Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (5 Hunters)

This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.

Original Video: seblack.info/world/oZnJi4KWx3x6lZU/video.html

This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.

Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)


  • DreamXD
    DreamXDMånad sedan

    Uncut version out in the next day or so! Also going to be putting out an analysis in the next week :) lots of things to say in the analysis

  • Nabil Langsa

    Nabil Langsa

    14 dagar sedan

    You are dream?

  • mikah vitug

    mikah vitug

    23 dagar sedan

    I call a draw

  • Kasperi Lehtinen

    Kasperi Lehtinen

    Månad sedan

    Dream wiin!!!

  • ANU OP5371

    ANU OP5371

    Månad sedan

    Please do the rematch



    Månad sedan

    Fue vas a retirar

  • Dylan Dylan Playz games
    Dylan Dylan Playz games4 timmar sedan

    I love how there so celebratory on how the five of the beat up one person, as if they could easily beat it as the speed runner, not to mention the fact that the reason dream "lost" (even though he really shouldn't have) was because of a glitch

  • Dylan Dylan Playz games
    Dylan Dylan Playz games4 timmar sedan

    Dream won

  • Adhish Ubayasiri
    Adhish Ubayasiri6 timmar sedan

    dream won for sure

  • Dream jogador🥵🥵🤬💖
    Dream jogador🥵🥵🤬💖7 timmar sedan

    :) 100$ 🥰🥰😌😌😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲🥱💚💚👋🤚🤚🖐✋🖖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪Dream

  • Paul Cheung
    Paul Cheung9 timmar sedan

    5 Hunters: You can’t respawn the dragon that’s a glitch! 4 Hunters: Scaffolding Flying Trick

  • shadowking 21
    shadowking 2111 timmar sedan

    This happend to me as well on a realm that my friend paid to stay up for 5 years

  • Subhash b.k
    Subhash b.k13 timmar sedan

    The point is he killed the dragon but it didn't show the achivement,and you cant respawn the dragon onless it is dead so dream killed the dragon before he died

  • Nathan Davenport
    Nathan Davenport15 timmar sedan

    Next rule: *Glitches. Don’t. Count.*

    DODGERBOI 3518 timmar sedan

    Dream should of won

  • Mouh Nabil
    Mouh Nabil19 timmar sedan

    dream YOU killed hem

    ZOMBOSS KILLER21 timme sedan

    Next is gonna to be dream vs six hunters

  • Koray Cnd
    Koray CndDag sedan

    7:33 is DanTDM

  • Techteal
    TechtealDag sedan

    Why don't they use compass

  • night green
    night greenDag sedan

    I will revive the life ender dragon

  • Bala is gr8
    Bala is gr8Dag sedan

    u shouldn't do it like that

  • shelbyboi868
    shelbyboi868Dag sedan

    How the fuck did they get end crystals

  • Maximillian Blake Cruz
    Maximillian Blake CruzDag sedan

    I am frustrated at them

  • Santiago Jaramillo
    Santiago JaramilloDag sedan

    Dream won

  • Mario Thomas
    Mario ThomasDag sedan


  • 11 - Aritra Mukherjee
    11 - Aritra MukherjeeDag sedan

    the dragon's heath was at zero though otherwise it woudnt have worked its definetly a glitch which could be cus of server lag

  • Marianne plaza😊😊
    Marianne plaza😊😊Dag sedan

    I think that was not fair they made the dragon come back again

  • Brandon Stephens
    Brandon StephensDag sedan

    Dream still won cause either way the dragon died and it says end again which means he went again

  • Wan Shao yang (Zhenghuaps)
    Wan Shao yang (Zhenghuaps)Dag sedan

    But once a player kills the dragon, there is a way to respawn it. If the player places end crystals on each of the 4 sides of the end portal, another Ender Dragon will spawn. This will also regenerate the end crystal towers and iron chains.

  • The Lucid Mudkip
    The Lucid MudkipDag sedan

    He did win read Becca Servedios comment

  • Pratik Tyagi
    Pratik Tyagi2 dagar sedan

    If you stop respawn dragon by blasting the crystal

    FREAK GAMING2 dagar sedan

    dream this is your alt account

    CYbEr GAMING PH2 dagar sedan

    There is no winner

  • muhammad irsyad hafizi
    muhammad irsyad hafizi2 dagar sedan

    hei dream you should do 100 days hardcore challenge

  • mhat2009
    mhat20092 dagar sedan

    they are hacking

  • Malachi Landes
    Malachi Landes2 dagar sedan


  • MidnightGod Hyotsumi
    MidnightGod Hyotsumi2 dagar sedan

    Im pretty sure he killed the dragon then it respawned the second he killed it

  • MaxEvo7980
    MaxEvo79802 dagar sedan

    Cakes, Ender Dragon Eggs, Whats That!?

  • Abizer Saify
    Abizer Saify2 dagar sedan

    the thing is that the dragon was killed but before dream got the advancement they respawned it again and this means dream lost

  • Elijah Powell
    Elijah Powell2 dagar sedan

    my mind cannot comprehend

  • Anonymaton
    Anonymaton2 dagar sedan

    I think as far as the fans are concerned, Dream won and the other guys are harping on a technicality

  • Kristaps Šalkovskis
    Kristaps Šalkovskis2 dagar sedan

    How that glich happend its fucked up but gv

  • xxxtentaciun
    xxxtentaciun2 dagar sedan

    I just imagine how these guys neighbors still these guys neighbors wait what

  • Oliver Hansen
    Oliver Hansen2 dagar sedan

    hunters: U dIdnT gEt FrEe ThE eNd. Dreame da pro: that glitch. me: dream won he killed the dragon

  • arrsea


    Dag sedan

    @Chanceux Mbimi dream didntnyntnrjdjjs Stop mow

  • Chanceux Mbimi

    Chanceux Mbimi

    2 dagar sedan

    Dream didn't kill the dragon

  • MR SGK
    MR SGK2 dagar sedan

    Wow manhunt is for entartment

  • YoshiPlays
    YoshiPlays2 dagar sedan

    The ender dragon dies when the other one spawns and dream couldn’t get the advancement because he didn’t kill it when it respond that killed it

  • YoshiPlays


    2 dagar sedan

    That’s why I think dream won

  • Ejlar Sørensen
    Ejlar Sørensen3 dagar sedan

    i testet this in creative and you can't respawn the dragon before its dead. and that means dream won, he would a 100% have killed the dragon if that bug didn't happen

  • Lorena Prima
    Lorena Prima3 dagar sedan

    The dragon dont reaspawn when its not dead and there's a bug that when the dragon died and respawn the achievement dont appear

  • Red Arrow
    Red Arrow3 dagar sedan

    Nobody wins it’s a draw

  • Ascarma YT
    Ascarma YT3 dagar sedan

    them: BuGS aRE NOt OuR FAuuLTTT Me: aight lemme search it up

  • Ariel Flores
    Ariel Flores3 dagar sedan

    I watched this in .25 speed and I saw that like he “killed it” I’m not sure tho the health bar for the dragon disappeared but reappeared and also the dragon did not heal by the time of the “death” of the dragon so to be honest I think dream won but they decide

  • minthu kha
    minthu kha3 dagar sedan

    who win

  • Mike Mustafi
    Mike Mustafi3 dagar sedan

    3:36 why did he scream that was so embarrassing LOL

  • 🏳️‍🌈•{Iris_ ErRor}•🏳️‍🌈
    🏳️‍🌈•{Iris_ ErRor}•🏳️‍🌈3 dagar sedan

    I’m not a expert But maybe when you killed the Dragon it’s got revived By The crystals so basically you killed the dragon first but I’m not really sure but if I am correct you won not them -

  • Aled Nathaniel
    Aled Nathaniel3 dagar sedan

    Iso dream name on da bottom of the screen

  • KingDamion
    KingDamion3 dagar sedan

    Dream U Should Have Shot The Crystal

  • Aiden Sunil
    Aiden Sunil3 dagar sedan

    Dream is right it’s a glitch I once happened it

    BLACK HOOD3 dagar sedan


  • Aidan Nichols
    Aidan Nichols3 dagar sedan

    Dream did kill the dragon because you need the egg to respawn it

  • Nathan Cochran
    Nathan Cochran3 dagar sedan

    Dream one because they got free the end again so they already killed it

  • Ghost Garcello
    Ghost Garcello3 dagar sedan

    Minecraft players can respawn the Ender Dragon by crafting and then placing four end crystals on the exit portal, found on the boss platform in the End.

  • Kryptex
    Kryptex3 dagar sedan

    He actually got the achievement

  • Kareem Manberg
    Kareem Manberg3 dagar sedan

    think you should do a rematch this was a glitch its not fair

  • Alaina Young
    Alaina Young3 dagar sedan

    sorry not me my sisterdid it

  • the guy you have been arguing for a long time

    the guy you have been arguing for a long time

    3 dagar sedan

    How did you know that in literally one minute got your sister said that

  • Alaina Young
    Alaina Young3 dagar sedan

    why are you gay?

  • AlterTheAlien
    AlterTheAlien3 dagar sedan

    Everyone who played from before 1.15 knows this if they don't they're an abomination (I've been playing from 1.13)

  • gamer mood
    gamer mood4 dagar sedan

    2:33 zombie:bruuuh

  • Agastya Aggarwal
    Agastya Aggarwal4 dagar sedan

    we cannot complete minecraft in days and this guy does it in 40 mins with 5 good and experienced hunters

  • Elastic Gamer
    Elastic Gamer4 dagar sedan

    Dream you were right i was speed running with 3 hunters and SAME thing happened i was like bruuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh

  • Aquizzical
    Aquizzical4 dagar sedan

    c o p e

  • Rahquiem Jecyrel Quesada
    Rahquiem Jecyrel Quesada4 dagar sedan

    In my opinion the hunters win because dream could have ended it in a draw if he went through the portal

  • ??????
    ??????4 dagar sedan

    Dream: THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS me: well LOL

  • Robert Blackstad
    Robert Blackstad4 dagar sedan

    Dream you need a break 5 hunters is too much

  • Sherrie Mezyk
    Sherrie Mezyk4 dagar sedan

    If you kill the dragon befor it’s dead a new dragon will spawn and then if dream kills it he still won’t get the achievement so is not a speed run anymore it’s interfering with the speed run

  • Lili Zaza
    Lili Zaza4 dagar sedan

    You are the best

  • Zweiter Spielerfgkids
    Zweiter Spielerfgkids4 dagar sedan

    Steam hast won

  • That Guy
    That Guy4 dagar sedan

    Dream Should of won because the end crystles used to respond the dragon all they would of done is heal the dragon so dream did kill the dragon

  • e
    e5 dagar sedan

    Dream and his friends arguing over who won

  • Abi Ghazi
    Abi Ghazi5 dagar sedan

    your friend sceting but dream tsupit too tou can fail the respaw

    SAIDUN NAHAR AI TRC Mirpur5 dagar sedan

    Let me tell you, the dragon can only be respawned when it's dead already. Also, dream finished the health of the dragon, but didn't kill it., As killing means to finish the health, start the dragon death animation, and then get the achievement [ Free the End ]. And dream just only finished the health, didn't kill it. After the dragon's health is finished, the end crystals that were for healing the dragon started respawning, or should I say 'replenishing' the dragon's health. It's an Intentional game design, not a bug/glitch. Well played, Sapnap

  • Hajime Yamamoto
    Hajime Yamamoto5 dagar sedan

    Dream won.

  • profile
    profile5 dagar sedan

    Dream deffinatily won or draw they didn't win because they responded before it died

  • Nick Breshears
    Nick Breshears5 dagar sedan

    That was a fucking glitch. And if the dragon did respawn indicates that the dragon DIED. So either no one's wins or dream wins

  • Corbin Curry
    Corbin Curry5 dagar sedan

    This is a draw

  • Olivia Marshall
    Olivia Marshall5 dagar sedan

    At 9:27 dream said “Have I ever won a first one?” So out of curiosity I rewatched all the manhunts and even though it did take me a while dream has won a first one. He won the first and only 2v1.

  • kittycatplaysYT
    kittycatplaysYT5 dagar sedan

    dream: sam is a redstone nerd mumbojumbo fans: bruh

  • kamran ashraf
    kamran ashraf5 dagar sedan

    Dream I tried it so it counted as a respawn 100 percent it happens

  • Massimo Pistininzi
    Massimo Pistininzi5 dagar sedan

    For me the winner IS Dreams

  • Clayton Crowley
    Clayton Crowley5 dagar sedan

    don't worry dream you'll get them next time

  • Arthur Rodrigues
    Arthur Rodrigues5 dagar sedan

    Dream eu quero que vc faz um vídeo mostrando como ser pro pleyer

  • Aaron Stachovic
    Aaron Stachovic5 dagar sedan


  • victor simon
    victor simon5 dagar sedan

    I think its a tie

  • Die1PumaSchildkroete
    Die1PumaSchildkroete5 dagar sedan

    Dream Won.

  • Sco4pion
    Sco4pion5 dagar sedan

    In my opinion that’s dream 1-0

  • BeverageGamez
    BeverageGamez6 dagar sedan

    Definitely a draw



  • Hwee Lin Wee
    Hwee Lin Wee6 dagar sedan

    I think Dream won

  • Mars
    Mars6 dagar sedan


  • secret gamer_bg
    secret gamer_bg6 dagar sedan

    Dream After 80 years Me my son and my grandson vs 100 hunters

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez6 dagar sedan

    The respawn dragon thing has been there for a very long time ever since the end crystals came out to be craftable btw so don’t think its a random event that happened

  • Anti-matter
    Anti-matter6 dagar sedan

    So mojang modified the server so that dream can not win?

  • Krzaczasty
    Krzaczasty6 dagar sedan

    Be like final @Tobiaszgaming

  • DeadWolf
    DeadWolf6 dagar sedan

    just mostly a long heating debate

  • Ani Beatrice
    Ani Beatrice6 dagar sedan


  • Cherry Blossoms
    Cherry Blossoms6 dagar sedan

    Ok so this is what happened: when he killed the dragon the crystals were already there and the ritual stared immediately and the sever glitched and didn’t give him the achievement