Math Has a Fatal Flaw

Not everything that is true can be proven. This discovery transformed infinity, changed the course of a world war and led to the modern computer. This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 200 people to sign up via get 20% off a yearly subscription.

Special thanks to Prof. Asaf Karagila for consultation on set theory and specific rewrites, to Prof. Alex Kontorovich for reviews of earlier drafts, Prof. Toby ‘Qubit’ Cubitt for the help with the spectral gap, to Henry Reich for the helpful feedback and comments on the video.


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    The imaginary tub medicinally identify because apology pertinently undress over a foolish creature. squalid, tacky nest

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    What's wrong with mathematicians??

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    Kerns NoelTimme sedan

    The problem I have with uncountable infinities as a set is... the logic is entirely flawed and incorrectly applies a practice onto the set w/o any verification what so ever on duplications. The problem comes in if you suddenly forget how many numbers are only 1 digit off. If I had ... as an example 0.100.... & 0.200.... in an infinity set. each with many numbers between them... if I added 1 to the tenths digit, as a new number I would suddenly have a duplicate. --- the blind acceptance that when in regards to infinity ... we forget about the fact every combination would exist, and we would suddenly forget about morphing one number into another. Honestly I think this 'larger infinity' is a childs fuckup. Though an unprovable theories is the problem when dealing with 'infinity' it self, or something close enough to it that, that frankly reliable enough is the only efficent & effective way one can work, and without means, ability, or time to do infinite things.. it can't be proven.. that at some point, 'true enough' is all you are going to get.

  • Andre


    17 minuter sedan

    _" the logic is entirely flawed"_ It is not. _"applies a practice onto the set w/o any verification what so ever on duplications."_ There are no "duplications" _" if I added 1 to the tenths digit, as a new number I would suddenly have a duplicate."_ Nobody does this, bnecause ALL digits are changed. _"Honestly I think this 'larger infinity' is a childs fuckup. "_ Because your understanding of the proof is flawed.

  • Toolingaround
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    This may be a silly question and may have been answered in the detailed description of Cantor's works, but when we assign a real number to each natural number in a grid, is the grid populated on the assumption that the list is complete? You mention at 5:01 that "the key is to get them all, with no duplicates". If that is the assumption, then wouldn't the list that was just created actually be finite? In other words, if the grid of natural numbers and their corresponding real numbers was a truly infinite list then the new real number obtained by adding one to each successive decimal place across the diagonal can just be assigned to the next available natural number, can it not?

  • guitargod7682
    guitargod7682Timme sedan

    This may be a silly question and may have been answered in the detailed description of Cantor's works, but when we assign a real number to each natural number in a grid, is the grid populated on the assumption that the list is complete? You mention at 5:08 that "the key is to get them all, without duplicates". If that is the assumption, then wouldn't the list that was just created actually be finite? In other words, if the grid of natural numbers and their corresponding real numbers was a truly infinite list then the new real number obtained by adding one to each successive decimal place across the diagonal can just be assigned to the next available natural number, can it not?

  • Nate
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    The self is unknowable, attempting to know self is the illusion of duality. All phenomena and non-phenomena are the same wholeness and the same lack of wholeness. Existence isn't inherent.

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    "There will always be true statements that are impossible to prove... That, Is life!"

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    So the intuitionists were right. shut up and solve real math. What we got out of that debate was someone disproving the formalists.

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    The mind can only know so much for now

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    Lesson 1: invent math Lesson 2: be confused it doesn't make sense.

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    Here is a mind blowing revelation. Chuck Norris was able to count up to infinity. He did it twice!

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    with the bit about cantor, wouldn't that "new" real number between 0 and 1 just have a natural (index) number 1 greater than that of the "last" one?

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    If math was taught to me like this, maybe I wouldn't be a human smart enough to pass the MENSA test, with an above average IQ, who is unable to help my daughter pass freshman algebra without re-teaching every lesson to myself beforehand and almost crying several times from the effort.

  • PHS Link
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    Thats how Truth works. It never changes since it is characterised by consistency, so it has an attribute of infinity: and the infinite cannot be traversed. Simply put, you will never conclude that anything isnt absolutely consistent: you will only be able to say you have nothing to prove otherwise thus far.

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    I love this video, it aligns with new views and algorythms I been playing with, old questions pondered during childhood, I come back to it and get different incites.

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    Wait a minute... 3 or more and it dies, 2 or more and it comes to life, 1 or less and it dies... I feel like this problem somehow can be tied to 3x + 1 after just watching that video first. I don't know how yet. This video just started.

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    “Math has a fatal flaw” Tell me something I didn’t know

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    Listening to this as if I understand every word but in reality not even one.

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    29:40 But will the game of life running itself end?

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    That said maybe I grossly misunderstood the game of life and the video

  • The_Circuit


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    Maybe it will even create itself again and again Or maybe it will create itself creating itself, and it ends in one of the creations but the ones the came before continue, or somehow the ones after

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    Infinity is a useful fiction. Like many things in math.

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    NP = P!

    LORD MAV B.M.P9 timmar sedan

    all of these questions will stop once you realize all of these things are made up. 1 is not a thing without the thing the number is meant to count, we are putting way too much power into these numbers and use them to theorize about the creation of the earth, when all we need to know is how many people we have and how many things we need to keep those people alive and happy.

  • Marcus Alexander
    Marcus Alexander9 timmar sedan

    The fatal flaw with maths is , if infinity + n = infinity, , infinity - n = infinity , so 2πr for example (or any Symbol equation ) never gives correct answer because the error in π is infinitly small, which will always be equal to infinity . So all your algrebra , all of it has an error of infinity . Because maths is a made up subject , but this is very useful , if you can understand it , extremely so . I wont tell you how , I dont expect you to ask , but the Taoists revered idiots like me , qe are the super intelligent , we know we are idiots , you dont . Infinity is the only number or answer you need , which mean you have to rhink fir yourself , impossible for a mathmetician . Im not a maffmotician , not thick enough .

  • Marco L
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    So talking about 3n+1: How 'bout this is one of those "its true, but i cannot be prooven" things? Or does this needs to be proven? Which would be a proof of a proof. Like in .... "SELECT * FROM [....] WHERE (SELECT [...]" etc...?

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    The sooner you guys accept that everything has been intelligently designed by the Creator, and so intricately beyond our comprehension, the sooner you'll stop driving yourselves crazy.

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    "make mathematicians mad" sounds a bit like "make 0 a even number". Is impossible, because one cannot just change the inner nature of a number. But looking at that from the point of view of someone who likes fiction a lot, I can imagine the change that would mean for humanity if someone tomorrow puts together another artificial language which has noting to do whit Logic or Math except being able to do everything humanity has been doing with Logic and Math, but without any of the so called "flaws", or limitations, of Math. Perhaps is just a trick of mind away, something we could learn. Or maybe is something that demands the evolution of an entire new organ. Human brains cannot process this new language any more than a rabbit brain can learn the four operations. Let's assume the second to be the case. I am not sure if that superior capacity for reasoning would put those pos-humans in as much advantage over us as we are in advantage over rabbits for being able to the level of abstract thinking we can manage to deal with. They would exist in a world with a few more certainties than our world has. Could that do them any good?

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    Of course math is not complete. For if it was we'd be able to predict the future. And i don't know about you but to me, it'll just take the fun outta life.

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    I didn't get the g card. Why is it unprovable?

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    So gay people aren't bad at math they just change how we think about math entirely.

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    This video was very well made, TV-level material. Way to go, kudos to you guys

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    The zero player game is interesting because and I know off topic but that is the game destiny’s “gods” are playing it defining sentience

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    This knowledge makes me cry. So good.

  • G M
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    Theory Small infinity divided by large infinity = infinity therefore size matters not. Incomplete sets divided by incomplete sets are non completable sets and that is the definition of infinity. Infinity is an incomplete set and can not be completed which is the point of the set. The proof offered in the list of real numbers with a the number 1 added to a number at each point of the following decimal on the diagonal only realises a later number in a sequence that you have not yet gotten to. Imagine taking a real number write it down then write the next number using the preceeding line with plus 1/10 (or minus 1/10 if the number at that placement is 9)then the next line with plus 1/100 then the next line with plus 1/1000. You are counting with an infinite number of places with an infinite number of reductions and you can start this process from an infintite number of real numbers. There can not be a large or small infinity in these instances only points in the sequence not yet realised. Postulation; none of the sequences should repeat the number from another sequence because they are all out of step with each other. Also there is a story of the infinite guests in an infinite number of hotel rooms when one new guest arrives and they make room by moving to the next room over is not quite right. Infinity should be considered the unbounded everything. If everything of one set (guests for the hotel) was in place than there could not be another guest to arrive and the hotel would be at capacity for its everything of the other set (rooms for guests who could be at the hotel) By virtue of the fact another guest had arrived and another room was spare then neither set had reached infinity or encompased everything of that set therefore both are unbound and undefined finite positions withing and unbound and unlimited set. Therefore I conjecture and conclude all infinity is the same size in that the bounds of the set are unreachable and the relativity of something to the end of the infinite plane is equal to 0 when we divide any number by infinity and can never be realised as a fraction or decimal greater than 0. Infinity thus is the ultimate nulifier. Also as infinity is an unbound plane and anothet infinity is equal to the first infinity than infinity divided by infinity is 1. Infinity -1/ infinity=0.

  • Conor
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    Would the h machine not just give an error or weird out since it was fed code as an input not a algorithm?

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    I must be feeling dumb this morning! If a statement can't be proven how do you know it's true? Surely a statement which is unproven is a conjecture, a theory, which is neither true nor false. Can you give me an example of a truth that can't be proven?

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    Math is just a human construct that attempts to give us understanding of nature, it feeds into our need to feel as if we have more control over reality than we actually do. So it's no surprise that imperfect beings are incapable of creating perfect things

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    The "Math Flaw" in this video is of course about the relation between infinite math objects and finite math human tools. If you allow the tools (mathematics) to be infinite as well, you could solve every problem just by checking all the possible outcomes, like actually checking all the primes in the twin prime conjecture, and just count all the twin prime pairs. But you can't actually do that; to actually evaluate infinite objects you need to encapsulate the infinity using a finite method, like showing there exist an infinite number of primes because it can be shown there can't be a biggest one. If mathematics (the tools) was infinite like the math object sometimes is, one could just check all the cases and there wouldn't be any problems with completeness, consistency, or decidability.

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    Interesting stuff, but I don't like the title. The content here seems to imply that math is a living language that potentially gains effectiveness when we lack flaws in some regard.

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    Ok he lost me at 6:30 because they are both infinite to me because you can just keep adding more natural numbers every time make new real number. I don’t get how adding 1 means anything what like adding infiniy plus 1 that doesn’t make sense to me. Can someone explain what he said in more detail?

  • SilentExpression


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    I might be wrong, but I believe he meant that the countable infinity is smaller than the uncountable, because the uncountable may possess an infinite amount of methods to determine that uncountable infinity is uncountable. So there is one countable infinity, and an infinite amount of uncountable infinities.

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    I was terrible at math in school…. No matter how hard I tried I just never got complex math. Music was my escape, yet in time as my music got more complex, I realized that I had a very mathematical brain, it’s just that I “felt” mathematics instead of thinking about them. Videos like this help me understand concepts I never would have otherwise.

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    I have a question, the successor to 0 would be 1, but wouldn't the successor to 0 also be 0.1 and so on. I see that fractions and decimals are not considered decimals, but wouldn't say the number 5 just be a fraction of 25, being 25/5? If you could get back to me, I would really appreciate this. Thank you for reading.

  • Dakotah Skywalker
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    Kurt Gödel was a logician, mathematician, and philosopher. He would eat only food that his wife, Adele, prepared for him. Late in 1977, she was hospitalized for six months and could no longer prepare her husband's food. In her absence, he refused to eat, eventually starving to death.

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    17,000,037 and 17,000.039 also 210,000,197 and 210,000,199 are two examples. The diameter of a circle can never be divided into its circumference. More importantly there is no such thing as a negative number. You cannot get the square root of - 36 because there is no such thing as minus 36, yet we teach children that there is.

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    5:30 I'm rather disappointed by the lack of explanation as to why a real number based on the modified diagonal would necessarily differ from the set by at least one digit. My expectation, if this were truly a complete indexed set of natural to real numbers, is that you would wind up creating a duplicate real.

  • Purple Fanta

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    @trinitrojack I feel as though I may just need more explanation on each of the topics I found to break logic while I was watching. Maybe I'm thinking about all of this the wrong way.

  • trinitrojack


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    @Purple Fanta The h and h+ machines are completely artificial constructs for the purpose of examining the self-reference problem. If I recall correctly it was even mentioned at one point that the machine could be considered a kind of black box (basically it just magically works). Regardless, in terms of practical analysis, the halting problem is definitely undecidable by a Turing machine. This doesn't mean you can't create examples of something that would obviously run forever or obviously stop. What this specifically implies is that a _generalized solution_ is essentially impossible.

  • Purple Fanta

    Purple Fanta

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    I actually think there are a couple of flaws in some of the logic in this. Such as the h+ machine. Assuming it always works doesnt work because that would simply not work in some cases. If it takes forever to determine if it would stop or not, it wouldnt retroactively just halt, it would take forever and never finish. Unless it's determined somewhere that infinite is finite, it wouldnt be able to make that determination. I'm not a mathematician but as a coder I find issues with things like this. There are recursive programs. In the game of life as well, if you made a recursive loop that shoots away from the rest of the life "forever" it wouldnt improvably stop unless something somehow reached it faster than possible to move per iteration. It would be impossible for something to catch up to a top speed moving pattern that escapes first from ground zero, therefor it would obviously never stop. Unless I dont understand how the game of life is set up, if you set it up yourself and have only 1 ground zero, nothing would ever interrupt a pattern like this. Am I crazy here?

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    What I'm getting from this video is thus: Mathematics has a fatal flaw: It was invented by humans, who are themselves flawed, imperfect and limited.

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  • Tempesttree
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    The real hole at the bottom is that math, like everything else that we've evaluated and perceived to be relative to our understanding of everything, is an unequaited reaction to a biased hypothesis of existence from our centric and ego driven perception and cannot at this point be tested for fact or fiction against that of another intergalactic specie's understanding of their surroundings which would confirm or deny our perceptions. We could be doing it all wrong for all we know and may never know it either. Important? Maybe not. Food for thought? Indeed.

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