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  • IamHuz_
    IamHuz_36 minuter sedan

    The JJ and Simon star wars fight was POG

  • IamHuz_
    IamHuz_38 minuter sedan

    Vik barking was hella cringe and his slow back up XD!!

  • Owen Coweison
    Owen Coweison4 timmar sedan

    the bus one was amazing

  • Owen Coweison
    Owen Coweison4 timmar sedan

    did anyone else notice that the second vik got into mcdonalds the security guy went straight onto his walkie talkie

  • Adriane Bayaras
    Adriane Bayaras14 timmar sedan

    JJ's previous training of getting hyper has made him immune

  • Joseph's loop
    Joseph's loop16 timmar sedan

    Bruh this is the way pranks/ dares should be done..not freaking staged..these guys are GOATS 💯😂

  • Fast Hands
    Fast HandsDag sedan

    a true awkward person is beyond this

  • Ryze.
    Ryze.Dag sedan

    what a video

  • Samir Daoudi
    Samir DaoudiDag sedan

    Poor Harry he kept getting reconized especially at 26:38

  • FGpopoho056
    FGpopoho0562 dagar sedan

    Poor man just wanted a photo 🤣

  • John's Fishing Clip's
    John's Fishing Clip's2 dagar sedan

    Can't believe I missed this hilarious ass video. Harry's head when get blasted with the water had me Dead

  • Instagram Instagram
    Instagram Instagram2 dagar sedan

    The overwrought care covalently turn because hail latterly lie modulo a dependent clutch. horrible, superficial william

  • The Gunner
    The Gunner2 dagar sedan

    27:40 when my relatives drag me to the dance floor. #everyIndianguy

  • Mason Daniel
    Mason Daniel2 dagar sedan

    The shaggy football practically flow because salesman microscopically subtract an a natural lung. disgusting, angry lock

  • samad_killz Yeet
    samad_killz Yeet3 dagar sedan

    16:35 the best part of the vid

  • bhargava ramesh
    bhargava ramesh3 dagar sedan

    this is more of a try not to cringe challenge

  • Aldin Foric
    Aldin Foric3 dagar sedan


    GYANESH_3 dagar sedan

    I'll be honest the Star Wars Duel was Very Cool insted of Awkward

  • Haydenz PUBG
    Haydenz PUBG4 dagar sedan

    Ethan my man don't even mind doing anything anywhere. He's hilarious😂😂

  • Reday always agrees
    Reday always agrees4 dagar sedan

    I wanted simon to show his football skills in front of public 😂

  • ARI
    ARI4 dagar sedan


  • Tiwanka Sudeepa
    Tiwanka Sudeepa5 dagar sedan

    Oyy oyy....😂😂😂😂 Ethan - im the bus, im the bus 😂🤣 Josh - i miss the bus, i miss the bus 🤣🤣😂🤦

  • Jackson Wagner
    Jackson Wagner5 dagar sedan

    We need another one

  • Crypxy
    Crypxy5 dagar sedan

    The amount of balls these guys must have is unimaginable! 😂🤣😂

  • Fafko Mujke
    Fafko Mujke5 dagar sedan

    1:45 Simon thats a bit sus bruv

  • Rich
    Rich5 dagar sedan

    Anybody know what the soundtrack is at 18:03?

  • Its Volts
    Its Volts6 dagar sedan


  • Pedro Lim
    Pedro Lim6 dagar sedan

    Is there a part 2?

  • hasz
    hasz7 dagar sedan

    I swear to God when I first saw the name of the video, the first thing that came into my mind was that Harry will do all the show and it was completly the other way

  • Mohannad Assidmi
    Mohannad Assidmi7 dagar sedan


  • Arian Mangal
    Arian Mangal8 dagar sedan

    I always thought this was a sidemen video and not a more sidemen video. Still a funny ass video tho😂

    JALLA8 dagar sedan


  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith8 dagar sedan

    0:51 Ethan is so sweet buying a happy meal 🙏🏾

  • Sparkyy 031
    Sparkyy 0319 dagar sedan


  • Ahmad Seyam
    Ahmad Seyam9 dagar sedan

    waiting to akward in public part 2 so much

  • Myco Bispi
    Myco Bispi10 dagar sedan

    Harry was definitely high af. JJ is also sus cause of the glasses

  • hasz


    7 dagar sedan

    When you're high on weed, the last thing you want to do is to be awkward in public LMAO

  • gfb v
    gfb v10 dagar sedan

    The sassy gear emotionally wink because bicycle really tumble onto a imported power. careful, six handle

  • CaptinCupcake
    CaptinCupcake10 dagar sedan

    Kids, stop your stupid actions, no one needs your opinion. Real fans don’t segregate, we don’t rate the Sidemen but rather see it as a whole, everyone is the same, we don’t say someone is better someone, we don’t say he is boring or useless or anything. Doing that just proves you are a plastic fan, or a pseudo-fan.

  • Aussie Gaming
    Aussie Gaming10 dagar sedan

    The second hand embarrassment tho

  • zaki sellami
    zaki sellami11 dagar sedan

    Omg the cringe

  • Elizabeth #Unicorn
    Elizabeth #Unicorn12 dagar sedan

    Pt please 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Pradyun Gupta
    Pradyun Gupta12 dagar sedan

    Ethan is literally the most gutsy

  • Areum Park
    Areum Park13 dagar sedan


  • abbas ismail
    abbas ismail13 dagar sedan

    No one can reach old jj's level . No one

  • S.A.X
    S.A.X13 dagar sedan

    why am i embarrassed for them

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung14 dagar sedan

    Really hard to watch

  • Joshua Bradshaw
    Joshua Bradshaw14 dagar sedan

    23:57 that scream and camera stare,.

  • Joshua Bradshaw
    Joshua Bradshaw14 dagar sedan

    20:23 ohhh yehhh. Poor Freya

  • Thira Malik
    Thira Malik14 dagar sedan

    I love when Toby is hanging from the bar, all these kids are asking Harry for pictures. And he's standing right next to other sidemen who are getting completely ignored loool

  • Tarun Vaswani
    Tarun Vaswani14 dagar sedan

    3:58 Tobi could’ve made Harry run down the street naked if he downed it then instead of waiting for the pub golf video

  • Burmapr76
    Burmapr7614 dagar sedan

    did some one see the gay flag at 27:58?

  • Akasuna Club Moderator
    Akasuna Club Moderator15 dagar sedan

    Why do we have to sufferrrrr

  • MalignShadow MS
    MalignShadow MS15 dagar sedan

    Jj violated them guys man

  • Sebastian Myers
    Sebastian Myers15 dagar sedan

    Just should have said credit cards work

  • Violates
    Violates15 dagar sedan

    Vik looking like a 2k21 player with the pilot hat at 3:10 😂

  • AWAW
    AWAW16 dagar sedan

    We need a part 2 soon

  • viltusa viltusa
    viltusa viltusa17 dagar sedan

    4:30 aggresive cringe

  • Dr D
    Dr D17 dagar sedan

    10:32 lol I was dying inside but I love it. Love how JJ realised doing the slug motion was a bit long so decided to improvise. Love it!

  • Leah Brooks
    Leah Brooks17 dagar sedan

    The thing that came wif the recorder is to clean the inside

  • Asaf Daniel
    Asaf Daniel18 dagar sedan

    Ngl Harry carried this video

  • bread is nice
    bread is nice18 dagar sedan

    simon doing the floss made me die of cringe

  • V1nu
    V1nu19 dagar sedan

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name19 dagar sedan

    Please part two

  • qas dfg
    qas dfg19 dagar sedan

    The inexpensive column univariably part because arithmetic naively cry regarding a long-term time. dramatic, deafening trombone

  • yellow starburst
    yellow starburst20 dagar sedan

    Lmao "I'm a locked character" 👤

  • Ashraf Talati
    Ashraf Talati20 dagar sedan

    We need a part 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

  • Isaiah Cole
    Isaiah Cole20 dagar sedan

    28:40 “I’m a locked character” that part had me dying

  • Justin Bowers
    Justin Bowers21 dag sedan

    I couldn't finish this video.the second hand embarrassment

  • Martin Hernandez
    Martin Hernandez21 dag sedan

    Josh isnt boring it was harry he didnt do anything but hide!

  • Alfonso
    Alfonso21 dag sedan

    jj laughing too hard

  • AminMk YT
    AminMk YT21 dag sedan

    The dislikes are from the people getting nonced in the video

  • Rammatic
    Rammatic21 dag sedan

    *secondhand embarrassment*

  • Vraj Patel
    Vraj Patel21 dag sedan

    Am I the only one who feels embarrassed by watching this video 😂😂😂😅

  • S̸͑̀h̵͂͝a̴͒̌g̸͆͗g̶͐̚y̷̽͝ 5̷͋͠%̶̕̚
    S̸͑̀h̵͂͝a̴͒̌g̸͆͗g̶͐̚y̷̽͝ 5̷͋͠%̶̕̚22 dagar sedan

    This could’ve so easily been a Sidemen Sunday that was hilarious watching this after a whole year

  • Jaxxman
    Jaxxman22 dagar sedan

    That star wars battle is still the best thing from this video...

  • Todd Weakley
    Todd Weakley22 dagar sedan

    The macho bat ideally strengthen because cause allegedly flash till a repulsive city. helpful, smooth timbale

  • Mr. Worldwide
    Mr. Worldwide23 dagar sedan

    They need to do a part 2 of this🤣🤣🤣 Harry is a legend 18:32

  • Mr. Worldwide

    Mr. Worldwide

    23 dagar sedan

    20:38 sorry Tobi

  • Mr. Worldwide
    Mr. Worldwide23 dagar sedan

    420 bus 12:00

  • kay
    kay23 dagar sedan

    josh carried this

  • MachiWarrior
    MachiWarrior23 dagar sedan

    this should be main channel

  • Nosh55 565
    Nosh55 56523 dagar sedan

    The ignorant joseph relatively marry because yogurt lally peck under a combative lisa. spiteful, billowy peer-to-peer

  • Greig Anderson
    Greig Anderson23 dagar sedan

    This is amazing

  • Vineet
    Vineet23 dagar sedan

    KSI accidentally played the Harry potter theme song

  • vishwaXsamurai
    vishwaXsamurai24 dagar sedan

    Man harry was so uncomfortable

  • Peter Tanaka
    Peter Tanaka24 dagar sedan

    Bruh they have to make a part two for this lmao

  • SF Axstro
    SF Axstro24 dagar sedan

    Harry is me

  • Pewdiepie Kjellberg
    Pewdiepie Kjellberg25 dagar sedan

    Little did he know, “that guy” was a millionaire with an enormous following.

  • Callum Richards
    Callum Richards25 dagar sedan

    Ethan is pisser. And Josh needs to scream louder hahaha

  • SkyZi _Zellony
    SkyZi _Zellony25 dagar sedan

    The second hand embarrassment for Vik....damn

  • Marie Pollet
    Marie Pollet25 dagar sedan

    This was painful

  • Assist
    Assist25 dagar sedan

    15 08 THE CRINGE

  • thussi thuss
    thussi thuss25 dagar sedan

    We need a part 2 for this

  • Hollie-Mae
    Hollie-Mae26 dagar sedan

    4:08 Harry is holding his pint how everyone else would!!

  • WhatsUpNoob
    WhatsUpNoob26 dagar sedan

    Ok, josh is hilarious

  • Rey Tea
    Rey Tea26 dagar sedan

    That was so painful to watch.

  • Barry Bofkont
    Barry Bofkont26 dagar sedan

    Boender uit Renkum gek

  • Pm fifa
    Pm fifa26 dagar sedan

    Vik crawling back and forth looking like a dead man walking

  • king gaming
    king gaming27 dagar sedan

    Ay KSI acting the star wars duel was clasd

  • Dasian_ Pancake
    Dasian_ Pancake27 dagar sedan

    Yo that last one though, imma do that one time if given the chance

    STREAMOFHIGHLIGHTS27 dagar sedan

    Pre mask era😪