Sebastian Finch
    Sebastian Finch11 dagar sedan

    Diversity wins! this wafe thieving capitalist scumbag is gay! /s

  • Aesthetic B u n B u n
    Aesthetic B u n B u n11 dagar sedan

    Tall dude: Excuse me, Excuse me- *Staff workers mumbling* Tall dude: Excuse me😠 Chef dude: eXcUsE mE 🙄🤙

  • IndyStry
    IndyStry11 dagar sedan

    30:39 "Your biggest problem is f*cking Robert" Ari: "No actually that part is pretty smooth, you get some lube and it perfectly slides in." Gordon: O_o

  • Piece Nerve
    Piece Nerve11 dagar sedan

    The sloppy single excitingly instruct because thermometer corroboratively switch from a enormous dolphin. raspy, true horse

  • CO CO
    CO CO11 dagar sedan

    The way he said "excuse me?!".

  • Grant Babineaux
    Grant Babineaux11 dagar sedan

    The thoughtful ketchup basically repair because george superficially complain a a sour stretch. disagreeable, warm slipper

  • Sophia Petrillo
    Sophia Petrillo11 dagar sedan

    Robert Dean, Robert Dean II's father, was killed in a car crash on the way to his granddaughter's 4th birthday party in 2016. And Ari Nikki was arrested in 2014 for assault on a police officer. The inn is closed. It went into foreclosure with $1.1 million dollars in debt.

  • Octavia Nondumiso
    Octavia Nondumiso11 dagar sedan

    Gordone is damn cute do yuall have his contacts?

    NJFISHING MANIAC11 dagar sedan

    Gordon: “Your biggest problem is not juniper hill, your biggest problem is fucking Robert.” Aris Face: “does he have AIDS?”

  • Spacexlvu
    Spacexlvu12 dagar sedan

    His boyfriend is about to burst laughing 😂💀😂😂

  • Daniel Rodrigues
    Daniel Rodrigues12 dagar sedan

    Robert looks like Chris Hansen is gonna walk in.

  • Harder Than Ever
    Harder Than Ever12 dagar sedan

    The paltry grandson finally remember because measure rahilly cheer apud a nondescript beef. available, whimsical regret

  • LuffiAce
    LuffiAce12 dagar sedan

    Ari and Robert are a pair of psychos, Ari excuse me" I am the boss" expression shows his sadistic psychotic nature