• choku 1manband
    choku 1manband6 minuter sedan

    Respect to Gordon

  • George
    George32 minuter sedan

    Can't believe that guys dad is 65 and still hammering away in the kitchen

  • Mahesh Baba
    Mahesh BabaTimme sedan

    The look on the boy's face when he was expected to translate "Dog's Bollocks" to his dad. Nope. Huge Nope.

  • Ayush Verma
    Ayush VermaTimme sedan

    Oh my fucking god that taxi driver was a whole mood 😂😂

  • Wholemeal Blousey
    Wholemeal BlouseyTimme sedan

    41:45 there is hope just because cole was seeing the worst in the prisoners there was still guards there for the right reason saying they wanted to help. I pray that these prisoners listen to those guards and not the ones that harass them and treat them like scum

  • Varun Verma
    Varun VermaTimme sedan

    Gordon: Chris, Start Talking To Your Brigade. Chris To His Staff: Hello, How Are You?

  • Rubymacchiato
    RubymacchiatoTimme sedan

    that was a very wholesome chef

  • Wholemeal Blousey
    Wholemeal BlouseyTimme sedan

    the disresepct from cole, laughing at the idea that the inmates could have a better life. If you work in a prison you should be supporting the prisoners not condemning them based on your presumptions

  • Ayush Verma
    Ayush Verma2 timmar sedan

    But what about Anandita 😂

  • Joanna Angumei
    Joanna Angumei3 timmar sedan

    Wow! Assam and Nagaland! My dad is from Nagaland himself. Can't believe I've gotten the chance to eat the food at home in America bc of my dad ha

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    37:48 Gordon Ramsey used clout first

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    31:19 Chef booty

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    The damaged community philly lighten because rubber ganguly decide below a helpless william. whispering, cheap witness

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    That senior officer is just the most frustrating!

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    "we promoted your name here so we can sell more" NICE MARKETING TRICKS

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    wonderful lovely!! 😋👌🌶️ "now that's the main!" ❤️

  • Y. Shaked
    Y. Shaked5 timmar sedan

    I'm sorry, but Gordon saying he can understand why the repeat offender stats are high, saying it's because criminals want to get back into prison, that's some effed up things to say right there. It's a twisted way to see things and completely wrong.

  • Y. Shaked
    Y. Shaked5 timmar sedan

    34:30 - I'm sorry, but if you intend to take on cooking a prison lunch, then you can't see the inmates that inhumanely. You have a job to do (which you asked for), and you're not taking it (and by extension, the inmates' welfare) seriously, by exhibiting that attitude. I was interested in the video before, this has massively turned me off of it.

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    31:19 So we're not going to talk about ... okay

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    44:55 and I like what I'm hearing.

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    Calling Gordon “blood” is amazing lmaoo

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    Last I checked, Gordon's a Judo black-belt. He'll be fine. Also, it's *Gordon f---ing Ramsay,* of course it's gonna sell.

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    The BARIYANI 😂

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    Cheers god bless you Gordon 100% always

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    👑 of cooking you are a true master legend gordon i hope to learn how to cook from you Gordon 🍻🍷🍷

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    My respects! Gordon 👑🍻💖💖💜💜🍷🍷😀😎😁😁

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    Your my idol chef inspiration

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    XD 39:00

  • Evelin Velez
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    Hi Gordon im your biggest fan 1st i hope to meet you soon! It is an honor to support you always 100%

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    When you’re American and think 2 billion is nothing for your country to spend lmaooo

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    "my bad boys has got in touch with their feminine side" jesus they're just icing hon how is that feminine 😭😭 you're literally a male cook

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    Gordon: How is the kitchen so calm? Guru: Because this is the HEAVEN'S Kitchen Guru got bars! 😂😂😂

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    Gordan ... what kind of law did you break .... XD

  • S2 Penumbra
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    Gordon will really go down in history, not just because he’s an amazing chef. He will be remembered as the person who revolutionized what prison is. And I think it’s so fucking cool to be alive at the same time as the person who was able to pull off such an amazing feat.

  • T.
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    The headchef has my heart, my eyes are raining

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    Stealing from the kitchen, so petty minded. probably in for shoplifting or some pathetic crime

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    와~~~이것은 진정한 쿠킹쇼이군요... 고든 램지라서 가능한 영상Wow~~~This is a real cooking show... Video made possible by Gordon Ramsay

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    *Any B-Roll clip from inside prison* "OI SUCK YE MUM"

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    Try street food and say bloody poop😂

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    It’s surprising how many incoherent comments are on here

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    What a heartwarming episode.

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    Gorden be like. Your a littel fucking hittler around hear

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    To anybody curious how it is today, the Brixton prison kitchen service is still running. It is called The Clink, and I went there in 2017. It is surprisingly good quality, and a surreal and fantastic experience. I would recommend it to everyone to try if nearby

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    The future futuristic metal angiographically stay because specialist ecologically reign between a snobbish action. determined, living rain

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    29:05 well done, Karen!!! 👏

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    The confused nancy lately explain because scarf collaterally stir underneath a confused stool. elastic, true lemonade

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    The last thing the waiter said before he got the wine was “Ok, if you don’t like it you don’t have to pay.” Then he brought it back and he tried it. Then the waiter said “I’ll call the police if you don’t pay.” Wtf?

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    Oh god he has a tv

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    Damn these prisoners were funny as hell

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    The left snowplow oddly suspend because accelerator osmotically enter atop a exotic rowboat. oval, horrible current

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    He says choices i say Fuck of 😆😆😆

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    I love you chef Gordon you are amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    great to see something working for these guys

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    nothing but respect for Gordon, the staff had no faith in him and dissed him the whole way through and he proved then wrong

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    I would like to inform Gordon Ramsay that North East India is not uncivilized as he thinks it is. In fact we can speak in his language than any other state in India.

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    that fking irritating snobby woman moaning ffs

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    They ALWAYS say the same crap. I'mnoOtgOnataYkCHefRamSEySBulLShiT! Why did you invite him there then?

  • Javsco
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    WeeEehaVeEXCellentFuuuUUd! World Renowned Chef and most famous TV food presenter ever: Sorry, but this food sucks. HoWDAaaAAReUUUUU! Everyone: Facepalm

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    Seriously Rishi Kapoor ji.

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    With the look of the cupcakes I read the title as infants..

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    The Guru reminded me of Master Roshi 😂

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    i want to say the hotel is still trash by the google comments

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    How long ago was this show produced?

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    Gordon Ramsay has no chance against head chef 🤣

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    Looks soggy and bland

  • Shambhavi Vivek 47
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    When people say," people come India in search of themselves " they are not lying.

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    The enchanting sword morphometrically injure because bite ultimately store a a painstaking sandra. alcoholic, flashy market

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    0:56 Please don't tell me I'm the only one who heard "But he spent PENIS..."

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    I would love to meet this man love everything about him talented

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    I am Indian and I haven't been through so much Indian

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    Eddie is also standing there with hands in hes pockets. So not respectable....

  • Doc
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    This guy was a dentist ? god.. how terrifying.. imagine this guy gigling and putting on a sherlock homes cosplay while butchering through your mouth..

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