I got hacked... (goodbye)

I got hacked... (goodbye)

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God Bless 💕


  • Ghoulz
    GhoulzMånad sedan

    God bless ❤️



    5 dagar sedan

    bless 🥺

  • Mouhcine Rhaili

    Mouhcine Rhaili

    6 dagar sedan

    Im gonna sign into your account

  • Peter Correa

    Peter Correa

    6 dagar sedan

    @ROBOT G4MER 2511 ⅜true

  • Thegamerman Gaming

    Thegamerman Gaming

    7 dagar sedan

    Goulz your vid’s want to make me kill myself

  • Chantelle Ross

    Chantelle Ross

    10 dagar sedan

    L O L

  • ShadowDragon0725
    ShadowDragon07259 timmar sedan

    This was planned. You can tell

  • Kyndal Hastings
    Kyndal Hastings9 timmar sedan


  • Jude Wedel
    Jude Wedel10 timmar sedan

    Title: I got hacked (goodbye) Bio: Subscribe for More Content! ❤️

  • Kitti K
    Kitti K14 timmar sedan

    I Love u now

    ANIME22 timmar sedan

    Oll fake

  • Juptin_game
    Juptin_gameDag sedan

    Of course you got hacked your showing your fortnite password this is so clickbait

  • Kenji Suok
    Kenji Suok2 dagar sedan

    I hack bords Count

  • Kenji Suok
    Kenji Suok2 dagar sedan

    I don’t like bords

  • kęññådÿ_płâÿż
    kęññådÿ_płâÿż2 dagar sedan

    And he did not get hacked I saw a diffrent emote it was og I can not remember what it is called

  • kęññådÿ_płâÿż
    kęññådÿ_płâÿż2 dagar sedan

    He always makes the thumb nail sad or demonic

  • Bigmanshutup
    Bigmanshutup3 dagar sedan


  • liams channel
    liams channel3 dagar sedan

    In the beginning of the video you told all of us your password

  • eliot hoxha
    eliot hoxha3 dagar sedan

    thas ian

    GUSTAVO ALVAREZ3 dagar sedan

    ❤️👍😱❤️😵 OK

  • AlexPlayz
    AlexPlayz3 dagar sedan

    k seriously that kid is so danm chunky in not trying to be recist but by 9th grade his body dont got no more space to hold junk food his fingers gona start getting fat.

  • Mohamed The Gamer KHLD
    Mohamed The Gamer KHLD3 dagar sedan

    I hate that stupid hacker boi

  • Rohani Abdullah
    Rohani Abdullah4 dagar sedan

    Yes finally you got hack

  • Johnny bright
    Johnny bright4 dagar sedan

    Wonder if He Doesn't hack He wasn't Get Hacked from fortnite

  • Jorge Linares
    Jorge Linares4 dagar sedan

    Go if hi if gun or your phone love it thank you for the good love love you bye bye love love you love bye we’ll

  • Kawa Kurd
    Kawa Kurd4 dagar sedan

    guys he put his password wrongeon purpose so people dont steal his a count

  • gaming gamer 12
    gaming gamer 124 dagar sedan


  • Ace
    Ace4 dagar sedan

    This video screams fake to me

  • Sebastian Charron
    Sebastian Charron4 dagar sedan

    Haha noob

  • redpanda70
    redpanda704 dagar sedan

    The hacker is trash🗑

  • Unreal_Vortex
    Unreal_Vortex4 dagar sedan

    Why would you share your password!? Tbh it’s already out so it doesn’t matter

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer4 dagar sedan


  • _
    _4 dagar sedan

    The name of the thumbnail be like: I lost my fortnite acc goodbye u trying to get ur acc and u getting it 🤣🤣

  • hi
    hi4 dagar sedan

    Borz has the worst videos and channels

  • malou Macadildig
    malou Macadildig4 dagar sedan

    At the end the video the kid said its urse now ghoulz yay th ekid sikkeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Sherl Playz
    Sherl Playz4 dagar sedan


  • terse_computer0
    terse_computer05 dagar sedan

    Why you show your password

  • Gerald Lianko
    Gerald Lianko5 dagar sedan


  • Aethan Nambio
    Aethan Nambio5 dagar sedan

    You need revenge dude hack his account he will cry lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mine Camarena
    Mine Camarena5 dagar sedan


  • Oscar Rosario
    Oscar Rosario5 dagar sedan

    bro renju

  • uhh idk either
    uhh idk either5 dagar sedan

    clickbait u did not get hacked prob one of ur friends

  • ꧁dhurata_Roblox꧂
    ꧁dhurata_Roblox꧂5 dagar sedan

    Its mean T-T

  • VENOM5759
    VENOM57596 dagar sedan

    wtf this is fake lol

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith6 dagar sedan

    I’m mad 👿

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith6 dagar sedan

    Soooooooooo toxic

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith6 dagar sedan

    The hacker is so mean👿

  • infinite
    infinite6 dagar sedan

    Spaizds got hacked now Ghoulz I think that this is fake

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James6 dagar sedan

    Can you get the hacker banned from his real account

  • Nico De Vreese
    Nico De Vreese6 dagar sedan


  • xnlxm
    xnlxm6 dagar sedan


  • Mr. giraffe
    Mr. giraffe6 dagar sedan

    Bruh click bate would he really show his really password and why is he recording

  • Ebo and Feso World
    Ebo and Feso World6 dagar sedan

    Don’t say goodbye you can just play roblox or something

  • Senan Cummins
    Senan Cummins6 dagar sedan

    F u boardz

  • Tomthebomb
    Tomthebomb7 dagar sedan

    Boardz... I hate him

  • Margarita Ivanova
    Margarita Ivanova7 dagar sedan

    I hate that kid but I love goulz

  • Terri Pool
    Terri Pool7 dagar sedan

    This is yelling TOXIC friend

  • Terri Pool
    Terri Pool7 dagar sedan

    Um you shouldnt be his friend if he is doing that :/

  • Sawadi Sawadi
    Sawadi Sawadi7 dagar sedan

    This kid is like so mean

  • Blaise Roder
    Blaise Roder7 dagar sedan

    buy skins on your old acont

  • Blaise Roder
    Blaise Roder7 dagar sedan

    dont put your pawrode in your vids

  • Cenex Fleurigene
    Cenex Fleurigene7 dagar sedan

    I think u should report him for hacking u

  • Cold wooter
    Cold wooter8 dagar sedan

    who is that kid

  • Yarimar Gonzalez
    Yarimar Gonzalez8 dagar sedan

    You sure hacked his account for Revenge

  • Lemuel Arduo
    Lemuel Arduo9 dagar sedan


  • Lemuel Arduo
    Lemuel Arduo9 dagar sedan


  • Roman Couch
    Roman Couch9 dagar sedan

    I hate that kid

  • - x
    - x9 dagar sedan


  • Amy Armstrong-Azeredo
    Amy Armstrong-Azeredo9 dagar sedan

    Stupid stupid mean bully hacker!!!

  • striker
    striker9 dagar sedan

    I hate that kid

  • Plays Steel Mamba
    Plays Steel Mamba9 dagar sedan

    The hacker: Calls ghoul fat Edit: but you are fat

  • Yukki
    Yukki9 dagar sedan

    videos like this pull me farther and farther away from the fortnite community.

  • Sarah_nbi
    Sarah_nbi10 dagar sedan

    aww sorry ;(

  • barzan penjweni
    barzan penjweni10 dagar sedan

    Report him

  • Magarett Yumi Quido
    Magarett Yumi Quido11 dagar sedan

    Ghoulz 69 you ❤❤

  • Jordyn Schottelkotte
    Jordyn Schottelkotte11 dagar sedan

    God bless

  • CH10Gaming
    CH10Gaming12 dagar sedan

    This video is so fake

  • Amare Hill
    Amare Hill12 dagar sedan

    The streamer is fan boying over goul trooper

  • Kristine Morales
    Kristine Morales12 dagar sedan

    That’s a bot

  • Mega crew
    Mega crew13 dagar sedan

    You know you could just Shoot at the guy And made the guy think it was him

  • isaac
    isaac13 dagar sedan

    im sorry goudls you got haked adout stoped bordrs

  • cool guy like a soul guy
    cool guy like a soul guy13 dagar sedan

    Ghoulz I'm sorry your account got hacked one month he's so toxic like he's yelling

  • Black Widow•YT
    Black Widow•YT14 dagar sedan

    Why donsnt he just use his "cheats" to get his account back

  • Black Widow•YT
    Black Widow•YT14 dagar sedan

    the kid is such a poor actor

  • aztilay26
    aztilay2614 dagar sedan

    What you are og

  • aztilay26
    aztilay2614 dagar sedan


  • Logang For life
    Logang For life15 dagar sedan

    i Like tat he has the pasward golzcete but it is true

  • Hrcko2
    Hrcko215 dagar sedan

    Why didn't you report him to his mom

  • Joel Tabujara
    Joel Tabujara15 dagar sedan

    Click bait

  • Presley Gacha Life
    Presley Gacha Life15 dagar sedan

    You gave us your password

  • XxpewdipiexX
    XxpewdipiexX15 dagar sedan

    Omg u see the password

    Ensar VALJEVCIC15 dagar sedan

    How do you make a fashion show

  • SamyHicham ElKhoury
    SamyHicham ElKhoury16 dagar sedan

    I will report rinjy

  • SamyHicham ElKhoury
    SamyHicham ElKhoury16 dagar sedan

    I hate rinju

  • Ryan Broderick
    Ryan Broderick16 dagar sedan

    You can’t post anymore

  • Ryan Broderick
    Ryan Broderick16 dagar sedan


  • Chase Mcday
    Chase Mcday16 dagar sedan

    is this faked?

  • Morgan Rigsbee
    Morgan Rigsbee16 dagar sedan


  • Morgan Rigsbee
    Morgan Rigsbee16 dagar sedan

    Does anyone else realize the fact he got hacked is because he shared his password in the begging._.

  • Suzanne Mata
    Suzanne Mata16 dagar sedan

    Sorry i said that

  • Suzanne Mata
    Suzanne Mata16 dagar sedan

    This kid is so mean and crazy

  • Randy Charlton
    Randy Charlton16 dagar sedan


  • Randy Charlton
    Randy Charlton16 dagar sedan

    You gift me

  • Henry Kennedy
    Henry Kennedy16 dagar sedan

    Something stinks in the shop oh ya it’s your acting

  • Ya boyPaxton
    Ya boyPaxton16 dagar sedan

    This is a banger