Day In The Life of A Michelin Star Chef

Go behind the scenes with Alvin as he spends a day with Chef Jane of Jeju Noodle Bar, the first michelin-starred noodle bar in America. From meticulously preparing fish to preparing endless bowls of noodles, being a chef might be harder than it seem.
Jeju Noodle Bar: jejunoodlebar

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  • Helen Grace Maninggo
    Helen Grace ManinggoTimme sedan

    Sir, your vlog is just so beautiful. Thank you for making this vlog. And thank you Chef Jane and her team for becoming an inspiration!❤️❤️ I hope to become one of them too! - Future Chef ❤️

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    Michael Rodia6 timmar sedan

    I feel like this is closer to a healthier restaurant experience, these people work hard and are dedicated to their craft. I work at a restaurant that does over 1000 covers a night and it honestly feels robotic. How can the customer matter when you have 20 tickets on the board at any given moment.

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  • Tryp Op
    Tryp Op8 timmar sedan

    These ppl are amazing and would flourish under a non-capitalist society. The fact that they produce such amazing results under it is nothing short of a miracle.

  • ShadowMann015
    ShadowMann0158 timmar sedan

    They made noodle restaurants look so simple in Kung Fu Panda.

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    Dusty Gage11 timmar sedan

    Awesome video i think i have a noodle bar to visit. So much care and love in there with a well run kitchen.

  • M P
    M P13 timmar sedan

    Man this restaurant will gain a lot coz of this video. It's amazing. 👏🏻

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    noujaadw15 timmar sedan

    7 days a week, start 11:00AM and finish at 00:00PM, that's mad respect.

  • Vincenzo Ottaviano
    Vincenzo Ottaviano15 timmar sedan

    I like the attention for the ingredients I’m just not sure about the variety of the offer in the menu. Ramen and steaks… hmm

  • The DogDom
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  • Chris
    Chris17 timmar sedan

    What an amazing team. A bunch of loyal hard workers im sure is hard to come by.

  • fariz ascariz
    fariz ascariz18 timmar sedan

    they so busy, yet still give cooperation. nice team.

  • Andrew Do
    Andrew Do22 timmar sedan

    haha they are such a well oiled machine - super calm and friendly, plus they kept feeding our boy alvin ahah

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    Anurag SinghDag sedan

    Love and respect ♥️

  • philipp594
    philipp594Dag sedan

    I want to work in restaurants again. Family meal is the best.

  • Ishtiaq Ahmed Qamar
    Ishtiaq Ahmed QamarDag sedan

    Excellent working with pleasure... daedicated chefs... Delicious and beautiful foods from the land of Rising Sun: Japan. Love from Pakistan. Prof ishtiaq Ahmed Qamar Rawalpindi Pakistan

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  • raisinmancereal
    raisinmancerealDag sedan

    I don’t live in New York, so I’m not sure how restaurant life has changed over there. I wish you guys asked how covid has affected business and if they had to make any adjustments.

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    Shreshtha Sharma2 dagar sedan

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  • Curi0sity
    Curi0sity2 dagar sedan

    Great video for everyone who is seriously thinking about a career as a chef! Think twice ;)

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    Areg Ghazaryan2 dagar sedan

    fuck i am hungry

  • Victor Li
    Victor Li2 dagar sedan

    This is the first video that i watched from About to Eat. It made me become a subscriber. Definitely would love to work with someone like Douglas. Nice environment to work in. Yes, it's hard work, but at the end of the day when you're working with capable people, the fun and camaraderie makes it a memorable day.

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  • u235u235u235
    u235u235u2352 dagar sedan

    wow what a horrible job, standing in tight quarters, moving all the time, long hours. office work MUCH better. I'm glad someone is willing to do this work because I certainly would not put in all that effort to feed some snotty people. perhaps if I owned the place making 250k+/year take home (everyone else working there is just making the owner rich), otherwise I'll stick to my boring office job w/pension, long lunches, vacations, benefits, etc. thanks but no thanks. the hard work people do for crappy money astounds me. you're all there making the owner rich just to pay your rent and very little left over to invest in stocks, property, etc. to pass on to your children. i don't know why more folks don't unionize because they're just giving away their labor to the owner for almost free so they can have a good life.

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  • Ryann Monteiro
    Ryann Monteiro2 dagar sedan

    This is my first video I've stumbled across on your channel and WOW. This is such a high quality video I forgot I wasn't watching Netflix! Great content. Definitely subscribing :)

  • Sam
    Sam2 dagar sedan

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  • Abdulaziz Alnasser
    Abdulaziz Alnasser3 dagar sedan

    man these people deserve the TIPs not the waitress. this video showcases how much effort and energy to make a dish :/ thanks guys

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    EG Zero Two3 dagar sedan

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  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres3 dagar sedan

    This restaurant is the only reason for me to return to NYC. Simply amazing.

  • _꧁༒ Paula C.༒꧂_
    _꧁༒ Paula C.༒꧂_3 dagar sedan

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