Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour


Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)
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  • Neo Matrix
    Neo Matrix2 minuter sedan

    Lol they had to put it on youtube because nobody watches prime.

  • AchillesOF86
    AchillesOF868 minuter sedan

    Damn you Clarkson!! Making me like a Tesla...

  • Kevin
    Kevin20 minuter sedan

    immediately draws a penis 😂

  • Pat
    Pat24 minuter sedan

    funking turncoat !!!

  • Love To Travel
    Love To Travel26 minuter sedan

    I still remember the first LED watch being featured in a James Bond movie, James even pressed the button twice, and it showed....THE ACTUAL TIME !!

  • TheMalerdaemon
    TheMalerdaemon27 minuter sedan

    I agree, 156,000 lbs is a drawback!

  • Charles Furaha
    Charles Furaha29 minuter sedan


  • Finance, Food and Free time
    Finance, Food and Free time33 minuter sedan

    Funny how in a normal car it’s literally filled with flammable liquid but we consider that safer somehow

  • Jag Sidhu
    Jag Sidhu36 minuter sedan

    He drank the cool aid

  • Pamela Scott
    Pamela Scott37 minuter sedan

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    Sterling Pellegrino

    27 minuter sedan

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    Mark Smith

    30 minuter sedan

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  • EDU4519Computing1
    EDU4519Computing139 minuter sedan

    How long ago was it that Jeremy was berating anything with a battery as its main source of fuel?

  • Corey
    Corey47 minuter sedan

    1:06 “draw pretty patterns” *subconsciously begins drawing a penis*

  • ssyynntax
    ssyynntax49 minuter sedan

    Petrolhead/Dieselhead or not, you can't deny that this truly is an awesome, and exciting, invention by Tesla. Hopefully, one day, I'll be rich enough to own 1.

  • _ Beferrr
    _ Beferrr52 minuter sedan

    they didn't show the part where the doors go up cuz they're gull wings and lawyers get out with 0 problems

  • otahu Rice
    otahu Rice52 minuter sedan

    Toyota Prius fire here.. bought a tundra..

  • Dimitri Dehouck
    Dimitri Dehouck57 minuter sedan

    Cars shoudln't take themself so serious!! That's why I love Tesla with all my heart!!

  • Jim McCormack
    Jim McCormackTimme sedan

    Hmmm.... Seems those Simpleton Americans have done it again!!

  • Chris Kosti
    Chris KostiTimme sedan

    Rubbish Kitchen-Radio or Microwave on Wheels 🤮

  • Kostas Dockus
    Kostas DockusTimme sedan

    Was this the P100D?

  • An orange with a Capybara underneath it.
    An orange with a Capybara underneath it.Timme sedan

    Picasso is nodding his head in approval

    FUDGIE KRINKLESTimme sedan

    Jeremy is the GOAT for drawing a wanker n knadds on Sketch Pad

  • B -
    B -Timme sedan

    Still amazes me how you don't bother to put a single CP in your episodes. As we speak LH has 100 poles ffs!

  • Lark davis

    Lark davis

    Timme sedan

    For C:R:Y:P:T:O:T:R:A:D:I:N:G... H. I. T. M. E. U. P W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P/O/N/L/Y ±;;

  • Young Boy Breezy
    Young Boy Breezy2 timmar sedan

    Keep in mind that’s a suv that beat that Audi… if that was a model 3 model s or roadster… audi wouldn’t have stood a chance

  • Ulrik Brun
    Ulrik Brun2 timmar sedan

    "If you put indicators on it will turn by itself if it's clear" What if you put both indicators on will you then have 2 cars?

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal2 timmar sedan

    He needs to drive the EQS

  • gertjan van der meij
    gertjan van der meij2 timmar sedan

    I have driven one, and I can asure you, they are just FANTASTIC ! just AWESOME ! *Seriously ....... Everyone should experience these at least once in their lifetime !*

  • Fr3e
    Fr3e2 timmar sedan

    people died already from self driving teslas 🤞🏼

  • Young Boy Breezy

    Young Boy Breezy

    2 timmar sedan

    And it was their fault because they weren’t paying attention

  • Gordon Nash
    Gordon Nash2 timmar sedan

    1:05 if you get bored you can draw dicks on the screen and reminisce of days of old......

  • Soriphen
    Soriphen3 timmar sedan

    Some Clark music at the beginning huh. Awesome and fitting.

  • robert samson
    robert samson3 timmar sedan

    The thumping music and too fast cut scenes are annoying. Sorry thumbs down.

  • Martin Harper
    Martin Harper3 timmar sedan

    Plus your government 'green policy' pay back. You forgot the charging unit? And not being able to park outside your house to charge it. Ha Ha Ha.

  • kat13man
    kat13man3 timmar sedan

    The lady lawyer with the dark hair on the right in the middle seat is a total babe.

  • Marian Victor Saiu
    Marian Victor Saiu3 timmar sedan

    not much difference between the surface of mars and english roads

  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski3 timmar sedan

    and battery died ;D

  • Alex C
    Alex C3 timmar sedan

    The new Dacia Sandero...

  • Alilhvaeynthan Uma
    Alilhvaeynthan Uma3 timmar sedan

    Wat a u drawing on tesla

  • Alec Mccance
    Alec Mccance3 timmar sedan

    £156 grand for this car, what working man could afford that?.

  • Turlogh Obrien
    Turlogh Obrien3 timmar sedan

    Left hand tablet? Oh no

  • Young Boy Breezy

    Young Boy Breezy

    2 timmar sedan

    It’s because they are in the UK

  • Meshari
    Meshari3 timmar sedan

    Draw pretty pattern.. Proceeds to draw a shooting c***.

  • Adli Nazhan
    Adli Nazhan3 timmar sedan

    This is the first time i see Jeremy like an electric car

  • Clown Basher
    Clown Basher4 timmar sedan

    LOL I bet they had the layer talk a lot with Jeremy during production meetings of their shows!

  • Chloe Lee
    Chloe Lee4 timmar sedan

    "Drawing pretty patterns and so on" ... draws a pe***...

  • frollard
    frollard4 timmar sedan

    Can't wait for them to rehash this review with the 2021 plaid. If 2 motors is ludicrous, 3 is just ...well...plaid.

  • Maness Household
    Maness Household4 timmar sedan

    1:03 that drawing was sus

  • Amz
    Amz4 timmar sedan

    Clarkson has fully sold out to the agenda 21 4th industrial revolution

  • Ghebrehiwet
    Ghebrehiwet4 timmar sedan

    First they try to kill you, then they praise you

  • Haratii Aswegobandi
    Haratii Aswegobandi5 timmar sedan

    I love this so much loo

  • Dunlee Ozarius
    Dunlee Ozarius5 timmar sedan

    1:03 I like what he drew in the scratchpad

  • eddie abdul
    eddie abdul5 timmar sedan

    OMG!! Celebration mode

  • 112313
    1123135 timmar sedan

    Tesla programmers are a cheeky lot...."i want my mommy"? Hahahhaha

  • Michal Zienkiewicz
    Michal Zienkiewicz5 timmar sedan

    “Most ppl are not driving like a maniac like u” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂👍

  • SorenJohnk
    SorenJohnk5 timmar sedan

    This Model X is an old Tesla, why not make a video of the new refreshed model X? That is so cool.

  • bull
    bull5 timmar sedan

    Bahahahaha draws xock n balls

  • Daniel Gada
    Daniel Gada5 timmar sedan

    Did he really just draw a dick

  • JJ 109
    JJ 1096 timmar sedan

    So I guess the $218,000 price tag is really appealing to the majority of the public? Or how about the electrical upgrade you need to do to your home to charge it. So is that range good in January in North Dakota or Maine ? How about charging time to full charge and how does it work when temperature is a high of 15 degrees outside ?? These are all real world questions that your probably not going to like the answer to...

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy6 timmar sedan

    So this is like the iPhone 4? 5? Where a coworker was showing us all the silly stupid stuff it could do and we were like yeah but it cost you an arm and a leg and a high monthly fee. "Yeah but you can blow into the phone it plays a digital flute!"

  • Yihao Liu
    Yihao Liu6 timmar sedan

    1:05 hold up

  • city3015
    city30156 timmar sedan

    Shit car anyway.

  • city3015


    Timme sedan

    @Young Boy Breezy beam from lighthouse of your intelligence don't go too far.

  • Young Boy Breezy

    Young Boy Breezy

    Timme sedan

    Ahh I knew I would find one of these uneducated kids😂 hey kiddo wait until you get older and you realize you cant buy a lambo at age 16 and you will see that teslas or the best mid range car and it still destroys high end cars

  • Chorrell Piqué
    Chorrell Piqué6 timmar sedan

    *seems to be doodling a penis* I’m sorry, I just can’t get used to electric cars. No matter how many fancy buttons are added to them.

  • Mike Tomer
    Mike Tomer6 timmar sedan

    Funny that if the video was 30 seconds longer you would see that the doors would open in that small space without causing any damage. Happy to see you’re coming around tho.

  • Paul Fraser
    Paul Fraser6 timmar sedan

    The trouble i had with my Rover when the electric window stopped working !! . . .bring back the wind up handle i said . . .

  • Lightning Star
    Lightning Star6 timmar sedan

    1:03 "You can draw pretty patterns" *draws a dick in half a second

  • Snufnik
    Snufnik7 timmar sedan

    It’s so passive agressive but with a hint he actually likes it

  • marlboro blend
    marlboro blend7 timmar sedan

    He pulled the auto pilot the wrong direction, they edited it

  • Utterly Bonkers Daddy
    Utterly Bonkers Daddy7 timmar sedan

    Still a vacuum cleaner

  • mt451
    mt4517 timmar sedan

    Cool car. How it works in Lapland with -40 and snow? I need to drive 400km to cottage and back (no net electricity available). Max 10 min stops. I fill tank on my Mondeo STW 2.0 bensin at start and drive after this trip one week to next refuel. Can this do it?

  • __ Kagami
    __ Kagami7 timmar sedan

    1:05 Did he just draw a Dick?

  • lazyhazeldaisy
    lazyhazeldaisy7 timmar sedan

    Set to warp speed, brilliant!

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis7 timmar sedan

    And all that crap uses the battery.

  • Young Boy Breezy

    Young Boy Breezy

    Timme sedan

    Oh thanks for telling me I thought the car ran on burgers

  • Jordan Drury

    Jordan Drury

    7 timmar sedan

    Oh thanks I thought it used Bluetooth

  • Vincenzo Petrillo
    Vincenzo Petrillo7 timmar sedan


  • Moon Shot
    Moon Shot7 timmar sedan

    Now you aren’t influenced by an oil company you like Teslas, Interesting.

  • Muhammad Mubarik
    Muhammad Mubarik7 timmar sedan

    You die as a hero or you live long to see yourself appreciating an electric vehicle

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson8 timmar sedan

    Who gives a flying toss about crossing Albert Bridge. Maybe 0.0000000000000000000001% of the people this car is available to be sold to?? Clarkson, relevant and on point as usual ;)

  • Sachet Thapa
    Sachet Thapa8 timmar sedan

    Thank god the car didn't die and stop in mid review 😅😅😅

  • Digamas
    Digamas8 timmar sedan

    Oh so you like the Tesla now do you, hmmm? It wasn't that long ago when you utterly destroyed it on your show. I wonder what changed.

  • LN KJV only
    LN KJV only8 timmar sedan

    Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  • Lazzy Stalker
    Lazzy Stalker8 timmar sedan

    Тесла: кродёться.

  • Ivan evan
    Ivan evan8 timmar sedan

    Everything,s cool until you actually see what he is drawing 🤣sus

  • Keith Whitty
    Keith Whitty8 timmar sedan

    Unsubscribed. Seen this over n over n over lazy fxckers

  • Keith Whitty
    Keith Whitty8 timmar sedan

    Old old old stuff. We seen this over 20 times already. Too Gear & Fith Gear making shows while you guys play house and ignore your audience. No more Amazon for me. Jeff can go fxck himself.

  • Keith Whitty

    Keith Whitty

    Timme sedan

    @Young Boy Breezy Im not. Im angey they produced tje series and spent 4 months editing and brought us crap, tjen release BS videos years old. We pay for Amazon to watch The Grand Tour and there isn't one.

  • Young Boy Breezy

    Young Boy Breezy

    Timme sedan

    Why you so mad over a car

  • SG gr
    SG gr8 timmar sedan

    what happened ? taking less or more medication ?

  • Xt Spin
    Xt Spin8 timmar sedan

    So no one's gonna mention that pretty pattern.....

    DK THEMAN8 timmar sedan

    It’s not about what car you drive, it’s about who drives the car

  • mbvnvnfgh fghdgfhdfgh
    mbvnvnfgh fghdgfhdfgh8 timmar sedan

    nikola tesla inventerad free electricity apparently the global elite dident like that

  • Tim de Winter
    Tim de Winter9 timmar sedan

    Wasn’t this video on prime already?

  • A.G. Somsen
    A.G. Somsen9 timmar sedan


  • Young Boy Breezy

    Young Boy Breezy

    Timme sedan

    Give me 1 reason. You want to make a random and uneducated assumption, I’ll debate you. Give me 1 reason

  • Key MOTA
    Key MOTA9 timmar sedan

    1:03 Jeremy doing Jeremy things

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigaura9 timmar sedan

    Hammond will crash this electric car even when he wasn't driving it. 😂🤣

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith9 timmar sedan

    We really pretending he didn't instinctly draw a penis...

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam9 timmar sedan

    “Draw pretty patterns” - proceeds to draw a penis.

  • David smi66
    David smi6610 timmar sedan


  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith10 timmar sedan

    How heavy in weight?

  • Young Boy Breezy

    Young Boy Breezy

    Timme sedan


  • Bill Delicatessen
    Bill Delicatessen10 timmar sedan

    Looks like the shows sponsor has changed, last time they pretended it broke down

  • gnostikz 89
    gnostikz 8910 timmar sedan

    Lawyers are blocks. They defend satanic worshipping scum. As do most in so called authority.

  • Ruski Bocian
    Ruski Bocian10 timmar sedan

    waiting for an episode when Jeremy actually will smash this electric metal box with demolition truck or just shoot it from a tank..

  • Des
    Des10 timmar sedan

    Oh and that is the slowest tesla model

  • ahti29
    ahti2910 timmar sedan

    A bus. A busride is the closest thing to a Tesla.

  • Seth Wiafe
    Seth Wiafe10 timmar sedan

    Who else thinks Elon Musk is a child building his favourite batmobile ? Celebration mode🤣🤣

  • Azly
    Azly10 timmar sedan

    he draw a Di lol