Gordon Amazed By Chef Who Mistakes Chicken For Beef | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

Yes, but does Gordon have Diamonds on his fish?

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  • Dani
    Dani2 timmar sedan

    Damn, final scene with update was a quick K.O. to the heart... lol

  • Sairevathi Busanagari
    Sairevathi Busanagari3 timmar sedan

    Rickey really turned around

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse6 timmar sedan

    So it's 41 min long...hmmm well 6 min to go.

  • Novica Vincic
    Novica Vincic6 timmar sedan

    Rickey snitched hard on buzzz

  • Gloryfire Cheung
    Gloryfire Cheung9 timmar sedan

    I would say she found the wrong employees at the beginning of starting the restaurant.

  • Lady Pool
    Lady Pool10 timmar sedan

    Between a impolite but honest girl and a very loud and laughing cook, i prefer the girl! Tabitha is doing efforts to do her job and won't lie to the customers. She could say less insults but beside that, there's nothing wrong with her. Ricky, on the other hand, is always joking which is annoying XS It's ok to have fun BUT do your job first then relax at home.

  • Crimson Vileblood
    Crimson Vileblood12 timmar sedan

    WTF. 😅 That ending came out of nowhere. It feels like watching a 70's movie.

  • Tamer AlAmine
    Tamer AlAmine16 timmar sedan

    Danial needs to be taken to jail not just yelled at.

  • Anurag Bundela 148
    Anurag Bundela 14817 timmar sedan

    0:18 damn the editor did her dirty 😭

  • dhEive U
    dhEive U18 timmar sedan

    why is no one talking about 21:40!

  • Tiago Cerqueira
    Tiago Cerqueira19 timmar sedan

    Darth Gordon to Tabitha: *Come, my apprentice. You have been well trained, there will be no match for you*

  • Green Plum
    Green Plum20 timmar sedan

    Dafaq, why did you end it like that?

  • Kluxii
    Kluxii21 timme sedan

    The server looks like Alli Rae, who knows, knows.

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream22 timmar sedan

    5 months later SHIT

  • raneunhae - idc.
    raneunhae - idc.Dag sedan

    Omg they closed in the ennddddd

  • Peik1879 H2K
    Peik1879 H2KDag sedan

    31:10 such a mood

  • joko lelono
    joko lelonoDag sedan

    "Recipe for the burger is TOP Secret I can tell you but then I have to kill you" Ricky

  • ko sdsd
    ko sdsdDag sedan

    man, the owner is a walking tool...

  • ML Lanzkie Gaming
    ML Lanzkie GamingDag sedan

    0:52 SNOOP DOGG😳

  • Mark Jade
    Mark JadeDag sedan

    Aww that sucks.... Cause of the depts,they never ended going up again I'm sad they have to close

  • nom on hallucinogens
    nom on hallucinogensDag sedan

    gordon is just a saint man

  • Green Godfreyf
    Green GodfreyfDag sedan

    The needless gold neuropathologically remind because broker regularly develop off a screeching romania. possible, evanescent lunge

  • John Corpuz
    John CorpuzDag sedan

    wow....idid not expect that the resturamt will close

  • Navi Sacdalan
    Navi SacdalanDag sedan

    37:42 Bro sounded like Morty

  • Huda Carlse
    Huda CarlseDag sedan

    Now thats a cold ending

  • Anti-Extremists 🚫
    Anti-Extremists 🚫2 dagar sedan

    the last 25 seconds changed the whole plot

  • StuffyDock7
    StuffyDock72 dagar sedan

    straight up fixed the whole place just for it to be shut down

  • Lit Hium
    Lit Hium2 dagar sedan

    3:34 English bohat hi poor language hai...apne India ki bhasa aur baaki deso ki mukya bhasa hi sahi hai jo likha wahi padhna hai (ENGLISH IS POOR LANGUAGE, INDIAN LANGUAGE AND OTHER COUNTRIES NATIVE LANGUAGE IS BEST THEIR WERE NO PRONOUNCE ERROR)

  • Christy
    Christy2 dagar sedan

    The least Rick could do is tuck in his shirts and look proper. The "executive chef" looks like he is in a rap video. WTH

  • Debt O'Chill
    Debt O'Chill2 dagar sedan

    Gordon should be amazed by this: seblack.info/world/pmK7hIuLpIZhncg/video.html

  • The Real Mckoy
    The Real Mckoy2 dagar sedan

    We may have diamonds on the fish

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf2 dagar sedan

    Can't believe restaurant is serving Kirkland cake

  • De Leon Jerick
    De Leon Jerick2 dagar sedan

    Me hearing Tabitha and Ricky yell at each other gives me deja vu

  • Neil
    Neil2 dagar sedan

    Lol - Buzzard really bombed out.

  • YouTube Commentor
    YouTube Commentor3 dagar sedan

    Lela: "I'm the owner of the fine dining restaurant." *hysterical laughs blasts off*

  • Stray Cat
    Stray Cat3 dagar sedan

    Gordon: where is the lamb sauce Also Gordon: where is the lamb

  • Brendan Gavaghan
    Brendan Gavaghan3 dagar sedan

    It should not be POSSIBLE to mistake chicken for beef!! Even the blood and bones are vastly different, That's not a chef or avg person, that's a complete cock eyed halfwit! I wouldn't let them do the fucking dishes!

  • Liu Chase
    Liu Chase3 dagar sedan

    Emm…the ending.

  • vijay surendran
    vijay surendran3 dagar sedan

    the owner of the restaurant is the biggest problem here . .. she is not being forceful enough to lay down the law .. she seem so passive

  • Melan P

    Melan P

    2 dagar sedan

    Passive? Dude she's a walking flatline beep.

  • Yair Myat Aung
    Yair Myat Aung3 dagar sedan

    After retirement, Allen Iverson became a chef....lol.

  • Sahaya Swedon
    Sahaya Swedon3 dagar sedan

    சிறந்த உணவகம்

  • kenty mashmilo
    kenty mashmilo3 dagar sedan

    Yah they are just showing off for the camera.

  • Sadad Erlangga
    Sadad Erlangga3 dagar sedan

    Gordon acquired Poison Resistance every time he touches disgusting items from the fridge

  • joe done
    joe done4 dagar sedan

    cya lex

  • Tristan Bautista
    Tristan Bautista4 dagar sedan

    I actually thought that Gordon was dabbing in the thumbnail.

  • wocky slush
    wocky slush4 dagar sedan

    I'd like to say it loudly in this comment section "WORLD NEED SOMEONE LIKE GORDON RAMSAY" really tho..by watching kitchen nigthmares series, really open my eyes about Gordon..I thought he's just a grumpy chef..but then I watched him sincerely helping the restaurant to be better..WOW 👏👏👏

  • Plus_One_Hundred
    Plus_One_Hundred4 dagar sedan

    What an ending

  • Eldrin Dayagro
    Eldrin Dayagro4 dagar sedan

    Ricky is executive chef for a reason. Lex you will never be a head chef u never left ur man behind.

  • LiTheCrazy UwU
    LiTheCrazy UwU4 dagar sedan

    idk Tabitha was like Gordon's niece lol

  • reddish gamer
    reddish gamer4 dagar sedan

    Gordon: I am starving I haven't eaten something yet Also Gordon: See's delicious food

  • joe done
    joe done4 dagar sedan

    well she hired you know whats ......... they're all clowns

  • Huilliam
    Huilliam4 dagar sedan

    Rarely anyone is talking about this but they went over the closing of the restaurant in 15 seconds after spending the entire video showing how Gordon got it back on it's feet.

  • Takanome


    2 dagar sedan

    @Viktor Hultcrantz yes it was in the end of this Video. Look at 40:31.

  • Sherry Berry!

    Sherry Berry!

    2 dagar sedan

    @Viktor Hultcrantz i heard it did

  • Viktor Hultcrantz

    Viktor Hultcrantz

    3 dagar sedan

    I don't get it... did it close or what

  • vlonesfx


    4 dagar sedan


  • •Strawberry Milk•
    •Strawberry Milk•4 dagar sedan

    It's so sad it had to close down in the end :(

  • LTN000
    LTN0004 dagar sedan

    hold old is this? everybody has flap phones

  • Kyle Haughie
    Kyle Haughie4 dagar sedan

    Not everyone impresses Chef Ramsay. Ricky should feel proud.

  • Patrick Davie's

    Patrick Davie's

    2 dagar sedan

    Nice idea

  • xiao me
    xiao me4 dagar sedan

    Ricky was like that one good kid at school who was just in the wrong group of friends.

  • Sead Ikanovic

    Sead Ikanovic

    Dag sedan

    And then we have Lex

  • dvs nz
    dvs nz5 dagar sedan

    That buzzard guy walked off because thieves are cowards

  • ❀✾•🍒кяιвѕ∂яєαм🍬•✾❀
    ❀✾•🍒кяιвѕ∂яєαм🍬•✾❀5 dagar sedan

    The Ending tho- Its too bad that she had to close the resturant

  • L
    L5 dagar sedan

    Ricky is true chef because he's willing to accept a new idea and his mistake in order to improve and that's my definition of a true chef. accept your mistake, learn, improve and then use that knowledge to cook a wonderful food with your full potential 😉😉😉

  • PonyTailPotato
    PonyTailPotato5 dagar sedan

    Oml I feel like I just watched a movie

  • ongaku
    ongaku5 dagar sedan

    are you lazy lol

  • Nojus
    Nojus5 dagar sedan

    When nothing change's 'before and after' the renovation 🤣🤣 scam city

  • Yoongles
    Yoongles5 dagar sedan

    Whenever Ramsay would say a good news I get anxious. I always wait for the "But..."

  • dziugas milasaukas
    dziugas milasaukas5 dagar sedan

    a like a 3090 and a i9

  • Louis Merdegia
    Louis Merdegia5 dagar sedan

    Meh. Ricky should be fired as well.

    EVAR AZHGAY5 dagar sedan

    Buzzard out here looking like walmart snoop dog g

  • theodor Myhra
    theodor Myhra5 dagar sedan

    09:00 gordon looks like when youre a kid and your parents are arguing lol

  • Manish Choudhary
    Manish Choudhary5 dagar sedan

    that ending just kinda ruins the whole video

  • Feurox AI
    Feurox AI5 dagar sedan

    Some anime shit happened here.

  • Tea Cup
    Tea Cup5 dagar sedan

    poor buzzard got fired

  • ws
    ws5 dagar sedan

    How tf is Lela just standing there and smiling....lol...she looks unphased

  • P. A
    P. A5 dagar sedan

    diamonds on my fish fish we got diamonds on my fish

  • ws
    ws5 dagar sedan

    “Tomaytoe baysil” Ramsey: to mah to baazil”

  • Lm Ao
    Lm Ao5 dagar sedan

    My respect for ricky📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉oh wait the machine isn't working🤜📇🤜📇🤜📇there we go📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Helena Z
    Helena Z5 dagar sedan

    Bravo he is the best chef,☆☆☆ God bless him!!! I hope now the owner, learn the lesson to be a reall boss 🤞🤞🤞 No farm food fat or medicine??? Only healthy food organic💯 Ofks to be a reall lady and reall man to respect like family👍

  • Frost Fire
    Frost Fire6 dagar sedan

    World war III Kitchen wars Started by Gordon Ramsay

  • sqito
    sqito6 dagar sedan

    Bro what’s with the sad endings

  • iStolethisVideojustforYou
    iStolethisVideojustforYou6 dagar sedan

    That head chef looks like he came straight out of Gta 5 lol

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma6 dagar sedan

    "Chef Gordon is an amazing dude" - Ex Head Chef Rick

  • abhijit kumar
    abhijit kumar6 dagar sedan

    40:30 what the fuck man? i wasted 40 min

  • Full- stop.
    Full- stop.6 dagar sedan

    If I were at that place, I could have help that Owner poor woman👩. By looking at her from my eyes it's started trooping tears😭. May God bless that old lady🙏

  • Senpai先輩
    Senpai先輩6 dagar sedan

    I feel so bad for her she had to close the restaurant after all this improvement

  • Raman Shrikant

    Raman Shrikant

    4 dagar sedan

    look on the bright side. all the people in this show, they probably wont forget the experience for many years to come. they've likely gained alot of valuable leassons and insight. even though the restuarant closes and shi, we can definietely hope that these peoples futures have been changed for the better

  • Mona Markussen
    Mona Markussen6 dagar sedan

    Tabitha is cool, from a waiter in norway!! U just have to be honest no matter what!!

  • Aqua Foxies
    Aqua Foxies6 dagar sedan

    68% of the food is gone

    UCHIHAxITACHI6 dagar sedan

    The ending is sad i thought they were gonna be happy

  • Rekisgreasyheadband
    Rekisgreasyheadband6 dagar sedan

    Tabitha x Ricky (enemies to lovers 80k words slowburn)

  • Marichelle Tipones

    Marichelle Tipones

    3 dagar sedan

    now this is funny

  • olivia
    olivia6 dagar sedan

    they were doing so well shame

  • the DLB
    the DLB6 dagar sedan

    Ending was TUFF

  • tago _frago
    tago _frago6 dagar sedan

    Tabitha looks like teenage Rose from Resident Evil :village!! 😲

  • flip kah
    flip kah6 dagar sedan

    That stupid guy who take all that food and wine is a kind of stealing. He should be in jail or paying for all of that

  • Vikas Yadav
    Vikas Yadav6 dagar sedan

    Lex what 😂

  • Vikas Yadav
    Vikas Yadav6 dagar sedan

    Ofcourse he black

  • 7nsp1r1t
    7nsp1r1t6 dagar sedan

    The last 15 seconds was the plot twist more shocking than a Shyamalan's film

  • DarkFly 57
    DarkFly 576 dagar sedan

    Gordon: *Sees something rotten* His hand: *Touch*

  • Joseph James Bantola
    Joseph James Bantola6 dagar sedan

    the title of the video reminds me of minecraft players who confuses a block of sponge with a block of cheese

  • royya jayanth kumar
    royya jayanth kumar6 dagar sedan

    No wait let's give some soup

  • broSko 2 3
    broSko 2 37 dagar sedan

    He doesn't serve food based on if it's good, but if nobody complains

  • Kate Eunice Eguia
    Kate Eunice Eguia7 dagar sedan

    I love Ricky’s character development. ❤️

  • OPsniper 21
    OPsniper 217 dagar sedan

    that ending was so straight up lmfao XD