Why The Sidemen Are Over

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    Maxime Lafleur6 dagar sedan

    You funny bros!!! You deserve more subs!!!

  • Maxime Lafleur

    Maxime Lafleur

    6 dagar sedan

    From Montreal Canada

  • Perc
    Perc8 dagar sedan

    Behz: I’ll try make a Reddit video each week Me: “Month”

  • CaptainCod_69
    CaptainCod_698 dagar sedan

    Behz you should try the Bob Graham Round in Keswick.

  • Skelly
    Skelly8 dagar sedan

    He says the sidemen are over when they are on a boat right now fishing with Logan Paul😂

  • ShadowKombat Gamer
    ShadowKombat Gamer10 dagar sedan

    Ayo where has Behz been

  • Anuja Mohanty
    Anuja Mohanty10 dagar sedan

    Clickbait here click bait there click bait fu**ing everywhere!!.

  • Warren Leeming
    Warren Leeming11 dagar sedan

    If you see thus behz I've messaged on Instagram I'd appreciate it if yiu could get back to me if not just keep up the good work

  • Chidubem Duruibe
    Chidubem Duruibe13 dagar sedan

    Jesus loves you all!

  • Misoku FF
    Misoku FF14 dagar sedan

    Man totally of the topic but after 2 yrs I started missing the journey which cut off quite hard

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  • Alonaldo De Souza
    Alonaldo De Souza14 dagar sedan

    Ok !

  • MilkbottleDude
    MilkbottleDude14 dagar sedan

    u alive?

    THE LOSTPOET15 dagar sedan

    Who thought of the name the side men the lost boys ( up their own asses )would seem more apt ..

  • Real._.leonardo
    Real._.leonardo15 dagar sedan

    #zerkaato5mill 💚💚

  • Lewis Yates
    Lewis Yates15 dagar sedan

    Earthen you are my favourite SEblack in the world

  • IGL Elegy
    IGL Elegy16 dagar sedan

    Jesus is the truth

  • lexi grey
    lexi grey16 dagar sedan

    are you and ksi still friends

  • Sikofn ✔︎

    Sikofn ✔︎

    5 dagar sedan

    Well nah

  • itzRustyRed
    itzRustyRed17 dagar sedan

    I just wanted to tell you man,you truly are my biggest inspiration,I’m in a dark place in my life and i feel like I belong nowhere.I don’t see any purpose in living most of the time,I feel so lost and don’t know how to come out of it.But I’m fighting my depression and holding on,hearing about your struggles and hardships,and seen you fight to overcome all of it has given me just a little more strength,I drink my issues away,but you’ve really helped me realize I’m not alone.

  • Rojito Bonito
    Rojito Bonito17 dagar sedan

    GTR update

  • Klyx X
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    Where are videos Behz?

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    The clickbait is real

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    W2s Reddit always sponsored Me: True

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    Why u idolising this dude u wicked people thats a sin

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    Yo i saw u at thorpe park about a week ago

  • me please
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    Best sidemen

  • jormasshow
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    It’s not called squashy lines, it’s called a farmers tan

  • Jack Ashcraft
    Jack Ashcraft24 dagar sedan

    When ur 30 I’ll be sixteen

  • Big Lad
    Big Lad24 dagar sedan

    Nice try mate

  • shadowshaker 76
    shadowshaker 7626 dagar sedan

    Where you at Thorp park on July third

  • Salvatore Diaries
    Salvatore Diaries26 dagar sedan

    BEHZ HEAR ME OUT. search up Seann Walsh. He sounds so so much like you

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    Where is your GTR 👀👀

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    How do people like jake paul get hate because of clickbait by sidemen fans when this happens

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    Best sidemen

  • North West
    North West29 dagar sedan

    Mate do a favour a quit the sidemen please. It's okay if you don't add anything atleast don't annoy the people watching, they aren't watching it for you

  • HenryD06_
    HenryD06_29 dagar sedan

    8:42 Hilarious 😂

  • DADDY Thanos
    DADDY ThanosMånad sedan

    But I always leave the door open

  • Minh NGUYEN
    Minh NGUYENMånad sedan

    tbh i just saw her tiktoks on fyp cuz it was related to sidemen tiktoks

  • Scott Maher
    Scott MaherMånad sedan

    Man like behz getting a girl proud of u bro

  • Foxo Studios
    Foxo StudiosMånad sedan

    So annoying in the last sidemen pro clubs come on man

  • xed ali
    xed aliMånad sedan

    Don't clickbait

  • Kermito the Froggo
    Kermito the FroggoMånad sedan

    Why does behzinga looks like the weeknd in the thumbnail

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    Iove you

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    This is seem like a clickbait

  • sj_leee
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    what happened to the ufc videos

  • Bigboiraisin
    BigboiraisinMånad sedan

    Ayo Bez heard you curb stomped somebody??

  • Kirsten Calitz
    Kirsten CalitzMånad sedan

    Me: Trying to catch his attention on any video. Also me: Sees a comment that he's no longer single and has to verify

  • Archie jay the frenchie
    Archie jay the frenchieMånad sedan

    Was that the gucci shirt that Harry got for vikkstar?

  • Random Videos 123
    Random Videos 123Månad sedan

    Carry on and I’ll get phill on you 🤫

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    #Månad sedan

    this guy is so loud

  • Dishan Joseph
    Dishan JosephMånad sedan

    Please. Don't. Do this again even for Fun. Almost had an anxiety attack just from those words... i didn't want to hear this on a Sidemen Sunday, let alone a Monday

  • DenSøsygeHaj
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  • seeni gzty
    seeni gztyMånad sedan

    In america we call “Squashy lines” a “farmer’s tan”.

  • Ahmed


    Månad sedan

    idk why but that sounds racist lmfao

  • Anthony RDG
    Anthony RDGMånad sedan

    Does anyone still fall for these clickbait style titles and thumbnails?

  • Rock girl
    Rock girlMånad sedan

    In america we call “Squashy lines” a “farmer’s tan”.

    U.K PIXELMånad sedan

    Idk if this is an actual thing but idk someone explain it me I'm lost

  • Kirsten Thurman
    Kirsten ThurmanMånad sedan

    more reasons why YOU are my favorite

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    Månad sedan

    Ay man ur underated. Ur hella funny keep up with the great content. 😂👍❤️

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuytMånad sedan

    Sidemen: "We're officially done" Fans: "Oh wow. but anyways..."

  • JG3


    11 timmar sedan

    "Oh no 😟 anyway 🙂"

  • Finlay Lawson
    Finlay LawsonMånad sedan

    Click bait

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Månad sedan

    I'm so proud of Behzinga's transformation it shows true ditermination.

  • dababy
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  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vootyMånad sedan

    Me knowing the title isnt true because moresidemen just uploaded

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    Månad sedan

    it has never been true. So when it is true, that is when we least believe it

  • Extra Error
    Extra ErrorMånad sedan

    I miss the classic sidemen

  • 3fsh
    3fshMånad sedan

    Best laugh in world

  • Behz
    BehzMånad sedan

    Nice clickbait lad

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  • Victor Kaloudis
    Victor KaloudisMånad sedan

    I'm sad now🤲

  • kolim jone
    kolim joneMånad sedan

    Why the Sidemen are Over.... Me: “Lemme Guess Phil 😂”

  • Rompsukainen
    RompsukainenMånad sedan

    That was the only promotion i willingly whatched in my LOIF

  • ARX Infinite
    ARX InfiniteMånad sedan

    Lol Behz feels old at 26… I feel old at 17 feel like I’ve done nothing from when I was 15 because covid it’s mental but also sad

  • Shafiq Yusoff
    Shafiq YusoffMånad sedan

    the thumbnail gave me a stroke m8

  • Paige Van Beek
    Paige Van BeekMånad sedan

    Ay man ur underated. Ur hella funny keep up with the great content. 😂👍❤️

  • 許子芯
    許子芯Månad sedan

    I like the friendship between you and JJ. Every time I watch sidemen’s videos, I hope you can get along well.

  • NonPlyrCharacter
    NonPlyrCharacterMånad sedan

    I'm so proud of Behzinga's transformation it shows true ditermination.

  • Patrick O'Toole
    Patrick O'TooleMånad sedan

    U and harry need a podcast

  • Callum Baker
    Callum BakerMånad sedan

    The thing is that if the Sidemen were to actually split up in the future and be considered "over" then the fans will question it at first because they have been saying it for ages and it has never been true. So when it is true, that is when we least believe it

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia FopsMånad sedan

    Me: the title is clearly clickbait Also me: I’m still watching it anyway

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    Happy birthday 🎉

  • Fatiu Agoro
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    Happy birthday behzinga

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    This gave me ptsd from the eboys video

  • Bolia Fops

    Bolia Fops

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    You should do a video with Alex from carthrottle

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    Happy Birthday Behz!!! 🥳🥳🥳

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    Happy birthday bro🎉

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    Today's Ethan's birthday

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    Who is Behz's girlfriend?

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    i just got clickbaited

  • Rayquazza
    RayquazzaMånad sedan

    Bez that symbol in the intro was a nazi salute

  • Andy Kyriacou
    Andy KyriacouMånad sedan

    Did you call KSI a ‘very mainstream celebrity’? You’ve lost all perspective on what SEblack is. You might be fairly well known with kids...

  • evvey
    evveyMånad sedan

    Happy birthday bez hope you have a good day

    DJ_PACKERMånad sedan

    behz react to v8 supercars Australia bathurst 1000

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    Click bait bullshit

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    "Friends" Good vibes make the stacks increase

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    You should do a video with Alex from carthrottle

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    mijuo rouiMånad sedan

    Had a tumor recently and stopped going gym completely but u motivated me trought hard times thanks man

  • Elgato 990
    Elgato 990Månad sedan

    Do a video where you troll JJ for 24 hrs In games and irl

  • Elgato 990
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