Is Outriders Endgame Any Good?


Today we'll be taking a detailed look at one of the most important aspects of any loot game, the Endgame. Expeditions, Challenge Tiers, and more. Let's go! This video is sponsored by NVIDIA. Follow the link to sign up for GeForce NOW at a special discounted rate.
A key element to the longevity of any loot game is the endgame. What's the process like for collecting gear? Is there interesting and unique loot hunt for? Will there be enough replayability in the levels or variety in character builds? These are all pretty common questions for most loot-based games, and Outriders is no different.
I've finished playing through the games campaign, reached the max character level of 30, and have begun the process of End Game myself. Today I'll be showing you what Outriders Endgame looks like, what there is to do, and giving some of my early impressions from what I've seen so far.
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Outriders is an upcoming third person RPG Looter Shooter that's gotten a lot of early comparisons to titles like Destiny, Division, Warframe or Remnant From The Ashes.
The game features 4 classes with unique skills, passives, and playstyles. Plenty of gear to collect as you chase certain stats, traits, and rarities. A wide variety of locations to explore, monsters and bosses to fight. Scaling difficulty progression via world tier system. Character customization. And a fully voiced story campaign.
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  • Koziołek
    Koziołek5 dagar sedan

    faster clear = better loot = useless tanks .... xd

  • Ms. Catcher Fan
    Ms. Catcher Fan8 dagar sedan

    Outriders endgame sux

  • Death Wish
    Death Wish10 dagar sedan

    Nothing but speed runs for loot fighting the same enemies and playing through the same environments.. lost my interest after doing a few of them. Need better shit to do and what you get is nothing but dps freaks rushing stages and kicking support roles out

  • Calis Deathh
    Calis Deathh11 dagar sedan

    there is no endgame because theres no pvp literally the only thing u can do is keep getinng loot on loot on loot on loot on loot

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops13 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer but a lot weirder looking with less polished game play.

  • Vince
    Vince14 dagar sedan

    I fought through the crashes to the end game and quit. Killing hoards of npc's got old fast. It wasn't engaging at all. I went to Deep Rock Galactic for a much funner game.

  • Ben Isco
    Ben Isco17 dagar sedan

    If they added a in-depth customization option for gear and guns such as color change, skin unlocks etc.. this would be a 10/10 game

  • Yung G
    Yung G18 dagar sedan

    Hmmmm idk this is making this game seem like playing the same level over and over again. I enjoy it right now only like level 12 but when I start to get later in the game I think I'll just uninstall

  • Destiny Lore Videos
    Destiny Lore Videos20 dagar sedan

    I just dont enjoy expeditions

  • john baranet
    john baranet20 dagar sedan

    I've seen a lot of mixed reviews of the game and I played the demo for about 8 hrs and it's fun but idk if I can spend $60 on it

  • Nah Mate
    Nah Mate20 dagar sedan

    Well, I'm obviously late to the party, but the timed aspect of expeditions really doesn't feel fun at all. It's not anything like D3, probably doesn't translate well between genres I'd guess, but it may also be due to poor drop rates. I enjoyed the normal game, this speedrun version, not so much.

    DREAMER21 dag sedan

    Outriders is pretty much anthem

  • Heather Lynn
    Heather Lynn21 dag sedan

    love the game,but kinda sucks you gotta move your build around sometimes to switch between human and creature enemies,mah bullet shield

  • the Full Measure
    the Full Measure23 dagar sedan

    Overall, I'm impressed that no matter what, there's always something to improve in your build... be that a dead mod, low rolled main stat, etc. That combined with 4 different characters that can be built very differently to each other and still enjoyed means a huge amount of entertainment to be had... for as long as you want to stick with it. Most games of this type don't launch this mapped out.

  • Loop3000
    Loop300023 dagar sedan

    Today is all about ranking up and keep gamers excited, I remember the days where the focus was on awesome gameplay that kept me engaged for countless hours!

  • richard marriott
    richard marriott23 dagar sedan

    Ill try it on gamepass i guess

  • Kusariyaro
    Kusariyaro25 dagar sedan

    WE have reached a point where something that would be deemed mediocre 20 years ago is "very great and fun game" today. Either we are being conditioned to like mediocrity or the gaming has fallen so low.

  • Icon GT
    Icon GT25 dagar sedan

    Before even starting this videos The game has mixed reviews With that said I will NOT be buying this game.

  • z Z RedVeNoM Z z
    z Z RedVeNoM Z z25 dagar sedan

    This game looks like a 3rd person AA destiny. Not good. Looks boring AF.

  • SwaggerOnMyCum
    SwaggerOnMyCum25 dagar sedan

    Fuck no

  • Benjamin Peck
    Benjamin Peck25 dagar sedan

    Short answer: no. Long answer: no.

  • Simon Jack
    Simon Jack25 dagar sedan

    No it's not rewarding. If you complete an expedition on challenge Tier 15 or even on 10 and you reach gold standing you should not be getting enough Blues that you could fill up a whole inventory slot... the whole basis of expeditions is the faster you complete the expedition the better rewards you get and the more rewards you get.... so how can you honestly say that's the case when there are some people who play on challenge Tier 15 they reach goal standing and they get the same amount of Blues as somebody who plays on world tier 6 the only difference between challenge Tier 15 and challenge tier 6 you get one legendary LOL you would think if you get gold standing on challenge Tier 15 you will get at least maybe four or five legendaries. Random reward generator is not a factor when a activity whole existence is you complete the activity fast you get the best rewards and tons of it. I even saw content creators say the same thing it's already hard enough to complete Expeditions if you complete one regardless of the level you should be getting better loot especially if you can play it on gold regardless of the tier... I mean it's funny if we played games like Anthem or Destiny or division people would be furious if they got a blue for a reward but then when you play games like outriders people act like it's okay that makes no f****** sense... these are the same people who say oh you probably don't understand random reward generator no I understand it but I'm not going to waste almost 10 minutes on a endgame activity to get a you f****** blues and purples that I'm just going to scrap anyways. Just like what one person said on Reddit most people all legendaries and purple items blue items are not going to serve a purpose especially if you play the demo you already have most of the blue mods tier 1 that you f****** need...

  • Snert The DJ
    Snert The DJ26 dagar sedan

    It's great, until all of your loot vanishes.

  • O H
    O H26 dagar sedan

    Is playing on the 'geforce now' the reason your in-game footage has such low quality?

  • Daquan Curry
    Daquan Curry26 dagar sedan

    This didn’t age well lol

  • Seníor Longstroke
    Seníor Longstroke26 dagar sedan

    Garbage there's no random legendary drop rate chance for world drops!

  • Brendan MaNiA
    Brendan MaNiA26 dagar sedan

    Are you talking about the grind that deletes all your character's inventory and makes him literally unplayable after? That's the real End Game.

  • Kiyah Smith
    Kiyah Smith26 dagar sedan

    Just reminds me of Anthem. Played that game a fair bit until it became so incredibly boring and unbearable. I don't trust this game.

  • FKB F
    FKB F26 dagar sedan

    I know the game is new but u create a video about endgame and you are not even Worldrank 15?? That one progresses through the loot system to max gear is standard. For "what is the Endgame content?" I want to know which game modi are available. Are there only Expeditions or something else? Are Raids planned? And will the Group size of 3 increase? PvP?

  • David Jeremias
    David Jeremias27 dagar sedan

    crazy how bad "game review youtubers" are at the games they play

  • Malekith Poe
    Malekith Poe27 dagar sedan

    Endgame doesn't exist after 2-3 days of playing it, unfortunately

  • Fred Meyer
    Fred Meyer27 dagar sedan

    I've only got to level 15, this game is fucking fantastic

  • Viidi
    Viidi27 dagar sedan

    Yagak is a bitch in solo wt15 but the game is amazing outside of that

    GEORGE ROMERO28 dagar sedan

    Thank you for a straight up, detailed review about the game mechanics. This was a great fuckin video.

  • Random Uploads
    Random Uploads28 dagar sedan

    All this game needs is refinement and patches and it could surpass division easily. Maybe a pvp mode down the line.

  • Trifoxeur Chef zouglou
    Trifoxeur Chef zouglou28 dagar sedan

    I loooove your headset

  • Gaurav Shinde
    Gaurav Shinde28 dagar sedan

    The enemies look hard... Than destiny.... I'm tired of grinding the strikes... Which can be completed in 2 mins

  • Lord TouchMe
    Lord TouchMe28 dagar sedan

    Alot of people say this game will die in a year, if the endgame build crafting is this deep it'll be around longer than that and I can see them fixing and adding DLC'S. It's too fun to let it just fade away lol but if it does it's okay it's just purely fun and that isn't easy to say in this age of gaming

  • Toney's Reviews
    Toney's Reviews28 dagar sedan

    So.....this game is destiny. Got ya

  • Jer Kit
    Jer Kit28 dagar sedan

    Warframe looks like it took a few steps backwards, what gives? Oooooh this is Outsiders, I mean Outlanders. No seriously though. Warframe today vs previous years makes Outsiders look very elementary. From gear system, Character builds to even custom weapon builds. The lore as of today also is something else... surprisingly for a looter.

  • Real Onion Knight
    Real Onion Knight28 dagar sedan

    sadly there is around 1 build for each class, except the devestator, they don't get a build that really works, you can spec shotguns ig, the damage just isnt there and as a tank you can't taunt enemies, so like no point being tanky. its sad

  • Kallago
    Kallago28 dagar sedan

    I am 40 hours in and haven't reached end game

  • Duran Sok
    Duran Sok29 dagar sedan

    Is it still boring because you're OP as hell and the enemy are just rats compared to you're godlike powers

  • adam
    adam29 dagar sedan

    They need a social hub where you see other players. Also expeditions will be more fun in coop when they sort the issues out.

  • Steve Smyth
    Steve Smyth29 dagar sedan

    I really wanted to like this game but have to say this is in my opinion the worst game iv played this year

  • DPierre
    DPierre29 dagar sedan

    I have 63 hrs play time. I'd say about 20-30 of those have been in the expeditions. I am up to tier 11. It gets RIDICULOUSLY hard at that tier. This is the one of the few looter-shooters that got their character and item progression right. Being able to do "micro-progressions" to eek *just* a little more performance out of my build keeps the grind going. And then you'll end up stumbling upon a legendary or a new mod that makes you want to try out a whole new build. I think they did a good job on this and I hope others like it *cough*Anthem, Marvel*cough* look to see how to do it right.

  • nomercy
    nomercy29 dagar sedan

    bought the game... played 2 hrs... and i think imma return it. its boring.

  • Badger
    Badger29 dagar sedan

    This game will be dead in a year but hell, I'm going to enjoy it during that time!

  • Badger


    27 dagar sedan

    @The LostGod maybe it can hold on another year. There just isn't enough unique customizability. The loot reward system stopped feeling rewarding already, the gameplay is already repetitive as hell, they're going to need to add a new class or something cause I'm already getting bored.

  • The LostGod

    The LostGod

    28 dagar sedan

    unless we get decent dlc

  • d3st1ny
    d3st1nyMånad sedan

    Looks like a mix of borderlands and risk of rain

  • GG Darkmatt3r
    GG Darkmatt3rMånad sedan

    Do you even eye of the storm? Lmao

  • Patrick Suwala
    Patrick SuwalaMånad sedan

    Waiwaiwaiwaiwaiittttttt. Force... Are you telling me this game has.....CONTENT!?!?!?! Sign me up.

  • john vang
    john vangMånad sedan

    looks kinda like destiny lol

  • mr who cares
    mr who caresMånad sedan

    So when is this game adding endgame horde mode isn't endgame

  • Ozymandias TOTB
    Ozymandias TOTBMånad sedan

    Well said. I've also been having a lot of fun with a devastator. Then came end game & I realised that I'm merely tickling the elites, at level 30, with a automatic shotgun. So, that's it. I've had fun. End of experience. The only way to continue up the higher tiers is the bullet skills. It's so ironic that a game with so much trees & skills only has ONE viable endgame build.

  • Ozymandias TOTB

    Ozymandias TOTB

    Månad sedan

    @Dustin Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated. Yeah, I was guessing that a seismic build is more viable than a vanquisher build endgame. Your observations are what I saw. I'm a little stubborn because I love using shotguns. But I guess that's not going to work with the mechanics in this current state.

  • Dustin


    Månad sedan

    @Ozymandias TOTB Ive seen at least 5 different devastators post their ungodly damage/times on the subreddit. at least 3 were tier 13 or higher. Also my co-op partner is an anomaly devastor who kinda just obliterates things near him. the thing about youtube reviews from people who arent deeply invested in the game is they need to get videos out fast so they kinda just repeat whatever information theyve heard. Find a dedicated channel who plays your class, they'll probably have a build guide or something to help you. I'm currently a running trickster and havent had time to play Devastator.

  • Ozymandias TOTB

    Ozymandias TOTB

    Månad sedan

    @Dustin That's a comfort to know, which is contradictory to quite a lot of youtube reviews. Mind if I ask if how you know that "plenty" of Devastators are soloing CT12 & above?

  • Dustin


    Månad sedan

    then you obviously havent experimented with your skill tree or mods. plenty of people including devastators are clearing CT 15 solo and getting gold times. just cause the bullet skills are the simplest boost doesnt mean they are the best.

  • OnePlus Saves
    OnePlus SavesMånad sedan

    Short answer, no. Long answer, game gets boring pretty fast once youve reached the top. The only effective builds will be spammed.

  • Nel T
    Nel TMånad sedan

    Who cares about endgame, I only care about middlegame

  • Fletcher Stange
    Fletcher StangeMånad sedan

    Did I just catch you .... reloading? in outriders?

  • Justin Moser
    Justin MoserMånad sedan

    Idk I feel like the linear-ness of the levels is going to get old real quick. Even with new content. Then again Destiny is pretty linear and I enjoyed Destiny for the most part

  • FilletKabob
    FilletKabobMånad sedan

    This is the best game of 2021 so far. Hitman is close, but Outriders takes that cake.💯💯💯

  • John Gear
    John GearMånad sedan

    I’m stuck at lvl 22. I’m bored of it and can’t find the motivation to sign in 99% of the time.

  • John Gear

    John Gear

    29 dagar sedan

    @Badger I have a fire team I play with no problem. Games just not my cup of tea.

  • Badger


    29 dagar sedan

    Group up online

  • Daniel Enrique Heinrich Enrico Jr
    Daniel Enrique Heinrich Enrico JrMånad sedan

    Lame ... Thirsty fuks 😭😂🤣 This is like an Anthem rip with no awesome flying but an added great story .. NOTHING AMAZING.. Even the sub menus are weak ...TG 4 Ultimate.. Done supporting basic shissh . Most Devs Nd to step it up to Massive’s level of detail and open world fr fr . Battlefield WYA 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾✊🏾

  • priestskorge
    priestskorgeMånad sedan

    Looks super repetitive

  • Fish Gaming
    Fish GamingMånad sedan

    How bullet spongy is this game with a party of people with world tiers? I’ve heard some terrible stuff with this setup. Would you recommend the world tier in campaign or the expeditions? I mean is there eveb a point to do world tiers?

    MeeN MASTERPMånad sedan

    i find the map design in outriders to be ps2 era basic bitch, low effort, boring and buggy garbage. ngl. it ruins the game for me, needing to go through a load screen every 100 feet when its a fucking log i could step over IRL. Only ever going down a single corridor to open into a boring 1 dimensional shooting gallery to rinse and repeat 300+ times..

  • p dub
    p dubMånad sedan

    I’m unsubbing because of this video

  • Inukrieger
    InukriegerMånad sedan

    i like the game alot and i hope the game is commercial successfull so the devs expand it with new areas, weapons and armor and expand the endgame even futher with new stuff

  • Ghost - 47
    Ghost - 47Månad sedan

    Wait there is expeditions?!? And I was having so much fun now oooooo

  • DPierre


    29 dagar sedan

    And you don't *have* to do expeditions if you don't want to. You can still replay questions and areas in the normal game to progress through world tiers.

  • Synthetic Danimal 90

    Synthetic Danimal 90

    Månad sedan

    Complete the campaign then it will give you the pop up screen explaining them, then youll have access

  • cespenar pheonix
    cespenar pheonixMånad sedan

    but you can already equip higher than char level and cap out at 41 just by doin story on t15

  • Lughs_Revenge
    Lughs_RevengeMånad sedan

    Outriders doesn't deserve a full price tag. More like 40 bucks and I would be happy to buy it. But server issues since demo start coupled with endgame being just doing expedition over and over in diablo 3 style - which is a terrible way to ruin your game if you chase a version of a diablo series that is most hated. It's very stale if you gotta do one endgame content over and over to get progression that then is worthless as you do more and get better gear to ultimately farm the same gear with pretty much different stats and slightly better. I've bought Slormancer yesterday and had more fun with a 12 bucks price tag than with the free demo of Outriders...

  • Jaylocs 205
    Jaylocs 205Månad sedan

    Is this an MMORPG or just an Online RPG? Looks like it will be boring and get old quickly too me. Think ill hold off

  • Omega8Trigun


    Månad sedan

    Not an mmo. More like an arpg like Diablo. You can play with a few other people at once. There is no shared world like an mmo.

    ARRAKISMånad sedan

    Game crashes and the dcs? no... good review bro

  • Ruben Diaz
    Ruben DiazMånad sedan

    I play 95% of my games on GeForce Now. It's great. Outriders is amazing! I'll be playing for a long time to gear up all the classes and if they add a DLC or two with the right mix of content, it could potentially be one of those games I'm playing for a long AF time. :)

  • Skywarp Greer
    Skywarp GreerMånad sedan

    1 thing i noticed in this game: there is no damage fall off?

  • EDiEL _WNR

    EDiEL _WNR

    Månad sedan

    U mean fall damage?

  • King Mugg1n
    King Mugg1nMånad sedan

    I don't see this game lasting. They should've made it open world. That'll be what kills this game

  • asmat mersin
    asmat mersinMånad sedan

    i just want make my youtube channel but i wanna make my youtube channel force gaming but i wanna check who use the name but it have

  • MadelineLulu
    MadelineLuluMånad sedan

    The end game is all about rounds not actually playing a class. Outrounders should be the title of this game.

  • Arthur C
    Arthur CMånad sedan

    My hero can save the whole alien planet but he cannot jump! Best game!

  • Jay Omega

    Jay Omega

    14 dagar sedan

    @Peter Ladbrook When was the last time I has a super alien hybrid

  • I'm A Cat? Stop Lying.

    I'm A Cat? Stop Lying.

    19 dagar sedan

    You can't in The Division 1/2 either.

  • Mark Dunn

    Mark Dunn

    20 dagar sedan

    Oh you can jump but it’s gonna require a cutscene

  • Dipchips34 Garvis

    Dipchips34 Garvis

    25 dagar sedan

    @ARTUR BASHIROV you just talking bullshit lol spewing non sense.whsts trash is the server issues that's it

  • Peter Ladbrook

    Peter Ladbrook

    26 dagar sedan

    When was the last time you jumped irl 🤔

  • Technomancer
    TechnomancerMånad sedan

    I soloed then entire game in 2 days even ct 15, I hope they add more content

  • Zía


    Månad sedan

    U so gud

  • Mo A
    Mo AMånad sedan

    My only gripe is the RNG factor of legendaries. I feel like the bonus stats should be the same on the same gun

  • musicizair
    musicizairMånad sedan

    I like that he critiques the game on it's strengths and weaknesses within it's genre because i've come across too many reviewers that have complaints based more on the genre than the game itself it's laughable.

  • musicizair


    Månad sedan

    @cattysplat I would say that depends on your class and play style what you're experiencing hasn't been what I have

  • cattysplat


    Månad sedan

    I think it takes a bit too long to get the abilities rolling as useful and having a selection. Using the same weak abilities for hours when you could just be popping heads with your gun is going to make it feel boring real quick.

  • Frank
    FrankMånad sedan

    Outriders looks so much like Anthem in its gameplay sections.

  • Dustin


    Månad sedan

    @OnePlus Saves you definitely havent tried the other classes if you think the anomaly bullets are the only thing the classes have going for them

  • OnePlus Saves

    OnePlus Saves

    Månad sedan

    Anthem was definitely more fun to play (as someone that Day 1'd both), I actually cared about playing other classes in Anthem. In Outriders I couldnt care less about having different colored bullets. Also Technomancer is busted lol

  • Lorden Bogo

    Lorden Bogo

    Månad sedan

    Its a lot better tho

  • david g
    david gMånad sedan

    is it going to get a BR - 100 person BR, where instead of calling in an airstrike you call in a friendly monster. it already has the death cloud.

  • void plays
    void playsMånad sedan


  • Lee Glizzy
    Lee GlizzyMånad sedan

    i'd like to tame one of those weird creatures

  • Thespectre82
    Thespectre82Månad sedan

    this game is deceptively fun and addictive.

  • Deadpool Da king
    Deadpool Da kingMånad sedan

    You shouldn’t start expositions until you get world tier 15 in the normal campaign area. You are guaranteed so many legendaries if you get world tier 15 and do all the side missions and at that point you can do expositions level 7/8 easy

  • Minotaur
    MinotaurMånad sedan

    So this is the Anthem 2.0 update they were talking about 2 year ago

  • MarSH


    11 dagar sedan

    i wish this was anthem 2yrs ago..:(

  • Val


    16 dagar sedan


  • Carson Bland
    Carson BlandMånad sedan

    Lol clears all but 14 with my crappy techno build proceeds to watch video and laugh

  • cool dirt
    cool dirtMånad sedan

    This is like a better version of raid shadow legend

  • daniel yanez
    daniel yanezMånad sedan

    Hey force gaming one question, what softare are you using to record your audio ?

  • Stefan Stankovic
    Stefan StankovicMånad sedan

    Is it only me or this looks vividly similar to Warframe?

  • Glenn R
    Glenn RMånad sedan

    Its a horrendous game, the movement mechanics are from the Atari, graphics are from OG xbox and tbe AI all have downs..... And tbey call this "next gen" 🤣😂

  • Young.Gainster
    Young.GainsterMånad sedan

    Game is fun and polished but I can’t see myself just playing the game only to loot and keep facing the same enemies on the same maps, I need an end goal or some type of reason to keep grinding like if you would in call of duty for a crazy camo or having better stats then your friends..Something.

  • St3rfry
    St3rfryMånad sedan

    I’m playing through Horizon Zero Dawn right now, and it is definitely my favorite game I have played in this genre. Any game recommendations based off of that?

  • Nadim Bou Karroum
    Nadim Bou KarroumMånad sedan

    So Warframe and Destiny had a baby

  • Buji
    BujiMånad sedan

    yeah that part about collecting everything at the end can also be attributed to diablo. greater rifts loot only drops from the boss at the very end

  • Josh Ngahiwi
    Josh NgahiwiMånad sedan

    Is it cross play? Wanting to play on pc but if not cross play im going to buy for console to play with friends.

  • Dustin


    Månad sedan

    it is cross play but servers were having issues, probably be fine by next week

  • Adam Mauer
    Adam MauerMånad sedan

    So essentially the endgame is greater rifts in d3

  • Omega8Trigun


    29 dagar sedan

    @Adam Mauer How is it not a good comparison? I'm comparing them in their current state. That's fair. The whole idea of "well it needs it's time to grow" is a logical fallacy. The standards have absolutely changed over the years. A game made now should start out better than a game that released 10 years ago. Yet Outriders endgame is roughly equivalent or worse compared to the stat of a game from roughly 7 years ago? No that should not be what we expect.

  • Adam Mauer

    Adam Mauer

    Månad sedan

    @Omega8Trigun well ya we are talking about now but if your gonna bring up a decade old loot game that has a similar end game philosophy then at least compare them correctly . D3 endgame in 2021 comparing it to outriders at launch isn’t a good comparison . The industry hasn’t changed from 10 years ago than it has today . Games like this just get better over time nothing new

  • Omega8Trigun


    Månad sedan

    @Adam Mauer And to be fair, we have higher standards now than we did back then. And how lackluster D3's endgame was back then is irrelevant. We're not talking about back then. We're talking about now.

  • Omega8Trigun


    Månad sedan

    @Adam MauerD3 endgame has been that way since like 2014 though. They haven't been adding new endgame for 10 years. They had it pretty much nailed down after 2 years. Also, if games have been doing this for 10+ years, why is Outriders starting out behind? Wouldn't it make more sense to have that kind of endgame setup from the start instead of having it be subpar at launch and having to wait for it to reach a state equivalent to a 10 year old game? Not to mention, no they will not add more. At least not for free. This is not a game with free content updates. This is it. That's why it's not a live service game (or at least that's what they claim).

  • Adam Mauer

    Adam Mauer

    Månad sedan

    @Omega8Trigun and to be quite fair d3 endgame at launch was basically non existent take it from someone who played from launch til now

  • i_Lock_Alot
    i_Lock_AlotMånad sedan

    THANK GOD there is no PvP. Builds can get wild

  • Luis
    LuisMånad sedan

    One tier lead to the next tier which then creates further tiers until you are tiered off.