Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts


Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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  • 420
    42024 minuter sedan

    These are not sand fleas. So dumb.

  • Will Colón Jr
    Will Colón Jr27 minuter sedan

    Never see this before. Pretty cool.

  • MaNNeRz Laguna
    MaNNeRz Laguna29 minuter sedan

    Grim... I went in the sea a few years back and came out covered in tiny ones then i started bleeding from all over the place

  • Davi Rodrigues
    Davi Rodrigues35 minuter sedan

    Brazil > tatuí P.S.: why this guy is using sandals to enter in the water?!

  • Tammy Johnson
    Tammy Johnson56 minuter sedan

    Those aren't sand fleas.

  • おくたん
    おくたんTimme sedan


  • Yatziri Flores
    Yatziri FloresTimme sedan


  • Mzainus Solihin
    Mzainus SolihinTimme sedan

    Di goreng enak tuh😂

  • luuuke_exe
    luuuke_exeTimme sedan

    My record is 9 in one rake 😂

  • Noob Aquarist
    Noob Aquarist2 timmar sedan

    If this things grows. They would be very tasty and yummy.

  • Gab Perez
    Gab Perez2 timmar sedan

    I thought you were getting some coins

  • Troll Yo Hole
    Troll Yo Hole2 timmar sedan

    These are sand crabs here in the central coast of Cali

  • 양은선
    양은선3 timmar sedan


  • Art of Honor
    Art of Honor3 timmar sedan

    This made my whole body itch

  • HWH
    HWH3 timmar sedan

    Are you sure they are not baby crabs?

  • Katori.mp4


    Timme sedan

    baby crabs are super small and actually kinda transparent (or at least MOST common ones are)

  • david kelly
    david kelly3 timmar sedan

    Poor fleas!

  • Seyer Reyes
    Seyer Reyes3 timmar sedan

    Are those in every beach or just certain beaches because I’m so confused I’ve been to many beaches and have never seen that in my life.

  • Abdi Ato
    Abdi Ato4 timmar sedan

    Wtfk what is that😯

  • Brandon Bennett
    Brandon Bennett4 timmar sedan

    Do they make good bait?

  • Mr. Lawrence
    Mr. Lawrence4 timmar sedan

    🤔They were oriented, and headed for the water!

  • Paula Abdul
    Paula Abdul4 timmar sedan

    Omgosh I didn't know that???? Sand fleas????

  • john knebel
    john knebel4 timmar sedan

    The big question is...How do we eat them?

  • Uncle Berry
    Uncle Berry4 timmar sedan


  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves5 timmar sedan

    In Brazil we call them Tatuí...

  • Chab Gelves
    Chab Gelves5 timmar sedan

    In our place we eat this, deep fry then soysauce w/chili and calamansi 😁😊

  • Adek
    Adek5 timmar sedan

    "So many! Look at this look at this!" *proceeds to run away from the camera* 😂😂

  • John Mayer’s
    John Mayer’s5 timmar sedan

    I feel bad for the people in the Midwest

  • chang ́e
    chang ́e5 timmar sedan

    at malaysia we call "remis"👁️👄👁️

  • george benson
    george benson5 timmar sedan

    Leave them alone you human flea.

  • khairul Azim
    khairul Azim6 timmar sedan

    In my country they used to call it 'yat-yat'

  • Raphael Ribeiro
    Raphael Ribeiro8 timmar sedan

    Já peguei muito Tatuí para usar de isca na pescaria 🎣 😃😃😃

  • Αναστάσιος Γαλουτζης
    Αναστάσιος Γαλουτζης9 timmar sedan

    What is this

  • IG RAJ
    IG RAJ9 timmar sedan

    Sand crabs😆😂

  • F B I
    F B I9 timmar sedan

    Look at them go. So cute

  • Dank Cupcakes
    Dank Cupcakes9 timmar sedan

    If the ocean isn’t bad enough as it is

  • Amy Traeger
    Amy Traeger9 timmar sedan

    Are these in Australia I’ve never seen them before at all

  • AshtonPlayz
    AshtonPlayz10 timmar sedan

    Those arent fleas

  • cälanguinhø _
    cälanguinhø _10 timmar sedan

    Wooow baby's crab so cute 😃

  • Thegooob95
    Thegooob9510 timmar sedan

    So this is what birds pick at the sand for

  • omar meas
    omar meas11 timmar sedan


  • Jamarkus Hawkins
    Jamarkus Hawkins11 timmar sedan

    Are they fleas

  • Fuzz Fuzz
    Fuzz Fuzz11 timmar sedan

    new American delicacies???

  • Joseph Michael
    Joseph Michael11 timmar sedan

    Yeah, to the swimming pool it is

  • Biju KK
    Biju KK11 timmar sedan


  • Walter Linsenbigler
    Walter Linsenbigler12 timmar sedan

    All the people freakin out is great! Stay home! More beach for us!

  • Zachary Crane
    Zachary Crane12 timmar sedan

    Sand crabs

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C12 timmar sedan

    Now we know what happened to Mr Krabs family.

  • DynaGuy 209
    DynaGuy 20912 timmar sedan

    Don’t show the Asians this. There won’t be any left.

  • Ricardo Gabriel
    Ricardo Gabriel12 timmar sedan

    Meu deus 😲

  • Mimi&Angel Aguirre
    Mimi&Angel Aguirre12 timmar sedan

    Last time I went to the beach I felt lil rocks. Now ik what it is

  • caio rodrigues
    caio rodrigues13 timmar sedan

    No brasil se chama tatuí

  • Speed Legends
    Speed Legends14 timmar sedan

    Finally someone else who loves catching these

  • Stuart Trapani
    Stuart Trapani14 timmar sedan

    Reminds me of Cloverfield 😮

  • g7enn89
    g7enn8914 timmar sedan

    Are those edible?

  • sushitoothpaste
    sushitoothpaste14 timmar sedan

    I ate them before and they actually taste good, also used them for bait

    JASPER'S JOINT14 timmar sedan


  • Sowjet Frosch
    Sowjet Frosch14 timmar sedan


  • The Shamanarchist
    The Shamanarchist14 timmar sedan

    Normally catching crabs down the beach entails hooking up with a local skanger.

  • Victoria Speakman
    Victoria Speakman14 timmar sedan

    But I'm from the North.

  • Victoria Speakman
    Victoria Speakman14 timmar sedan

    We called em sand dabs.

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy15 timmar sedan

    They’re so cute

  • Jojo John
    Jojo John15 timmar sedan

    It's so delicious roasting it ..we use to eat them in my country

  • Valery Laurent
    Valery Laurent15 timmar sedan

    What do you do with them?

    MASTER FIST TV15 timmar sedan

    Maya daii

  • Brian V
    Brian V15 timmar sedan

    Bro, those are crabs we were doing that back in the 70s

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy15 timmar sedan

    Why his mouth look like that "" I got my rake" durt

  • lukeds21
    lukeds2115 timmar sedan


  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks16 timmar sedan

    I vote we napalm the beach

  • Cau fishing trip
    Cau fishing trip16 timmar sedan


  • Wuzhaniin
    Wuzhaniin16 timmar sedan


  • nostradamus killshot
    nostradamus killshot16 timmar sedan

    Lol it's called "Bakuku" in our native place here in Philippines and its so delicious

  • Richard Wernsing
    Richard Wernsing16 timmar sedan

    Growing up at the Jersey Shore we call them sand bugs

  • Bruce Carter
    Bruce Carter16 timmar sedan

    Is that a turtle

  • ᴋɴᴏᴡ
    ᴋɴᴏᴡ16 timmar sedan


  • Evgeniy Sorokin
    Evgeniy Sorokin16 timmar sedan

    А что это?

  • david G
    david G16 timmar sedan


  • Navinesan Gangan
    Navinesan Gangan17 timmar sedan

    In South Africa Durban..we call them sea lice.. they are tasty, fry them with spice and oil..

  • mary knapp
    mary knapp17 timmar sedan

    I've always called them sand crabs,another is what I was taught to call them

  • mary knapp

    mary knapp

    17 timmar sedan

    And I know when I went to Daytona beach they had sand fleas that did bite ,I live 2and 1/2 hrs from OceanCity inMaryland so East coast folks call them crabs like West coast

  • bullet xdc 20
    bullet xdc 2017 timmar sedan

    Is this the same thing as a fiddler crab?

    APP LOFT PERM17 timmar sedan

    Who is this?!?!?

  • Randy
    Randy17 timmar sedan

    Sand fleas are something completely different. those are sand crabs.

  • Justin Figgins
    Justin Figgins17 timmar sedan

    But wait, why are u collecting them?

  • Justin Figgins
    Justin Figgins17 timmar sedan

    They actually do bite if you stand in their water and let them come up to your feet to feed.

  • Hazel Brown
    Hazel Brown17 timmar sedan

    Discussing 🤥

  • Sapto Productions
    Sapto Productions17 timmar sedan

    it's yutuk

  • Joshua Kim Laure
    Joshua Kim Laure18 timmar sedan

    Guyong guyong

  • Samuel Zavala
    Samuel Zavala18 timmar sedan

    Most successful incel on the internet

  • Jonathan Bush
    Jonathan Bush18 timmar sedan

    sand fleas??? I thought they were called sand crabs

  • NOTgonnaLIE
    NOTgonnaLIE18 timmar sedan

    If you want people to seriously start eating these, then maybe stop calling them sand "FLEAS".

  • Skip Shull
    Skip Shull18 timmar sedan

    I spent many hours killing these bad boys in Runey Scape

  • vdjpepper ,com
    vdjpepper ,com18 timmar sedan

    Ewwww wtf

  • TryTac
    TryTac18 timmar sedan

    Great! Now i know what that tickling feel is when the waves come...

  • Elios
    Elios18 timmar sedan


  • Syams Thefullrainshade
    Syams Thefullrainshade18 timmar sedan

    Yeah.. In West Sumatera-Indonesia we call them Gugu and we eat this crab like a favourite dish. This thing smell and taste just like crab nothing scary.

  • Putri Adini
    Putri Adini18 timmar sedan

    Local people in Java can eat this sea creature because they can't find any proteins around them (my experience visiting Kebumen, one of poor areas in Central Java)

  • ThaBrooklynFellah
    ThaBrooklynFellah18 timmar sedan

    We call them Cockroach in NYC 🤷‍♂️

    Dirty KINGS GAMING19 timmar sedan

    What’s a sand flea?

  • Isaac Meza
    Isaac Meza19 timmar sedan

    Déjalas ir en el mar

  • Ruvim Orlovz
    Ruvim Orlovz19 timmar sedan

    this looks like oregon? is it?

  • Theus theking
    Theus theking19 timmar sedan

    That's delicious taste like shrimp