Smashing a Lamborghini on the streets! #shorts


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  • Ninja Talent
    Ninja Talent5 minuter sedan

    I loke that the Wright is made out of plastic

  • Like a Nobady
    Like a Nobady7 minuter sedan

    It's fake

  • Ken HIckey
    Ken HIckey10 minuter sedan


  • Doğukan Demir
    Doğukan Demir10 minuter sedan


  • Chasing Dreams
    Chasing Dreams15 minuter sedan

    Don't broke.. Gift it to me

  • Patria AG
    Patria AG20 minuter sedan

    Wao a very good car

  • vickie parker
    vickie parker21 minut sedan

    Fake it is foam or plastic

  • Pradeep Ambat
    Pradeep Ambat23 minuter sedan

    WTF.....Fake vid and added to the 28 mil views.....That guy must be laughing away to d bank

  • الحسن الشكيلي
    الحسن الشكيلي30 minuter sedan

    It’s fake

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson32 minuter sedan


    THX CACYF332 minuter sedan

    Essa porra é feita de algo muito leve só idiota pra acreditar que seria de verdade.

  • James Murray
    James Murray34 minuter sedan

    Probably lifts them fake weights as well.

  • Mark
    Mark37 minuter sedan

    Plastic haha

  • Robert Rulon
    Robert Rulon37 minuter sedan

    Plastic. This guy is way took weak to throw and actual plate 😆

  • Neeta Sandhu
    Neeta Sandhu38 minuter sedan

    Foamy wheel...😀😁👍

  • Kauan Evaristo
    Kauan Evaristo44 minuter sedan

    Fez nem força mentiroso de merda

  • Jonathan Guy
    Jonathan Guy46 minuter sedan

    Get a life

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea47 minuter sedan

    It’s sad to see Anthony this way, fame has really gotten to his head 😟

    HDGAMERZTimme sedan

    Lol it's fake , yep comments 🤣

  • $princess$
    $princess$Timme sedan

    So random but is that the same car that central cee had in his music vid 6 for 6 ??

  • Single Malt
    Single MaltTimme sedan

    Fake weight, what a nob

  • Sunil Yadav
    Sunil YadavTimme sedan

    Blood fellow You and your father together can't through that much easly

  • That hairy Berry
    That hairy BerryTimme sedan

    Hes the type of guy to do tik tok lifehacks unironically

  • faiz ahmad
    faiz ahmadTimme sedan


  • Black
    BlackTimme sedan

    "He's the type of guy" 🤔

  • Volgin93
    Volgin93Timme sedan

    He's the kind of guy to put a ruler under his pillow to see how long he slept.

  • SJK 1209
    SJK 1209Timme sedan

    How? How tf do u get 300,000 likes by faking it

  • TheCrowGaming
    TheCrowGamingTimme sedan

    Anthony, why did you become one of them. Yoy used to be cool man

  • Ishak Pasha
    Ishak PashaTimme sedan


  • Victor z
    Victor zTimme sedan

    I knew it was fake when i realised he wouldnt be able to carry it that easy 🤣

  • Eduardo Zaragoza
    Eduardo ZaragozaTimme sedan

    He is a type of guy

  • The Toronto Yeller
    The Toronto YellerTimme sedan

    He is the type of guy that is a shitty actor

  • The Toronto Yeller
    The Toronto YellerTimme sedan

    And?? Too short. Where is e smashing windshield?

  • Gábor Mihály
    Gábor MihályTimme sedan

    Molotov coctail!

  • いの
    いのTimme sedan


  • Илья Денисов
    Илья ДенисовTimme sedan

    Not the present moment

  • Shadow Site
    Shadow SiteTimme sedan


  • boroda tv
    boroda tvTimme sedan

    А чего не показали как ему за такие шутки ебальник обсыкают???

  • Kevin Eyan
    Kevin EyanTimme sedan

    Buddy has clearly never touched a weight in his life 😂😂😂 look at how easily he held and threw that plate😂

  • Sirejester115
    Sirejester115Timme sedan

    He's the type of guy to wash plastic platea

  • Dave Matthew Bouffard
    Dave Matthew BouffardTimme sedan

    When you have the same intellectual capacity of a goldfish.

  • Doctor Wells
    Doctor WellsTimme sedan

    That's not heavy

  • Crispy Puppet
    Crispy PuppetTimme sedan

    This guy has room temperature IQ

  • Kryptos
    KryptosTimme sedan

    Why though

  • Bakhram Kurbanbaev
    Bakhram KurbanbaevTimme sedan

    It is fake

  • EST19 XX
    EST19 XXTimme sedan

    He’s the type of guy who you say plug me and he bring a phone charger

  • EST19 XX
    EST19 XXTimme sedan

    He’s the type of guy to get in a market just so he can go to the bathroom

  • Dhanbir Bhandari
    Dhanbir BhandariTimme sedan

    Fake waight

  • Bida Best
    Bida Best2 timmar sedan


  • Rack City
    Rack City2 timmar sedan

    He doesn't lift.

  • D Ron
    D Ron2 timmar sedan

    He’s the type of guy when you get pulled over by the police because you’re smoking marijuana and your windows are down and you tell him not to look at the cop and he greets him

  • José Angüizaca
    José Angüizaca2 timmar sedan

    Esa pesa es de carton.

  • Farbod Movahedi
    Farbod Movahedi2 timmar sedan

    Was obvious from first are to weak to carry that like that ...

  • Lokie75
    Lokie752 timmar sedan

    And all of that for a drop of clout

  • Denizabeth Matos Alvarez
    Denizabeth Matos Alvarez2 timmar sedan

    Bye car🤣

  • Hilal Aksoy
    Hilal Aksoy2 timmar sedan


  • sr_emils207
    sr_emils2072 timmar sedan

    OMG bisd du dumm😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨

  • Mike Colas
    Mike Colas2 timmar sedan

    Dude you could tell it was fake weight the moment he didn't struggle with 20kg plate.

  • Braxton W
    Braxton W2 timmar sedan

    Why do they keep this guy around


    Its fake nub

  • Firestorm 358
    Firestorm 3582 timmar sedan

    Karglas repariert Karglas tauscht aus

  • Biel_ gamer
    Biel_ gamer2 timmar sedan

    E fake

  • Old Soul
    Old Soul2 timmar sedan

    Fake videos get out my feeds

  • Magical Bluebery
    Magical Bluebery2 timmar sedan

    Continue for back...

  • Sreehas Dommata
    Sreehas Dommata2 timmar sedan

    Internet clout eh :\

  • Chi11
    Chi112 timmar sedan

    He's the type of guy that gives peanut candy to a person with a peanut allergy

  • Ivan the great
    Ivan the great2 timmar sedan

    *the shot bounced* WoT commander

  • M R
    M R2 timmar sedan

    थर्मकोल 😂

  • Shriyan Salver
    Shriyan Salver2 timmar sedan


  • Rayan JO Vlogs
    Rayan JO Vlogs3 timmar sedan

    Ponja fake

  • Amar Thorat
    Amar Thorat3 timmar sedan

    This are fake

  • Yogendrasinh Rajput
    Yogendrasinh Rajput3 timmar sedan

    Except when the steel is made of thermocol

  • James Bond 007
    James Bond 0073 timmar sedan

    He is a kind of person he will say I’m a multi millionaire but the truth is he lives with his mum😂😂😂😉

  • Lightning Blue
    Lightning Blue3 timmar sedan

    😐😐 it's plastic......😐

  • Fraser Halley
    Fraser Halley3 timmar sedan


  • Christian Blackwell
    Christian Blackwell3 timmar sedan

    He’s the type of guy you could sell blinker fluid too

  • Kovács János
    Kovács János3 timmar sedan


  • Archer
    Archer3 timmar sedan


  • LetsRyZy
    LetsRyZy3 timmar sedan

    In Germany we call it:✨Huan✨

  • Cloudy Kitten
    Cloudy Kitten3 timmar sedan

    Those Playboy Pants Say What Type Of Person He Is 😐

  • Jasmina Cundic
    Jasmina Cundic3 timmar sedan


  • Mondang Sinaga
    Mondang Sinaga3 timmar sedan


  • Karina De Jesus
    Karina De Jesus3 timmar sedan

    FAKE. HAHAHA please make it real. 🤣

  • corrosive barrel
    corrosive barrel3 timmar sedan

    It's literally just styrofoam

  • ResiLienT
    ResiLienT3 timmar sedan

    Comment Section Competition: He is the type of guy... vs He is the kind of guy...

  • Hot Hatch
    Hot Hatch4 timmar sedan

    Styrofoam plate.

  • Ism Johnson
    Ism Johnson4 timmar sedan

    He puts the spoon first, then the milk, then the bowl, then the cereal, then the kitchen counter, then the house.

  • Ism Johnson
    Ism Johnson4 timmar sedan

    He is the type of guy to stop traffic on the highway, to the tell everyone to drive faster or he will be late to work

  • مهدی میرزاخانی
    مهدی میرزاخانی4 timmar sedan

    بی پدر مادر

  • Arturo Proal
    Arturo Proal4 timmar sedan


  • DrumWild
    DrumWild4 timmar sedan

    He's the type of guy.

  • Light Wheelless
    Light Wheelless4 timmar sedan

    Guys it's a fake weight

  • mfamusic
    mfamusic4 timmar sedan

    On tik tok they’re celebrities, on SEblack they’re the type of guys that spray cologne into the air and shimmy into the mist

  • S P
    S P4 timmar sedan

    No barbell says barbell. Duh. Fake ass videos are getting old.

  • ghjkl asdf
    ghjkl asdf4 timmar sedan

    한국인이 싫어하는 결말 한국인이 싫어하는 속도 이걸 보는 한국인은 좋아요를...

  • The Robison Way
    The Robison Way4 timmar sedan

    He's the type of guy that would eat the last oreo and leave the package out.

  • AEM7
    AEM74 timmar sedan

    He's the type of guy to turn down the radio to see

  • Codee Watson
    Codee Watson4 timmar sedan

    That’s a different car when he drops it if you look carefully ones yellow ones bright orange 😂😭

  • Hazem Rabadi
    Hazem Rabadi5 timmar sedan

    الله لا يوفقك لمبر غيني ليش لمبر غيني ليش مو غيرها