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  • Ayesha Numa
    Ayesha Numa23 timmar sedan

    I clicked on the vid knowing I'll only watch like 15 mins of this one...but Harry was so happy and that's rare so I stuck till the end :')

  • Felix Patriot
    Felix Patriot23 timmar sedan

    harry and ethan were acting a bit different to usual this video... i suspect drugs

  • Dylan
    Dylan23 timmar sedan

    Ethan and Harry are such a funny duo😂

  • Boss Caizer Ilustre
    Boss Caizer Ilustre23 timmar sedan


  • Aeronlloyd Pallar
    Aeronlloyd Pallar23 timmar sedan

    7:01 toxic simon

  • Fadzly Eizmar
    Fadzly Eizmar23 timmar sedan

    2:38 - JJ knew how his reddit gonna violate him by simon doing that

  • Darren Tupman
    Darren Tupman23 timmar sedan

    Callux and niko are abit annoying in this video tbf love them and their videos but feel like they’re Tryna out do Phil

  • blowupsmoke123
    blowupsmoke12323 timmar sedan

    Epic meal time is Canada

  • Luka
    Luka23 timmar sedan

    9:44 "Vikk's rage muhuueAA"

  • Aeronlloyd Pallar
    Aeronlloyd Pallar23 timmar sedan

    6:22 roar of the Ethan's

  • potrik
    potrik23 timmar sedan

    Every time i see this i hate jj 😂

  • whatgives troller
    whatgives troller23 timmar sedan

    RIP the discount code

  • tony
    tony23 timmar sedan

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  • GANA
    GANA23 timmar sedan

    KSI did JAKE PAUL accept the challenge to fight 😈🤙

  • Anonymer User
    Anonymer User23 timmar sedan

    Vic is an inidan clown

  • Scrapzzz Cam
    Scrapzzz Cam23 timmar sedan

    Harry and Ethan are the best duo

  • Fitzy boiii
    Fitzy boiii23 timmar sedan

    My aunt is on d irish gogglebox

  • Jasmine Builds
    Jasmine Builds23 timmar sedan


  • aidan pasea
    aidan pasea23 timmar sedan

    Chunkz singing is hella underrated

  • Prathamesh Mesta
    Prathamesh Mesta23 timmar sedan


  • ItsZapples21
    ItsZapples2123 timmar sedan

    At first I thought it said google box 😂

  • Sonic Racer
    Sonic Racer23 timmar sedan

    Yo this part doe 46:57 For an very nice edit from this go check just sidemen channel

  • Liam Materman
    Liam Materman23 timmar sedan

    Harry: "the President of New Zealand" New Zealand viewers: President... Yeah... 😂

  • Galina Boynes
    Galina Boynes23 timmar sedan

    The needy william evocatively mate because start substantively drag qua a smooth learning. probable, past hyena

  • Me
    Me23 timmar sedan


  • Ridhwan
    Ridhwan23 timmar sedan

    Josh: "A million likes for a mukbang?? for a charity match?" Sidemen fans: 1.3 million likes

  • みお
    みお23 timmar sedan

    Y’all are such good people sideman forever bro

  • みお
    みお23 timmar sedan

    Sidemen ay I didn’t look before I commented

  • Oscar Mäkk
    Oscar Mäkk23 timmar sedan


  • Bryan Pierce
    Bryan Pierce23 timmar sedan

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  • Goofy
    Goofy23 timmar sedan

    Look at Vik's Calves

  • みお
    みお23 timmar sedan

    I love this video

  • Àmeer Alo
    Àmeer Alo23 timmar sedan

    Trust me a lot of us loved watching charlie the unicorn

  • I’m Sonny
    I’m Sonny23 timmar sedan

    Mate I’d demolish that McDonald’s

  • noel joe
    noel joe23 timmar sedan

    why did i just watch a sidemen reacts video

  • Chaitanya Patil
    Chaitanya Patil23 timmar sedan

    7:50 nuke in 5 4 3 2........

  • Prithvi Pandita
    Prithvi Pandita23 timmar sedan

    callux's most hated word after this video:- "lee"

  • Jeffstree
    Jeffstree23 timmar sedan

    Hahahahaha Harry said the president of New Zealand but we don’t have a president we only have prime minister

  • Dr Chandrashekhar Shettigar
    Dr Chandrashekhar Shettigar23 timmar sedan

    2:50-3:00... Me: Just gonna skip aheaddddddd....

  • Albin Lennqvist
    Albin Lennqvist23 timmar sedan

    glorified sidemen reacts... love it

  • Cring
    Cring23 timmar sedan

    On the bat question I literally heard tobi put his phone down 😂 and it’s pretty obvious Ethan cheated too.

  • felix dickson
    felix dickson23 timmar sedan

    1:18 JJ......

  • dtukuafu namjoon
    dtukuafu namjoon23 timmar sedan

    every Lux and niko related comment has somehow dissappeared lol

  • Ameika-Nevaeh Smith
    Ameika-Nevaeh Smith23 timmar sedan

    JJ’s face at 13:45 looked like he was ready to set up another fight 😭 twitch vs youtube 😤

  • Parkinhg Kisarwg
    Parkinhg Kisarwg23 timmar sedan

    The mute risk mostly contain because porch hisologically rain an a yielding fan. sick, able cherries

  • Pritam
    Pritam23 timmar sedan

    They should've invited Phill man

  • Maya Alnaif
    Maya Alnaif23 timmar sedan

    *we would like to rent your prison for serious purposes*

  • Alace FC
    Alace FC23 timmar sedan

    Imagine how sick this video would of been before sideman reacts.

  • Berk Kockiri
    Berk Kockiri23 timmar sedan

    These guys have the best content

  • Patrick_y2j
    Patrick_y2j23 timmar sedan

    this is a violation

  • Zot Zot
    Zot Zot23 timmar sedan

    I was so happy for the guy in green t shirt. He got it after 24 min 😂

  • Arsen1c
    Arsen1c23 timmar sedan

    16 hours ago with 3.2 million views

  • will Bevan
    will Bevan23 timmar sedan

    what the song at the end ?

  • Carroll Watkinsf
    Carroll Watkinsf23 timmar sedan

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  • TheNerd'sCastle
    TheNerd'sCastle23 timmar sedan

    camers : falls to the ground ethan : RIGHT.....

  • Weirdo Productions
    Weirdo Productions23 timmar sedan

    Ethan and Harry are an elite duo

  • Gibby 1
    Gibby 123 timmar sedan

    Simon- “if u we’re driving would u stop” JJ- “nah nah”. Simon- ya that’s your ball now. JJ- “ya I own it”

  • Himan Nanayakkara
    Himan Nanayakkara23 timmar sedan

    2.43 r/ksi go wild😂

  • joseph - check my about tab
    joseph - check my about tab23 timmar sedan

    twitch is full of weirdos fr

  • feelz
    feelz23 timmar sedan

    Poor Ethan :(

  • Jean paul Azip
    Jean paul Azip23 timmar sedan

    Is it just me that doesn’t want to see Phil in these videos

  • nOclUe
    nOclUe23 timmar sedan

    JJ and Simon talk normally, bull doesn’t want to be there, and Harry and Ethan doing Harry and Ethan things

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer23 timmar sedan


  • Ayush Pant
    Ayush Pant23 timmar sedan

    Harry was on point in this video

  • Affan Mustafa
    Affan Mustafa23 timmar sedan


  • Pætur Hansen
    Pætur Hansen23 timmar sedan

    Anyone els see that 5"11 problems obove ksi”s head?😂😂😭😭

  • Spoxz
    Spoxz23 timmar sedan

    wow time flys by 😔

  • Elliott Productions
    Elliott Productions23 timmar sedan

    The end when Purple Team is on the plane, defeated and ready to go home... but there's a crying baby... Ethan's reaction will always send me

  • emil zacchigna
    emil zacchigna23 timmar sedan

    Guys, where can i find the dolls simon and ksi have on the couch, want to make a birthday surprise with one for my friend.

  • Angelo Aoun
    Angelo Aoun23 timmar sedan

    I've waited all week for this...

  • Elmo_drinks_milo
    Elmo_drinks_milo23 timmar sedan

    @Angelo Aoun well they did have another idea but it couldn’t Happen so they had to record this

  • Angelo Aoun
    Angelo Aoun23 timmar sedan

    @Elmo_drinks_milo I didn't and u can't say this was a good upload. Even harry said "I can't believe this is the sidemen sunday."

  • Elmo_drinks_milo
    Elmo_drinks_milo23 timmar sedan

    u don't have to watch

  • Marzex
    Marzex23 timmar sedan

    2:45 @r/ksi do your thing... JJ is ksimon coming back?

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato23 timmar sedan

    Why didn’t they react to get hyper 😔

  • heheh
    heheh23 timmar sedan

  • heheh
    heheh23 timmar sedan

  • heheh
    heheh23 timmar sedan

  • heheh
    heheh23 timmar sedan

  • Snappy Fungus
    Snappy Fungus23 timmar sedan

    I still remember the lebanon won we hurd the sound eaven how far it was from my house

  • juan
    juan23 timmar sedan

    Yeah and to this day no one got punished

  • Matej Miklavc
    Matej Miklavc23 timmar sedan

    9:17 Sure Looks like it

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus23 timmar sedan

    Reddit are gonna mock jj for this