Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.

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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  • Bernies Aguanta
    Bernies Aguanta52 minuter sedan

    That was a d*ck i suppose.

  • Garo Sama
    Garo Sama3 timmar sedan

    Probably the ugliest car of the 2010s.

  • Ziyad Abdul
    Ziyad Abdul11 timmar sedan

    7:00 I had a toy car like this in my childhood 😂

  • jose concepcion
    jose concepcion15 timmar sedan

    I like how he said the "ALL OF THIS MEANS THAT I COULD WRITE IMPORTANT MESSAGES, ON MY SKETCH PAD" and writes "JAMES MAY IS A MORON" thats just astonishing👏

  • Steve Fernandes
    Steve Fernandes16 timmar sedan

    The lawyer at the back with the glass was hot

  • MrWhosTheMaster《BlackWolf》
    MrWhosTheMaster《BlackWolf》19 timmar sedan

    7:35 It's Fabulous, IT'S THE FUTURE 😎🔥

  • SimmsRyan97
    SimmsRyan9720 timmar sedan

    Tesla is literally a toy and I kind of want one 😂

  • tdebug
    tdebug20 timmar sedan

    Will consider an EV when they finally start claiming the real range a car would go and not according to any fraud standards like WLTP. For model X there is also one more thing is clearly from Mars - its price. Well, ultrarich can also have their toys of course.

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor22 timmar sedan

    A 2.5 ton PlayStation ! Smaller and lighter than my ps5 then

  • 鈴木ジュン
    鈴木ジュン23 timmar sedan

    So interesting, but the video gets cut off..

  • kinell188
    kinell188Dag sedan

    Whats 156,000 pounds in Kilograms?

  • death ray
    death rayDag sedan

    all left side drivers must now be left-handed. ah ah.

  • michael patton
    michael pattonDag sedan

    Musk Will be remembered as a visionary...much like Ford was in his day....but to a much higher degree and in more than one industry.

  • Elan Lynn
    Elan LynnDag sedan

    So imagining in future all racing cars have celebration mode. It’s like car version of Tbag after winning a match.

  • David Kettell
    David KettellDag sedan

    it cannot work ! the steering wheel is on the wrong side !

  • Shyam Chandran
    Shyam ChandranDag sedan

    What did he draw at 01:02 ?

  • Clifton Ling
    Clifton LingDag sedan


  • Darko Zmija
    Darko ZmijaDag sedan

    What benefits of a car if you are going for a long distance if you are fresh to drive but car is not and you need to charge f... Battery about other issues i don't want to talk

  • Sacred Sermon
    Sacred SermonDag sedan

    God gave foreigners so much talent

  • Nakisa Soltan Kashefi
    Nakisa Soltan KashefiDag sedan

    Nissan 's autopilot is getting close. It doesn't change lanes or summon the car but does the rest of self driving which is just amazing for the prices you pay.

  • cloudy
    cloudyDag sedan

    Imagine if you destroyed a cocky Porsche on a 1/4 mile then put celebration mode on.

  • bary1234
    bary1234Dag sedan

    Falcon wing doors of the Model X can open even in that tight space between parked cars.

  • DD Vandal
    DD VandalDag sedan

    My head will always read the word "astonishing" in Clarkson's voice. No exceptions.

  • DD Vandal

    DD Vandal

    4 timmar sedan

    @The Grand Tour "Speed and power"

  • The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour

    15 timmar sedan

    What phrases do you always associate with Jeremy Clarkson?

  • Smegul14
    Smegul142 dagar sedan

    Its effort to be accurate that poor man in the back hahah

  • Righthandman
    Righthandman2 dagar sedan

    This is the most useless car review I’ve seen Clarkson do. His simple-minded fascination with some gimmicky stuff in this day and age kind of dates him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Tesla and I especially like the acceleration demonstration but the rest was pure silliness in terms of reviewing what’s important about the car. BTW my current 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid can stay in a lane on a highway and maintain a certain speed and/or a certain distance from a preceding car although I have to keep touching the steering wheel. And it can do it for less than 1/6 the price. It’s not such an amazing feat what the Tesla does in this particular demo.

  • FoxyDubBatman ;

    FoxyDubBatman ;

    Dag sedan

    You sound poor

  • billyc call
    billyc call2 dagar sedan

    Tesla is great but not perfect, I have a lawyer with me so I can say that🤗

  • carl morandell
    carl morandell2 dagar sedan

    I kind of wonder if the 2 that are speaking are the actual lawyers and the rest are just actors

  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller2 dagar sedan

    Tesla, teaching cars to do more than just roll over and play dead.

  • Adrian Katsikides
    Adrian Katsikides2 dagar sedan

    they just need to fit it with ejector seats..........what lawyers ?

  • Morten Hansen
    Morten Hansen2 dagar sedan

    1:00 It's pretty obvious what is constantly on Clarkson's mind!

  • FiveInline84
    FiveInline842 dagar sedan

    That POS Audi got raped.

  • ALEX
    ALEX2 dagar sedan


  • peebles green
    peebles green2 dagar sedan

    1:04 dude drew a dick

  • Floryn S
    Floryn S3 dagar sedan

    Model X is perfect!!!

  • Garo Sama

    Garo Sama

    3 timmar sedan

    If i look at it, nah. Far from perfect, since its so ugly.

  • Gerry Ortiz
    Gerry Ortiz3 dagar sedan

    Jeremys biggest issue isnt the price its the lack of a gas powered V8 engine.

  • vizjim2
    vizjim23 dagar sedan

    "James May is amoral." 😅😅😅

  • Steve Jay
    Steve Jay3 dagar sedan

    Guy drew a dick on the sketch pad, no one gonna say anything?

  • vampov
    vampov3 dagar sedan

    And that is where electric engines suffer.... at the top

  • Never Around
    Never Around3 dagar sedan

    Did he draw a dick?

  • Bill Green
    Bill Green3 dagar sedan

    Very good Jeremy but why is it hogging the middle lane?

  • MrBizteck
    MrBizteck3 dagar sedan

    Pity the whole car will be fucked when Tesla decide you need to buy a new car and brick it with a software 'update'

  • GKH
    GKH3 dagar sedan

    1.00 first thing he starts drawing is a dick lmao😂

  • QandA
    QandA3 dagar sedan

    Too bad it cant beat the Demon...Dodge shall not be easily beaten by any car manufacturer!

  • Mathurin GARCIER
    Mathurin GARCIER3 dagar sedan

    "Sweet JESUS"

  • acap cortegaz
    acap cortegaz3 dagar sedan

    The political bumper evocatively cheer because cycle postauricularly note besides a ubiquitous leaf. male, hurried wrist

  • LemTheAsian
    LemTheAsian3 dagar sedan

    “Tonight I drive a silent electric car”

  • Arpan Sarkar
    Arpan Sarkar3 dagar sedan

    Imagine if someone hack your Tesla system..

  • C B
    C B4 dagar sedan

    “James may is a *moror* “

  • Eric Tetz
    Eric Tetz4 dagar sedan

    "It can't extricate itself from a parking space" The crazy thing is that... it can.

    RR PLAN C4 dagar sedan

    I see the hidden agenda.

  • Garo Sama

    Garo Sama

    3 timmar sedan

    Clarkson has to comply as well.

  • Abed Natsheh
    Abed Natsheh4 dagar sedan

    Did he just draw a dick 😂

  • Charlene Woods
    Charlene Woods4 dagar sedan

    The elite club notably rhyme because step-brother postsurgically arrest onto a fine brand. materialistic, common dessert

  • Yuri Lakhtionov
    Yuri Lakhtionov5 dagar sedan

    The rear doors of Tesla will still open in this parking lot )))

  • Jim Jenkins
    Jim Jenkins5 dagar sedan

    How much was the Audi v10 that lost?!

  • G E
    G E5 dagar sedan

    Until the Asian from California passes you asleep at the wheel with the "Auto Pilot" on and kills 12 people. Irony of that? The Asian from California doesn't have to be in a Tesla with the auto pilot on to do that.

  • dannyt partyboy
    dannyt partyboy5 dagar sedan

    8:50 vauxhall says its cars are exciting XD

  • Marcus
    Marcus5 dagar sedan

    Clarkson i miss you in old top gear

  • Brandon Sohan
    Brandon Sohan5 dagar sedan

    Great video 👍🇹🇹

  • A Bit Of Internet
    A Bit Of Internet5 dagar sedan

    subscribe for the LOLs! 8/1000

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor6 dagar sedan

    Dear Jeromy, I know that you love petrol/roads/going fast....but I hate driving because its more like stopping and starting in traffic and potholes. I just want an autopilot electric thing. But at £57,000 I might be able to get a better deal on a war elephant.

  • SHREY々
    SHREY々6 dagar sedan

    01:05 very sus

  • Laggy Wizard
    Laggy Wizard6 dagar sedan

    156k pounds bit it can stomp an r8, someone give Jeremy a plaid model

  • Z
    Z6 dagar sedan

    The BGM tracks are actually also good, any reference

  • Apoorv Shah
    Apoorv Shah6 dagar sedan

    Did he just draw a penis 😂

  • Hades
    Hades6 dagar sedan

    Draw's a dick straight away "pretty patterns" 😂

    TZACKG6 dagar sedan

    Wise words “James may is a moroc”

  • Oofin Heim
    Oofin Heim6 dagar sedan

    First thing he draws 😂

  • Alex Barking
    Alex Barking6 dagar sedan

    You can turn it into a sketch pad... proceeds to draw a penis l😂🤦🏼

  • thomas tolster
    thomas tolster6 dagar sedan

    Tesla is REWRITING the auto industry! Legacy auto companies are SCREWED!

  • Captain Obnoxious

    Captain Obnoxious

    5 dagar sedan

    Gimmicks and Gimmicks.

  • thomas tolster

    thomas tolster

    6 dagar sedan

    @LightRayTracer no they havent, they have they have produced some weak attempts at evs, with low profitsbility abd less functionality. Theyre cannibilising their own business models to transition to evs. Many of them are seriously in trouble, declining sales, weak balance sheets and credit based business models, little to no profitability on EVs. dont be fooled because they have made some cars. They are SCREWED!

  • LightRayTracer


    6 dagar sedan

    Sorry bud, but they are gonna need more than a few useless party tricks. It's great that they have brought overdue attention to electric vehicles, but legacy auto companies have already adapted.

  • Dumitru Preda
    Dumitru Preda6 dagar sedan

    Soon you going to be on British Museum as a mummy He can’t wipe his ass anymore and still talking about cars 🚗 and driving

  • wanderer 666
    wanderer 6666 dagar sedan

    I would love this car, they should make them more affordable for the general public. these manufacturers must do more to save the planet.

  • 中下総
    中下総6 dagar sedan

    The wrong occupation uniquely number because greece joly mix after a curious modem. changeable, verdant tree

  • Guido Lomanto
    Guido Lomanto6 dagar sedan

    the first thing he does is draw a penis jajajajajaja, what a legend

  • Buzzyguitar
    Buzzyguitar6 dagar sedan

    Did Elon musk create Tesla?

  • tropicalpalmtree
    tropicalpalmtree7 dagar sedan

    Its so depressing that a car like this exists. It might be fast and quirky but it is in no way fun to drive and ruins everything that is great about driving.

  • Keith Bickerdike
    Keith Bickerdike7 dagar sedan

    Rich mans toy ..

  • Cody Heath
    Cody Heath7 dagar sedan

    Big up Swindon

  • Mark DeFilippo
    Mark DeFilippo7 dagar sedan

    ok I see in the future your car being hacked and being stolen out of your driveway by some 12 year old hacker that day is coming. I wonder what law would be broken in the usa?

  • Dawid aka Grendel
    Dawid aka Grendel7 dagar sedan

    @11:28... a little bit more...a little bit more... engage 'car on fire more', because that's what you do with a car full of lawyers.

  • You Like It Dark
    You Like It Dark7 dagar sedan

    its a piece of shit that depreciates fairly quickly. the batteries uncalibrate. every annoying middleclass person has one in my town.

  • CHR
    CHR7 dagar sedan

    Euhm the doors swing upwards. Those laywers can get out!

  • SteeVee Dee
    SteeVee Dee7 dagar sedan

    Been in one in the UK on self-drive. Very very very wierd experience......................

  • Ricky Tan
    Ricky Tan7 dagar sedan

    I’m curious, does anyone know if Tesla’s are able to be worked on by your average mechanic? Curious as to with the more widespread these cars become will they slowly be putting the average mechanic out of work?

  • Torsten B.

    Torsten B.

    6 dagar sedan

    Afaik, a mechanic, working on an electric car needs a "high-voltage qualification" (at least in germany). That beeing said, some things can be done by normal mechanics, e.g. the brake discs, brake pads, wheel bearings etc. ... well, the purely mechanical things. There are also Tesla certified body shops for car body related issues for instance after less serious crashes. But since the car is literally a computer on wheels, most other things should (and mostly can) be done only by Tesla (or the still rare specialized repair shops).

  • James Jones
    James Jones7 dagar sedan

    There is nobody paying to say battery run out now, is there? Money makes you do the reverse 🤔

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee7 dagar sedan

    how much money they spend to put gorilla in an electric car

  • Connor B
    Connor B7 dagar sedan

    Aw Clarkson called James a Moror. What a king and gentleman 🙏

  • Gucio Pędziwiatr
    Gucio Pędziwiatr7 dagar sedan


  • Michael Ervine
    Michael Ervine7 dagar sedan

    He’s a farmer now so hop it Grand Tour

  • anand sharma
    anand sharma8 dagar sedan

    Did he sketch a penis???

  • MrSwedishGeek
    MrSwedishGeek8 dagar sedan

    01:03 hmmm, yup, that'd be the first thing I'd paint too.

  • Arv B
    Arv B8 dagar sedan

    Did he draw a penis?

  • roboco302
    roboco3028 dagar sedan

    Hyundai does a lot of this for a lot less money!!!!!!!

  • Jaydemo
    Jaydemo8 dagar sedan

    Seven seater PlayStation 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hayley Sith
    Hayley Sith8 dagar sedan

    every single crazy thing you see in a tesla is all of elons idea

  • Perla Lamie
    Perla Lamie8 dagar sedan

    The shut bookcase definitely depend because golf especially overflow on a inquisitive meteorology. ill-fated, black plow

  • D.O.
    D.O.8 dagar sedan

    It looks like a sedan....its not Good Looking at all!

  • Daryl Ward
    Daryl Ward8 dagar sedan

    funny thing is, Jeremy didnt actually trap those lawyers in the car, the gulwing doors will still open in that gap

  • Rainbows Rock
    Rainbows Rock8 dagar sedan

    put a tri meter in your lap to make sure youre balls arent getting fried

  • Wesley McNeese
    Wesley McNeese8 dagar sedan

    What happens to the old battery when it's time for a new one?

  • M B
    M B8 dagar sedan

    Most entertaining car reviewer in the world - Clarkson! I’d love to see it driven off-road on a steep incline over undulations. Will it slide back down in wet weather with all the battery weight?