The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?
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  • Andy Kwok
    Andy Kwok20 minuter sedan

    The boring siamese uniquely drown because cd erroneously grip inside a draconian debtor. detailed, agreeable mailbox

  • jade blight
    jade blight4 timmar sedan

    if u need baby sitting, give your baby to JJ

  • Vishant Jagdish
    Vishant Jagdish8 timmar sedan

    did jj predict the economic crisis 33:37

  • Ana Ruiz
    Ana Ruiz9 timmar sedan


  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson13 timmar sedan

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  • Im_wateer
    Im_wateer16 timmar sedan

    life lesson never let Harry get his hands on a baby

  • matt flan
    matt flan19 timmar sedan

    I finished my bottle

  • Alex Buckley
    Alex Buckley19 timmar sedan

    The funniest thing is that everyone was saying that ethan and harry were the best parents even though they dropped there baby twice in the space of 5 minutes

  • Grifmister
    Grifmister19 timmar sedan


  • cquick 3
    cquick 320 timmar sedan

    Jesus Saves Love God ✝️

  • jacen_w1ckens
    jacen_w1ckens21 timme sedan

    Rip nath

  • Atharv Jadhav
    Atharv Jadhav22 timmar sedan

    Harry the "baby killer" 😂

  • trapper21
    trapper2123 timmar sedan

    When they searched up baby cheats LMAFKAASOSKAKSAOOAO

  • trapper21
    trapper2123 timmar sedan

    They bought the fake babies drip 🤣

  • Ryan Ranen
    Ryan Ranen23 timmar sedan

    44:41 the sticks breaking sounds like the baby broke his arms

  • Kairav IYER
    Kairav IYERDag sedan

    13:57 Other wise known as racing point 2019-2020

  • Harry Hall Fishing
    Harry Hall FishingDag sedan

    28:36 28:57 13:16 13:47 20:30 29:54 43:58 45:11 45:25 48:05 48:22 51:06 All the times the baby was brutally beat

  • Hani Inn
    Hani InnDag sedan

    i need jj to adopt me rn , now , at this moment lol

  • Williemae Maryjo
    Williemae MaryjoDag sedan

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  • ellsss :]
    ellsss :]Dag sedan

    jj, tobi, simon and vikk upset when the baby gets hurt: ethan booting him in the head and saying a good header:

  • Katherine Rhone
    Katherine RhoneDag sedan

    I love how the 2 white babies get black names and the black baby got the whitest name of all time😂😂😂

  • Banzi Mathula
    Banzi MathulaDag sedan

    Ksi make it cringe as hell😂😂🤣

  • Vivian Bonniville
    Vivian BonnivilleDag sedan

    29:56…I died when he dropped that baby💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Enrique Luna
    Enrique LunaDag sedan

    POV: Tobi practiced before being an uncle

  • ArmyGhost299
    ArmyGhost299Dag sedan

    I was waiting for Harry to scream shut the f**k up when the baby cried

  • Kathy Torres
    Kathy TorresDag sedan

    the beginning already shows that the video was going to be hazardous

  • Emyli Ava
    Emyli AvaDag sedan

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  • Olivia Meadows
    Olivia MeadowsDag sedan

    Ethan : u alright geez. U alright Also ethan : *almost snaps baby's head off*

  • Clarisa Serna
    Clarisa SernaDag sedan

    This is giving me flashbacks to when I have to take care of one of these baby’s for school 😭

  • Oscar Lo
    Oscar LoDag sedan

    13:15 legendary moment

  • Abby Dean
    Abby DeanDag sedan

    Moral of the story don’t give any of them a baby will not survive 😂

  • Bowen Caitling
    Bowen CaitlingDag sedan

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  • Marian Cheatham
    Marian CheathamDag sedan

    I love how excited jj is for that baby it's so cute!!!! He's like ready to be a dad.

  • keeley Leigh
    keeley LeighDag sedan

    Harrys baby stopped crying because of all the torture lmao like dipping it in water, falling of a bike, nearly dying at a park, a football being kicked at it and then being thrown of a roof

  • humberto castellanos
    humberto castellanosDag sedan

    JJ from boxing to doing pika bu to a fake baby

  • Gary Lee
    Gary LeeDag sedan

    Happy Father’s day to these 7 great fathers

  • Martha Moores
    Martha MooresDag sedan

    Baby morphious got a concert and still wouldn’t shut up 😂

  • Harrison Kyrien
    Harrison Kyrien2 dagar sedan

    I was worried i would legitemitly die of laughing, i couldnt breath at times🤣🤣🤣

  • Coolest Brother
    Coolest Brother2 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what shirt harry has one like brand or exact shirt

  • kayleigh mae
    kayleigh mae2 dagar sedan


  • Reeves Stanleyg
    Reeves Stanleyg2 dagar sedan

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  • lykwa aarons
    lykwa aarons2 dagar sedan

    can we all agree they were all trying too hard in this video

  • Mya Alyssa
    Mya Alyssa2 dagar sedan

    jj was surprisingly nurturing

  • MohammedAzim
    MohammedAzim2 dagar sedan

    This video is the best

  • Julian Silva
    Julian Silva2 dagar sedan

    I nearly died……. It was Harry😂

  • Dashie Jr
    Dashie Jr2 dagar sedan

    Tbh I died laughing when JJ pulled out the baby arm out of his pocket saying “and we found this”

  • Eclipzy69
    Eclipzy692 dagar sedan

    What a coincidence got a ad about baby’s in the middle of baby dequiniece blogging XD

  • Dhabia Humaid
    Dhabia Humaid2 dagar sedan

    The Arab music at 10:35 BYEEEEEEE-

  • ONNI R
    ONNI R2 dagar sedan

    13:14 my absolutely favorite bit

  • kavi chauhan
    kavi chauhan2 dagar sedan


  • kavi chauhan
    kavi chauhan2 dagar sedan


  • Zainab Rafiq
    Zainab Rafiq3 dagar sedan

    47:44 me and my sister have the exact sunglasses one like them and one that's black

  • Bond Barryg
    Bond Barryg3 dagar sedan

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  • Shravani Deshmukh
    Shravani Deshmukh3 dagar sedan

    Who would cry after getting gucci??

  • Traci Carrillo
    Traci Carrillo3 dagar sedan


  • Chavan Saurabh
    Chavan Saurabh3 dagar sedan

    No doubt harry got dumped

  • F3Å4 Licia
    F3Å4 Licia3 dagar sedan

    God dam when they showed the babies that was so cursed

  • MaNupulator
    MaNupulator3 dagar sedan

    51:05 :*)

  • MaNupulator
    MaNupulator3 dagar sedan


  • MaNupulator
    MaNupulator3 dagar sedan


  • MaNupulator
    MaNupulator3 dagar sedan


    BRETT TODD3 dagar sedan

    This is just too funny holy crap 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ·
    ·3 dagar sedan

    why is none talking about how good of a dad ksi will be

  • Isabella McCardle
    Isabella McCardle3 dagar sedan

    24:47 is just the funniest thing ever

  • Blossom
    Blossom3 dagar sedan

    JJ put the gloves on to end another babies life with a hook

  • Blank
    Blank3 dagar sedan

    Saw this vid was on 19mil views, I clicked to view and it was just over 20mil

  • Wyatt Cecil
    Wyatt Cecil3 dagar sedan

    i like the moments where the baby’s been quite for a while and they thin it’s broken so they throw it to see if it cries

  • v1bemaster
    v1bemaster3 dagar sedan


  • Claire Gross
    Claire Gross3 dagar sedan

    43:55 drop kick time

  • Jesseace YT
    Jesseace YT3 dagar sedan

    Can someone pls give me every time stamp to every baby injury pls

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson3 dagar sedan

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  • Jason Uzimaki
    Jason Uzimaki3 dagar sedan


  • JunkyHobo
    JunkyHobo3 dagar sedan

    definetly my favourite sidemen video

  • dollystevens
    dollystevens3 dagar sedan


  • Pølse.
    Pølse.3 dagar sedan

    it almost has 20m views

  • Atharva Sawant
    Atharva Sawant3 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: baby was never crying, the crying noise was added in editing.

  • —-
    —-3 dagar sedan

    VIk: why are we not allowed inside tell them why we’re not allowed in side Toby : this! 👶 (2020 version) VIk: VIk: why are we not allowed inside tell them why we’re not allowed in side Toby : this! 🦠

  • Duck_yuckington🦆
    Duck_yuckington🦆3 dagar sedan

    Something about vik riding the little car pleases me

  • Sabina Bikic
    Sabina Bikic3 dagar sedan

    JJ would be such a good dad.

  • Golden lolipop
    Golden lolipop3 dagar sedan

    Aaaaaaaaaaaayy yoooo

  • mama mia
    mama mia3 dagar sedan

    JJs officially the best dad so far 💖😌😌😂😂

  • Vighnesh Bhagat
    Vighnesh Bhagat4 dagar sedan

    jj would be a great dad

  • big papa
    big papa4 dagar sedan

    Ethans father was advanterous too. he left his son

  • joel erulu
    joel erulu4 dagar sedan

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  • moist
    moist4 dagar sedan

    bro its mad how attached jj is to a baby robot i really want him to become a dad

  • Arsany Adly
    Arsany Adly4 dagar sedan

    Tobi and ksi are actually good father

  • TTV Trevex
    TTV Trevex4 dagar sedan

    Ethans 1% Nigerian became 100%

  • Blabber Bub
    Blabber Bub4 dagar sedan

    All the comments: "JJ would be an amazing dad" JJ: *Drop kicks the baby cuz it was crying too much*

  • Gaming with the Queen
    Gaming with the Queen4 dagar sedan

    I'm not gonna lie jj was the best parent ever that was before they went to the park

  • Jason VonZell
    Jason VonZell4 dagar sedan

    Bro Nathaniels bike ride had me dying

  • Ms.Harujuku Furry
    Ms.Harujuku Furry4 dagar sedan

    24:33 Umm was I the only person why saw a man take a picture of them.

  • Itsda Memes25
    Itsda Memes254 dagar sedan

    Josh and JJ: be careful *slowly carries their baby down the ramp* Ethan and Harry: *Runs down the stairs with baby in carrier* He took it like a champ!

  • Ya_Boi_Wolf 2003 40
    Ya_Boi_Wolf 2003 404 dagar sedan

    KSI’s worst nightmare: Babies😂🤣😂🤣

  • ThatguyJacob :P
    ThatguyJacob :P4 dagar sedan

    I heard there was baby kicking so I had to watch

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King4 dagar sedan

    nathaniel is dead

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King4 dagar sedan

    wanna see them go down stairs on the remote control car with the baby and see what happens

  • Tobeenzi
    Tobeenzi4 dagar sedan

    i dont respect harry anymore

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King4 dagar sedan

    i found the babies characteristics and the black one is the sport the girl is drippy and the other boy is the troll