Twitch Bans the Word Obese | xQc Reacts to Livestream FAILS!


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  • DaveKraft400
    DaveKraft4007 dagar sedan

    Obese virgins who simp for the Just Chatting girls. Three words in that sentence banned on Twitch yet the softcore porn is not. How insane is that?

  • lurk
    lurk9 dagar sedan

    11:01 SONG?

  • RentedPopcorn 2
    RentedPopcorn 215 dagar sedan

    I have work tomorrow.... good one felix

    JAKEONRL20 dagar sedan


  • Aggressive Worshiper
    Aggressive Worshiper20 dagar sedan


  • Mert Mertoğlu
    Mert Mertoğlu22 dagar sedan

    Nothing like enforced sensitivity. Why would you let people think about morality when you can just ban words and ideas, right? LOL

  • Stephen Syck
    Stephen Syck22 dagar sedan

    Bruh xqc s chat is so dumb they cringe at litterally everything that’s not xqc I’m an xqc fan but the chat is so braindead

  • Qolumbia
    Qolumbia22 dagar sedan

    twitch is going to ban the whole alphabet at this rate

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm23 dagar sedan


  • j
    j23 dagar sedan

    A girl flashes her tits on stream and twitch staff doesn’t bat a eye, but saying obese will cause twitch staff to lose their fucking mind

  • Brokkr
    Brokkr23 dagar sedan

    Twitch is out here banning medical terms. Sheesh.

  • fenderpuddy
    fenderpuddy24 dagar sedan


  • Jordan
    Jordan24 dagar sedan

    When are people finally going to boycott fucking twitch?? People need to get together and demand change or leave. Go on strike man.

  • totodurette
    totodurette24 dagar sedan

    ahahahah je m'attendais pas a voir xari et zoulou pop comme ca

  • MrFuggleGuggle
    MrFuggleGuggle24 dagar sedan


  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids24 dagar sedan

    twitch is turning into a hyper safespace. nevermind the fact obese is a medical term

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel24 dagar sedan

    SEblack is just better in every way, you don't have to be paranoid of getting banned for accidentally showing nudity or some violence, and you can say anything you fucking want. Twitch went from gaming to "just chatting" thots, and snowflake city.

  • Gruzi
    Gruzi24 dagar sedan

    that asmon gold clip is based

  • Mike G
    Mike G24 dagar sedan

    You cant even say literal medical terms now? Nice.

  • KatanaQuits
    KatanaQuits25 dagar sedan

    Obese people don’t want this. We want to be healthy. That’s it.

  • Salami
    Salami25 dagar sedan

    twitch just doesn't know the meaning of "context"

  • Tom
    Tom25 dagar sedan

    Twitch staff offended by medical descriptive term OMEGALUL

  • Niko
    Niko25 dagar sedan

    Why would they ban "obese" its literally a medical term. I get if they banned the word "fat" or something (even then, just no) but why obese? Lol

  • iunno o
    iunno o25 dagar sedan


  • Akietsu Akina
    Akietsu Akina25 dagar sedan

    “Twitch bans the word OuuuubeeeZzzzeee”

  • Hhh Li
    Hhh Li25 dagar sedan

    Asmongold just got a follow from me .. besides saying niggah with the hard R. There ain't really many WORDS that matter to much. What matters the most is the felling behind it.

  • TobiCozy
    TobiCozy25 dagar sedan

    twitch is getting worse and worse every single year. So fucking soft and sensitive

  • Eternal Memeage
    Eternal Memeage25 dagar sedan

    Obese isn’t even offensive it’s literally just a medical term for describing someone with more body fat Pepega Twitch

  • CallmeBird
    CallmeBird25 dagar sedan

    Dont worry Ill just call everyone fat

  • Joe Breezy
    Joe Breezy25 dagar sedan

    Doctor to patient: You need to lose weight, you're morbidly THICC

  • BurntBurrito
    BurntBurrito25 dagar sedan

    Im pretty obese and i hate when people snowflake over obese. Shits a medical term you cant change that because you feel its mean

  • Monarch
    Monarch25 dagar sedan

    7:43 Tyler just pulled a Tom Holland

  • Derek
    Derek25 dagar sedan

    ANDY this obese grandma trying to fish for LSF Videos to get more popular. YIKES

  • Ciser
    Ciser25 dagar sedan

    Twitch controlled by leftists OMEGALUL

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo25 dagar sedan

    What clip was 9:15 from

  • GoldFishWithGun
    GoldFishWithGun25 dagar sedan

    "Twitch bans the word OBEEZE" XQC

  • Дмитрий Киселёв
    Дмитрий Киселёв25 dagar sedan

    I think the staff are just banning all the names they were called in life, one by one

  • TheCommoNerd
    TheCommoNerd25 dagar sedan

    What's funny about this to me is that a lot of people out there are obese without even realizing it. I go around telling everyone I'm obese (30% body fat) and they look surprised saying I just look fairly fit person with a larger frame.

  • josh
    josh25 dagar sedan

    Wait but why would they ban it??? Next they are gonna ban the word ugly, then ban evil, then ban the word bad until twitch is gonna be place of fairy tales

  • Shane Reardon
    Shane Reardon25 dagar sedan

    Its mostly the HAES movement... No you cannot be morbidly obese and healthy. How are you that dumb? Ya know? JEEZ. Plus it being a medical term. Change it to something else until some other people get offended and change it again... This world we live in...

  • Killkor
    Killkor26 dagar sedan

    If Twitch was a person and encountered a robber holding a hammer, breaking into their house through the window, they would confiscate the hammer and let the robber escape scot-free, pinning all the blame onto the f*cking tool.

    GCORE26 dagar sedan

    Twitch is mostly adults but it be coming up with more stupid rules than elementary schools. Wtf

  • sucky sucky
    sucky sucky26 dagar sedan

    Twitch is scarcely turning into SEblack

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama26 dagar sedan

    Twitch 40% of Americans are obese and the word is banned because people are offended by reality lmfao.

  • Pochita
    Pochita26 dagar sedan

    KKonaW WTF??

  • Tobias Andersson
    Tobias Andersson26 dagar sedan

    5:10 is that a grandma or a 15 year old boy?

  • l l
    l l26 dagar sedan

    Nick seems like a good guy but he's the least entertaining big streamer. I don't see the appeal.

  • Sikobaya
    Sikobaya26 dagar sedan

    Twitch staff banning all the words that describe them PepeLaugh

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop26 dagar sedan

    Twitch: can have bathtub streams with girls in bikinis Also twitch: You cant say the word obese and simp ???????????????????

  • eh ehh
    eh ehh26 dagar sedan

    supporting a health issue by censoring a normal term for a type of body... its fucking bad for the body and mind

  • Neil Law
    Neil Law26 dagar sedan

    The world is on a downward spiral with the extremist PC crowd, if we don't do something about these people then the film equilibrium will be reality in years to come

  • Bear Berserk
    Bear Berserk26 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain to me the ludwig timer I dont get it

  • KudosK
    KudosK26 dagar sedan

    Twitch is so insecure.

  • Mikonson
    Mikonson26 dagar sedan

    Twitch doesn't even deserve to define the word "sensitive", twitch is much weaker than that.

  • Zeph
    Zeph26 dagar sedan

    Soda is still living in the mindset of old Twitch and that's the reason I love him OMEGALUL

  • Felix Jimenez
    Felix Jimenez26 dagar sedan

    Watch out they gonna ban skinny next

  • Joe Mutter
    Joe Mutter26 dagar sedan

    LOL Soda 02:50 XD

  • roger huibers -CxP-
    roger huibers -CxP-26 dagar sedan

    Andy what're you doing? 🤣🤣🤣 asking for X

  • Mabbel 999
    Mabbel 99926 dagar sedan

    edgy joke make big boys of twitchy angwy

  • SongsAndMixes
    SongsAndMixes26 dagar sedan

    twitch snowflakes back at it again as usual

  • Benito Camelas
    Benito Camelas26 dagar sedan

    0:25 is it me or his face looks like it's been deep faked?

  • Jack Dixon
    Jack Dixon26 dagar sedan

    obese obese obese obese obese

  • Subjective Object
    Subjective Object26 dagar sedan

    12:51 someone calls it art. People who see $&!% like this and call it art are a danger to the society!

  • Dignified
    Dignified26 dagar sedan

    4:34 :ape: YO X SCUFFED?

  • koagz
    koagz26 dagar sedan

    They're gonna ban the word "Whale" next.

  • Francis Opeña
    Francis Opeña26 dagar sedan

    Damn the production value in that last clip is amazing

  • Luv sic VI
    Luv sic VI26 dagar sedan

    Twitch: lets slvts stream on the platform and promote their Onlyfans Also Twitch: B-b-but you can't use naughty words!!

  • Mythic Killa
    Mythic Killa26 dagar sedan

    im obese

  • bevrosity
    bevrosity26 dagar sedan

    i finally found someone worse than destiny. asfand

  • Stay Calm
    Stay Calm26 dagar sedan

    I guess I'll just start saying fat fuck instead of being respectful and saying obese

  • Stay Calm

    Stay Calm

    26 dagar sedan

    Actually watching this a second time and having the realization that they pretty much banned the word "Unhealthy" in doing so

  • Solar Alt
    Solar Alt26 dagar sedan

    "Twitch bans the word ØBËÃZZË"

  • Cameron Monzon
    Cameron Monzon26 dagar sedan

    Is TWITCH that sensitive? EVERYONE is that sensitive.

  • Christian Gimenez
    Christian Gimenez26 dagar sedan

    What was soda playing on 6:40?

  • Cosmic PW
    Cosmic PW26 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Twitch: ❄

  • T8XIC
    T8XIC26 dagar sedan

    Omg everytime i see xqc videos they always get ruined because of his dumbass annoying unfunny donators lol

  • Krennz
    Krennz26 dagar sedan

    8:55 Kreygasm

  • Soaars
    Soaars26 dagar sedan

    Twitch is braindead

  • Lorenzo Shh
    Lorenzo Shh26 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know what vod that miz tournament is

  • kedolosk
    kedolosk26 dagar sedan

    This is literally how communism/socialism starts. It starts with good intentions, wanting to ban bad words. But as time goes on, evil people with easy power will abuse this to limit any free speech that goes against their agenda. It is so so so sad to see the world move to this. I can't wait to say i told you so when fascist usa is openly murdering media that speaks out just like China and Russia does.

  • kaklsdkkag
    kaklsdkkag26 dagar sedan

    I never enjoy seeing these people stand around in a kitchen I never care about whatever they’re talking about

  • Fooxh
    Fooxh26 dagar sedan

    16:24 this made me laugh way too fucking much

  • Length Feature
    Length Feature26 dagar sedan

    So you can't use the words "Obese" "Simp" and "Retard"? I wonder why.

  • rainmaker014
    rainmaker01426 dagar sedan

    Twitch CEO must be obese asf

  • PewPew KaChoo
    PewPew KaChoo26 dagar sedan

    "Bathtub, or hot tub" My man with the hot take. PREACH. Twitch is a joke these days

  • eXi1le
    eXi1le26 dagar sedan

    So now we gotta call them Orbees people now?

  • MillerIAm
    MillerIAm26 dagar sedan

    The place Andy was at was called Katz deli. It's a wildly packed and popular place in New York city. I've been there a few times it takes ages to get food.

  • Ait0re
    Ait0re26 dagar sedan

    14:08 that interaction was 10/10

  • Disploit
    Disploit26 dagar sedan

    people should start using trovo!

  • Jeff KaplenTM
    Jeff KaplenTM26 dagar sedan

    I'll just say large

  • Monke Man
    Monke Man26 dagar sedan

    Twitch is soft as fuck😂

  • Tiago Ferreira
    Tiago Ferreira26 dagar sedan

    its pathetic

  • T Chambers
    T Chambers26 dagar sedan


  • diamonje
    diamonje26 dagar sedan

    Chances response to her question was the perfect one there. NMP shoulda have gone along with the joke. He's the one who brought up the lashes. /shrug

  • thatriceguy
    thatriceguy26 dagar sedan

    Xqc speaks minecraft enchantment table

  • FudgeMonkeyz69
    FudgeMonkeyz6926 dagar sedan

    Nmplol has cool socks.

  • asdfasdf
    asdfasdf26 dagar sedan

    NAMMERS literally crying over pixels OMEGALUL. Imagine not being straight

  • iiFatDoge
    iiFatDoge26 dagar sedan

    2:15 wtf is this logic?? "I'll say the slur, but not the medical term for the same word". Most autistic people aren't offended by the R-word, but that logic still makes no sense.

  • Dramaticend
    Dramaticend26 dagar sedan

    I could understand "fat" "humongous" "Chubby" but "obese"????

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen26 dagar sedan

    Mom jokes Sadge

  • The Big Brother
    The Big Brother26 dagar sedan

    14:36 LMAOOOO