Gordon Gets Served RAW FISH | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EP


FULL EP FRIDAY! This one goes out to Josh for winning the Josh fight.
And another one. Gordon visits Mojito's where arguments push Gordon to his limits.
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    @Landyn Franklin Yup, I have been watching on Flixzone for months myself =)

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    A trick : you can watch movies on flixzone. I've been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

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    Heehee funni comment

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  • YaAliMadad 313
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    The customers turn into right cunts when Ramsey is there. If the food wasn’t nice the restaurant wouldn’t be packed

  • The pieonedie
    The pieonedie5 timmar sedan

    Do you think they will get back together as a couple?

  • Harambe Catcher
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    Marcelo needs to move on - he's clearly not over his ex.

  • Harambe Catcher
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    Gordon, that's called sushi - it's a delicacy.

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    maggies clapped

  • TheHumanGerm
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    Salty as f to get you to buy more beverages. Cheap tricks by cheap people

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    What Happened Next at Mojito? Thanks to the smaller menu Mojito buys less produce and have implemented a new promotion at the flea market to get new customers. Katalina and Marcelo are also fighting less. Gordon revisits in a Kitchen Nightmares Revisited episode and the restaurant is doing well. Business had increased by 30%, both owners are more relaxed and the fighting between the pair has stopped. Marcelo and Kata did give the relationship another go but the feelings had changed and it did not work out. Yelp reviews for the restaurant were very mixed after Gordon's visit, with a solid mix of 1 star and 5 star reviews. Trip Advisor reviews are also very mixed. Mojito closed in March 2016, posting the below onto on Facebook - "In behalf of our entire staff. We want to thank all our Patrons for 13 years of support and loyalty, Mojito Cuban Cuisine . Brooklyn location is Closed Stand by for our next Chapter. All the love #chefmkv" Mojito aired on February 25 2010, the episode was filmed in May 2009 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 4.

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    my guy is still in love.

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    Marcelo is at the end of his rope and look like he may have an alcohol problem. I hope he can get help.

  • Phoebe5448
    Phoebe544821 timme sedan

    I feel bad for Kata and Marcelo, but I'm glad they didn't bring a child into that mess. Sort out your own problems first before you inflict it on a child. Kids get messed up if they see their parents fighting all the time. They clearly both care about each other but communication is a big part of having a healthy relationship. (Speaking from exp.) Hope they're doing loads better now!!

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    Why is this show so good?

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    1 minute in and I know Gordon has some therapy to do

  • Ugly Person
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    Marcelo actually doing lots of work. From cooking to buying things and checking everything. And he looks so depressd and tired.

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    Is that maggots or some insects like that on some meat in the thumbnail? Oh it's garlic.

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    I cant help but feel that Chief Gordon is somehow like Simon Cowell.....They are the best

  • Tom Ruta
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    Wow almost as if someone will treat you differently if you move across state lines and cheat

  • CarryOnInes
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    she looks like cardi b

  • Samjith Raj Bondla
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    Why? Just why does it look like a 2002 sitcom!?

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    wow meatballs wow 😂😭

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    how do you forget to cook your dish AS A COOK LMFAO

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    What's this haircut Maggie ? Like... Bruh

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    oh wow I'm not watching a kitchen nightmares episode that's several years old already

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    Gordon making side comments through the window had me dying 😂

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    Sadly, it seems the restaurant closed in March of 2016.

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    7:57 Marcelo kills me dude 😭

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    The Resturant closed in 2016 sadly but the fact that it lasted almost 7 years after the shooting of its episode makes me feel less sad

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    It’s upto us ❤️

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    God bless Gordon

  • Himangshu Kalita
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    Feel bad for them..they are extremely relatable. God bless them.

  • Alice
    AliceDag sedan

    Who else here wants to roll their eyes at Kata 🙄🙄 she’s like a fucking Karen. Poor Marcelo had to endure that toxic woman.

  • Strategic Time
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    Nowadays the episodes are like Gorden comes and they fix themselves 😂 Gorden Is just amazing 😂 His presence is enough

  • Strategic Time
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    Gorden on window 😂 I love it 💕

  • Alice
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    Me: Someone needs to help Marcello get a professional therapist Gordon: What am I? A roach?

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    Better raw then overcooked

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    Oh woman would you please shut up. This screaming is unbearable

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    Shut up woman

  • Intinya yutuber
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    "I tried to kontol everything"

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    Aw I hope they got back together.

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    I love how Gordon didn't find a back door so he went through the window.

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    I felt sorry for the guy who was married to that

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    22:25 Don't point. Idk why but this makes me lol.

  • soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu

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    hold on this was the only boring eist episode

  • Cepler
    CeplerDag sedan

    I hate when they aren’t the chef and they scream “you’re not doing it right”

  • Lionel Bauersachs
    Lionel BauersachsDag sedan

    Meatballs Waaoahw

  • Pink Bling
    Pink Bling2 dagar sedan

    This is just so sweet I love both of them, the happiness that they're bringing out is so god damn real

  • Simon Otori
    Simon Otori2 dagar sedan

    Agreed, this is one of the calmest episodes of kitchen nightmares

  • Tortol Gawd
    Tortol Gawd2 dagar sedan

    the girl is so fucking annoying she could have some respect for the chefs

  • Nie Wiem
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  • Hooman Named Paris
    Hooman Named Paris2 dagar sedan

    I don't know why but Marcello just looks so heartbroken all the time and their chemistry when they're not screaming at each other is actually so beautiful

  • Sina Müller
    Sina Müller2 dagar sedan

    Wow, meatballs! Wow

  • Wyatt Horn
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    that woman has an issue xD

  • jooo
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    Marcello is like a huge Teddy

  • Bridget King
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    Wow you can see how much he loves her

  • kirk palabrica
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    deep inside we all know those two still have feelings for each other

  • Mohammad
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    The waiter’s opinion is 99% right They just dont care they immediately say the truth and that is amazing

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    hold on this was the only boring eist episode

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    Legends say Marcelo is still feeding the cheiph

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    my. potatoes. need. to. boil. faster. i'm. so. freaking. hungry.

  • Cristian Acciu
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    i'm 11 min in to the video and MAAAAAAAAN i hate that girl she's just trying to get everyone mad and doing nothing but walk wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • GtheDev's Game Review
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    You can see that they still love each other, despite being separated.

  • Cristian Acciu
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    man go to u bar

  • John Paul Harris Asi
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    6:36 when you realized that you're fucked up big time.

  • Floco
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    An extra wrinkle was added to Gordon's forhead when they made this episode

  • Mahfuzur Rahman
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    Ramsey is part time chef part time therapist

  • Hyacinth
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    *Let me feed the chief, Let me feed the chief!*

  • Kunta Kinte
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    Imagine chief ramsey waiting for the electric chair and his final meal.... " bland, overcooked, frozen, out of the can, disgustung...can i have a slice of bread instead? "

  • Mind Of a Menace
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    15:11 I kinda feel bad for him😭

  • Mind Of a Menace
    Mind Of a Menace2 dagar sedan

    Must be hard to work with her all in you ears, omg

  • Nathanael McCooeye
    Nathanael McCooeye2 dagar sedan

    Maybe Marcelo can’t handle pressure, but Kata had no business putting him under all that pressure (with the yelling and taking out her frustration).

  • Євгеній Касап
    Євгеній Касап2 dagar sedan

    Yo like yeah Marcelo keeps making mistakes and stuff but Kata is so god damn annoying like doesn’t do shit and just goes around yelling. Like yeesh

  • Ta Kim
    Ta Kim2 dagar sedan

    That server is right. Catalina never do anything. Just adding fuel to the fire. She is annoying

  • hannie quokka
    hannie quokka2 dagar sedan

    Just what i needed in this pandemic

    LOLWAT2 dagar sedan

    Marcelo's a good dude

    LOLWAT2 dagar sedan

    At least thanks to Kata, everyone gets that cake for dessert

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm2 dagar sedan

    Is it just me, or this is the calmest episode ever on the kitchen nightmare?

  • JanPan
    JanPan2 dagar sedan

    when kitchen nightmare turns into couple therapy just play "it takes two" smh

  • Khethiwe Mdladla
    Khethiwe Mdladla2 dagar sedan

    If he can call kata a bitch and a nightmare all the time, I'm glad they broke up. He can cry all he wants and crave the relationship back like all the comments say. He doesn't deserve her. I don't feel sad for him at all😒

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    2 dagar sedan

    I love how Gordon didn't find a back door so he went through the window.

  • WannaBeDev
    WannaBeDev2 dagar sedan

    Poor guy, he still misses and loves her. This is the face of a broken man. Damn and this bitch just trying to be better than him and show everyone.

    KILECE KILECE2 dagar sedan

    She's one cosmetic procedure away from being on that type of reality show. Yuck!!!!

  • Saacid Ibrahim
    Saacid Ibrahim2 dagar sedan

    Please upload "Owner can't handle Gordon's criticism" episode

  • Divine Noma
    Divine Noma2 dagar sedan

    Marcelo's eyes look like he's always crying, I feel so sad for him.

  • Divine Noma
    Divine Noma2 dagar sedan

    "She become like a tiger"

  • Gary Storey
    Gary Storey2 dagar sedan

    Marcello's Mexican word of the day, "Cheese" "Cheese a bitch"

  • ExKlbr
    ExKlbr2 dagar sedan

    Such a smooth delivery of how the waiter is gonna bring it back at 6:24

  • Ludvig Bohlin
    Ludvig Bohlin2 dagar sedan

    I like both of them but Kata really said that she doesn't respect him because he can't handle pressure. That's awfully harsh.

  • LanceGigs
    LanceGigs2 dagar sedan

    are they still open? and more importantly... are they back being husband and wife? I mean look at Marcelo, He clearly still loves his wife.

  • David Lawrence
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    what a brilliant video but you tube too many ads !!!!

  • Johan Toreld
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    She has the book; how to make Marcello crazy

  • semipro dog eatist
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    when the food is not bussin

  • MFedT Nigginz
    MFedT Nigginz2 dagar sedan

    And the waiter is singing caused by the fails of the kitchen. This is embarassing to see :D

  • Morgue Original Music
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    That woman's voice is worse than Nickleback

  • Mazen
    Mazen2 dagar sedan

    I love how Gordon didn't find a back door so he went through the window.

  • Shaz Chaz
    Shaz Chaz2 dagar sedan

    it looked like marcelo has been holding in a really bad fart for ever since he was a little baby

  • Abby Chadwick
    Abby Chadwick2 dagar sedan

    Is it just me, or was everyone expecting him to start screaming RAW!!!

  • Applr
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    yea das definlty a "clap" (stupid)

  • Snopple Wopple
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    This episode is great!

  • Harshal Dean 34
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    Ramsey loves and hates people

  • troy16
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    i never noticed that one waitress' haircut was out to lunch

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    *Almost 40 Minutes of our Life, Doesn't Waste for Watching this video, Good Ending!*