The Knockout (Official FaZe Clan Documentary PT.2)

Watch as FaZe Clan takes over Miami and cheers on @FaZe Jarvis as he puts on a show facing his opponent, Michael Le.

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  • Isaac Rivera
    Isaac Rivera45 minuter sedan

    Can I join faze please because Kay was kicked

  • Maxerchief
    Maxerchief8 timmar sedan

    This did not age well

  • eclipse LG
    eclipse LG12 timmar sedan

    Michael had to get down to med up

  • Ruccus
    Ruccus13 timmar sedan

    Jarvis taking the biggest W weeks later to take an L

  • Charlie Wagy
    Charlie Wagy14 timmar sedan

    Chandlers Goatee tho

  • FlipsterFlipinoy
    FlipsterFlipinoyDag sedan


  • capten nali
    capten naliDag sedan

    FaZe up

  • iPad App play
    iPad App playDag sedan

    Is this where the scammers hang out just asking - you guys should move into the 'someone hacked you amazon' account market. At least you would be more convincing than the clowns that do that.

  • Nol Kadriu
    Nol Kadriu2 dagar sedan

    Rug: i think its gonna be a 2nd round knockout He nailed it

  • NeecLas
    NeecLas2 dagar sedan


  • AMF Esports
    AMF Esports2 dagar sedan

    He used aim bot again he is getting ban 😂😂 jkjk love u jarvis

  • Charlie Levens
    Charlie Levens2 dagar sedan

    I thought you guys kicked jarvis and kay why you showing us jarvis and kay in the footage

  • MxlodySZN


    Dag sedan

    This was before it happened

  • Maria Mora
    Maria Mora3 dagar sedan


  • Charlie Ali
    Charlie Ali3 dagar sedan

    Save the fckn kids scam clan. Trash shady organization seriously. Always caught up in some BS

  • Toad Comrades
    Toad Comrades3 dagar sedan

    can i join faze clan

  • XOLO_
    XOLO_3 dagar sedan

    Kick all those scammers out of faze clan.we need the Old faze clan back..

  • wilber peraza
    wilber peraza4 dagar sedan

    the save the kids scam i think was made by kay teeqo is safe he spent 40000 of his own money on tokens but didnt even sell any faze clan had nothing to do with it i dont wanna say more

  • Anh-Tuan Do
    Anh-Tuan Do4 dagar sedan

    Bunch of scammers

  • Jason DeBattista
    Jason DeBattista4 dagar sedan

    Hi I’m curry can u make a FORT NIGHT video on the ferrrrarriss in fortnight and zonewars fortnite s my favourite game and can u say hi for me cause my family likes ur videos to do it for dom toretto bye

  • RossMurrayFam
    RossMurrayFam4 dagar sedan

    turn on aimbot

  • Tr33fishgam3s
    Tr33fishgam3s4 dagar sedan

    Get faze bronny on a vid

  • John daveson Mostoles
    John daveson Mostoles5 dagar sedan

    Faze clan members i want to join faze clan if you see this pls reply

  • Adrian Sams
    Adrian Sams5 dagar sedan

    I mean it’s true what Jarvis said . . . I DONT MISS A SHOT BRO

  • Squish
    Squish5 dagar sedan

    Day one of asking faze to sign raidaway

  • The Llamas
    The Llamas5 dagar sedan

    My friend is Justin and he wants to tryout for FaZe

  • Daisy Lowes
    Daisy Lowes5 dagar sedan

    Upload pls

  • Luke V
    Luke V6 dagar sedan

    You played fortnite now doing boxing still have that aim bot of fortnite in him of the aim

  • jesus balandran
    jesus balandran6 dagar sedan

    can i join faze pls

  • BlossxmBoy


    4 dagar sedan


  • artas Packevicius
    artas Packevicius6 dagar sedan

    Faze clan is dead

  • Kzxyz
    Kzxyz7 dagar sedan

    Why is teeqo leaving 😞

  • I know Who you are
    I know Who you are7 dagar sedan

    Sign bams

  • I know Who you are
    I know Who you are7 dagar sedan

    Sign bams

  • I know Who you are
    I know Who you are7 dagar sedan

    Sign bams

  • Jhi Poulter
    Jhi Poulter7 dagar sedan

    Yo they promoted the scam as Faze members, I know your not all guilty, but you gotta address this

  • Yc Playz
    Yc Playz7 dagar sedan

    18:25 that scream tho😂😂

  • Cambia Ahora
    Cambia Ahora7 dagar sedan

    If you are still following these. You are stupid.

  • CMD Zuma

    CMD Zuma

    7 dagar sedan

    FaZe had no involvement in the save the kids token 😂 it was Kay as the mastermind and Jarvis, nikan, ricegum, and Sommer ray. FaZe literally kicked Kay and suspensed the other 3. Pleas get your facts straight and look deeper I the situation

  • Jeostar Warrior
    Jeostar Warrior7 dagar sedan

    faze clan or faze scam

  • Immortal
    Immortal7 dagar sedan

    hey i know this is is out of topic but some guy claiming to be Tom fox just commented on my channel. i just need to know if this is real or not

  • Juana Cardona
    Juana Cardona7 dagar sedan

    Bruh seriously because Jarvis nock out Michael le because his contact eyes fell out!

  • CMD Zuma

    CMD Zuma

    7 dagar sedan

    What grammar is this 😂😂

  • Abraham Barus
    Abraham Barus7 dagar sedan

    Kay ruined faze clan with SCAM THE KIDS

    KILLERFRILL Amv8 dagar sedan

    bro his trainer is so supportive i love him

  • Matthew Mahoney
    Matthew Mahoney8 dagar sedan

    michal lee had no chance

  • YumRum28
    YumRum289 dagar sedan

    When I saw FaZe Banks wearing the Houston Astro’s hat I figured out something they had in common. They both know how to cheat

  • Kame roblox
    Kame roblox9 dagar sedan

    Who here after the crypto thing happened?

  • Sam Stoneburner
    Sam Stoneburner9 dagar sedan

    No way swags there let’s go

  • fishy Brother
    fishy Brother9 dagar sedan


  • Super Ultra Clan
    Super Ultra Clan9 dagar sedan

    Jarvis is a f***ing beast

  • Juju jujuria
    Juju jujuria9 dagar sedan


  • Connoriscool
    Connoriscool9 dagar sedan

    This did not go well as he now got banned from faze and Kay also did

  • lukas
    lukas10 dagar sedan

    Can u guys stop making all these other videos and bring back illcams😡😡😡

  • Aaron Darrington
    Aaron Darrington10 dagar sedan

    Where faze baby

  • SNN
    SNN10 dagar sedan

    so sick of youtubers boxing how pathetic sport is dying so badly they need tiktokers to keep it alive

  • yousif Hussain
    yousif Hussain10 dagar sedan

    Nice moves jarvis pro

  • Faris Hamaydeh
    Faris Hamaydeh10 dagar sedan

    Mom says I’m so proud 2 days later scams his fans

  • HEXL
    HEXL11 dagar sedan


  • duckie


    10 dagar sedan

    mad lol

  • Drix Official
    Drix Official11 dagar sedan

    Jarvis vs Jake Paul

  • Red lynx gaming
    Red lynx gaming11 dagar sedan

    Nice work Jarvis :)

    HENTZE11 dagar sedan


    ENA_ SWEAT11 dagar sedan

    Why did you kick faze Kay the so messed up

  • duckie


    10 dagar sedan

    its not he scammed

  • Yo boi Tristan
    Yo boi Tristan12 dagar sedan

    Yo look it’s the group of hackers child scammers and probably racists or rapists

  • Saree Alsayed
    Saree Alsayed12 dagar sedan

    Everyone: Wow Jarvis you’re Insane bro Me: Why is there a Syrian flag in the background of the thumbnail ?

  • Ryees3
    Ryees312 dagar sedan

    remember when faze was about gaming? yeah me too

  • Toy Story
    Toy Story12 dagar sedan

    Faze up

  • TXK_Jonah
    TXK_Jonah12 dagar sedan

    Aye yo you guys might wanna recruit FaZe Scam

  • illestSauzyy
    illestSauzyy12 dagar sedan


  • Marcelino
    Marcelino13 dagar sedan

    I miss when Faze used to be about trickshotting on feeding and getting clips smh

  • Zachary Owens
    Zachary Owens13 dagar sedan

    Jeez yalls channels blow up and then yall just have to f it up again. Congratulations lol 😆😂🤣💀

  • Gavinplayz
    Gavinplayz13 dagar sedan

    When is the next faze five

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor13 dagar sedan

    Bugha should join faze

  • MoxyZ
    MoxyZ14 dagar sedan

    F you clan leader

  • MoxyZ
    MoxyZ14 dagar sedan

    Imagine kicking Kay out it wasn’t his fault

  • ironside
    ironside14 dagar sedan

    i thought faze was about gaming

  • zB Matt
    zB Matt14 dagar sedan

    0:05 if there’s anything we know how to do, it’s scam little kids.

  • Matt Matti
    Matt Matti14 dagar sedan

    I was bidding on Michael his eyes contact came out so. That Why you are sore loser

    ▪JOTAVÊ15 dagar sedan

    Faze clan VS loud

  • ryan donnelly
    ryan donnelly15 dagar sedan

    When faze hasnt uploaded in a month lmao. Dude won a single fight and they made a documentary about it lmao wtf

  • enderrr 123
    enderrr 12315 dagar sedan


  • CDE


    15 dagar sedan

    @enderrr 123 he admitted to doing your probably 10 years old

  • CDE


    15 dagar sedan

    he lied you idio*

  • enderrr 123

    enderrr 123

    15 dagar sedan

    No Frazier got scammed he wasn't scamming

  • Kieran


    15 dagar sedan

    You endorse scamming?

  • alex smirnov
    alex smirnov15 dagar sedan

    Bruvs Come To Germany here the drinking age is 18!!!!!!! xddd

  • Chcgxg


    15 dagar sedan

    Everywhere is 18 except America

  • Cris D360
    Cris D36016 dagar sedan

    Who is here just to see the POV comments

  • FaZe m1kE
    FaZe m1kE16 dagar sedan

    I want to joing

  • Gaming with Jaxson
    Gaming with Jaxson16 dagar sedan

    I lost all respect for faze clan like? How you gunna take all the best faze members out

  • CDE


    15 dagar sedan

    There scammer that took their fans money

  • Laksh Mahajan
    Laksh Mahajan16 dagar sedan

    I'm disappointed in faze. I swear to God if u guys scammed ppl I'll unsubscribe

  • Laksh Mahajan

    Laksh Mahajan

    14 dagar sedan

    @CDE bro nth confirmed yet Kay Jarvis teeqo and nikan may have been involved and it's people

  • Blitz roblox
    Blitz roblox16 dagar sedan

    When Kay said f ing kill him I was diying

  • SoaR
    SoaR16 dagar sedan

    Clan war?

  • Toxic ツ
    Toxic ツ16 dagar sedan

    Yes sir

  • Fat Kingnight
    Fat Kingnight16 dagar sedan

    yo FaZe Clan l saw blink vii has FaZe logo in his youtube channel art and he's part of FaZe Clan too yes or not

  • Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE
    Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE16 dagar sedan

    Kay and Jarvis’s mom is disappointed in them now for sure.

  • 7even5 GTI
    7even5 GTI16 dagar sedan

    FaZe Scam, no one likes you.

  • 7even5 GTI

    7even5 GTI

    15 dagar sedan

    @CDE the co owner once scammed, what does that say?

  • Txny.b
    Txny.b16 dagar sedan

    FaZe will be now awful the only good member now is rug

  • Food Dip

    Food Dip

    16 dagar sedan

    And jev

  • Keith Gaming
    Keith Gaming16 dagar sedan

    17:00 lol

  • rronplayzgames
    rronplayzgames17 dagar sedan

    dud you kicked and suspented the best faze clan members

    PRITHVI RAJDAHAL17 dagar sedan

    rip faze clan they kicked best creator rip rip this clan fuc* this clan

  • Zamil Derar
    Zamil Derar17 dagar sedan

    Lat kay back

  • CDE


    15 dagar sedan


  • Dan
    Dan17 dagar sedan


  • Savage Kid
    Savage Kid17 dagar sedan

    Hannah:have u seen his muscles 🤣lmao

  • 1kitaro
    1kitaro17 dagar sedan

    from making our childhoods amazing to becoming money hungry crypto scammers is a timeline i wish never came true

  • Rithik Roopesh
    Rithik Roopesh18 dagar sedan

    Please bring Faze Clan in GTA 5 guys !

  • iWhite Clouds
    iWhite Clouds18 dagar sedan

    Faze Jarvis vs Jake Paul 🙂😉

  • Fishyblox
    Fishyblox18 dagar sedan

    The scamming Doesn’t STOP

  • Dmon !
    Dmon !18 dagar sedan

    You are garbage for that crypto scam

  • Dmon !

    Dmon !

    15 dagar sedan

    @CDE they were the scammers... not GOT scammed...