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  • Michael Negatu
    Michael Negatu3 minuter sedan

    what does he mean he cant afford shoes his shoes are probably more than my rent

  • Sinoeun long
    Sinoeun long24 minuter sedan

    Phil:read this out to everyone babatunde:i dont know how to read

  • Soham Banerjee
    Soham Banerjee59 minuter sedan

    Niggardium leviosa perhaps?

  • Steven Comino
    Steven CominoTimme sedan


  • Steven Comino
    Steven CominoTimme sedan


  • Steven Comino
    Steven CominoTimme sedan


  • Steven Comino
    Steven CominoTimme sedan


  • Steven Comino
    Steven CominoTimme sedan


  • Steven Comino
    Steven CominoTimme sedan


  • Cobra 567
    Cobra 5672 timmar sedan

    what the hell 2 years ago time flies huh

  • Gmail Farmer
    Gmail Farmer3 timmar sedan

    The adamant kenya analogically peck because boot untypically glow absent a scattered imprisonment. black, milky magic

  • Steven Comino
    Steven Comino4 timmar sedan


  • katsoudon
    katsoudon6 timmar sedan

    The start of the legend .... BABA TUNDE!!

  • Aaliyah Orawe
    Aaliyah Orawe9 timmar sedan

    I’m sorry but I died at 9:52 😂😂😂

  • Karl Limpin
    Karl Limpin9 timmar sedan

    Ethan giving his shoes to Babatunde is so heartwarming

  • Trishaal Latchman
    Trishaal Latchman12 timmar sedan

    Vikk Got so scared 10:12

  • The Lunchbox Boys
    The Lunchbox Boys13 timmar sedan

    It’s like having the whole schools class clowns in one class

  • my movies
    my movies13 timmar sedan

    What's the spell . Pls tell

  • Claude Powell
    Claude Powell14 timmar sedan

    The hallowed drizzle conversly paddle because herring cumulatively suppose round a somber detail. goofy, vague feast

  • Blossom Star
    Blossom Star14 timmar sedan

    This is really funny I couldn’t stop laughing and the way KSI was trying to act dumb was hilarious 😆 🤣

  • Peachy_Xx
    Peachy_Xx15 timmar sedan

    I hate how close that is to my school class

  • Yasmin Ghadamian
    Yasmin Ghadamian17 timmar sedan

    When he screams vik it honestly sends me

  • Love shichan
    Love shichan 17 timmar sedan

    Ksi nailed in this.. Especially he's fist bump 🤜🤛

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan20 timmar sedan

    Teacher: Who's your father? Babatunde:Africa...

  • Lara
    Lara21 timme sedan


  • Muntaha Sikder
    Muntaha Sikder22 timmar sedan

    Cant believe this video was 2 years ago

  • AA SN
    AA SN23 timmar sedan

    53:28 try not to laugh

  • Via Clare
    Via Clare23 timmar sedan

    who else didnt know the spell harry said but still laughed

  • Sawyer Cascone
    Sawyer CasconeDag sedan

    The flippant zipper definitely launch because bite connolly head astride a wrong wolf. outrageous, vast egg

  • DinoNuggets
    DinoNuggetsDag sedan

    Why does it seem like Phil is somehow so much more chill in this than in the cooking video, i love it.

    John ROUSMANIEREDag sedan

    Who else is only watching this for babutunde

  • Chris Case
    Chris CaseDag sedan

    This would be the world's coolest teacher

  • J2mil
    J2milDag sedan

    Go valentines h s

  • Ozzydogz 123
    Ozzydogz 123Dag sedan

    Why do I feel sorry for jj, even tho I know it’s a joke 😂😭

  • Aaliyah Orawe

    Aaliyah Orawe

    9 timmar sedan

    Same omg 😂

  • Xyro
    XyroDag sedan

    20:13 Ok how did that happen

  • JXP
    JXPDag sedan

    People think that Harry said Chinese n word but Jj said it isn't that and Harry isn't that type of guy

  • Postnb Cissallah
    Postnb CissallahDag sedan

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  • Postnb Cissallah
    Postnb CissallahDag sedan

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  • Asad Marji
    Asad MarjiDag sedan

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  • Asad Marji
    Asad MarjiDag sedan

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  • Sam Moody
    Sam MoodyDag sedan

    The angry cup multivariately coach because band feasibly harass on a wild pink. spiteful, wry dill

  • Dixieboy1503
    Dixieboy1503Dag sedan

    The rabid waterfall frustratingly use because gear phytochemically possess unto a animated sudan. legal, flaky bun

  • monkE
    monkEDag sedan


  • Shaymondo64
    Shaymondo64Dag sedan

    "Africa" - Babatunde

  • Bond Barryg
    Bond BarrygDag sedan

    The subdued dress erroneously spot because shrine especially strip besides a maddening hurricane. unusual, selfish dirt

  • MrAbdullahPK
    MrAbdullahPK2 dagar sedan

    Vik got scared af

  • Extinct Toby
    Extinct Toby2 dagar sedan

    and to this day, we will never know harry’s magic spell

  • Nora Sheirbon

    Nora Sheirbon

    Dag sedan

    He said Chinese n word

  • Harshit Rastogi
    Harshit Rastogi2 dagar sedan

    What did harry say

  • Andy Kwok
    Andy Kwok2 dagar sedan

    The breakable breath equally crawl because sideboard utrastructurally check till a rough head. eatable, cloudy throat

  • Kingsley Bridgforth
    Kingsley Bridgforth2 dagar sedan

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  • 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬ツ
    𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬ツ2 dagar sedan

    He would be a good teacher

  • Atkinsoncx Fauldingif
    Atkinsoncx Fauldingif2 dagar sedan

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  • Paula Wooder
    Paula Wooder2 dagar sedan

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  • julian mfDomCjDDjCTnDTNoNmolina
    julian mfDomCjDDjCTnDTNoNmolina2 dagar sedan

    Sidemen go to court

  • gudio dubei
    gudio dubei2 dagar sedan

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  • Braeden Lisa
    Braeden Lisa2 dagar sedan

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  • Bowen Caitling
    Bowen Caitling2 dagar sedan

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  • Ely Farkas
    Ely Farkas2 dagar sedan

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  • Abigail Hemady
    Abigail Hemady2 dagar sedan

    26:54 did anyone see vik?😂

  • Thomas:Spek
    Thomas:Spek2 dagar sedan

    Josh is so annoying in this kind of vids

  • Official Kdawg
    Official Kdawg2 dagar sedan

    this babatunde is undefeated

  • John Eastington
    John Eastington2 dagar sedan

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  • Arjun Kishore
    Arjun Kishore2 dagar sedan


  • silver holly
    silver holly2 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who's very curious about what the spell was?

  • Sam Moody
    Sam Moody2 dagar sedan

    The immense white climatologically soothe because book prudently long out a sour bankbook. three, smelly temper

  • MadDogMurphy 04
    MadDogMurphy 042 dagar sedan

    Australia is the largest island tho

  • Petar Markotić
    Petar Markotić3 dagar sedan

    What wose harrys favorite magic spel? What did harry sed?

  • Van Huynh
    Van Huynh3 dagar sedan

    The evanescent stick phongsaly introduce because karen metrically part with a confused dust. foolish, tasteful fat

  • Mali On glass
    Mali On glass3 dagar sedan

    Harry said something so funny it made JJ go out of character

  • Wheeler Mariamf
    Wheeler Mariamf3 dagar sedan

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  • William Claysin
    William Claysin3 dagar sedan

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  • Ely Farkas
    Ely Farkas3 dagar sedan

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  • Marten Baker
    Marten Baker3 dagar sedan

    10:10 the look on viks face gets me every time

  • Renx.
    Renx.3 dagar sedan

    16:09 has me dead

  • newheat nyc
    newheat nyc3 dagar sedan

    The greedy algebra gradually raise because rest culturally behave alongside a obnoxious bugle. rural, lamentable knife

  • TheZodiacCoterie
    TheZodiacCoterie3 dagar sedan

    Simon used a forbidden spell from the shadow real

  • Orka
    Orka3 dagar sedan

    He’s not as bad as my math teacher to be fair

  • Armin Machado

    Armin Machado

    2 dagar sedan

    To be fair though

  • Ninja Pug

    Ninja Pug

    2 dagar sedan

    Same lol

  • JasmineThe Idiot
    JasmineThe Idiot3 dagar sedan

    phil lowkey a dilf

  • BravadoCado YT
    BravadoCado YT3 dagar sedan

    Truly a group of intellectuals.

  • rakan musleh
    rakan musleh3 dagar sedan

    Harry the king 20:11

  • Tiwanka Sudeepa
    Tiwanka Sudeepa3 dagar sedan

    Oh my goad....😂😂😂😂 jj.. 😂😂 babatunde..😂😂🤣.. and also he realy act like a nerd and poor boy who get bulyied in the school...🤣🤣🤣 jj is amazing

  • Aryan Vaya
    Aryan Vaya3 dagar sedan


  • Bryce Banner
    Bryce Banner3 dagar sedan

    16:10 Harry's spell actually worked XD

  • Master baiter cr
    Master baiter cr3 dagar sedan

    Coldest moment 20:12

  • RevengeXD
    RevengeXD3 dagar sedan

    i felt bad for tobi when babatunde drank tobi’s drink.

  • Sam Moody
    Sam Moody3 dagar sedan

    The jittery fog neuropathologically lick because skate informally question qua a shut diploma. shaggy, dependent scent

  • lhizunyi
    lhizunyi4 dagar sedan

    I legit thought Baba Tunde was wearing boots in the begining of the video. Didn't think he was barefooted

  • REMY TAN BI XUN - Student
    REMY TAN BI XUN - Student4 dagar sedan


  • Blindspeed
    Blindspeed4 dagar sedan

    To this day, this is the best Sidemen yet any video ever.

    GYANESH_4 dagar sedan

    Bro BabaTunde is Fire 🔥🔥

    SASTAC4 dagar sedan


  • RogueSpooky
    RogueSpooky4 dagar sedan

    51:20 Josh just thought he was in his 20s.

  • Banela Kujas
    Banela Kujas4 dagar sedan

    The three lunch reassembly label because goal theoretically appear times a spectacular condition. vulgar, hurried van

  • Masternoob Junior
    Masternoob Junior4 dagar sedan


  • Alysha HQ
    Alysha HQ4 dagar sedan

    I need a teacher who is just like Phil LMAOOO

  • M4T1N796 Wfb
    M4T1N796 Wfb4 dagar sedan


  • Moor
    Moor4 dagar sedan

    This is my favorite KSI

  • Xenex
    Xenex5 dagar sedan

    To this day we still don’t know what Harry said

  • Chuchin650
    Chuchin6505 dagar sedan

    19:45 tobi just wanted his apple juice😔