My Brutally Honest Opinion On Outriders... | Review


Outriders is here and thanks to it being a day one Game Pass addition, there has been even more interest in the title. This game is never mentioned without some sort of comparison occurring really disabling its ability to stand on its own. With that in mind, I want to get straight to the point. This game is extremely fun. Is it flawed? Certainly, but there is a locomotion to it that makes things click. How so? We get into that in my brutally honest opinion on Outriders.
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Intro: 00:00 - 2:18
"Story": 2:19 - 4:45
Gameplay: 4:46 - 12:56
Flaws: 12:57 - 16:49
Rounding Up: 16:50 - 19:38
Outro: 19:39 - END


  • MrMattyPlays
    MrMattyPlaysMånad sedan

    Will you be picking up Outriders?

  • Donovan Greyson

    Donovan Greyson

    18 dagar sedan

    @Rene Griffin Damn! It took like 20 mins but it worked!

  • Rene Griffin

    Rene Griffin

    18 dagar sedan

    dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Just google for it if you care

  • Soham Sengupta

    Soham Sengupta

    28 dagar sedan

    Already did

  • Jamie F

    Jamie F

    Månad sedan

    I was completely going to pass on this, but now it is definitely worth a roll of the dice.

  • Jose De Luna

    Jose De Luna

    Månad sedan

    @SKRILLA no worries! No, I haven’t yet. I’ll get the game pass and thank you for letting me know about it!

  • The Nomad
    The Nomad13 timmar sedan

    The dialogue reminds me of fallout 4

  • chris C85ris
    chris C85ris5 dagar sedan

    Remember a month ago when u said this game is fun?? How u feel about it now?? Still fun??😂

  • Ben Latimer
    Ben Latimer11 dagar sedan

    The Mega Man X Command Mission Music was great to hear in the background! Brings me back!

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard15 dagar sedan

    with the voice acting, honestly the female protag made me laugh way to often with how little she gives a fuck, and some of the sass in the side quests had me cracking

  • Jim Hormann
    Jim Hormann21 dag sedan

    In other words this is a perfect Gamepass game

  • Nephilim Heart
    Nephilim Heart22 dagar sedan

    Guilty pleasure = you know its bad but you like it. Conclusion, its a bad game.

  • Jesse Fitzsimmons
    Jesse Fitzsimmons23 dagar sedan

    The game is a great game but it needs a patch for the disconnects to be worth it

  • Jesse Fitzsimmons
    Jesse Fitzsimmons23 dagar sedan

  • Big Rig
    Big Rig25 dagar sedan

    its shit, story is shit, acting is shit, mechanics are shit, guns are shit, "looting" is shit, nerfing the things that are working fine is shit, optimization is shit, connectivity is shit, crashing is shit, balance is shit. If they fix the internal stuff, I'll play more. 50 hours, all classes to 30 world to 15 on one, and I'm sick of it already.

  • Grzechu M

    Grzechu M

    20 dagar sedan


  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson26 dagar sedan

    A review of a looter shooter from someone who has only played it 10 hours wtf?!?! this games endgame sucks, you repeat the same 8 dungeons over and over and that's it, all classes come down to having to dps due to timed expeditions, so that's your class out of the picture mate, you're forced to use your bullet upgrade abilities and stack firepower since there are next to no upgrades for anomaly power compared to firepower/ pyro/fire bullets, tech/blighted bullets, trickster/anomaly bullets. Only played trickster but you are forced into having to use a shotgun if you want to complete the later tiers. Next to this the lack of ability to change how sensitivity works i.e. vertical ruins this game for console, all levels come down to hallway big room with enemies hallway big room with enemies with very little actualy boss fights outside of the main story. you cant reroll attributes and you're stuck with one of the mods on your weapon so good luck playing this game for hundreds of hours to get one weapon its rng is worse than destiny on release. This is outside of all the server/game crashes and bugs that currently exist in the game currently one of the very few expeditions you get Stargrave is actually unplayable due to a bug lmao, every single review of this game seems to be praising it non stop and its blowing my mind, seems everyone is getting big sponsorships practically no real reviews of this game as a looter its sad.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson

    18 dagar sedan

    @Grzechu M what game???? theres no freaking content lmao theres virtually next to know endgame id completed everything in a week dont make me laugh

  • Jacob Short
    Jacob Short26 dagar sedan

    This game makes me wish outer worlds had a third person option....

  • Silverhold
    Silverhold27 dagar sedan

    Hi, Matty.

  • Purple Pinetrees
    Purple Pinetrees28 dagar sedan

    It kinda reminds me of warframe ngl

  • nicole john
    nicole john28 dagar sedan

    I love this game😊 The personality sucks, plus the character features but the gameplay is awesome and it's very challenging. Love the fact that I have the different gears, abilities and mods to go through to face the challenges. Down side the constant crashing at first sucked. But great great!!

  • 635574
    63557429 dagar sedan

    There is a difference between play and buy

  • Rob D
    Rob D29 dagar sedan

    I only clicked to say I can't stand when I see the tagline brutally honest it's like okay so I'm assuming you're usually fucking lying then? Lol

  • Buddy Barlow
    Buddy Barlow29 dagar sedan

    YES BUY IT... it is worth the 60$

  • Useless Reptile
    Useless Reptile29 dagar sedan

    Heard this game described as "extremely gritty" and all I can think about is how the character customizations are gonna go

  • Patrick F
    Patrick F29 dagar sedan

    When we gettin more KOTOR updates

  • garcia jeff
    garcia jeffMånad sedan

    I absolutely love this game. I played on my series x with two of my friends and even do it’s not perfect. It’s definitely playable. Maybe due to the that we are all on Xbox next gen or something. We put about 21 hours in 2 days and we fell in love with it.

  • MFF4Eva
    MFF4EvaMånad sedan

    Game pass baby

  • Eredin
    EredinMånad sedan

    This game is Mediocre, out dated, uninspired. What an absolute Bethesda goon.

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain CrunchMånad sedan

    It needs more polish imo for solo players. Aiming and enemies needs some tweaking among other things. Pyromancer and Technomancer both kind of suck from what I tried. There’s some good things but it’s tedious af

  • Kiam Kweli
    Kiam KweliMånad sedan

    The story is significantly better if you read the actual journals in-game. I actually gave a damn about the Pax and their plight.

  • James Gratz
    James GratzMånad sedan

    This game is really fun so far. It feels dungeon crawler esque with a cool art style

  • Zach Watson
    Zach WatsonMånad sedan

    I miss Jakob :(

  • Horrormane
    HorrormaneMånad sedan

    That's a game I'll pick up in 2 to 5 years when it drops to like $20 because no one will be playing it anymore. Then I'll co-op it with my SO and we'll have a lot of fun for cheap.

  • Grzechu M

    Grzechu M

    20 dagar sedan

    it;ll be played lot more than destiny.

  • Reptilian Cow
    Reptilian CowMånad sedan

    If you have played Bulletstorm, you know exactly what kind of story delivery and protagonist you are going to get. And i love it 100%

  • Todd Harding
    Todd HardingMånad sedan

    Meh 🤔 To much going on. Besides, it is 3rd person.

  • Justin Morales
    Justin MoralesMånad sedan

    Bro is the background music from Mega man ??

  • chad painter
    chad painterMånad sedan

    pleas me think abhorrent this the reason why it doesn’t allow blue hair is it’s a crazy wild ass world these people don’t have time to dye their hair blue and yellow and shit they have more pressing matters to deal with

  • Snooze00
    Snooze00Månad sedan

    We are desperate for anything new. This one is crap but its new content.

  • Andrew Galvan
    Andrew GalvanMånad sedan

    I think Matty is paid to give a decent review on this game instead of shitting on it like he should have

  • Anthony A

    Anthony A

    Månad sedan

    You mean like his cyberpunk review

  • Bwes
    BwesMånad sedan

    I'm a phillies fan :)

  • Chris Stokes 82
    Chris Stokes 82Månad sedan

    Nothing special and definitely almost crap cover system, I've really tried but you know what I honestly Don't see anything special or really good in any place. It's definitely not gears of war in any way. Just deleted it might just be me 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • jdog340
    jdog340Månad sedan

    another looter shooter that looked like it had a lot of potential but just feels soul-less and bland. Not worth anything close to $60

  • Sebastian Gasior
    Sebastian GasiorMånad sedan

    Dialog options are nice:)

    L8RSTORMMånad sedan

    Out rider it’s not my cup of tea

  • David Neraas
    David NeraasMånad sedan

    Lets not pretend that vanilla destiny had a good story. The story in outriders is in my opinon not worse vanilla destinys story.

  • Greg lego
    Greg legoMånad sedan

    wait what? the story, i came here after watching almost 2hrs cut scene from this game? who tf is that guy, is he not kurwa?

  • Grzechu M

    Grzechu M

    20 dagar sedan

    at least not lego

  • Andrew Joseph
    Andrew JosephMånad sedan

    15:30 *Laughs in Red Dead Redepemption 2, Control, GTA V, Battlefront 2, Jedi Fallen Order*

  • william mcneil
    william mcneilMånad sedan

    have you had the problems with severs, like the pc users do?

  • Ross
    RossMånad sedan

    I'm good on a Destiny reskin

  • Jeffrey Nabers
    Jeffrey NabersMånad sedan

    Honestly I thought the story was pretty good it was at least keeping me guessing and trying to piece together what was actually happening

  • Buang
    BuangMånad sedan

    *played 10 hours straight out of the bat and loved it, expecting to play much more* "Should you buy it?" "- No" I think you demand too much sometimes Matty :p

  • BlackRain
    BlackRainMånad sedan

    Buying soon as they fix multiplayer 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Joe Derowski
    Joe DerowskiMånad sedan

    Dont care about outsiders but clicked the video and watched the Ads to support a fellow Mets fan! LGM!

  • Caldera Records
    Caldera RecordsMånad sedan

    This game sucks. There are Devs who would have used these resources on something worthwhile. But no.

  • Queue Major
    Queue MajorMånad sedan

    Outriders is a place holder on new consoles till something actually good comes out. I’m sure it can be fun for some, but if you played borderlands, destiny, or any of the multiple looters shooters out there this game just feels lack luster with a few bells and whistle. This game reminds me of a gears of war but with a really boring campaign. What’s sad to me, is this game is STILL better than Cyberpunk 2077. Sigh*

  • Aaron Guerrette
    Aaron GuerretteMånad sedan

    The only time I've been. To Shea or Citi Field was to see my Dodgers come east!!

  • Kappi
    KappiMånad sedan

    do you have stocks or something in the Company? you try so hard to make the game sound great.

  • Jon-Bon Zombie
    Jon-Bon ZombieMånad sedan


  • umanoid
    umanoidMånad sedan

    I like the story,it certainly had me guessing. They killed off characters like Game of Thrones. The humor (When they were being humorous) was pretty dark too. I only know this from watching streamers since I can’t play due to the server problems. I’m in Xbox and giving up until it’s more stable. I’ve had bad luck with the past three games. Cyberpunk (Still waiting for it to be fixed) Outer worlds DLC is broken, and now this. I’m a crap player ,but the Xbox controls need some fixes.

  • mobilize
    mobilizeMånad sedan

    I'm still in the middle of the whole gameplay and story, choosing a female protagonist, and really enjoy this game so far including the story too and don't feel it that cheesy. Maybe the issue of male voice actor lol. As a big Soul game fan, I really love this game.

  • Ray Lew
    Ray LewMånad sedan

    Would like to see pvp come to this as I'm a pvp endgame type of person but supper fast paced and hard hitting love it

  • Sergio Varela
    Sergio VarelaMånad sedan

    This game looks so generic and I've heard it's also buggy as hell. I don't get the hype.

  • David Koschel

    David Koschel

    Månad sedan

    Agree. The game is the definition of bland and boring

  • Error 404
    Error 404Månad sedan

    There is no action in this game ! There is action in destiny 2/division 2/ warframe/fortnite/borderlands 2&3 these are really good games to play then we have outriders lol the outsiders they want you to farm for health & shield not for loot ! This company really need to look at borderlands 2 & 3 how we get health & shield lol ! So hilarious the company already died the moment it went live !

  • Gunner
    GunnerMånad sedan

    I’m enjoying it a lot. Your dead on about the story but it does it’s job in an almost purposely bad way, at least with this i understand why I’m shooting at the things in front of me (cough looking at you destiny cough cough) the gunplay is what you’d expect. The abilities, skill tree and gun customization is what’s got me hooked. Where I can change up how I want to go about each firefight. Where I’ll get stuck on one part so I’ll change my abilities and rebuild my skill tree around them and be able to cruise through a section that I had just previously gotten nuked in. And I’m just excited to see what next ability I’ll unlock and see how I’ll incorporate it into my kit. The enemies are unique and fun to shoot at. I can see myself playing this game non stop until I have seen and tried all the classes and their abilities. I just hope that once I hit that point the endgame will be able to keep me around. If not I’m totally happy with this game and hope it’ll influence other looter shooters to be like this.

  • Adam
    AdamMånad sedan

    I hope Microsoft didnt pay too much for this crap.

  • Built By Rhondy
    Built By RhondyMånad sedan

    finally somebody honest.

    FRAZEREZARFMånad sedan

    Matty definitely got his teeth whitened 😂

  • Product Review
    Product ReviewMånad sedan

    If I have to be brutally honest... this is a terrible video. I could not watch it for more than 2 minutes.

  • KrsJin
    KrsJinMånad sedan

    There is so much I agree with in this review.

  • Gamer Wits
    Gamer WitsMånad sedan


  • GnoClaude
    GnoClaudeMånad sedan

    This looks dope, gears meets remnant with a dose of destiny for good measure. Problem is Monster Hunter just dropped so even with game pass this is on the back burner. Not to mention Outbreaks new map and upcoming season and I'm stacked with stuff to play. Poor release window sadly.

  • ashamahee
    ashamaheeMånad sedan

    The story is fine, I guess you haven't noticed all the eastereggs and the fun they are making of other movies and games.

  • Mike Wade
    Mike WadeMånad sedan

    Yay off to an alien world to fight humans.. boring garbage uninstalled.

  • cool dirt
    cool dirtMånad sedan

    Game is totally not worth 60 dollars lol

  • Bearded Zeus
    Bearded ZeusMånad sedan

    So play it now while its on GamePass but don't waste money on it right now.

  • Maelas
    MaelasMånad sedan

    just not worth 60 bucks...needs a sale for sure

  • Gate Of Divine
    Gate Of DivineMånad sedan

    Mets fans are trash.

  • Mike M
    Mike MMånad sedan

    I thought it was gonna be trash but I downloaded it because my buddy wanted to play it. To be fair it isn't that bad. And it seems like its opening up to be better . The first hour an a half though you are only going to shoot like 6 things tho

  • Traveling with Aryan Padma
    Traveling with Aryan PadmaMånad sedan

    Ugh you’re a Mets fan? Ewwww disgusting. Yankees all the way!

  • dick slinger
    dick slingerMånad sedan

    The map system was the worst part of this game. It only show what segment of the map that you are in . No direction your character is facing or what part of the section your in. No North or South indicators. that was the most fustrating outside of the server boots.

  • Paul Makor
    Paul MakorMånad sedan

    My buddies and I play on PC and multi-player did work but it was like a 2nd job getting it to work. Crashes, disconnects, and random issues (out of vram messages, on a 3090, or if you are spamming E or esc key or space bar to get through the cut scenes) just made me laugh. Also only 3 man is tough since I normally 4man and want to play with all of my bros.

  • Cross 666
    Cross 666Månad sedan

    And normally squirt Enix was good at telling story lol I guess not

  • johnnycashfan3398
    johnnycashfan3398Månad sedan

    Matchmaking sucks atm other than that been grinding the game a lot.

  • Thomas Wagner
    Thomas WagnerMånad sedan

    So the skills and loot are diablo 3 with guns?

  • SquilliamFancysun
    SquilliamFancysunMånad sedan

    when pc players get mad at the fact console for once gets a better deal yall really want console to be worthless

  • RighTClicKdeleTe
    RighTClicKdeleTeMånad sedan

    This game isn't worth 60€. It's a fk single player game ffs. =)) It's a copy of Destiny, The Division and Borderlands. I like playing Borderlands more then this game.

  • Kevin R
    Kevin RMånad sedan

    When Division 2 and Gears of War has a kid

  • Adam Harmon
    Adam HarmonMånad sedan

    It is pretty cheesy in parts, but the story is interesting. I keep playing because I wanna know where that damn signal is coming from

  • billy kent
    billy kentMånad sedan

    Haven’t played it yet but I loved bulletstorm

  • Coolcash18
    Coolcash18Månad sedan

    well lets all agree on one thing this is at least better than Flop Avengers Sorry I meant Marvels avengers Lol

    NBMTXMånad sedan

    well I _like_ the story (so far)... but I'll admit that it's because I'm a fan of many of the tropes it incorporates.

    CBELTRA4Månad sedan

    I like your content. But this is the first time I'm disliking. Your mixed message of liking it and not recommending it is weird. I also don't like how you didn't get to the endgame. This review is way too early. The endgame is what makes or breaks these types of games. A mode that challenges the player's personal builds. You didn't even touch it yet. You don't know if its good or bad. I was hoping for some info on that.

  • Stephen Delahoy
    Stephen DelahoyMånad sedan

    I played 5hrs before uninstalling it. Absolutely garbage

  • Bob Rudolph
    Bob RudolphMånad sedan

    Frenetic is the word.

  • Leonard Washington
    Leonard WashingtonMånad sedan

    It’s corny and I like it! It doesn’t take itself too seriously

  • TommieGoodLife
    TommieGoodLifeMånad sedan

    I mean seriously they was going for gameplay it’s meant for you to just go nuts killing everything in sight

  • James S
    James SMånad sedan

    Man, these ads are getting ridiculous...

  • Moses Douglas
    Moses DouglasMånad sedan

    So porn acting....

  • Adam Pheasey
    Adam PheaseyMånad sedan

    Played the demo and now as I'm typing this just bought and installing the game. I actually really like the story and voice acting and the world. I know it got critiqued here for being subpar bit it's actually what hooked me. There's something about it all that actually feels real and I cant place it. I'm even reading the codex about characters which is pretty rare. Not a 10/10 or anything but when nothing else is really coming out I'm really surprised about this game and am enjoying it a lot

  • Hugh Mac
    Hugh MacMånad sedan

    What! You tell us to not buy it at the end, after being so positive? And I bought it half way through you video, then I have played the demo and enjoyed it.

  • Sheriff_Branford
    Sheriff_BranfordMånad sedan


  • Saber is love, Saber is life
    Saber is love, Saber is lifeMånad sedan

    I don't like always online games so maybe holding off on buying it now.

  • Stebokanebo
    StebokaneboMånad sedan

    I thought the story was good.

  • Bad Dragonite
    Bad DragoniteMånad sedan

    Lol i didn't know it was going to gamepass so I mistakenly bought it just before it ws actually put up on it -_-

  • Nick C
    Nick CMånad sedan

    Hmm you say you got the game a day before launch - but even then how can you play ~30 hours in 2 days...? Or have you not actually finished the campaign yet so this is more a review in progress...?