7 Sequels That Made The Original Game Worse


When a game has a great story out, surely it's brilliant forever? Not when a sequel comes along and undermines some beloved moment or key plot point. Join us to discover seven sequels that somehow managed to make the original game worse, and be sure to subscribe for a new video like this every single week!
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  • Blake Morrisford
    Blake Morrisford4 timmar sedan

    You didn't mention anything about Jun and how he survived the events featured in the game. So the prequel also changed the original narrative too. Would have been a good mention to include.

  • Archangel Tyrael
    Archangel Tyrael14 timmar sedan

    Correct me if I'm wrong here since I quit WoW a long time ago but weren't Archimonde and Mannoroth brought back since that expansion was a separate timeline were they hadn't died yet?

  • Coreh Martinushkevich
    Coreh MartinushkevichDag sedan

    Alternate Title: "7 Game Sequels that Broke Chronological Order" Seriously, it seems the real reason for bad sequels and reboots is down to sloppy regards for the storyline and it's elements.

  • CraicAttack
    CraicAttackDag sedan

    The story of the Metal Gear series disappeared up it's own arse with MGS4 and has only gotten more convoluted and worse in quality since

    FLASHBAXXDag sedan

    Halo has been packed full of plot holes and received numerous retcons even before Bungie left and 343i took over.

  • Crimson Butterfly
    Crimson ButterflyDag sedan

    Soul Reaver 1 for one simple reason: RAZIEL

  • Max Jansen
    Max JansenDag sedan

    Kingdom hearts comes to mind

  • PoTato Head PokéMario
    PoTato Head PokéMario2 dagar sedan

    I know your channel is about games but toystory 4 ruined the ending of TS3, Andy gave Bonnie woody to take care of him and she throw him away, and because of that woody got damaged

  • GrsnDark
    GrsnDark3 dagar sedan

    Portable ops is partially canon.

  • Plumpopz
    Plumpopz3 dagar sedan

    seems really messed up when a character defeats her captor and oppressor of earth (?), only to be completely loyal to him in another game

  • Plumpopz
    Plumpopz3 dagar sedan

    these videos/this channel keep me going these days 🥰

  • Cap'n caviar
    Cap'n caviar3 dagar sedan

    This is why I gave up on assassins creed tbh the story was so undermined without any foreshadowing and lemon juice in the cut is they left Shawn

  • aurochtamer
    aurochtamer4 dagar sedan

    How about how Saint's Row 4 fucked up Saint's Row 2's plot twist? Where the Boss' attempted assassin was actually his mentor Julius who tried to kill them because the Boss had been corrupted by power and had become as terrible as the gangsters they were fighting? Instead they retconned it into Julius being a power-hungry asshole who tried to kill the Boss to take over the gang. In a misguided effort to retcon the Boss into being a "ggod guy". Granted, you guys could probably do an entire video and then some on how badly Saint's Row 4 fucked up the entire series.

  • west warren
    west warren4 dagar sedan

    It took me like 4 years to realize your guy and girl mirrors. Sexy and surly as well as cute and adorable. It took me 4 years to realize thats not only applicable to Ellen and Jane.

  • GenLiu
    GenLiu4 dagar sedan

    The thing that bothers me the most about Bowser's kids is the fact that the game never mentioned their mother. I mean, who would Bowser have a relationship with while constantly staying in his castle to prevent Peach from escaping... ....Hold on...Oh NO! lolol

  • MR Frog
    MR Frog5 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised reforged didn't make it in given it actually made Warcraft 3 worse.

  • John Doe
    John Doe5 dagar sedan

    Spoiler Alert! Another Spartan is in Halo Combat Evolved. If you go to the other side of where Master Chief is stored when going back through the area in the first time you will see a screen that shows Linda's name and that she is stored there.

  • Nieroshai
    Nieroshai6 dagar sedan

    Halo 5's Spartan-IIs weren't a retcon. Don't blame you for not knowing that, because they're only ever seen in the novels before then.

  • jagger perc
    jagger perc6 dagar sedan

    0:28 "Don't take our word for it, just watch this list made by people who are definitely NOT us."

  • Valentino Harris
    Valentino Harris6 dagar sedan

    Missed The Last of Us

  • Outstanding Dog Marron
    Outstanding Dog Marron6 dagar sedan

    the WoW thing has always been like that, all WoD did was open a new timeline and bring the same demons from that timeline, in TBC its explained that space is the twisting nether, its not a dimension and all demons are actually just aliens edit: the koopalings were never bowsers kids that was a translation error, it only ever said that in english

  • David Wolfish • 12 years ago
    David Wolfish • 12 years ago6 dagar sedan

    Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops isn't canon.

  • Rade Stevanovic
    Rade Stevanovic7 dagar sedan

    Command and Conquer 4 is missing from this list.

  • Vinyl Wubs
    Vinyl Wubs8 dagar sedan

    its so weird hearing shaun's sarcastic condescending speil in english, i always played assassins creed in italian...

  • FictionWriter95
    FictionWriter958 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who doesn't despise Shaun Hastings? He's not amazing, and they're clearly trying too hard to get a discount Stephen Merchant, but he's not *THAT* bad IMHO. The codex entries he writes are decently funny, at least.

  • Aldrin Palacio
    Aldrin Palacio9 dagar sedan

    TLOU2 should be here!!!

  • FelpHero
    FelpHero9 dagar sedan

    Greyfox is the definition of something becoming a parody of itself. He was a normal guy then a cybernectic ninja - then no! We has actually always been a cyber ninja all along

  • TheMeanAdmin
    TheMeanAdmin9 dagar sedan

    I feel obliged to chime in regarding World of Warcraft. On one hand - WoD was indeed sheer unadulterated garbage and the single worst wad of mass embarrassment for WoW and its lore, on another - the idea that daemons die differently from those affected by Curse of Flesh has been touched upon even back in Warcraft II and expounded upon in books predating WoW. Your object of complaints was in fact the least worthy of complaining about regarding WoD AND it gave us the Legion, which is arguably the second best WoW expansion.

  • Tukaro
    Tukaro9 dagar sedan

    Not quite a sequel, but I always thought that the retcon Bioshock Infinite's Burial At Sea DLC did to the events of Bioshock Infinite itself really soured the base game (which was already underwhelming vs early previews.)

  • Nick MLAQ
    Nick MLAQ10 dagar sedan

    anyone brave enough to say TLOU2?

  • Santo Tan
    Santo Tan10 dagar sedan

    25:10 Suddenly it all made sense. Nope. They just rebooted it to mediocrity and stupidity. So long complex Sindel, they ruin your awesome backstory. Hope if there was a sequel (since the world is being remade... again), that the writers fix this idea back .

  • Ricky Pedia
    Ricky Pedia10 dagar sedan

    If it helps, an even later game confirmed that the Koopalings are his kids as well, the difference between them and Jr is that the rest are adopted. Yep, Bowser adopted 7 kids and raises all of them as the brothers and sister of his biological son.

  • Kudra Abdulaziz
    Kudra Abdulaziz10 dagar sedan

    Naah MK ruined nothing with sindel, the retcon was perfect.

  • Call Me Cei
    Call Me Cei10 dagar sedan

    8:25 "You don't need me to tell you [Warcraft]." *Never played really Warcraft or payed attention to any of the lore*: "Oh, trust me, I did."

  • Kri Ma
    Kri Ma11 dagar sedan

    I'm still amazed by how everyone seems to hate Shaun. He was my favorite out of the group, lol

  • Vodulin_Myer
    Vodulin_Myer11 dagar sedan

    Sindel fans can lament the fact that MK Annihilation is more true to the character of Sindel than MK11.

  • Lovi Poekimo
    Lovi Poekimo11 dagar sedan

    What they did to Sindel was just infuriating. No one in the fandom liked this twist. They turned this noble woman into a gold digger. Uggh.

  • Jamie
    Jamie11 dagar sedan

    90% of Square Enix sequels.

  • KittyTheBrony
    KittyTheBrony12 dagar sedan

    You've included Halo 5, but I was still rather disappointed in Halo 4 to be shooting hordes of sangeheili for no good reason with not a single brute in sight. New weapons and enemies were cool, though, and Halo 5 is certainly a worse offender.

  • Krišjānis Kurpnieks
    Krišjānis Kurpnieks12 dagar sedan

    As far as MGS is considered it wasnt directed by kojima and he has said that not all parts of game is canon. so to some extent you can skip that entry and story just goes from snake eater to peace walker

  • Greg Densham
    Greg Densham12 dagar sedan

    Master Chiefs mate Jeremy? No no, player two is always Mr Geoff (On account of me mishearing Cortana in Halo 4 one time in multiplayer. He is the on again, off again true hero of the franchise where sometimes he is the true hero where chief takes the credit, other times, he is a dead weight incompetent spartan who only holds Chief back)

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick13 dagar sedan

    All spartan twos were trained together so they all came from the same academy.

  • Heeded Shadow
    Heeded Shadow14 dagar sedan

    Me, instantly: “Halo 5.” Intro: shows cutscene from Halo 5.

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds14 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure you are talking about Grom Hellscream....Gromash's father

  • VideoGameVeenok
    VideoGameVeenok15 dagar sedan

    The assassin's creed thing also doesn't make sense because wouldn't the first civilization LIKE the Templars? They want to take over the world with their creations, where as the assassin's are like the first humans and want free will and choice.

  • Ghost walker Games
    Ghost walker Games16 dagar sedan

    The last of us part 2 should be on here

  • Emma Sotelo
    Emma Sotelo16 dagar sedan

    Im just waiting for that bitter asshole commenter who hates on that one zombie game that came out Summer 2020

  • Kylen
    Kylen16 dagar sedan

    I...don't feel like the change up on Edgeworth actually made it 'worse'. I honestly think it made everything better, but I can see where you're going with the rest.

  • Jamie


    11 dagar sedan

    Considering the story Phoenix tells about his childhood with Edgeworth and ahem Buttz (HAH) and this story gets mentioned a lot, I'm not sure how anyone can take away it's our time with Edgeworth changing him. He's always been about law and order and playing by the rules as much as possible, even when he doesn't like it... often to his detriment. Going outside of the rules hurts him. Spoilers aside, of course. The change adds pretty much zero... In fact the line is a throw-away.

  • NullLex00
    NullLex0016 dagar sedan

    So, I guess this is why they stopped bothering with the present BS and let us be happy within the animus nearly all of the time.

  • N2144
    N214417 dagar sedan

    7 Originals That Made The Sequel Worse

  • radekbejbl1
    radekbejbl117 dagar sedan

    Portable ops is not canon

  • CamTheKitty
    CamTheKitty17 dagar sedan

    All moderm time parts in assassin creed are butts and should not exist :O

  • Mustafa Bashar
    Mustafa Bashar17 dagar sedan

    1:40 Have faith desmond? Oh yes lucy i have faith in the 2 big rounded things of yours trust me😍

  • Zappable Giraffe
    Zappable Giraffe17 dagar sedan

    What about the opposite? When a series is better off without the original

  • Ace Lilumelody
    Ace Lilumelody17 dagar sedan

    How did fear effect 1&2 not end up on here

  • TheRichmaster
    TheRichmaster17 dagar sedan

    I don't the Edgeworth thing is too bad; the fact that he's just that smug without faking things makes it more impressive to me

  • ThreeToBeExact
    ThreeToBeExact18 dagar sedan

    Rise From The Ashes is fucking phenomenal

  • Prof. G00SE
    Prof. G00SE18 dagar sedan

    7 sequels that made the original worse *proceeds to show halo 5 guardians* April fools was 7 days before the release of this video. Please tell me that's a late april fools joke.

  • Sypha Flowen
    Sypha Flowen18 dagar sedan

    How can anyone miss.. Mass Effect 1 & 2: The Reapers are synthetic cosmic horrors with motivations and minds beyond our comprehension, the very act of trying to understand or ascend to their level would drive even the best of us crazy. Mass Effect 3: The Reapers are synthetics who wipe out all organics so organics won't create synthetics that wipe out all organics. BONUS IDIOT DLC ROUND: The Reapers are furthermore the creations of an all-powerful AI that destroyed it's makers that was created so that nobody would create an all-powerful AI that would destroy it's makers.

  • RedTheVariant
    RedTheVariant18 dagar sedan

    No ones gonna talk about the assassins creed odyssey dlc? That was some fuckery there

  • Hurricanelive
    Hurricanelive18 dagar sedan

    It's all about MONEY! About DO$H! About banking off ignorance and feeding people sand!

  • Сергий Тихомиров
    Сергий Тихомиров18 dagar sedan

    Well, as for "Metal Gear" - I didn't mind that meddling. It didn't spoil anything for me - but vastly expended the Story. :-) The same goes for "Ace" and "Halo". As for the list - I would like to point out the "Corpse Party: Blood Drive". Though, it not only meddled but completely retconned some aspects of the Original. That actually helps to consider this sequel (and other ones, for that matter) as a canon at all.

  • Elite7555
    Elite755518 dagar sedan

    Not only is Lucy killed very unceremoniously, but we also only learn of her treachery in a nonchalant sidenote in AC: Revelation. Also, we never get to see actual proof.

  • Ezra Wyvern
    Ezra Wyvern18 dagar sedan

    I disagree with you mentioning Grey Fox here. As Grey Fox stated in clips you featured in this video, he was born on the battlefield, having pretty much been a soldier all his life. Him having been subjected to unwanted augmentation in the past and being restored to sanity by Big Boss, who he eventually went to become an ally of in Portable Ops actually enhances the story of Metal Gear 2 and how easy it was for the latter to recruit the former after he was screwed over by the US Government. Not to mention the fact that Grey Fox was mentioned in supplementary materials as far back as the MSX2 games to be a soldier in the game of war longer than Solid Snake and even helped train him when he joined FOXHOUND.

  • Ezra Wyvern
    Ezra Wyvern18 dagar sedan

    About Metal Gear, it's storyline is admittedly convoluted but it manages to make sense (and be un-ironically entertaining). Kingdom Hearts on the other hand, fits your description much better.

  • will ropa
    will ropa18 dagar sedan

    The Halo thing might not be completely incorrect. There are different generations of Spartans, most of Noble Team from Halo: Reach are Spartan 3's and Spartans from Halo 5 are classed as Spartan 4's. Chief might be the last of his type of Spartan.

  • FlyJonat
    FlyJonat18 dagar sedan

    For the one about halo, this guy doesn't even know the basic lore about the spartans-II? He doesn't even seems to know all of them were trained together as children.

  • Patrick Schuster-Wiley
    Patrick Schuster-Wiley18 dagar sedan

    If you're friend says he's leaving, but then nobody sees or hears from them in years, you'd presume they died or something. Then they come back, and you're like "I thought I was the last one left!" That's what's going on in Halo. The lore is in the books.

  • LEJ end
    LEJ end18 dagar sedan

    With the Halo thing, the books make a lot more sense of this. There is even a book that tells you what was happening between the levels of the original game.

  • sam whary
    sam whary19 dagar sedan

    I'm more forgiving of halo wars 2 since red team was MIA with the Spirit of Fire. Halo 5 is a travesty that I will not defend.

  • Exorian
    Exorian19 dagar sedan

    Oh c'mon if Bowser's children debacle is that aggravating for a spot on the video, how about the fact that in the New Super Mario series for the DS, Bowser himself DIED?! Like, full on Crocomire-styled death? Felt on lava and had HIS BLEACHED BONES RAISE BACK UP SCREAMING IN PAIN?! And then he "got better" on future installments anyway!

  • noodrasan
    noodrasan19 dagar sedan

    So um wow has many plot holes but.... the demon retcon happened in classic or bc and that archimonde is technically from the past/alternate timeline like I know it doesn't make it better just throwing this pointless info out there

  • Brian Kenney
    Brian Kenney19 dagar sedan

    Miles edgeworth is terrible at his job. You cant just admit new evidence without a discovery period and without letting the opposing counsel know ahead of time

  • Brian Kenney
    Brian Kenney19 dagar sedan

    Star ocean 3 ruined the first two games by [spoiler] revealing the entire series takes place in a virtual world

  • Kinos141
    Kinos14119 dagar sedan

    Lucy's being a traitor makes sense since she was working for the Abstergo missing a ring finger like other assassin's. How would no one see that coming?

  • Sajirou Plays
    Sajirou Plays19 dagar sedan

    He was the last Spartan II. Every other Spartan onward is a Spartan 3 to 4.

  • marscaleb
    marscaleb20 dagar sedan

    You missed one of the most aggravating story-important and story-destroying sequels of all time: Deus Ex Invisible War. For those who don't recall, the original Deus Ex featured three different endings, which fit perfectly with a game designed to bring the player different options in how they want to play the game which also impacts how characters react and behave. It was only natural that the final ending was also something that players had influences over. Your decisions matter, your decisions made a difference. That is, until the sequel came out. Instead of picking one of the endings of the original and declaring it to be the one this game is based on, like literally every game with multiple endings has done, they decided to mesh all of the different endings together into one. So all of the "deciding" you do in the original now no longer has any effect. It doesn't matter which of the three endings you pick, because the other two will happen anyway.

  • Vulpus Armoury Productions
    Vulpus Armoury Productions20 dagar sedan

    the halo angle is explained in the more widely accepted books, where most of the other spartans where sent to defend part of reach during its fall, to the point it is an insult that halo 5 was the first/only time thet showed up in game.

  • marscaleb
    marscaleb20 dagar sedan

    Where are you getting this idea that NULL was actually Grey Fox?

  • ldmt1995
    ldmt199520 dagar sedan

    Yoshi island 2 Bringing back Mario and Luigi to their parents and the satisfaction of that last image. Then you play that second game and nintendo goes Guess what those weren't even their parents first game was a huge waste of time, fuck you.

  • Donna Winkler
    Donna Winkler20 dagar sedan

    Imma have to call cap on AC brotherhood the ezio series and every game in it were amazing

  • Who Dat
    Who Dat20 dagar sedan

    This list needed Doom Eternal. Samuel Hayden was a much more interesting character when he was a human and not retconned into a Alien. What a strange and unnecessary twist that was

  • meme lord
    meme lord20 dagar sedan

    You have hit the wall pretty hard.

  • Kly
    Kly20 dagar sedan

    Why.... so.... many.... ads....

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller20 dagar sedan

    I'm not sure if this counts since it's a prequel and all, but Metroid: Other M was kinda awful. The gameplay was fun, but they made some stupid decisions with the characters and there wasn't a single new and/or creative level or enemy design in the game.

  • Marcos González Rodríguez.
    Marcos González Rodríguez.20 dagar sedan

    Yo don't badmouth my boi Shawn Hastings, he's the GOAT

  • Heavy Metal Collector
    Heavy Metal Collector20 dagar sedan

    I'd say Peace Walker and Phantom Pain are significantly worse for their whoring out of The Boss and absolute refusal to just move the fuck on. Yes Kojima, I thoroughly enjoyed the best game in the series. No Kojima, I don't want you to keep making the best character worse and worse in every subsequent game aside from Portable Ops, go away now (and take your stupid Peace Walker droids with you). To be clear, I'm not saying Big Boss should be completely removed from the context of MGS3, I'm saying you don't need to keep throwing pale AI imitations of The Boss in the story over and over AND OVER again. He already said in MGS4 (paraphrasing due to bad memory) "from the day I killed The Boss, I was already dead." That one piece of dialogue does so much more than having Strangelove's work be like "Hey, remember me, that mentor you killed? It's me again." It's just obnoxious, unsubtle and repetitive writing

  • Brad AmeerBeg
    Brad AmeerBeg20 dagar sedan

    I think the first one is called a plot twist... but ok.

  • caleb osborne
    caleb osborne20 dagar sedan

    Why is AC on there? You fucking crazy ?

  • Hylian Gamer
    Hylian Gamer20 dagar sedan

    well, you could always make more spartans

  • Steven Nogaro
    Steven Nogaro20 dagar sedan

    I…think there’s a good reason the Koopalings were retconned *after* Super Mario World and that Bowser built the Mechakoopas. Let’s just say that Bowser doesn’t like to bring it up…and Mario likes turtle soup…

  • DaBomb8493
    DaBomb849320 dagar sedan

    I actually LOVE Blue Team and am glad most of them survived. Chief doesn’t need to be another Doom Guy. Give me like 5 last remaining badasses instead of just 1 lol.

  • NewYork975
    NewYork97520 dagar sedan

    Metal Gear Portable Ops was never canon.

  • Kuno333
    Kuno33320 dagar sedan

    To be fair, Portable Ops might not be canon. It doesn't fit super well with the rest of the series, and Kojima wasn't really involved in it

  • malBOROkid
    malBOROkid20 dagar sedan

    "highlander 2'd"

  • Milo WolfFace
    Milo WolfFace20 dagar sedan

    Dislike for shitting on Shawn

  • Ryan
    Ryan20 dagar sedan

    17:04, those extra spartans were trapped in a dyson sphere for a number of years so that's why they weren't around until halo 5. The others were from the spirit of fire that was drifting around for decades because they gave up their slip drive to blow up a shield world that had a fleet of forerunner ships in them that could've wiped out humanity.

  • lilnuggetdude
    lilnuggetdude20 dagar sedan

    If you ask me 343 should have left Cortana dead after Halo 4. There’s literally no reason for her to be there anymore.

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L21 dag sedan

    Um... Team Osiris is made of Spartan IV, not Spartan II.

  • WiggaMachiavelli
    WiggaMachiavelli21 dag sedan

    DIablo III.